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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

A LGBT poem, written by a retired, straight teacher

Hi guys, even gals,

A few minutes ago I came across a powerful poem composed by a retired, heterosexual teacher affirming the LGBT experience. This poem has alliteration which accentuates its expression. This poem is worthy of consideration, contemplation, and even action in today's USA. Enjoy!

P.S. Also this poem can apply to the Aneros experience which opens men up, no matter their sexual orientation or estate in life. The Aneros enables men to become better lovers of themselves and significant others in their life.



Defy discrimination. Boycott bigotry.
Denounce dogma. Banish bullies.

Cultivate change. Encourage empathy.
Inspire insight. Revitalize reason. Deactivate disinformation.
Deconstruct preconceptions. Reconstruct character.

Rediscover self. Purge pain.
Explore scruples. Disengage guilt.
Close chapters. Open closets.

Humanize homosexuality.
Nurture narratives. Champion paragons.
Rekindle respect. Demand dignity.

Mend families. Compel comrades. Rally allies.
Command crowds. Mobilize masses. Globalize ideals.

Shift paradigms. Reset standards. Envision equality.
Challenge convention. Elevate ethics. Revise rules.
Celebrate diversity!

Trust time. Practice persistence. Pledge patience.
Confirm convictions. Consign commitment.
Marshal movement. Maintain momentum.

Delay gratification. Overcome obstacles.
Redefine normality. Modernize morality.
Reform matrimony. Reunite scouts.

Transform tradition. Civilize civilization.
Embrace enlightenment. Reshape reality.

Welcome awakening. Recognize redemption.
Laugh fearlessly. Liberate love!

--Carol Anne, Retired California Teacher, Heterosexual

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A masturbation session that was absolutely hot!

Hi guys,

I have a confession to make. At age 66, I seldom masturbate, maybe once a month or once every six weeks. But when I do, I cum BIG and it is so sweet, much, much more than the heady days of adolescence!

The DC summer already proving that we will have heatwaves as years previously. Last we were fortunate which a slightly cooler than usual summer with few days above 90's.

On Tuesday we had a heatwave that finally broke after six days of relentless heat and humidity. Cooler, drier weather from Canada finally arrived. Unfortunately it is a slight respite for the heat and humidity is returning, though not a fierce as it was last weekend. The summertime weather was beginning to make me sick on Monday, so I stayed indoors much of the day on Tuesday.

Just after midnight Wednesday, I had a hankering to hop back on the Net and into tumblr to see some luscious pics of penis, glans, and gay sex. Then I started reading some of my favorite f**k/suck stories at In the meantime, I had put on my Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup. That jock and cup combo is ideal for containing your "junk" and both interacted with Aless in an amazing way.

You can order the Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup at

The urge to masturbate became relentless, so I got a cum rag from my bathroom. I seldom have quickies now. I like to go slow and easy when I jack off. I must have edged for 30-45 minutes when I finally shot my load of cum. It seemed that it took a good five minutes for my body to pump out a load a thick, creamy semen. But oh, how sweet it was! Proof that Aneros works in wonderful ways!

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Aneros session for Thursday June 18, 2005

Hi guys,

I have been blessed by some really pleasurable Aneros sessions lately which have left me with really amazing Aless!

This morning I tried in order the following models: Maximus, Helix Classic, Tempo, and Progasm Ivory.

After a brief jaunt to a neighborhood to get some food, I started with Maximus. Maximus and I this morning interacted well, but not well enough as in other sessions. So I went on to Helix Classic which hit all the right places today. Abundant pleasure resulted which spurred me on to Tempo and Progasm Ivory which continued the upward trajectory of Aneros pleasure!

The reason why I use multiple models in my sessions is that where one model may not perform up to expectations, another model can fill the bill!

This morning my Aless feels like my body is in a continuous, yet minor boil. I am savoring the sweetness of this Aless feeling like my body is riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. Take care!

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Aless session while wearing a jock and cup

Hi guys,

Today I could not control myself. Around 11:30 a.m. this morning, I slipped that Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup I told you about in an earlier blog entry today. This jock and cup fits my "junk" perfectly in such comfort as I Aless. In fact, such contact with my genitals Alessing magnifies my Aless, its pleasure and sweetness. Gee, I have been on the verge of cumming for the last hour or so riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. I will have to get some relief or so! :-]

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Sweet, powerful Aless now after sessions

Hi guys,

This past Wednesday I began my third year with Aneros. The session wasn't noteworthy but rather right afterward, I came away with sweet, powerful Aless which lasted the whole day! It felt so good!!!

