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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

Sweet, vibrant Aneros energy!

Hi guys,

Even though today I need to continue working on my taxes, earlier this morning I had a session that nearly blew me away.

This morning I used only the following models in succession: Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, Progasm Classic.

First I began with Helix Classic. It seemed that it "fit" me perfectly and massaged all the sweet spots in my anal canal, and along and around my prostate. I purposely avoided anal contractions and focused on the "do-nothing-approach." Wow! Immediately there was sweet, vibrant energy surrounding my prostate and the Helix Classic it did its magic. In a way, what I experienced is similar to what physicists are trying to do in causing sustainable and "safe" nuclear fusion. They are trying to put the nuclear fuel of heavy or tritium Hydrogen in a "bottle" of plasma to ignite nuclear fusion. This is what happened to me this morning with my awakened prostate and Helix Classic in this bottle of sweet, yet vibrant energy. I think this was the experience of Getting in the Zone with Aneros or Zoneros! While in Zoneros, I focused on the sweet, vibrant sexual pleasure, and its dynamics and textures. I get horny thinking about all this.

Same thing happened Maximus. Maximus does reach along and around my prostate as it massages it. I thought I was going to die from pleasure!

Most of the time, I can insert Tempo easily and sit comfortably at my PC. Tempo always works its magic on me with its rhythm. But it seemed this morning that Tempo was leading me in ways unimaginable during which I was on the verge of experiencing a Super-O!

I finished my session with Progasm Classic. I just *love* Progasm Classic because he delivers such a powerful f**k! This morning I didn't experience of paroxysms of Aneros pleasure with Progasm Classic, but still it was so damn good. However, Progasm Classic does hold great promise for me that comes from Aneros Zoneros.

I could have continued today's session even longer, but I was getting tired, so I brought it to an end. Immediately afterward, there was a definite springiness in my step, and yes, there were even palpitations of pleasure in my loins and entire sexual apparatus! However, I do feel fatigued, yet now back to those taxes.

Take care!

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The consolations of Aless

Hi guys,

The Aneros, as you know, was invented to promote good prostate health in men. Along with this benefit, it was discovered among many Aneros users that the Aneros has sexual benefits as well, such as Super-O's, MMO's, and sustained sexual energy of continuous P-waves which is also known as Aneros-lessness or Aless outside of actual Aneros sessions.

Many guys report that achieve a continuous, sustained Aless which is always there. I am one of those guys.

It has gotten to the point that my Aless is always there, although often in the background. However the intensity of my Aless varies. It comes and goes in intensity of sexual sweetness.

While I long for my very first Super-O, the Aneros has taught subtlety and nuance. The Aneros has enabled me to get in touch with my body like never before. The Aneros has opened to me a sensuality that I have not known in my whole life!

@neros wrote some very informative things on rewiring in his Forum thread entitled, "The truth behind "re-wiring."

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Aless foreplay, a hot Aneros session, Aless postplay

Hi guys,

Upon awakening this morning around 7 a.m., I was horny and hungry for a session. For many months, I have had Aless of varying intensities and sweet sensations. This morning I had an Aless in which my prostate and surrounding musculature felt that there was an Aneros tool inserted. But no! So I concentrated upon all this while still in bed.

Some minutes later I hoped on the Net and logged into Aneros Forum and found @neros's post on how to capitalize upon Aless as a way to reach Super-O's and MMO's as well as in sessions.

@neros gave the following three steps of harnessing Aless energy for greater use: [1] First use an erotic impression or fantasy to awaken Aless for service. [2] Then focus on the Aless sensations and energy as localized in your awakened prostate, anal musculature, anus, perineum, scrotum, and even in your penis. [3] Let the sexual energy permeate not only your groin, but also your abdomen, chest, and other areas of your body. Focus and meditate upon all these delicious sexual sensations. Once you have done those three steps, you are well on your way in your Aless toward experiencing Super-O's and MMO's.

