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Rock Me Like a Hurricane

Last week I received two new tools to add to the arsenal: Helix Syn and Eupho. I tried both of them extensively last week after I got them. The eupho was a totally different feeling from the helix for me. The first time that I used it was mind blowing. Within twenty minutes of inserting it, it had started to go into autofuck mode. It would bend and twist me like a pretzel the way it moved inside of me. After awhile, it would start doing constant clockwise circles all around my anus. My hips just started to move and sway like I was pedaling a bike.

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Double the Pleasure

I had the house to myself before I had to go to work, so I decided to use my free time wisely. I took a nice hot shower to relax, then I prepped my helix and myself with some KY and Vaseline plugged in and climbed into bed. I started off on my left side with my left leg straight and my right knee bent. I just laid still and relaxed. I started to slowly rub my nipples with my fingertips and soon the sensations started to grow. I could feel my ass starting to follow my breathing patterns either fast or slow. I just lay there as the contractions started to intensify and my helix do its magic.
My cock was starting to get hard and engorged as the ptab and helix really started to hit the spots. But the constant rubbing of the sheets on my cock were starting to distract me. So, I decided to try to roll onto my back with my knees raised and my feet flat on the bed. I just lay still to allow my body to adjust to the new position and did some relaxation breathing and caressed my chest, belly and nipples.
The more I played with my nipples, the more intense my ass massaged the helix. Once again, my cock was hard as a rock and engorged sticking straight up. I had the resist the urge to rub and caress it. An extremely strong contraction helped to produce a spurt of precum to ejaculate from the head. A small yet steady stream leaked out.
I closed my eyes tight as I started to feel my legs starting to quiver. My breathing intensified as I could feel my heart pounding throughout my body from head to toe. My cock was absolutely aching. I started to pinch and squeeze my nipples harder as the feelings grew more intense. I started moaning and groaning longer and louder with every intense stroke of the helix deep inside my ass.
Now, my entire body was starting to shake and shimmy all over the place. the feelings were so intense and beautiful.
Finally, the music had reached it final crescendo and I had reached the promised land. My cock was still quivering from the intense dry O I had. I cleaned off the precum on the head and slowly massaged along the shaft. I needed more.
I removed the helix and pulled out a 8" x 1.5" dildo and lubed it up.
I placed it's base on the edge of the bed and faced the dresser mirror as I straddled myself over it. I grabbed the base with one hand with the other helped to guide it in my hungry ass. I got the "head" in and let my body adjust to it before going in deeper. I let go of it and slowly slid it deeper within me. I watched as it slowly disappeared into my ass. I placed my hands on my knees as I started to glide up and down,and side to side. I started to do some contractions as head hit my prostate. This was entirely pleasurable, as I started grind away faster and faster. The deeper I went, the more precum started to release.
I was able to come right off it and then slam my ass down to the base driving myself hotter and hotter with every stroke. I started to twist and pinch my right nipple with my left hand as I ran my fingers around and underneath the head to try to produce more precum. A spurt of precum released. I globbed it up and licked my fingers clean.
I started to stroke my cock harder and faster as I did tight circles with my hips around the dildo.
I couldn't take it anymore. I used my left hand to rub my p-spot and balls as I feverishly rubbed my cock with my right.
I watched myself as I finally had spew a massive load of cum onto the towel on the floor beneath me. Cum was dripping off my hand and from my cock as I headed for the shower...

Please leave comments or PM me, If you like..

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Wow! Wow!

