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Aneros Blogs > My Journey (by BigOluver)

I felt every drop

Hello my fine gentlemen. I write this still with a smile on my face from last nights session. So In a previous blog I wrote I was doing the 21 day challenge of not having a wet orgasm. I have doe it before but with a few years of prostate play under my belt I wanted to see how different not coming for a long period of time would effect me. It was hard trust me it was hard but yesterday was today was date between me and my glorious hard rigid penis to finally have the big bang of a orgasm.

It all started by me coming to the site ust to relax with my aneros brothers. I got into the chat and saw all of my old buddies i started here with IE Brine DJblackknight & the teacher Runel. Even a few new guys that I have been seeing recent was even there too. We were all just chatting when someone brought up who will be riding tonight. It was 11 pm then. So we all join in and said we were. So instantly we all just pulled out our toys and began to ride. I actually had to clean out so it took me a few minutes to get started but when I did It felt amazing. Maybe it was cause I was so at the edge that my prostate was just ready to finally push me over to cum or was it riding imaginary with my brothers.

So I usually just lay on my back to get things start but since I was still chatting with my bro's I inserted my toy and just sat down on like If I was at work. So as i'm kegeling and grinding on it i get these fast mini o's. I mean no later then 3 minutes into the ride i am feeling convulsions and my stomach is trembling and my legs begin to shake. Soft moans began to open my mouth and I can feel the first orgasm building. I just lean back and let the toy take me. Oh it did. I felt my nipples get hard and my dick hard too. Stiff as a board trying to poke through my boxer hole. As I'm moaning and grinding i see my brothers in the chat feeling the same emotions and I have had cyber sex sex before but we were in a aneros orgy without even being near each other ad it was hot.

So i feel another orgasm rising up from within me and i can feel its a big one. I had to grip the bed sheets. My back was arched and my eyes were rolling in the back of m head. It felt like I was light headed but still aware of everything that was going on. I had lost complete control of my body and the Ice was the master and leader and I was under his control. I felt the pre cum just poring out on to my leg, underwear and seeping through the bed spread. As I come back to earth from my utopia ride of bliss I see that most of the guys chatting have left to finish there rides solo. I said my good byes and ended my chat too.

So i pushed my computer to the side ad got in my bed and pulled out my coconut oil and lubed up my not at this time jumpy semi erect penis for the explosion of a life time. I laid flat down and just began to masturbate and continue to feel the amazing emotions and erotic thoughts that filled my head as I rode. I thought about a hot older ma with a shaft as big as my arm just thrusting his hard meat into my ass. As that image popped in my head I went bonkers. My legs went into the air the progasm ice went in deeper and my left head went to my right nipple. with all my hot spots being stimulated all at the same time I lost it. I was shaking and gyrating and calling out to the orgasmic gods thanking them for this amazing moment that was not worthy of. When I got to my peak of orgasm I began to cry. Not ust a sling tear a full out tantrum as I'm having a beautiful orgasm. I feel the tears just rush down as I'm pouring out pre cum an jacking off like Im churning butter. I feel it I feel it go deeper baby is all i could must up til boom. A fountain of my love juices came shouting out. Bucket after bucket of cum. I had cu on my face, my hair a puddle of was in my naval.

After my blissful state subsided I began to cry again. I could not believe that I experience such a amazing thing. I was able to grasp it all by self with no help. Just me, my penis and my progasm ice. I eventually caled down and too a shower and changed the bed spread cause it was soaked. I just went to sleep so peacefully. Even though the challenge was difficult at times I still got through it. See aneros isnt just a sex thing it can really put things in perspective about so many things going on in your life. It clears your mind and it makes you feel great.

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I'm on the edge. The slightest movement can push me over.

Its officially been 15 days since my last wet orgasm. Whoo Hoo! But is been hard getting here. VERY HARD! How hard you may ask. Well let me tell you.

Since I have mastered the skill of edging I have not been able to steer away from putting my dick and balls through pleasurable pain of getting close to a beautiful wet orgasm and then knocked it back down to my already filled to capacity genitals. I mean I get some kind of sick pleasure out of seeing me at my peakiest point of erectness and then just slowing watching it deflate back down to its semi erect state. I love the feeling. I do. I have the record edging time of two and a half hours. I won't give my self the pleasure of cumming and I love. Now while I am edging i do have dry a-less orgasm. My prostate never wants to miss out on the fun neither so my ass hole will just pucker and kegel all on its own.