I used this use of Aless to serve as foreplay for my session this morning.

I used in order Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo and Maximus. It seemed that my session was on a much higher level than ever before. All four models ride so intensely like never before.

After my session this morning, I cleaned up, dressed, and got ready for today's activities. But first I had to take a nap around noontime because today's session had worn me out. Aless has been rejuvenated by today's session. Now what I need to do is focus on my Aless. Take care!

P.S. One of the most wonderful things that I am finding out about Aless is its limitless possibilities in discovering the various nuances and subtleties of sexual sensation which the various Aneros models engender. Sexual arousal through Aless is taken to new heights unimaginable to an aging confirmed bachelor as me. The delicious sexual energies of Aless keep building and building and climb higher and higher to the point that I might experience an orgasm or even a Super-O! What I should is let go! Let it happen! Also it is possible to experience the crescendos and diminuendos of sexual energy and pleasure in Aless and my Aneros sessions!

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Oh, Progasm Classic & Maximus, you guys send me!

Hi guys,

This morning I used my favorite Aneros models in the following order:

Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, Maximus.

Both Eupho Classic and Helix Classic performed admirably. They set the stage for Progasm Classic which I never used so soon in a session. It is interesting that my anal canal craves Eupho Classic first at bat. Eupho Classic primes me for Helix Classic. But wow, today when I inserted Progasm Classic, my hungry ass wanted this big bruiser too! My educated anal musculature and sphincters manipulated that BIG tool in such a way that it was an awesome autof**k which produces aaww some really sexual sweetness. I must have worked with Progasm Classic for a good twenty to thirty minutes!

Then I took a brief intermission, maybe ten minutes or so using my PC. Then I recommenced with Tempo, my good buddy. And finally I finished with a good twenty to thirty minutes with Maximus.

I have gotten to the point in my sessions for some months now that I can work with each of my Aneros models and feel their exquisite work in my butt. I am gradually developing greater and greater control over all my Aneros models too! The upshot of all my recent sessions is that I have developed anal sensitivity which is so sweet and exquisite.

But at the same time, I am doing all this in Aless. It is all so sweet making glad that I am a man!

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Powerful, continuous powerful Aless

Hi guys,

Aless as a continuous, powerful experience really came into its own when I began using Tempo in my sessions in late November 2013. When I began using Tempo then, I took to it like a duck to water. It seemed that my Aneros sessions took a quantum leap.

It was then that just about every session became full of pleasure and fun! And as a spin off to all this was powerful, continuous Aless outside of my sessions. When I didn't feel Aless in an overt fashion, it was always there in the background.

I believe this buzz of sexual energy localized in the prostate are called P-waves. I began to experience P-waves three weeks after beginning my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with my use of Helix Syn. In early July 2013, I began to experience chairgasms, then later on walkinggasms and bedgasms. Also as I added larger models such as Maximus and Progasm, this buzz began to intensify.

But it was Tempo that enabled me to enjoy all my other Aneros models, and certainly Maximus and Progasm which I both love and adore!

I found that Aless flows into my Aneros sessions and vice versa. Aless is so powerful and so sweet. I discovered in early 2014 to use subtle breathing which works so well with Aneros autof**k action of my models. And soon after, I found that I can meditate upon my Aless. Breathing works so with Aless. I can manipulate the intensity of Aless through breathing and anal contractions or subtle Kegels. It gives rise to subtle sexual sweetness.

Also today I find that this Aless is not only localized in my prostate, but also in my perineum and scrotum. Today I have felt such sweet Aless that I am on the verge of cumming. A steady stream of precum also has been oozing. I think I am on to something wonderful!

Take care!

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Mixing Aneros models up in sessions

Hi guys,

In my Aneros sessions of late, I have been mixing things up as it relates to my Aneros models and their order of use.

For a long time, at least a good year, I have been using the following order of models:

Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic.