The other day I had a couple of sessions. One quickie in the afternoon before I went to work and one before I went to bed.
The early afternoon one was short but sweet and straight to the point. I had some "alone" time before I had to go to work, so with no one else in the house I figured that I better take advantage of it and enjoy a session. I was upstairs in my bed and got myself and my helix prepped for action with some astroglide and Vaseline. I got undressed and crawled into bed. I got on my left side, inserted and let things go.
Within minutes, my ass was grinding away, chomping at the bit on my helix. I could feel my cock swelling to a massive erection. My ass wanted more and I drew my right leg closer to my chest. My heartbeat was throbbing from my chest through my cock and down to my toes. My helix got latched onto my prostate was soon autofucking me. My breathing was hot and heavy, as I could feel the forst wave of a mini O building. I rolled onto my back and the quivers really started to occur. I couldn't take it anymore as I coud feel a major super O wash me away. Ahhh!!
Later that night I didn't plan on having a session I just wanted to go to bed and get some rest. Well, that didn't happen! Around 2am I found myself wanting to have some funtime. I went down to the basement, disrobed and got prepped for some hot prostate action. I assumed my usual position of arms and chest resting on an office chair on my knees with my legs either straight or croseed.
I took my time easing the helix into position landing the p-tab perfectly on the sweet spot. I didn't force any contractions, I just the let the weight of my diaphragm inhaling and exhaling contro the movement of the helix. One of the feelings I love is when my cock goes from totally flaccid to totally erect and engorged. I could feel my cock growing to an fully erect position. The helix started to go into hyper drive dancing in and out and all around my anus. My breathing increased and I started to moan softly as I was plummulled by helix. My contractions were becoming quicker and harder as I could feel precum rising through my cock.
The crazy thing was I was somehow able to bring my cock from erect to semi-soft and back to erect and fully engorged without thinking about it. That was so cool!
My anus was in total control. I didn't even need to think or act on having contractions. It was all being done for me. The sensations ebbed and flowed from extremely intense to mild and "calm".
The first major wave was building up. My body lurched forward and my legs extended until my feet landed on the wall behind me. The added pressure intensified the feelings.
I started to breathe and moan heavily. My left hand started to caress and pinch my left nipple. This put me over the edge. One of the best, if not THE best Super Os came crashing through my body. I was literally biting the skin webbing between my left thumb and pointer finger to quelsh the noises moans and Oh's I was making. I knelt on my knees and saw the dribbles of precum leaking from my cock. I started to lightly caress around the head to stimulate more precum to flow freely. it started to flow more covering my hand and then my ass started to throw back against hard against the helix. It wanted to literally get "fucked". My hips were thrusting back and forth as my right hand lightly held my rock hard cock. The sensations grew and grew as my ass got deeper and firmer penetration my the helix. My hips were thrusting so fast and my cock couldn't take it no more. I started to shoot large gobs of cum and I let out a loud OH as I came all over the floor and my hand. It was one of the most intense experiences I've had. WOW!

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Long Night Into Day

I woke up the next day with my helix still inside of me after I fell asleep from the previous night's session. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything happen overnight. I tried to do some contactions but I could tell that I didn't have enough lube to get things going. I had to unplug and get myself and my helix ready for round two. After applying a liberal amount of Vaseline and Astroglide to everything, I laid back down and plugged in again. After the previous night, it didn't take very long to things to heat up and start happening.
I lay on my left side with my right knee bent and left leg straight. I closed my eyes and start doing light contractions while letting everything go. My breaths were short and deep as my helix started to groove its way to my prostate. I could feel a twing in my cock as the p-tab latched onto the sweet spot and the heix glided in and out and side to side deep in my hot ass. Shockwaves pierced through me as my prostate was getting rubbed the right way. I could feel my cock starting to become erect. I let out a deep moan as I drew my right leg coser to my chest to increase the sensation. By this time the helix had started to autofuck me. My cock was so hard that it started to hurt. I roled onto my back with my knees up and my feet flat on the bed. I watched as cock sprang right up in front of me. the cock head was glistening with a stream of precum leaking down my cock. I resisted the incredible urge to jerk off and have a massive orgasm. I just closed my eyes and let helix do its magic. I started to shake and shiver all over. The feeling was so intense. My ass started to bounce up and down like a ball. I started to really let out loud moans and groans. It was time to blast off.... OH to the MOON and BACK I went....
A incredible sensation overcame me as I rode the tidal wave of a super O. I unplugged and curled up and took a short nap. After about an hour, I woke up saw I stil had time to play before everyone would get home. I decided to bring out one of my favorite rabbit didlos for a good grinding session. It is 8" long and 1.5" wide with rabbit ears at the base of the handle control. For a different sensation I lube that with a warming KY and my ass with a cooling KY. I got in front of the dresser mirror and placed the dildo on the edge of the bed and straddled it. I held the base with my left hand as I guided the massive dildo towards my anus with my right. I guided the head up to my asshole and spread my checks wider to accept it. I felt the head pressing up against my anus and I slowly started to slide down as finally was firmly inside me. I took a deep breath and slowly worked it deeper inside of me. It is massive and it really fills me right up. I was about half way down to the base as I started to do some strong contactions. I coud feel all of the ribs and ridges rub against my prostate. My cock start to swell up to a full erection. I was watching myself as I slid all the way down to the base and took all of it deep into my ass. Now, I could realy start to feel the effects of the hot and cool mixing together. The rabbit ears carressed my balls and sweet spot as I started to grind it faster and deeper with every stroke. I was bobbing up and down on it, side to side and back and forth fucking it like a banshee. I really stated to let out deep grunts and moans as I slid it out of me and slammed deep and hard back into my ass. In and out, round and round, back and forth... I wanted to have a more intense feeling, so I dismounted and shoved it inbetween the mattress and box spring and got on my hands and knees and backed it into my ass. Since, the bed is higher than me when on all fours in a doggie syste position, it took a few tries to get it inside of me and stay in as I slid back against it. Finally, it was totally in. Now, I could really get fucked long and hard. I got down on my arms and put my feet and legs under the bed as I started to pound my ass with this massive dildo. I was moaning with every stroke and groaned as I clamped down and massaged my prostate on it on every stroke. My head was swimming. I had a massive hard on and precum hanging as my cock bounced all over as I fucked it deep, hard and fast. I felt it as I bottomoed out against the base. Wow... it felt absolutely increbible! I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to watch mysef as I worked the dido and had a massive cumshot. I dismounted and went back to the edge of the bed and mounted it right to the hilt on the first try. I grabbed the KY and poured some hot and cod in my hand and started to stroke my cock. This my ass fel even hotter. I started to feverishy work my cock and ass at a rabbit fucking pace. I watched as i coud see the red dildo appear and disappear in my ass. I started to pitch my nipples with my left hand as I moaned with every stroke. I was doing tight circles with my hips as I ground the dildo against my prostate. This threw me over the edge. My breathing quickened and my head flew back as I let out one final OH OH OH FUCK as I let out a massive cumshot that went all over my belly and chest and all over the towel I laid out below me. The final drips of cum were dripping out of my cock as I dismounted the dildo and headed for the shower to cleanup...

