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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

Aneros muscle memory

Hi guys,

At age 66 and near the end of July, I signed up for Social Security. Wednesday a week ago, I had an appointment with a Social Security representative at the SSA office in my part of town. They told me that I have a handsome monthly income payments. So with this new found security, I celebrated by having my Aneros sessions regularly once again.

There is the concept of Aneros muscle memory which is instilled in experienced Aneros users. You can have regular Aneros sessions, but not as frequently as before. Well this week, I have had sessions ever day beginning this Monday.

Usually I use in order the following models: Helix, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus. But I may use Eupho Classic as an opener and may substitute Progasm Ivory for Progasm Classic.

It feel so good nonetheless, lots of Aneros pleasure and Aless outside of sessions. So sweet too. All because of Aneros muscle memory. Take care!

Update Sunday night, Sept. 27: Once again as the result nearly daily Aneros sessions last week, I have what I call Aneros elasticity once again in my anal musculature and perineum. This gives me delicious pleasure even outside of sessions.

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Three weeks away from Aneros and wanting it so bad!

Hi guys,

From July 11 until this evening Saturday August 1, I was forced do without Aneros. I had a financial emergency come up which caused me to suspend my Aneros sessions. Yet, the Aless continued unabated during the interim, and wow, I wanted to have a session real bad. Fortunately the crisis cleared up and later on tonight, I am having a session to celebrate.

I have washed for my session my usual Aneros buddies. They are in order tonight: Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus.

This morning I awoke this morning before sunrise with a delicious erection. That in itself is an indication that I am hungry for a session. My glans was engorged and I enjoyed stimulating it. But I could not linger in bed this morning. [In fact, I seldom do]. I had a function to attend this morning.

Most guys realize that their sexual apparatus is a dynamo of power and pleasure. It is not only their cock that is the wand of this pleasure, but also they know that their testicles, prostate, and subsidiary organs there are involved too. But also, many guys discover that the Aneros unlocks new worlds of experience for them also!

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Session for July 8, 2015

Hi guys,

I must have pulled a muscle somewhere in my right hip when I had my first Super-O, subtle as may have been on the morning of July 4.

Sunday afternoon after my ride from church let me off at the east entrance of my apartment, I climbed the three flights of steps to the entrance doorway. I felt a tinge of pain in that area, but I gave no notice of it. I was able to go the neighborhood 7-Eleven effortlessly after changing into my summer casual attire afterward.

Then Monday July 6, I had a session during which I experienced several strong Super-O's with my Progasm, and Classic and even a couple with Maximus. I had wonderful Aless afterwards like never before, but it all exacerbated what seemed like an injury. I limped during my couple brief jaunts that day. This continued yesterday Tuesday and it seemed that my Aless had intensified pain.

This morning, I awoke about 4:30 a.m. and listened to my pocket sized radio for about an hour. I found the news very depressing and yes, my charlie horse was still there. So I went back to sleep and fell into a deep slumber during which I had two profound dreams. When I came to about 7 a.m., I had a throbbing, delicious erection. And wow, the pain was gone!

So to celebrate, I had a session with Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus. I do not think I had a Super-O this morning, but I had close to one with Helix Classic as I focused how this model was hitting my prostate. Progasm Classic didn't perform as well as I wanted, so I switched to Tempo and Maximus both of which performed exquisitely. What is so wonderful for me is that I can Aneros with my tools so effortlessly now just as what happened when Maximus rode me!

I hardly have dud sessions now, but almost always I come away with Aless that is so exquisite, sweet, and strong. Another development from my recent Super-O's is the springiness I feel in my body.

Finally I am so grateful for the support from other guys who are on the Aneros journey.

Take care!

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More and more Aneros and Aless pleasure!

Hi guys,

With the achievement of my first Super-O, albeit subtle, yet profound, which happened during my Aneros session Fourth of July morning, I achieved a major long sought goal. The pleasure that I derived from the Super-O just grew and grew especially afterwards in Aless this past Saturday.

It was even more so this morning. I had a session which began shortly after 5 a.m. I used the following sequence of Aneros models: Eupho Syn, Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus.

I enjoy using Eupho Syn. It is subtle in its action. Eupho Classic is a little more aggressive. Both models are great in opening and warming me up in my sessions. Eupho prepares me more serious Aneros action later on in my sessions. But this morning, I lost myself in the subtlety of Eupho Syn and was richly rewarded.

With Helix Classic, while I again focused upon it hitting my prostate such sweet fashion, I derived abundant pleasure in how it awakened my anus and the musculature just inside my anal tract. I find myself swooning with sweet pleasure.