This order of models has served me well. Eupho Classic, I use to open my sessions and open me up. It has the most freedom of movement when inserted and it "dances" a great deal. Eupho Classic prepares me for Helix Classic which I enjoy for its penetration and how it relates in general contact with my prostate. I get horny when I think about Helix Classic.

Then I go on to Maximus which has given me a great ride for months on end, certainly when I began using that model in the fall of 2013. Then I go on to Tempo which during all my sessions massages both my anal sphincters and canal so well. Tempo continues to tone my anal musculature too.

Finally I end sessions with Progasm Classic which delivers such a heavy-duty massage which makes me feel so complete as a man.

A few days ago some guys in Aneros chat praised Progasm ICE which I hadn't used in many months.

So yesterday during our daylong snowstorm, I enjoyed the coziness of my apartment by having a long, leisurely session with the following order of models:

Helix Classic, Progasm ICE, Tempo, Maximus, Progasm Ivory

Helix Classic worked well enough, but it should have had Eupho Classic to introduce it. But wow afterward, I really enjoyed the sleek, yet robust action of Progasm ICE! I enjoyed the slow, leisurely fuck action of Tempo inserted while sitting at my PC.

Now Maximus works so abundantly well after Tempo somehow. It seems that Maximus and I were made for which other as fuck buddies! :-] I closed my session with some quality time with Progasm Ivory which left my prostate and musculature surrounding it ringing and buzzing with sexual energy!

Since then [I am typing this a day later] I have had Aless which is so powerful and so sweet. All day today I feel so sexually alive from my Aless that I am on the verge of orgasm and ejaculation! I'll describe all this in greater detail in my next post.

Take care!

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My thoughts on pornography and Aneros sessions

Hi guys,

Recently I saw a thread on the Aneros Forum on cutting out pornography out of one's life as it relates to Aneros sessions. The thought, which is valid, is that pornography is a distraction from having successful or fulfilling Aneros sessions. I agree up to a point. The Aneros Directions for Use advise new, even advanced Aneros users from even masturbating one's penis during an Aneros session. Such stimulation short circuits the Aneros process during which one must focus open the prostate and areas surrounding that organ. This same thing could be said about pornography.

In my case, I think I should give a brief history of porn use in my life. I lived a fairly pristine, innocent life as a boy and teenager growing up in Northwestern Connecticut. When I was 16, I discovered my father's stash of porn, actually some novels on the sexual life of Fanny Hill. It was straight porno. Sexual relations between my parents had ceased pretty much by then. My dad apparently before going off to work relied on this porn to aid in his masturbation fantasies for sexual release.

When I was a freshman and sophomore in college, I fell in with a group of football players who once saw a blue movie featuring a gang bang to fuel their circle jerk. Then early in my sophomore year, some of these guys took me to a porno shop where I purchased a couple gay sex novels. All this was both exciting and novel at the time.

When I went off to graduate school, all this went underground for a few years. But it was only when I moved here that I encountered porno big time. This was in 1979. But it was a good twenty years later that I got rid of my sizable porn collection. It too had become a major distraction for me.

With the advent of the Internet in the 1990's, it become very easy to find pornography again. Over the years, however, I have stayed away from bad, raunchy porn, and have focused upon pornography which depicts more lofty facets of love and sex, both gay and straight.

Now, I may view pornography to fuel my arousal for the Aneros. But really that happens only occasionally. Just thinking about my Aneros models and the pleasure they give me fuels my sessions. It is much better that way.

Take care!

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Aneros Kegels and Reverse Kegels

Hi guys,

In September or October 2011, I heard about the Aneros from Matt1008 on a masturbation website. At that I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. I couldn't get it up. It was a condition that I attributed to a very stressful job that I had worked 2009-2010. I had heard about the Kegel Exercises and how they could strengthen a guy's erection. But Matt told me the Aneros along with the Kegel Exercises would revitalize not only flagging erections, but also my sexual libido. I got my first Aneros models soon after, and on June 3, 2012, I began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn.