I sometimes stick a aneros toy up there or i just do it solo with just me, my dick and my hand. But these last few sessions i have been going far and beyond with depriving my hard swollen dick from cumming by putting my fleshlight to good use. I have the mouth model. I haven't used it in a while. So a few weeks ago a window of edge time presented its self and I took advantage of it. Mind you I haven't been needing porn to get off. The fact that i haven't cum in weeks does the job just fine. I lube up the pretty mouth toy thinking its a hot co worker or old boyfriend and put it to work. The first stroke down is always the best. Those grooves and ridges just sliding down my hard vein pulsing penis gives me chills every time. Stroke after stroke after stroke, moaning in pure heat. dry orgasming and MMO'ing countless times its mind blowing. I eventually have to stop when me and the bed is soaked in sweat and raw coco nut oil.

I haven't done thi challenge in over a year and it amazes me that I am able to not go over the edge but I so want to. I get hard instantly. I have to change my underwear twice a day from the huge wet spots of pre cum ozzing out through out the day. The struggle to not cum gets harder and harder each day but I love it. I only got 6 days left. Lets see what this next week will do to me.

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21 day challenge

So i like to make my journey with aneros and prostate play interesting anyway i can. I have 4 models a fleshlight and so many cock rings and ball stretchers for penty of gooning and edging. But I wanted to do a more in depth to my sexual pique an see how far down the rabbit hole I can go. Now I have done the 21 day challenge before and it was amazing. It is a blog here of my results. But with having so much experience under my belt I wanted to see how far I can go with out having a wet orgasm or even a penile orgasm. I want all the energy to come from my ass and move through out the rest of my body. Maybe to my balls or maybe to my dick head. But I want to see what my prostate can trigger in me that has not been triggered before.

I am already on day 4. I have edged and gooned to the point of a raw dick (i love jacking off lol) but even still the feeling i get are just mind blowing. I have a steel ball stretcher and to have my saggy balls yanked down with my Progasm Ice going crazy in my hole just was mnd blowing. I instantly felt stirring my my ass and then felt energy run through my chest. My nipples got rock hard as if I had been pumping them for hours. I began to pour pre cum all over my self even leaked a few pew drops when I reached my peak or orgasmic bliss.

My dick jumped around as my ass stole the show and I didnt mind at all. As my progasm ice rammed its self in me my breathes got shallower and full body orgasm after orgasm after orgasm just shattered me til i cried out in full pleasure. I sleep so good after words. I ride at night so I was so pooped that i just kept the ball stretcher and progasm in me and woke up wet from pre cum and all smiles. So stay with me as my journey shows me new tricks and turns to please my self.

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Back With a Vengeance

Hello all. I know, I know. I bet your seeing this like where the hell have you been. In advance I'm sorry for the disappearing acts. But with work and not getting much down time I haven't been able to get that alone time to ride or come to the site. But I have been stealing moments away to get a quick session in. Like the one I'm gonna tell right now. So get your towels ready and get the stirring in your pants un control.

So last week the parents treated them selves to a dinner date which gave me a window opportunity to get a god session in. I got cleaned up quick and lubed up and got my toy of choice. I picked the Eupho cause I'm still getting to know it better. Instead of doing the normal position (laying on my back) I decided to get in the doggy style position. I had two towels under me and I was ready to get started. I got on all fours and lubed up my ty and then my hole. I actually have been using a new type of lube. I have come across pure 100% coconut oil. It comes in its raw bock form but it melts quick. So I took a small chuck out and slide it up my butt. I then stuck the toy in and it went in so smoothly. (i found out buying raw forms of oil works for you in the long run cause it keeps it moist down there as the session progresses)

So as I'm breathing deeply and calmly in and out I begin to feel the toy move on its own. I now can't control my kegel muscles and hole at times. It will just start twitching all on ts own ready for a good time and this was just like one of those times. As my hole is contracting in and out my the eupho hitting my sweet spot I begin to drip pre cum. It had only been a few minutes and I'm already having repeatedly mini o convulsions running through my body. My legs were shaking and my dick was bounce leaving trails of pre cum all over the towel under me. Then the moans began to escape my mouth. I was in full swing of things orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Me bucking back on the toy like a big strong man was forcefully giving me the best dick down I have ever had. Then it happened. My voice had hit the highest note I have ever released in a session and with the motion and my swaying back and forth and with the eupho hitting my prostate so strong but also so softly I shot the strongest stream of cum all over the towels.

I mean it felt like I hadn't cum in months. It was so strong and power I just collapsed right afterwards swimming in my own juices with a smile on my face. It was amazing but then another big o was cumming so i just laid there and let the toy do its job on me. I'm tooting my butt in the air and its going in deeper and its making me moan. Im practically screaming at the top of my lungs thanking the aneros havens for yet another great orgasm I was about to receive. I kegel real hard and boom. I shot off my second load. But it was different. I guess with my ass in the air and my face burred in a pillow I shot some cum but it was mixed with a stream of pee. So I'm cumming an peeing all over the place.