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Long night

This past weekend I had the pleasure of having the house all to myself. I got home from work around 4am after another twelve hour day at work. I upstairs to take a nice long, hot shower. After that, I laid out a towel on the bed, turned on some "mood" lighting and prepped myself and my helix with a copious amount of Vaseline and Astroglide and plugged in. I lay on my left side with my right knee raised up towards my chest slightly and just relaxed, letting the session take my where ever it wanted to go. I drifted off to a state of nothingness and let the helix take me away. I started to pul some light to medium contractions and I could feel my cock starting to swell and become fully engorged. Damn, this is a good start, I thought to myself. That was just the beginning.
After awhile I began to feel the helix dancing all along my anal canal and become totally entrenched along my prostate. It sent shivers all throughout my body. The helix was my master and I was it's slave. I had no choice, it took control of me and I knew the destination would bring me untold amounts of pleasure. I could feel my toes starting to curl up and my legs and torso involuntarily move to harness more pleasure as my master spanked my prostate hard and fast. My cock was so engorged that it was almost starting to hurt. I could feel a trickle of precum leaking onto my leg as I curled tighter into a ball. I could feel my heart beating all throughout my body, blood pumping fast. My master had total control of me, there was no turning back. I imagined my mistress was a buxom brunette with long brown hair, hot red lips, bright blue eyes, and hourglass shaped body. She was wearing black high heels with back fishnet stockings, black skirt and a black bra that barely contained her 38DD breasts. She was just hovering all around me. I could feel her hot breath on the back of my neck as she whispered dirty talk in my ear. She hiked up her skirt to show me her sopping wet, shaved pussy as she inserted a finger deep inside and started to finger herself. With her other hand she unhooked her bra and unleashed her beautiful tits. She started to circle her nipples with free hand and pushed it up to her mouth so she could suck on them. She reached down to my engorged cock and wiped the leaking precum from the head and licked it clean. She wouldn't let me touch her until I came hard.
My ass was totally grinding away. I wasn't even trying to control it. I could feel my legs really starting to shake and then my arms. My body started to flail all about and my moans got louder as the Super O was building. It was here. I let out one long groan and a FUCK as the most incredible Super O washed through me from head to toe. Exhausted, I pul the covers over me and fell asleep with my helix sti inside of me.... Until the next day...

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This was GOOD..