Also this weekend I am spending much time getting my apartment ready for workmen to repair parts of my ceiling from water damage. I stayed home today to do the necessary preparation.

We had a cloudy, cool, and damp week until today when the sun finally come out. So early this morning I had a session which lasted about two hours with the following order of models:

Eupho Syn, Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus.

All models in the lineup worked superbly well this morning. Recently I have gone back to Eupho Syn. I like its direct, yet gentle massage action during which I use the "do nothing" technique. It amazing how it works upon me in its way without me doing anything, but just lay back and enjoy! In the future I hope to vary between Eupho Syn and Eupho Classic in sessions. Both models of the Eupho are superb as openers in my sessions.

What more can I say about Helix Classic? Just looking at it makes me super horny! I like its direct action on my prostate.

This morning right after Helix Classic, I went to Progasm Classic. When I insert Progasm Classic in most my sessions, an erotic thrill surges through my body. Progasm Classic feels so good whenever I work with him in my sessions.

As always, Cadillac Tempo massages and tones my anal musculature in its own exquisite way. This morning it seemed that my prostate was trying to get on in the action! Typing these words adds fuel to my Aless!

Finally I concluded the session this morning with Maximus. Wow, it seemed that my butt swallowed or gulped Maximus to the hilt. Once again, just sitting back and enjoying the action brought unimaginable thrills to my sexual apparatus! It seemed that I was getting fucked by Maximus in the sweetest, most exquisite way.

After cleaning up and dressing for the day, such sweet, vibrant Aless came upon me so nice an a quiet Saturday afternoon!

Finally I want to share with you all once again that I think I have found my Aneros sweet spot. It stretches from my perineum to the area underneath my scrotum. There is such powerful sexual energy here that powers both my Aneros session and Aless outside of sessions.

I have also discovered that rubbing slowly back and forth the area over my left breast powers my Aneros tools, likewise when I tweak my left nipple. Same when I do the same thing with my navel. Absolutely hot!

After my session, I was in Aneros chat with @rook where I shared with him my discoveries. He informed me that my sweet spot lies over the pudenda nerve. @Euphemistic also told me that this area is rich in "nerves." Just holding your hand over the sweet spot will activate even orgasms!

Finally I like to use my Aless is a meditation tool where I can meditate upon it, even control it. Such meditation can also be used in my sessions too!


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Edging both with Aneros and also in Aless

Hi guys,

Most young males when they discover masturbation or are shown it by a buddy encounter one of the most thrilling experiences of their lives. The very first orgasm with ejaculation of semen is a profound experience which happens to most guys in their adolescence, although quite few young males experience dry orgasms even earlier! Masturbation is autoeroticism at its best because masturbation gets a male in touch with his genitals and his body in a most profound way.

However, most adolescent males live at home with their parents and siblings where there is little privacy. So they have "quickies," masturbation episodes in as short a time as possible. That sets them up for premature ejaculation later in life which may impair conjugational relations with the woman they may marry.

However, more experienced masturbators will prolong their sessions as long as possible in order to maximize the pleasure derived from stimulation of their genitals. They learn in many cases a technique called "edging." A guy will ride the edge or threshold of ejaculatory inevitability in order to achieve a bigger "bang" in his orgasmic and ejaculatory pleasure. He will cum big. At the same time, he develops a powerful technique to pleasure his wife first, before actually cumming himself.

With summer approaching here, dawn arrives earlier. This morning, I rose early and got some groceries from my neighborhood 7-Eleven arriving back at 6:15 a.m. Then I prepared my favorite Aneros models for my session which I began around 6:45 a.m.

Once again I used in succession Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus which I went through fairly quickly enjoying them all very much.

It is so wonderful now how effortless my Aneros rides are now! They actually work me over so easily now. I very seldom now have dud sessions.

This morning I made two profound discoveries:

[1] While I have experienced my Aneros sweet spot in my sessions for a very long time, this morning I found its more exact location. It is from my perineum to right underneath my scrotum or ball sack. There is a tightness there of muscle, but also an area of very exquisite, sweet sexual energy!