But it was Aneros user, HopefulMMOer, who encouraged me to think about the Kegels in a new, different way. Yes, you can do a series of Kegels, what about Reverse Kegels? Earlier today, I discovered that I could incorporate successfully both subtle Kegels and Reverse Kegels.

Before I begin telling my experience with the Kegels, I will say that it is always important to take you defecate in advance of a session. Taking an enema is even better. Having an empty anal tract and colon enables you to have successful Aneros sessions. Well this morning, I took a BIG dump for sure. Then I had to go out for a couple hours to run some errands. When I returned home around 10 a.m., I had powerful Aless. I hadn't had a session since late last week. My Aless was making me horny for a session!

Also it was quiet in my building. Apparently the staff had taken a Post-Christmas holiday and most residents in my apartment building had gone out of town for the weekend.

I began first with Eupho Classic and then went on with Helix Classic. Eupho Classic danced a great deal when I did both subtle Kegels and Reverse Kegels. However, I began to experience trouble with Helix Classic which brought on the urge to defecate. This urge prematurely ended my session. So I had to go to the bathroom and afterwards clean myself up.

Thus began my day for sure, but two hours later, the urge to continue my session returned. I prepared Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic for action! Thus ensued a successful session with these models. I found that I do subtle Kegels and Reverse Kegels with all these models. But it was Maximus and Progasm Classic that shone with these subtle Kegels.

I will have to report this to HopefulMMOer about all this for sure!

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Aneros autof**k strokes: Relaxation and subtlety

Hi guys,

It is hard to believe that I bought my first Aneros models nearly three years ago in late December 2011. They were the MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic. When I opened the packages and surveyed those models, I became scared because they seemed so HUGE. How could I even insert them into my anus? So they sat unused for a good six months, until I used Aneros Syn early Sunday evening June 3, 2012. I was an absolute virgin when it came to anal play. The Aneros Syn took away my anal virgin and quickly became a great introduction to my Aneros journey. In the months following, I began using Maximus, both Progasm ICE and Progasm Classic and then other models. But I took many months before I began to use my models with facility. When I got Tempo and the Peridise full set in late November 2013, my sessions began to improve immeasurably.

Tempo from the get go taught me Aneros rhythm which enhanced my Aneros autof**k experience. All I can say that in recent weeks and months, I am developing relaxation and subtlety in my sessions which are now centered upon my Aneros autof**k strokes. Human fucking when it is passionate tends to be similar to rutting in other animals. Our procreation, making babies, to be honest is similar to breeding in other animals. But there is a great subtlety also found in human lovemaking. Yes, fucking at times is animalistic, but often fucking is a sublime experience, a bonding and unitive experience.

This now I am experience as I ride my Aneros tools. Almost every session, I discover something new as I engage with my various models. Now I find myself aiming for relaxation and subtlety as I ride my tools. Even more wonderful when I relax, let go, and I let them ride me! It seems that is every Aneros autof**k stroke is different and even exciting. Now I am developing Aneros focus as I feel every model engage with my anal musculature and prostate in new, exciting ways. It is so sweet and full of fun! The Aneros makes me glad that I am a man!

In most my sessions, invariably I begin with Eupho Classic which opens me up. The Eupho Classic with its long, yet slender shape delivers me long, incisive fuck strokes. There is obvious in-and-out motion when I work with Eupho Classic. It gives my anal musculature and sphincters, along with my prostate, a great workout.

Next I turn to Helix Classic which I have come value vary much in recent months. I love how this model fills me up even though it is in the medium range when it comes to size. This morning when I worked with Helix Classic it seemed to even began to expand and enlarge! I believe that Helix Classic is one of the oldest models in the Aneros line.

Then comes Maximus which delivers a mighty autof**k. I cannot get enough of about Maximus and Helix Classic!