I had yet another amazing session this past Saturday night. I prepared the helix and myself with some Vaseline and Astroglide, slid the helix in and laid down on my left side with my right knee slightly bent. I closed my eyes and relaxed just doing nothing. I took nice slow, even breaths trying just to relax and see where things take me. I eventually started doing some short, hard contractions and the p-tab really hit my sweet spot. I could feel my cock becoming erect and the helix really going to work. I could feel my prostate really starting to get worked. I drew my right leg closer to my chest to increase the sensation on my prostate and hep draw the helix deeper inside of me. I could feel my heartbeat from my chest right down through my cock. I started to lightly caress my left nipple with my right fingers with heightened the sensations even more. It felt like I was a ticking clock as my helix pounded my anus feverishly. I reached down to rock hard cock and wiped the precum from the cockhead. I looked at the long clear strand dangling from my fingertip as I licked it clean. My ass was begging for more. I had no other thing to do but oblige. I coud feel my toes starting to curl up and my legs starting to twitch. I let out small moans as my prostate was getting worked like a piston. I didn't have to contract... it was doing it for me. My legs and arms really started to twitch and my head was thrown back as I was involuntarily curled up in a tighter ball. I could feel myself starting to build up a lot of pressure. I grit my teeth and grabbed the towel hard. My breathing was quick and short. It felt like my eyes were going to roll back into my head. Oh I wanted someone to give me a blowjob as I was getting pounded by the helix. A busty brunette with long red fingernails.... Oh my... I could feel the sensations of a major O building up... I let out a muffled groan as super O washed my away out to sea...

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Too long

It has been some time since my last GOOD session. My sessions prior to the other night have been utter duds. It felt like I went back to square zero, do not pass go and do not collect $200. Sometimes they would start really strong and just fizzle out for whatever reason. I would just end it frustrated and lost. This went on like this for almost a month. I would try to have good sessions, but everything would not gel like it did before.
That all changed the other night...
I got myself prepped and got in my usual position of on my knees with my chest and arms resting on the seat of an office chair. With my helix and me properly lubed with Astroglide and Vaseline, I plugged in and let things happen as they may. I slowed everything down and took long deep breaths. I started some small contractions to get things going. My ass responded by taking deep and hard strokes of the helix in and out of my ass. I could feel my pspot getting hit the right way. My cock started to become erect, I could feel the skin stretching as it became fully engorged. I could feel my heartbeat pulsate throughout my body from head to toe. I started to utter small moans of ecstacy as the helix tickled my prostate. Oh what would I do to have another mouth, pair of hands or tits, or a nice firm ass to fuck as I writhe away with my helix controlling me. I reached down and collected the precum leaking from my cock and licked it off my fingertip. Oh how my cock ached. I just wish someone was there to help me release. My ass was totally getting pounded at a feverish pace.
I could feel the oh so familiar wave of a mini O rush through me. I was really moaning now. My body jolted. My legs and arms started to shake. This was it... I took one final deep breathe and clenched my eyes shut. Prepare to landing... I am cumming..... woah....

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Photo sessions

Recently I have been wanting to view myself as I have my helix inserted and have a session. It is not particularly easy to try to hold a camera in one hand and, hopefully, get a decent shot! For the past couple of nights, I have just done that.
I grabbed my camera and headed for the basement office. I undressed and prepared myself and my helix for action. I inserted it and tried to relax and breathe slowly and deeply. After about thirty minutes of "doing nothing" my anus started to grind.
The sensations were nice and I was getting into the groove. I could feel my heartbeat quicken as I could feel my cock slowly become fully engorged and hard as steel. I wanted to snag some shots of this, so I reached out for my camera and did my best to get my ass with my helix in it and my hard cock in the shot at arm's length behind me. I took some shots but when I looked at them after, I noticed that I got more of the lens cap, camera strap and floor then of me. I placed it on a couple of boxes and then hit the shutter button. Much better results, but I needed the flash on. All the while I'm doing this my hands are still somewhat smeared with lube and thus the camera is getting covered by it too!
All of this starting and stopping and back and forth, is starting to take the edge away from the session. I need to find a way to make taking pictures more "hands free" too! Ah ha, the self timer mode! That's the ticket!!
I look down and see that my cock has started to leak some pre cum fluid. I aim the lens to get some shots of that and of multiple views of my rock hard cock. I use the pre cum as a lube as I start to stroke my cock. I can feel the helix press against my prostate as I do this. I can tell that within moments I will be cumming. I place the camera in front of me to capture the moments as the first spurts of cum start shooting out of me. I click away as cum shoots out of my cock. I clean up and head upstairs to check out the pictures.
I become aroused as I look at myself in the throes of orgasm. They are pretty erotic...
Now, if I could only make some videos...
Say Cheese!! Click!
As always, please post comments or send PMs to me!!

