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Sensitivity cycle

This is just a short post. I have mentioned in the past how my body seems to go through periods of cycles where at some point I have extreme super-o's ( toe curling )and other time I have periods of milder super-o's. Just 2 weeks ago I had several sessions in a week that sent me through the roof. I thought I had reached a new level. Now this week, though I am achieving super-o's they are nowhere near as intense as 2 weeks ago. This always surprises me. So….just a note to all you users. LL PS. can't wait till ny next INTENSE cycle!!!! Oh how greedy I have become. :-) Is this how women feel in their cycles? Ha Ha

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Now I've really done it! (Aneros for BPH)

Quite a few months and posts back I posted a blog about a friend of mine suffering from BPH. Well thanks for all the suggestions and I finally had the balls to take Love_is suggestion and send him info on Being guys and how we are brought up I just found this awkward. Well thanks Love_is because your suggestion worked out well. I wasn't sure if I was going to lose a longtime friend but that hasn't happened. I guess dealing with BPH and the now traditional "take these pills" method hasn't worked for him either. He stopped taking flomax because he had to make a decision between a sex life or BPH. He chose BPH. I did the same thing. Sex is just to important in my marriage and to me. So in my e-mail I just stated, "you can have both". I personally feel better and when we did talk about it I just told him because we're friends I wanted to pass this along but I was hesitant because something like this is pretty personal. I got a genuine thank you. So I guess it's only a matter of time before he finds me out here. Let's see how things go. This is a great forum and I feel like I have some partners in crime here! LOL LivingLarge (in my own small world)

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For those who have not

I really like Probe lube. As a prep I have found it also good to clean out your colon. My first thing I do is to flush out with warm water. (not hot) I use an ear wax bulb but I am sure there are better devices but this works for me. I have found this to be one of the most important things to do. Not only does it clean you out but add some moisture. Moisture when mixed with Probe = slippery. I usually add about 6 to 8 CM of Probe after that using a medicine dropper you can get for free at Walgreens Pharmacy. I also find I have better results when sexual fasting for maybe 1 extra day. My favorite position is lying on my back. I do no contractions whatsoever. My prostate seems to clamp around the Aneros and I just lay there focusing on that feeling and things seem to get going with no effort. The Aneros seems to get drawn in on its own but I think it’s my prostate reacting to the slight pressure being applied to it. It requires great patience at first, before you experience your first prostate orgasm but once you understand how things go the "ride" getting there is half the fun. I know now where I am going so I just enjoy the total ride. The road becomes well traveled and familiar. I know I AM going to get there. Before your first prostate orgasm you want to make it happen which doesn't work. I enjoy Eupho. I don't know what it is about that one. It was the third one I purchased. I had already had my first prostate orgasm but for some reason the Eupho hits my sweet spot and opens the door to many WILD rides. I would never have believed that each device yields different feelings. I am a huge advocate of using several models during a session. It’s what pushed me over the edge. I guess the bottom line here is to prep…and plenty of lube. Make sure you have some alone time and don’t try too hard. I have never had a prostate orgasm while walking or sitting in a chair or any way else other than lying down. It does yield some good feelings though. Also anything that obstructs the movement of the Aneros (such as sitting in a chair) hasn’t worked for me. Good luck to all who haven’t experienced a prostate orgasm. This has added a wonderful new dimension to my sex life. Remember: Enjoy the ride!! AIN’T LIFE GRAND

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The cycle of pleasure (Ain't life grand)

Ok so it's been awhile since my first super o and I have observed several things during this journey. The first is that I change over time which Aneros toy is my favorite. I started with the Helix and used that for over 1 year with great sensations but no super o. I then bought a Progasm but it ended up in my drawer for more than 6 months. I was thinking it was to large and to tell the truth I was afraid I might break something (and I'm not talking about the Progasm) so into storage it went. But after all it is the tool that pushed me over the edge. I have purchased the Eupho and this little bugger has really shown me what the Aneros toys are all about. Eupho never fails me. This one gets me so hot and sensitive that no matter what toy I use after it I continue to get orgasm after orgasm. It's the key that opens the door. I always start with Eupho. I hardly touch my Helix any more. Another thing I have notice is that I can go 2 or 3 weeks but then a week will come along where where I seem 5 times more sensitive. My orgasms are super intense for no paticular reason. God I love those weeks!! I can't always tell when this will happen it just does. Relaxation seems to be the key. I had a guest here recently and I knew I had to be quiet so I concentrated on being relaxed. WOW, were the results amazing. The Eupho just took over with a life of it's own. It seemed the more I relaxed the more intense it became. Switching to Progasm continued the intensity build. I really love the Eupho. It is my toy of choice. I have also messed with e-stim. I have found e-stim at the end of a session can prolong the session. In my opinion e-stim should be used at very low levels, almost so you can't even feel it. I like to place a pad on my perineum right where my prostate is and the other pad behind one knee. This gives me pumping orgasms with no ejaculate. I like very low power. High power can make me cum but it's not a intimate as the Aneros toy alone. For some reason I feel better not using high power. This has been alot of fun. Believe it or not the intensity keeps getting better and better. My sessions seem to be getting shorter though. I now go over the edge faster but everything seems much more intense. My longest sessions have been about 1 hour lately. I do not complain, I am more satisfied and I seem to be having more WOW sessions. For those who haven't had great results try a Eupho and plenty of lube. LivingLarge (in my own small world)