With Tempo, I can insert it comfortably and sit at my PC working away. On this morning I donned an old pair of briefs and sweats and sat warm and comfy while Tempo worked away delivering Aneros rhythm!

Finally Progasm Classic closes out most of my sessions. I just love Progasm's thickness which really exercises my anal musculature and sphincters, while delivering my prostate a full-body massage. Progasm Classic teaches me something new just about every session, no matter how small the lesson may be. I come away with a powerful Aless everytime I work with Progasm!

While I haven't experienced a bona fide Super-O in my 2.5 year Aneros journey, what I am learning more and more is relaxation and subtlety in my sessions. Most of my sessions occur first thing in the morning when I well-rested and freshest. I am horny for my Aneros team and that serves as my foreplay when I think of my Aneros models, wash them, and hold them endearingly, getting myself for some Aneros action! I like to relax and let go with Eupho Classic and Helix Classic. They get me ready for the larger models.

Like I said earlier, there is great subtlety and variety in my Anerosf**k strokes, even within one stroke! I believe relaxation along with subtle breathing go hand-in-hand with my Anerosf**k. It powers my Anerosf**k action! It is so sweet and fun. It makes me glad I am a man!

My good buddy on the Aneros buddy, @HopefulMMOer, has spoken much of Kegels and Reverse Kegels in his sessions. When I began working with all my models, especially Maximus and Progasm, three months into my journey, I Kegeled forcefully, holding them for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, even for a minute. Such Kegeling seemed to fuel my sessions then, even delivered mighty autof**k action, but it was exhausting! The major benefit of such Kegeling was that it strengthened a great deal my anal musculature and sphincters.

Now I Kegel slightly occasionally in my sessions. I do not know if such Kegeling are just minor, subtle anal contractions, but boy, they fuel my sessions now! Also I am discovering Reverse Kegeling which is awesome! So hats off to @HopefulMMOer who suggested all this to me and other guys on Aneros Forum. But right now I am experiencing powerful Aless, so sweet and so manly!

Take care!

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Aless while wearing a jock and cup

Hi guys,

While in today's volatile and uncertain economy here in the USA, retirement may be precarious. If you learn to live simply, even austerely, pinching every penny, you can focus on simple things in life, such as one's health and enjoying every minute. One major benefit that the Aneros has brought into my life is vibrant health. This vibrant health is encapsulated in long periods of Aless, outside of my Aneros sessions. Aless flows to my Aneros sessions which leads me to more Aless. Aless and Aneros go hand-in-hand. They exist for each other. It is so sweet! Aneros and Aless makes me glad that I am a man, albeit an aging one.

Today I have decided to spend quality time with Aless as foreplay before I get down to a shortened Aneros tools. I am using only Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic this morning. I have already cleansed them and laid out perhaps an hour ago. They are ready nonetheless for action!

But getting back to my foreplay this morning. I am wearing my favorite jock and cup while engaging in sweet Aless. As a baby boomer entering adolescence in the early 1960's, wearing an athletic supporter for athletics even every day wear was de rigeur among men and boys. Both men's clothing stores and sporting goods stores had huge racks of jocks and cups for sale then. My dad used to ear a jock underneath his Little League umpire uniform. He should have worn a cup as well. I wanted to follow dad's example in wearing a jock for sports. An athletic supporter was a vital part of our gym uniform in 7th grade uniform. Our coach told us we had to purchase one.

The archetypal jockstrap was BIKE. Flarico and Johnson & Johnson made good jocks too. However, athletic cups in the 1960's were so uncomfortable to wear. It took guys like Mark Little] with his Nutty Buddy cup [and other inventors to make cups that are comfortable and fun to wear. This morning I am wearing an All-Star Shock Jock and a Shock Doctor Bioflex Cup. I love how this combo moves so naturally supporting my junk as I Aless. Kegeling subtly in this combo feels so good! In a few minutes, I am ready for my Aneros session. Take care!

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