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Spank Me, Baby

Earlier this morning I was in the Aneros chat room. Yesterday, I took my car to the garage to have something checked out and then come to find out later that due tO the extreme wear that it would be best to get rid of it ASAP and get a new car. So, we were all discussing that whole situation when I slyly said that I could use a good session to unwind. Someone said that it would be a good idea and it firmly planted the seed in my mind. It was around 2AM, so I decided it's time to leave and "unwind".
I prepared everything and went downstairs to the basement office, spread out my towels, lubed up, inserted, got into my usual position and started to unwind.
At first I was having a difficult time relaxing and clearing my mind of all of the "mind noise". Eventually, my aneros told me to "shut up, I'm taking over" as I could feel start to flutter around at an extremely fast pace like a hummingbird. My blood started pumping hard as I could feel my cock starting to become fully engorged. My God, it felt like I was going to burts like a volcano the way that it was pulsating! My body was tensing up and i started to breathe and moan intensely. It felt like I could feel the pre cum being forced out of my dick as the helix was dancing around my prostate like a hot Salsa dancer. I glanced down at my massive, engorged cock to see a long stream of pre cum hanging out. Wow!
Then it started to feel like the way my contractions were hitting me, that the helix was "spanking" my prostate. I could feel the Helix move back and raise away from it and the opposing contraction felt like it was slamming down on my prostate. The was a totally new sensation and felt incredible. I imagine a buxom brunette behind me spanking me. I could see her raise her hand up and slam it down on my ass. I was in the total submissive position of being on my knees with my chest and arms on the cahir seat. She was my dominatrix and I was submitting to her will.
This sensation went on like this for about thirty minutes. Then the pace changed. I felt like my ass just wanted to be fucked hard and fast. I could feel it slamming in and out of me, like I was being literally fucked. Then i drifted off an idea I've had of trying to capture myself in pictures or a video while I had my Helix inside me.
I decided to go for it, stood up and saw the longest strand of pre cum leaking my my cock. I scooped it my with my right finger and cleaned it off. It just tastes so sweet and it so arousing. I threw my pants on over my still inserted helix, my shirt on and headed up stairs to grab my camera and memory card. It turned out to be almost a deal breaker. I could find them for awhile and i got frustrated. Finally, i found them and headed back downstairs. Got everything ready and started over.
Once again, my ass just decided that it wanted to get fucked long and hard. The thoughts of my capturing this to see streamed through my mind. I just wanted to capture myself fully erected and within the throws of a mini/super O. But even before i could even attempt that, I could feel that familiar sensation building up. I tensed up and brit my teeth as an orgasm took me out to sea. After I calmed down, i looked at my semi hard cock to see another stream of precum dripping out. I used it as a lube as I started to stroke my cock hard. My helix dug into my prostate as I stoked away. Within a few hard, firm strokes I was erupting like a volcano as large globs of cum sprung from my cock. On the floor below me was a giant puddle of cum and it got all over my hand, chest and legs. I cleaned everything up, threw my clothes on and headed to bed. I think was pretty well "unwound". And I didn't get any images to reflect upon... DAMN! Next time??

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Hello Again

It's been over a week since I had my last session before I had one this morning. Just couldn't find the time/privacy to have one with all of the holiday madness going on. Anyway, I needed quench my thirst so I prepped everything when I got home at 3:30 AM and headed downstairs to the office. I stripped out of my clothes, threw the towel over the chair seat, inserted my helix and got into my usual position of on my knees and chest and arms on chair seat. I just tried to get back into the flow of things with the "do nothing" approach with letting my breath and minimal contractions take their course.
That's about what happened for about forty five minutes to an hour- NOTHING! I felt like was back to square one. I probably was since I had to rewire and jump start everthing again. Then I could feel everything just click on. My cock started to become erect. My cock became so hard it felt like a piece of steel and I could feel my pounding heartbeat pulsating through it. It hurt so much that it ached. I drifted off into an erotic haze. Oh, I wish that had her soft strang hands caressing and rubbing it, her hot mouth and tongue devouring it, to hear those moans as she did would be pure ecstacy. My ass went into overdrive and I could hardly breathe as the massive waves went all the way up and down my body. I was starting to moan and whimper as the first mini O came over me, Within minutes, I was literally biting down on the towel to muffle the cries of ecstacy. My head was swimming, my body was took over as I felt myself being urged to lean forward. My cock was still rock hard and throbbing. Oh, did I have to resist the tempation to rub it just a little bit. I reached down and collected the stream of pre cum that oozed out and licked it clean. I could feel my legs, arms and torso clenc up. Then I started to shake and shake from head to toe. My heart was pounding. I didn't know if I could take anymore. Once again, I felt like I was drifting over myself while erotic images and sounds played over and over in my head. Oh, my fucking God.... Holy fucking shit.... This is absolutely amazing.... CRASH! The tidal wave finally crashed into me... I finally had the release I needed... My body went limp. I rested for a few minutes and looked at the clock it was almost 5:30 AM... I removed it, cleaned everything up and headed to bed....
Please comment or send PMs if you like!

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