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Aneros Blogs > Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum (by BigGlansDC)

Aneros Kegels and Reverse Kegels

Hi guys,

In September or October 2011, I heard about the Aneros from Matt1008 on a masturbation website. At that I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. I couldn't get it up. It was a condition that I attributed to a very stressful job that I had worked 2009-2010. I had heard about the Kegel Exercises and how they could strengthen a guy's erection. But Matt told me the Aneros along with the Kegel Exercises would revitalize not only flagging erections, but also my sexual libido. I got my first Aneros models soon after, and on June 3, 2012, I began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn.

But it was Aneros user, HopefulMMOer, who encouraged me to think about the Kegels in a new, different way. Yes, you can do a series of Kegels, what about Reverse Kegels? Earlier today, I discovered that I could incorporate successfully both subtle Kegels and Reverse Kegels.

Before I begin telling my experience with the Kegels, I will say that it is always important to take you defecate in advance of a session. Taking an enema is even better. Having an empty anal tract and colon enables you to have successful Aneros sessions. Well this morning, I took a BIG dump for sure. Then I had to go out for a couple hours to run some errands. When I returned home around 10 a.m., I had powerful Aless. I hadn't had a session since late last week. My Aless was making me horny for a session!

Also it was quiet in my building. Apparently the staff had taken a Post-Christmas holiday and most residents in my apartment building had gone out of town for the weekend.

I began first with Eupho Classic and then went on with Helix Classic. Eupho Classic danced a great deal when I did both subtle Kegels and Reverse Kegels. However, I began to experience trouble with Helix Classic which brought on the urge to defecate. This urge prematurely ended my session. So I had to go to the bathroom and afterwards clean myself up.

Thus began my day for sure, but two hours later, the urge to continue my session returned. I prepared Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic for action! Thus ensued a successful session with these models. I found that I do subtle Kegels and Reverse Kegels with all these models. But it was Maximus and Progasm Classic that shone with these subtle Kegels.

I will have to report this to HopefulMMOer about all this for sure!

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Aneros autof**k strokes: Relaxation and subtlety

Hi guys,

It is hard to believe that I bought my first Aneros models nearly three years ago in late December 2011. They were the MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic. When I opened the packages and surveyed those models, I became scared because they seemed so HUGE. How could I even insert them into my anus? So they sat unused for a good six months, until I used Aneros Syn early Sunday evening June 3, 2012. I was an absolute virgin when it came to anal play. The Aneros Syn took away my anal virgin and quickly became a great introduction to my Aneros journey. In the months following, I began using Maximus, both Progasm ICE and Progasm Classic and then other models. But I took many months before I began to use my models with facility. When I got Tempo and the Peridise full set in late November 2013, my sessions began to improve immeasurably.

Tempo from the get go taught me Aneros rhythm which enhanced my Aneros autof**k experience. All I can say that in recent weeks and months, I am developing relaxation and subtlety in my sessions which are now centered upon my Aneros autof**k strokes. Human fucking when it is passionate tends to be similar to rutting in other animals. Our procreation, making babies, to be honest is similar to breeding in other animals. But there is a great subtlety also found in human lovemaking. Yes, fucking at times is animalistic, but often fucking is a sublime experience, a bonding and unitive experience.

This now I am experience as I ride my Aneros tools. Almost every session, I discover something new as I engage with my various models. Now I find myself aiming for relaxation and subtlety as I ride my tools. Even more wonderful when I relax, let go, and I let them ride me! It seems that is every Aneros autof**k stroke is different and even exciting. Now I am developing Aneros focus as I feel every model engage with my anal musculature and prostate in new, exciting ways. It is so sweet and full of fun! The Aneros makes me glad that I am a man!

In most my sessions, invariably I begin with Eupho Classic which opens me up. The Eupho Classic with its long, yet slender shape delivers me long, incisive fuck strokes. There is obvious in-and-out motion when I work with Eupho Classic. It gives my anal musculature and sphincters, along with my prostate, a great workout.

Next I turn to Helix Classic which I have come value vary much in recent months. I love how this model fills me up even though it is in the medium range when it comes to size. This morning when I worked with Helix Classic it seemed to even began to expand and enlarge! I believe that Helix Classic is one of the oldest models in the Aneros line.

Then comes Maximus which delivers a mighty autof**k. I cannot get enough of about Maximus and Helix Classic!

With Tempo, I can insert it comfortably and sit at my PC working away. On this morning I donned an old pair of briefs and sweats and sat warm and comfy while Tempo worked away delivering Aneros rhythm!

Finally Progasm Classic closes out most of my sessions. I just love Progasm's thickness which really exercises my anal musculature and sphincters, while delivering my prostate a full-body massage. Progasm Classic teaches me something new just about every session, no matter how small the lesson may be. I come away with a powerful Aless everytime I work with Progasm!