[2] Also I discovered today for sure that focusing on this area through slow, deep breathing and occasional anal contractions actually fuel this sexual energy of pleasure! And there were Aneros edging and even Aless edging enter in.

Guys enjoy riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability for long as possible when masturbating because when they go off the edge, they'll cum big! Shouldn't it be so with Aneros riding and Aless. I say a resounding Yes! Someday soon I may soon pass over in the land of the Super-O and MMO's through these two techniques, even as I did many years ago when my first orgasm and ejaculation swept over me like a tidal wave when I was actually unconsciously edging!

Take care!

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Aneros session, April 12, 2015

Hi guys,

Earlier this morning I had a session that lasted about 2.45 hours. One could say that it was heavy duty, but it wasn't because all my Aneros models filled me with pleasure, and afterward produced the afterglow of continuing, vibrant Aless!

I need to get back to Eupho Classic more and more. It penetrates deeply and reaches along the entire length of my prostate and even around it. Also Eupho Classic dances when I Aneros. However this morning, it was perhaps more aggressive then usual.

I like Helix Classic more because it delivers a more robust, yet a slightly lesser massage action. Helix Classic has become a mainstay in my sessions, also big bruiser Progasm Classic which I adore. Sometimes I Progasm Classic in men who are unavailable [generally] for sex. They are the DILF's = DADS I would LIKE to FUCK, or DADS I would LIKE them to FUCK me. The dads I have in mind are married men and fathers with children. I knew such a one at a coffeehouse I used to frequent, and what I experienced was an unrequited love which caused me weeks of heartache and weeping. I am "older and wiser" now, Progasm Classic continues to teach me important lessons about self-loving and proper care of my body and psyche.

Tempo continues to star in most of my sessions. Tempo, I consider as a pair of dumbbells for weight training and toning of my anal musculature.

Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, and Tempo performed admirably this morning. I get weak-kneed when I think of these three models and what they do for me. I hope to use them again tomorrow.

But it was Maximus that was the star in this morning's session. Maximus slips in all so easily to the hilt and reaches along the entire length of my prostate and even beyond to vasa deferentia. I must have spent thirty or more minutes with Maximus, lost in pleasure!

Finally during this morning's session, at least parts of it, I stimulated my glans gently in various ways, often kneading it. Stimulating of my glans has a way of fueling the intensity of Aneros sessions.

I hope to have a repeat performance tomorrow morning for sure!

Take care!

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Coming up on three years with Aneros!

Hi guys,

Next month on June 3, I celebrate three years working with Aneros!

While I have yet to experience a Super-O, I am proud to say that now I seldom have a session that is an outright dud. Most every session is different and has something new to teach me. Every session is "fresh each morning," in most cases laden with pleasure, and after each session [with a few very exceptions] Aless kicks in, an afterglow which lasts for hours, even days if I do not have a session.

Aneros benefits after three years of Aneros usage:

1. Aneros has gotten me in touch with my body in ways unimaginable because I seldom over the course of my life have had sexual encounters with other guys [I am gay]. I have never been in an intimate, committed relationship with anyone, male or female. Now at age 66, I am truly a confirmed bachelor. Yet, Aneros allows me to celebrate my sexuality all my own.

2. Aneros continues to teach me the subtleties of my body, psyche, and manhood that give me great happiness n my "retirement".

3. The states of pleasure that I experience in my Aneros and in Aless are varied, manifold, and subtle that can prepare me to be a caring and capable lover to any man that may come into my life even in my old age. It is still possible.

4. Aneros has taught me the subtleties of breathing and touch. That in itself has unlocked my body for self-enjoyment and has enabled me to appreciate what goes on in sexual relationships and encounters to a greater extent than ever before.

5. Aneros has given me a spring in my walk, even after just months into my Aneros journey in August 2012.

6. Aneros has given me a more forceful stream when I urinate. That is a definite plus.

7. When I Kegel now, it is not as forced as it was initially. A gentle anal contraction is just enough to throw me into Aless. Indeed breathing and Kegel go hand-in-hand now. Both are gentle and occur naturally.