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Repost of my first post here

I posted this in September right after my first Super-O. I just went back and read it and I thought I would repost it for those newbees. Hope springs eternal for those grinders who haven't reached the super-o level. Don't give up!!

Ok this all got started for me when I began to develop prostate problems and one doctor after the next just threw pills at me. They seemed to help very little. I decided to visit a friend of mine who happens to be a urologist a distance away. I ended up with a prostate massage and felt better immediately. The relief lasted about 4 or 5 days then came right back. Ok so I am web savvy and I do a little research and end up here. I purchased the Aneros Helix. I have actually been using it for not quite 2 years. It has given me lots of pleasure and some very intense sessions. No Super-O. But remember, that was not why I came here. This little device helped me immensely. If used on a regular basis it pretty much controlled my prostate discomfort and was really fun to use......REALLY FUN! But alas, my curiosity got the best of me and I ordered the Progasm because....bigger is better.... Well I have owned the Progasm for about 9 months and quite frankly; this thing was just too big for me. It is truly large. I think I used it 3 times but I found it difficult to insert so it ended up in my drawer under my clothes. About 2 weeks ago I am feeling a little more discomfort than usual and my usual Helix and I am feeling just nothing. So I decide to take out my Progasm and give it a try. Again difficult to insert but once in very comfortable. I lay on my back and through anal contractions only I can feel the Progasm rubbing what feels like the length of my prostate. I keep it very gentle but after about 5 or 10 minutes my legs begin the shake and it feels very good. My prostate feels like it's getting a firm but gentle massage and I begin full body shaking. This feels great!! I want more and try to assist with some pelvic thrusts and I lose the feeling. I decide to stop but this new sensation was great and I decide to use the Progasm next time. So now its 3 days later and I am in very little discomfort. I decide to use the Progasm again and I find myself pretty excited which after almost 2 years using the Helix there was nothing really new. So again difficult to insert but very comfortable to use once in. I find for me lying on my back is most comfortable. This session felt great from the start. I gently contracted my anus mussels and allowed the Progasm to stroke my prostate. I was in no rush and enjoyed the intense feelings that were building. My whole crotch was tingling and then my fingertips!! I wasn't sure what was going on I thought I pinched a nerve but then I am suddenly hit with this electrical current and my whole body is buzzing head to toe and my eyes have rolled back with my neck arched and I thinking, "your going to have a heart attack." So I relax my entire body and breathe deeply and continue the gentle contractions. I was able to hold this Super-O for about 10 minutes. It felt like my entire nervous system was being stimulated........It felt sooooooo good. I'm a 54 year old straight married guy and I am still learning about my body. I am so glad I found this natural cure and my wife approves too.

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Tales of the Everglades Wanker

I have wanted to write this blog for awhile but every time I log on read others blogs and that seems to occupy my time. So today my mind seems to be reflecting on where aneros fits into my life. As I read others blogs I always think back and try to relate as to my experiences. I remember when I was younger trying to explain to someone what it's like to get stoned. It's just like that with the prostate orgasm. Unless you've been there it just can't be described. It involves so much more than one feeling. How do you explain something on all those levels where someone who hasn't experience it says, "oh ya, now I get it." It's just something that has to be experienced. I read some blogs where people experience orgasm on the first try. Then you have the ones who are "grinders" (you know who you are) :-) as was I. My advice to those of you, just keep grinding. It worked for me. One guy stated he had hands free ejaculations using his aneros...Hey guy, lucky you. I can only hope. There are people here that drop personal notes from time to time. For this group being a bunch of guys, it's a nice touch. As for the ladies, there are actually some here also. It's fun reading the ladies take on this whole aneros thing. Oh well I am rambling here. Aneros has been a great addition in my life and I couldn't imagine it not being part of it. This is so personal. I certainly enjoy sex with my wife but this adds a little more fulfillment. Oh well hope you all don't mind the rambling. "AIN'T LIFE GRAND"

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Wonderful unexpected euphoric session (Ain't life grand!)