With Progasm Classic, it was more so. I let go and let Progasm stimulate my prostate like never before as well the anal musculature. This morning I spent quality time Progasm. I just can't believe the heights of pleasure it was taking me. I believe I had several Super-O's with Progasm, and even one or two with Helix Classic!

As always, I had a great ride with Tempo which again gives such great pleasure.

Maximus as always delivered in giving me direct stimulation of my prostate this morning. I "communed" with Maximus not feeling fatigued whatsoever but eventually brought today's session to an end.

Today's session left with Aless like nothing before. It is apparent that I have entered new territory worth exploring, a new phase in my Aneros journey!

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Afterglow following my first Super-O, July 4, 2015

Hi guys,

I think guys and gals who have had that first time sexually that went well often experience an afterglow which is to be savored and treasured.

I know this was true when I masturbated and achieved my very first full-fledged orgasm complete with ejaculation of semen around age 14. No one helped me. It just happened of its own accord. Thus began long journey as a masturbator through the years to even now!

Likewise as a sophomore in college when my college roommate and I engaged in mutual masturbation and cock sucking. I had a profound afterglow which lasted whole night long. Also some years later, when a guy and I got together for a more serious affair that lasted some months. While I never became promiscuous by long stretch, sexual encounters of this type had a profound influence upon me.

Many years later at age 63, I began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn in early June, 2012. In the two years which followed, I developed an Aneros routine that enabled me to enjoy my various models more and more. Getting Tempo just before Thanksgiving 2013 caused my sessions into a much higher level of fun and pleasure. So whenever I have sessions now, I focus on the fun and pleasure that my Aneros models avail me now. I seldom have dud sessions. Invariably I came away from my sessions with profound Aless.

My favorite models are Eupho Syn, Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus, Progasm Classic, Progasm Ivory, and Tempo.

This morning I had in order just Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus. This morning I let go and entered more than ever the pleasure of my models and was rewarded with a subtle Super O which turned my body into a vibrant energy of full pleasure. This pleasure grew and grew and grew. The Aless which followed was amazing.

Aless is continuous, always there, although its pleasurable energy may vary and come and go. I can tap into this pleasure of Aless at any time by stimulating lightly the various erogenous zones of my body. Aless is also a powerful meditation technique upon which I can focus with deep, relaxed breathing.

For me, the Super-O is subtle, yet very powerful. I have embarked upon exploring a new territory of Super-O uniquely mine own. I believe that there many levels of Aless and the Super-O which I want to experience in the years to come!

I'll add that I have embarked upon a period of being open to whatever surprises that my Aneros models have for me, such as what happened earlier today!

Take care!

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Celebrating Independence Day 2015 with Aneros

Hi guys,

I think this morning I had one of the best Aneros sessions ever, and I may have experienced my first Super-O!

I rose about 5 a.m., intending to spend the day with some of my translation projects. First I took a walk outdoors in my immediate neighborhood, getting some groceries from the 7-Eleven a block away. Then I hopped on the Internet reading the news and surveying the weather forecast. Of course here in the USA, today is the Fourth of July, a major holiday. For many years living here in DC, I have observed the Fourth of July in somber reflection, forgoing the fireworks on the National Mall, a couple miles away. It is too much a mob scene, closely akin the Halloween. So I stay close to my apartment on such holidays. But this year, my observance of our nation's birthday seemed even more somber. I was beginning to get really depressed.

However, my body was telling me that today is absolutely free, no obligations, Georgetown where I live is quiet and calm. My body told me that it was hungry, even horny for an Aneros session. So I quickly set up my session by pulling out my Aneros best buddies in the following order: Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus.

This morning, I decided to surrender to the pleasure these four good buddies give me, and I believe that I was rewarded with my first Super-O, albeit a subtle one, but the energy of which grows and grows and grows in Aless!!!

This morning I focused on Helix Classic is it hit all the pleasure spots of my prostate and anal musculature. It was even more so with Progasm Classic. I could get enough of my Progasm Classic hitting all those pleasure spots big man fashion. This action continued with Tempo in its own way. I think it is possible to get a Super-O with Tempo. Do you think so? I ended with Maximus which hits those pleasure spots in its own direct way.

When I surrendered to Aneros pleasure today, I was rewarded with the electric energy of pleasure pervading my whole body. Right now as I type this it feels like I am riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. I can cream my camo shorts if I wish! Just also beautiful is for me in today's session and in Aless to stimulate so lightly my nipples, chest, abs, pubes, the corona of my glans penis, etc. My Super-O was subtle at best, but powerful, and continues in Aless! I hope in future sessions to replicate and explore this new territory that I have embarked upon!