I didn't even care I had just had two HFWO and I knew i could clean up the mess later. I have got to not et time get away from me any more. Any window I get I'm taking it. I didn't even need to touch my dick afterwards. I went to sleep so peaceful and complete that night. So I hope you all enjoyed I know I did I got the wet spot in my jockstrap right now to prove it. lol Until next time.

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I'm BacK!

I know I have been gone from you guys to long but with work and trying to get my body in shape this site kind of went on a back burner. But I am here and I have missed all my orgasming buddies.

First I would like to mention that I am riing my new toy riht now which is Mr. Eupho. He is so beautiful and treats me with the upmost respect and care. lol I purchased him myself for my birthday this last September. He is smaller then my Progasm but still packs a punch like my Helix syn. He's actually punching and massaging my prostate right now as I write this.

I thought with me going big then back to small I wouldn't get that much sensations oh but was I wrong. The second night riding him he made me cum hands free after a day break of cumming. It was amazing and suprising all at once. My eyes were rolling in the back of my hea and the tears were continuosly flowing down my face as I rode the xstacy train all the way to blissville. Its sleak but still stern and gives me ust as much power and aggression as my Vice.

Have also added some other toys to my collection as well. Not aneros products but still good. I bought a bulet vibrator. I stick him up there with Mr. Helix. They have become the best of friends and always leaves me with a smile on my face and cum drippling down my leg. Also more cock rings too. They keep my nice and hard for a nice three hour edge session. Yes I still have been pushing my self with my edging sessions. I do go over the edge and have ruined orgasms but hey a nut is a nut.

So to close this out I have been so content that I need my brothers back. On many full moons I have rode thinking about us all just orgasing and being one with our prostates.

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Vice Love

Last week I wanted to test myself. I went a whole 5 days with out riding or having a wet orgasm. The only thing I allowed was a less rides that came by just building up energy. It was rough but I learned a lot about my sexual appetite.

Firstly I learned that i watch to much porn. I consume a lot and even though that porn does not always kick start my sessions it is always a factor in the ending results. With not stimulating my self consistently I had more time on my hands. But still even with out watching porn the images were still in my head which kicked started a lot of my a less rides. My jock straps got soaked up a ot from all the pre cum that poured from energy flowing through my body and me just letting it flow with no budges or stopping to calm down. I let each orgasm flow at its own pace.

Also with the stopping of cumming and jerking I started back working out. That also gave me a few hard on's. Who knew jogging and jumping jacks would turn me on. I mean i was doing them in loose fitted basket ball sorts with no underwear underneath. (i workout first thing in the morning and i sleep nude so free balling is kind of my thing) My meat just flopping around also brought on a few a less rides and mad pre cum sliding down my leg. Also sleeping on my stomach had to start. I rode a less ride a little to long and almost came. it felt so good though.

Also during this test i wanted to get more in touched with my nipples. They are also rewired but they only get half erect when I play with them. I wanted them to guide and run a few rides by them selves. So a few nights as I rode the p waves of a a less ride i pulled and groped my nipple as the sexual beings that they are. One day at work i went out to get lunch and found my nipples sticking straight out giving nice high beams in my dress shirt. I was in the heat so it wasn't the cause of being in a cold area. So now I had my nipples in check so it was almost time for the big ride.

I started on Monday so by Friday I was on edge but still capable on comprehending that I was doing a good thing and that I do need these sexual breaks. every man does. So that Friday night I gave my self a bath an then rubbed some lavender massage oil all over me really teasing the body. I got rock hard instantly and did noting with it. I went to sleep naked and dreamed a beautiful dream of being on a beach nude then a beautiful specimen emerges from the water nude as well and just approaches me so smooth and sexy and we do it right there in the sand. It was hot and I woke up with a throbbing hard hard and wet sheets from all the pre cum.

So Saturday the big day. I got cleaned out and got my oil and toy ready. I firstly just rode my Vice with no touching and just let it take over. I did not turn the vibrator on just yet. I rode that thing ad it drove me insane. I was howling. I said some of the most vulgar things to myself. It's like the way the vice was moving a man had to be there in the room with me fucking me so damn good. i mean it was so good I almost passed out twice. Eyes rolling in the back of my head and everything. With the first hour gone it was time to cum.

So I turned on the vibrator and boom instantly rokc hard.(im not always hard during my sessions til its time for me to cum) I began to slowly stroke my 7in black oily dick and it felt as if i was getting jerked off by feathers. It was so soft but still aggressive. My head was rolling and I was still moaning really loud. I was begging for more is it grabbed a hold of my prostate and showed me who was boss. I even started to cry cause the pleasure was becoming so intense. I shot my 6 day wait cum and ropes of cum came shooting out my cannon. So to sum it up. sexual breaks are very needed. Cumming everyday feels good but the build up is waiting gives a better and longer feeling.