Well I use my aneros tools every other day or every third day religiously. Over the past few months after attaining the ability to reach super-o level I have had some pretty amazing sessions. Some that leaves me breathless, some that leave my body numb and some that place me in other states of mind. Nothing though prepared me for last night’s session. I was in such a bad mood as my life lately has put me under a lot of stress. I have always been pretty good at dealing with life’s issues but today I was struggling. Even though I didn't really feel like I was ready for this session I forced myself to follow through. I prepped and lubed and shut myself in my office which is upstairs in my home. I started with my Eupho which has been giving me some real good rides lately. Well what happened next I can't explain. This really wasn't different than any other night but upon insertion my prostate immediately went into intense spasms. The Eupho was dragged deep inside and within 30 seconds I was riding my first O. This had never happened before. I usually relax and after about 15 or 20 minutes the pleasure builds but not tonight! Within 5 minutes I was completely detached from my body and just absorbed within this energy field. I could feel the Eupho doing its thing but I was elsewhere. My lower body was shaking as the Eupho stroked my prostate. The pleasure was incredible. Emotions rose to the surface but just random things from me distant past. But why would thoughts about my former girlfriends dad float through my mind. That was when I was 18 and I am 54 now. Intense, intense, intense!!! At 1 point I was so far out of body it was like I was looking down at myself. I have experienced this through meditation...this place of calm energy but at the same time my body was absorbed in this state of pure pleasure. This state went on for almost 1 hour. I truly didn't want this to stop but my body was just exhausted. This session was just beautiful, wonderful, and left me peaceful and relaxed. All the worries of the day seemed small afterward. I used the Helix and the Progasm also but that first hour sent me into orbit. I have never experienced such a quick launch into super-o land and I can't say why tonight was so different. I am sure todays inner peace is left over effects from last evening.

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My rushed session

I have had some unbelievable sessions in the last 2 months. I have had no problems reaching the elusive super-O. Today I had a stressful day and I was looking forward to some satisfaction using my Aneros massagers. My problem today was I had a small window of time. Well I should have known better. If I have learned anything it is relax and let things happen. Well after 45 minutes I just couldn't MAKE things happen. The jokes on me!!! Nothing happened!!!

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Flomax for BPH

A good friend of mine recently told me he just started using Flomax. I sat there and just stared at him and I thought about my similar situation which brought me here. I asked him if he had ever had a doctor perform a prostate massage to releave BPH symptoms. I told him that there are natural remedies. At that point his wife walked in and the discussion stopped. WOW, this is a great guy and I hate to see him taking this stuff. The side effects are worse than the cure. I would like to introduce him to this but being a guy in our society as it is I'm not real comfortable doing so. Maybe I'll just send him a link to this web site. How do you tell, stick this up your ass and throw your flomax away!!

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‹(•¿•)› Getting to be more experienced ‹(•¿•)›

It seems once you have experienced a super-o and you begin to take note how they begin they are more easily attainable. Where I used to be a little nervous and not trusting of all these new feelings I find them very familiar now. The more comfortable I feel, the more intense these orgasms become. My first super-o was no where near as intense as the super-o's I have now. Quite frankly, they seem to get better and longer and more overwhelming but I trust it more now which allows me to go with it even at it's most intense moment. I have also found that super-o's do give me a deep satisfaction or release but it's much different from a traditional orgasm. I sometimes have 4 or 5 super's in 1 session and I get to a point where my body has had enough. These sessions may last 1 or 2 hours. I look forward to these sessions very much and there is a great satisfaction afterward. A traditional ejaculatory orgasm may take 10 minutes to achieve and that's it. It's over. The super-o effect last much longer after all is said and done. For me after about 2 days I am ready to go again and if I go longer than that I get frustrated. Also, the orgasms I am experiencing give my prostate quite a vigorus workout. I used to be sore afterward but that has all but disappeared even when I use the Progasm. Let me tell you...the Progasm can give me quite a workout. The next day I feel nothing but pleasure and relief. Little did I know, when I started this journey by visiting my doctor with prostate problems would I end up here with such a pleasent and satisfying solution. ******AIN"T LIFE GRAND******

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