While I haven't experienced a bona fide Super-O in my 2.5 year Aneros journey, what I am learning more and more is relaxation and subtlety in my sessions. Most of my sessions occur first thing in the morning when I well-rested and freshest. I am horny for my Aneros team and that serves as my foreplay when I think of my Aneros models, wash them, and hold them endearingly, getting myself for some Aneros action! I like to relax and let go with Eupho Classic and Helix Classic. They get me ready for the larger models.

Like I said earlier, there is great subtlety and variety in my Anerosf**k strokes, even within one stroke! I believe relaxation along with subtle breathing go hand-in-hand with my Anerosf**k. It powers my Anerosf**k action! It is so sweet and fun. It makes me glad I am a man!

My good buddy on the Aneros buddy, @HopefulMMOer, has spoken much of Kegels and Reverse Kegels in his sessions. When I began working with all my models, especially Maximus and Progasm, three months into my journey, I Kegeled forcefully, holding them for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, even for a minute. Such Kegeling seemed to fuel my sessions then, even delivered mighty autof**k action, but it was exhausting! The major benefit of such Kegeling was that it strengthened a great deal my anal musculature and sphincters.

Now I Kegel slightly occasionally in my sessions. I do not know if such Kegeling are just minor, subtle anal contractions, but boy, they fuel my sessions now! Also I am discovering Reverse Kegeling which is awesome! So hats off to @HopefulMMOer who suggested all this to me and other guys on Aneros Forum. But right now I am experiencing powerful Aless, so sweet and so manly!

Take care!

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Aless while wearing a jock and cup

Hi guys,

While in today's volatile and uncertain economy here in the USA, retirement may be precarious. If you learn to live simply, even austerely, pinching every penny, you can focus on simple things in life, such as one's health and enjoying every minute. One major benefit that the Aneros has brought into my life is vibrant health. This vibrant health is encapsulated in long periods of Aless, outside of my Aneros sessions. Aless flows to my Aneros sessions which leads me to more Aless. Aless and Aneros go hand-in-hand. They exist for each other. It is so sweet! Aneros and Aless makes me glad that I am a man, albeit an aging one.

Today I have decided to spend quality time with Aless as foreplay before I get down to a shortened Aneros tools. I am using only Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic this morning. I have already cleansed them and laid out perhaps an hour ago. They are ready nonetheless for action!

But getting back to my foreplay this morning. I am wearing my favorite jock and cup while engaging in sweet Aless. As a baby boomer entering adolescence in the early 1960's, wearing an athletic supporter for athletics even every day wear was de rigeur among men and boys. Both men's clothing stores and sporting goods stores had huge racks of jocks and cups for sale then. My dad used to ear a jock underneath his Little League umpire uniform. He should have worn a cup as well. I wanted to follow dad's example in wearing a jock for sports. An athletic supporter was a vital part of our gym uniform in 7th grade uniform. Our coach told us we had to purchase one.

The archetypal jockstrap was BIKE. Flarico and Johnson & Johnson made good jocks too. However, athletic cups in the 1960's were so uncomfortable to wear. It took guys like Mark Little] with his Nutty Buddy cup [and other inventors to make cups that are comfortable and fun to wear. This morning I am wearing an All-Star Shock Jock and a Shock Doctor Bioflex Cup. I love how this combo moves so naturally supporting my junk as I Aless. Kegeling subtly in this combo feels so good! In a few minutes, I am ready for my Aneros session. Take care!

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Oh Aneros! You really send me!

Hi guys,

What a difference of 32 hours downtime from Aneros can have! Yesterday morning which was my fifth straight session in as many days nearly did me in! My trusty Aneros tools didn't produce their usual magic on me as usually. It was just the law of diminishing returns. I came away yesterday morning's session worn out. And combined with the bitterly cold weather, I found myself taking one long nap after another. The only consolation I received was terrifically good Aless!

Then I went immediately to bed right after 10 p.m. last night and slept soundly until about 4 a.m. this morning. I got up this morning at 5 a.m. to get ready for a commitment this morning at 8:30 a.m. Then some more activities until I got home at 2 p.m. this afternoon. Yet through it all, I had profound Aless throughout the day. I felt so alive, filled with virile energy.

Eupho Classic performed so admirably this afternoon. He gave me an awesome autof**k with all sort of strokes. Same thing with Helix Classic. Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic performed so well in their individual ways. It is hard for me to choose between models. They are all so good. But right now in my journey, Maximus has to be near the top.

Throughout life, I met men that really send me. Some have entered my thoughts, yearnings, even dreams! But it is Aneros in its various models that really send me. Take care!