8. I am gradually learning to control and vary the intensities of my Aless. This I am trying to do also in my Aneros sessions. A thought occurred to me last night as falling asleep with my Nutty Buddy Cup is that many guys, both young and mature, enjoy masturbatory "edging" or riding or surfing the "edge" or "threshold" of ejaculatory inevitability. I certainly could do this in Aless and my Aneros sessions. This type of edging may lead me to experiencing the Super-O or even MMO's.

9. Finally there is something to learn in one's Aneros journey, a journey that leads abundance benefits and fulfillment.

Take care!

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Aless & Foreplay in the Nutty Buddy Cup

Hi guys,

The most wonderful thing about the Aneros is that it has put me in touch sexually with my body like never before. This is one of my greatest consolations as a retiree at age 66. This is one of the most basic benefits of Aneros rewiring which recaptures somewhat the thrill of discovering my body's sexual response through masturbation starting at age 11 when I entered puberty.

I am sure that my dad is smiling down from heaven as I exult in my body and its sexual consciousness both within Aneros sessions and outside sessions in Aless. You see, he didn't realize that when I discovered at age eleven his jockstrap drying after laundering over the bathtub that that one event set me on the road to sexual realization during adolescence and years beyond. But I am sure he's proud of me now!

It is nearly the middle of May. Here in DC we are emerging from spring into summer. Late last week I turned on my A/C and began wearing my camo shorts for the first time since last September. Also last night, I wore my Nutty Buddy athletic cup to bed for the first time in my mouths.

I have recounted to you guys how jockstraps and athletic cups were catalysts that fueled my adolescent sexual consciousness and propelled me toward the thrills of masturbation as centered in my male sexual apparatus.

Athletic cups in the 1960's were the traditional flat variety. They were uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Baseball players had to readjust their cups on the field for all to say.

Finally in the 1980's contoured cups came out which fit the genital anatomy of guys much more comfortably. Vic Bernstein was a baseball umpire who invented his Original Banana Cup. BIKE Athletic Company came out with its BIKE Cup no. 80. Likewise Shock Doctor some years later came out with its line of banana cups which guys like to wear.

Finally in 2006, Mark Littell, a retired MLB great, patented his Nutty Buddy Cup which is designed to be worn with a pair of boxer briefs or compression shorts as a base layer. The athlete then wears an ordinary jockstrap over this base layer and the cup is then placed in the pouch of the jockstrap. The Nutty Buddy Cup is designed to "float" with the athlete's every movement in this configuration.

I herewith give two views of the Nutty Buddy Cup:

Nutty Buddy Cup exterior:

Butty Buddy Cup interior:

You will notice that the design and shape of the Nutty Buddy Cup is so unlike most other athletic cups. There are so "chambers" on the right and left of this cup for a guy's left and right testicles. The bottom part fits under a guy's groin/scrotum, actually covering his perineum. Most guys will wear their penis in the up "12 noon" position. This cup protects every inch of a guy's "junk" from his glans, the entire length of his penile shaft, both his testicles, all the way to his penineum. I enjoy Kegeling and my Aless in this cup.

I slept like a baby wearing my Nutty Buddy last night and woke up with my briefs damp with precum. I have been in Aless since then exulting what this cup does for me.

For more information about the Nutty Buddy Cup, see

Take care!

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A recent masturbation session

Hi guys,

As a guy entering his latter 60's, I do not masturbate much anymore. My urge to masturbate was greatly lessened when my last job was ending more than five years ago when I was living under great stress. At the same time, I suffered acute erectile dysfunction.

Aneros restored my sexual function, I am happy to say.

But as a guy in his 60's, I may masturbate once or twice a month.

Some weeks ago, in late April, I was up fairly late viewing penis pics and scenes of gay sex on Tumblr. Horniness struck me like a brick that night. Not only had I an erection that wouldn't quit, but I was masturbating. It was almost like old times. I found myself riding or surfing the edge of ejaculatory inevitability, over and over again! However, I must have edged for a good two hours! Finally I ejaculated a huge of load of semen, but I had a very sweet orgasm which permeated my whole body, even my consciousness, a good five plus minutes! I attribute much of this to my nearly three years of Aneros sessions. Now I am incorporating "edging" into my Aless and Aneros sessions. The sky is the limit.

Take care!

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