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Mr. Moon

He showed up so quietly. Didn't think I was gonna be having an visitors this late at night. Oh but he is here and he just gave me a hell of a ride. We always seem to miss each other in time but something in the stars must have aligned to make this beautiful moment happen.

So as I was coming back from the shower to have sleep time i saw this glow outside my window. I open the blinds and who do I see shining bright like a diamond. Mr. Moon. He is so big and strong and clearly was looking for a good time. So since we always seem to miss each other the other times he has shown up I thought tonight has to be the night.

I was rocking one of my newest thongs and pulled out Mr. Ice and oil and got to work. I just layed there as the progasm ice was guided by Mr. Moon. Oh he showed my hole and prostate so much love tonight I'm still getting tingles an after shocks. Had a amazing cum shot all over my chest with full body orgasms fueling the whole ride. I have read about the moon sending off this kind of indescribable waves but that would be a understatement. I feel so good right now. Its like the moon grew arms and was shoving the progasm into my inviting hole and my prostate was accepting it so rough so graciously.

Now as the clouds hide him away for next time I will have this blog and the memories to remind me of the great feeling that I just had. I rode for 20 minutes and only jerked my dick a few pumps and boom explosion of love juice everywhere. I loved it and I an't stop smiling. So glade I'm of tomorrow because i will need time to recuperate from this. Best feeling ever.

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Best Feeling Ever

So i wrote a blog a few weeks back about clothes and how things are my new obsession and how they help when i ride my beautiful toys. So right now I am riding my progasm ice with a new black thong on and it is making me feel so damn good. The string is forcing the progasm to go deeper inside my cunt and is bringing me so much pleasure. As I type I am reaching a mini o orgasm an i'm shaking and moaning so softly as each kegel thrust keeps the orgasm going. Oh i love this feeling. To have total contact with my prostate is the best feeling ever. I can fee it building up to a super right now and my soft dick is soaking my front thong with that clear love juice that flows effortlessly. ok I'm going to go enjoy more of this safe rides everyone and get your self a thong an see the different things it can do for you.

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Life Before & After Aneros

I'm sitting here with a ranging hard on while my clear love juice seeps from the head of a throbbing dick head thinking of how a year ago I was so in the dark sexually. Yes I was sexually active and had boy friends and lovers but none of theme have brought me to the sexual momentum that I am at now.

I had boyfriends who only really cared about them selves getting off and just leaving me to handle my self. Or if they did please me they did it roughly or incorrectly to were it was not enjoyable or sensational enough. My one boyfriend did not give head and the other one just like fucking me in the doggy style position. The fact that I loved them was the real reason I staid but sexually there was nothing there.

I would jerk off not to fill that sexual void but just to clean my pipes and then even then I was a quick pumper. Meaning as soon I would put in my favorite porn with in ten minutes i was cumming and not even a lot. Two weak shot of cum would leave my dick head an then i would pass out into a slumber. I was not sexually educated. I was not eroticlly educated. I did not even know the meaning of being erotic til aneros.

I only found aneros by looking up porn on xtube and a aneros vid was in the similarities section. I watched a young guy get so turned on by having a little white toy up his ass. I got so intrigued and looked for more. I saw ld guys black guys and bigger guys all being turned on by this new toy that I never even knew about. So I went to the actual Aneros site and got me a login and really got into the knowledge of eroticnisms and how to be sensual and how to please your self. I love it. I know can prolong my erections with edging. I cum harder and with more beautiful ropes of cum. I feel better sexually and physically.

Thank you Aneros you changed my life.

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Erotic Sexual Spasms

Hello all. I'm writing this after just reading one of my brother Lingamans hot and sexual blog post. He talked about the sexual gagging spasms that he get. I never could name it but I always wonder how my body did it. To explain it a little better its like when I feel a orgasm approaching whether its a mini o or super o or full body o I get these gagging spasms that shoot through my back side. Like when your brushing your teeth and the tooth brush goes to far deep and you gag well its the same feeling. Its just that the felling is coming from your anus.

I was just having a a-less ride reading some blogs and they start up so quickly. Like my whole body jerks and my ass is regurgitating the orgasms but they don't hurt and they feel awesome. They give me confirmation that my session is on the right track and that a orgasm is vastly approaching. I mean my whole body just can't keep still and has to alert me that a orgasm is coming and that I better take hold of something cause its gonna be a big one.

I am also on another one of my crazy challenges and trying not to touch my dick or jerk again. To confess I was cheating with the last challenge. I did not come for 22 days but I was still edging and jerking for over 3 hours but just no release. I am dick hungry whether its mine or someone else's. So this time no touching and I'm already 1 day down.

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