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A LGBT poem, written by a retired, straight teacher

Hi guys, even gals,

A few minutes ago I came across a powerful poem composed by a retired, heterosexual teacher affirming the LGBT experience. This poem has alliteration which accentuates its expression. This poem is worthy of consideration, contemplation, and even action in today's USA. Enjoy!

P.S. Also this poem can apply to the Aneros experience which opens men up, no matter their sexual orientation or estate in life. The Aneros enables men to become better lovers of themselves and significant others in their life.



Defy discrimination. Boycott bigotry.
Denounce dogma. Banish bullies.

Cultivate change. Encourage empathy.
Inspire insight. Revitalize reason. Deactivate disinformation.
Deconstruct preconceptions. Reconstruct character.

Rediscover self. Purge pain.
Explore scruples. Disengage guilt.
Close chapters. Open closets.

Humanize homosexuality.
Nurture narratives. Champion paragons.
Rekindle respect. Demand dignity.

Mend families. Compel comrades. Rally allies.
Command crowds. Mobilize masses. Globalize ideals.

Shift paradigms. Reset standards. Envision equality.
Challenge convention. Elevate ethics. Revise rules.
Celebrate diversity!

Trust time. Practice persistence. Pledge patience.
Confirm convictions. Consign commitment.
Marshal movement. Maintain momentum.

Delay gratification. Overcome obstacles.
Redefine normality. Modernize morality.
Reform matrimony. Reunite scouts.

Transform tradition. Civilize civilization.
Embrace enlightenment. Reshape reality.

Welcome awakening. Recognize redemption.
Laugh fearlessly. Liberate love!

--Carol Anne, Retired California Teacher, Heterosexual

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A masturbation session that was absolutely hot!

Hi guys,

I have a confession to make. At age 66, I seldom masturbate, maybe once a month or once every six weeks. But when I do, I cum BIG and it is so sweet, much, much more than the heady days of adolescence!

The DC summer already proving that we will have heatwaves as years previously. Last we were fortunate which a slightly cooler than usual summer with few days above 90's.

On Tuesday we had a heatwave that finally broke after six days of relentless heat and humidity. Cooler, drier weather from Canada finally arrived. Unfortunately it is a slight respite for the heat and humidity is returning, though not a fierce as it was last weekend. The summertime weather was beginning to make me sick on Monday, so I stayed indoors much of the day on Tuesday.

Just after midnight Wednesday, I had a hankering to hop back on the Net and into tumblr to see some luscious pics of penis, glans, and gay sex. Then I started reading some of my favorite f**k/suck stories at In the meantime, I had put on my Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup. That jock and cup combo is ideal for containing your "junk" and both interacted with Aless in an amazing way.

You can order the Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup at

The urge to masturbate became relentless, so I got a cum rag from my bathroom. I seldom have quickies now. I like to go slow and easy when I jack off. I must have edged for 30-45 minutes when I finally shot my load of cum. It seemed that it took a good five minutes for my body to pump out a load a thick, creamy semen. But oh, how sweet it was! Proof that Aneros works in wonderful ways!

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Aneros session for Thursday June 18, 2005

Hi guys,

I have been blessed by some really pleasurable Aneros sessions lately which have left me with really amazing Aless!

This morning I tried in order the following models: Maximus, Helix Classic, Tempo, and Progasm Ivory.

After a brief jaunt to a neighborhood to get some food, I started with Maximus. Maximus and I this morning interacted well, but not well enough as in other sessions. So I went on to Helix Classic which hit all the right places today. Abundant pleasure resulted which spurred me on to Tempo and Progasm Ivory which continued the upward trajectory of Aneros pleasure!

The reason why I use multiple models in my sessions is that where one model may not perform up to expectations, another model can fill the bill!

This morning my Aless feels like my body is in a continuous, yet minor boil. I am savoring the sweetness of this Aless feeling like my body is riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. Take care!

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Aless session while wearing a jock and cup

Hi guys,

Today I could not control myself. Around 11:30 a.m. this morning, I slipped that Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup I told you about in an earlier blog entry today. This jock and cup fits my "junk" perfectly in such comfort as I Aless. In fact, such contact with my genitals Alessing magnifies my Aless, its pleasure and sweetness. Gee, I have been on the verge of cumming for the last hour or so riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. I will have to get some relief or so! :-]

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