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Deeper & deeper, subtle & delicate Aneros sweetness

Hi guys,

I find that my Aneros sessions go much better when I do them absolutely first thing in the morning after getting up from my night's sleep. I am at my freshest, most well-rested, and alert state, making for really good sessions which have been the rule the last couple months.

For the title of this blog entry, I use the expression of "deeper and deeper, subtle and delicate" Aneros focus. For this type of focus, a "do nothing" approach is essential. Invariably subtle and delicate breathing with occasional anal contractions enable me to do "deeper and deeper" with my Aneros tools. This focus upon my Aneros tools autof*ck me in unimaginable ways is absolutely sweet.

Such was my experience yesterday morning. Eupho Classic with its slim, yet long shape opens most of my sessions. It opens me up for my larger models.

The next Aneros tool used is the Helix Classic. Until the arrival of the Helix Syn in March 2012, most guys began their Aneros journey with Helix Classic. Since I had no anal play experience whatsoever, the Helix Syn was ideal for taking my anal virginity. The Helix Syn was great in my initial attempts in Anerosing in my first two months before graduating to Maximus in early August 2012. Yet I adore Helix Classic now for its aggressive shape in exercising and massaging my prostate. It produces now paroxysms of sweet Aneros pleasure with minimal effort.

Maximus with its relatively thick length, my anal musculature accommodates perfectly as it autof*cks me so wonderfully. I like to focus upon the autof*ck action that the Maximus delivers me. It enable me to appreciate and adore the Maximus as my manly tool!

Tempo stars in pretty much all my sessions. Tempo with its stainless steel heft and its robust shape exercises and tones my anal musculature very much like a set of barbells in a gym for weight training. In a way, Tempo with its very name is similar to a musical metronome in teaching Aneros rhythm!

Finally Progasm Classic which I used yesterday is the Cadillac of the Aneros line, with the possible exception of the Tempo. Progasm has girth which fills you up. Its girth certainly exercises and tones the muscles of my anal sphincter. But it also has girth and length that delivers manly exercise to my entire prostate. Now I like to go deeper and deeper with Progasm Classic and also its brother, Progasm Ivory, with subtlety and with delicateness. Progasm loves me toughly and tenderly. Progasm makes me glad that I am a man! Same thing with Maximus! I used Progasm Classic yesterday morning.

I write the above section of this blog entry as foreplay for this morning's session which will begin in a few minutes. Also I am wearing a jock and cup combo which is ideal for doing delicate Kegels. The Kegels enable me to work with Aless in wonderful ways. For a long time, I enjoy focusing upon my Aless. This morning the jock and cup combo combined with subtle Kegeling and breathing get me deeper and deeper, and subtly and delicately with my Aless. Now I am ready for this morning's session!


There is a hazard from having sessions every day. It is the law of diminishing returns. I didn't get the intense pleasure that I wanted from Eupho Classic and Helix Classic as I wanted. It seemed that my prostate had become more or less desensitized after having sessions five days in a row. So I focused on the more subtle sensations these two models produced this morning.

With Maximus, it was a little better, but not great. Again greater focus on subtle, delicate sensations, little pleasures.

With Tempo and Progasm Ivory much better, though not optimum. Again the focus on the little pleasures.

The rest of the day was blustery and cold outdoors which affected how I felt indoors in my heated apartment. Yet, the session combined with the cold weather has made me tired. I have one major consolation though, and that is Aless.

Take care.

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The Aneros autof**k & Aneros surfing

Hi guys,

I had an enjoyable session early yesterday morning using the models above. Everything went well through Tempo. However I had a big bowel movement coming on afterwards which forced me to use my bathroom. That event preempted using Progasm Ivory. Nevertheless, I enjoyed sweet Aless for hours afterward. So I was thinking of having an early evening session last night with MGX which I hadn't used in a very long time, followed by Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Ivory. Some distractions caused me to scrap the additional session, maybe later on today in the early evening.

Right now I am in a very deep afterglow of Aless after having perhaps one of my intense Aneros sessions ever this morning! Damn, I am so horny! Aless sweetness has pervaded my entire sexual apparatus, especially my testicles, penis, perineum, my entire groin or "man area" [as Mark Littell, inventor of the Nutty Buddy athletic cup, calls it], even my whole body and consciousness, but the sexual energy is centered or rooted in my prostate. Doing occasional Kegels pours fuel on this sexual fire in my loins which makes me glad that I am a man!

I will now speak in some detail about the Aneros autof**k which is mentioned in the Aneros Wiki and stated as one of the Aneros milestones. At age 65, I am still a virgin when it comes to fucking. I think I will remain virgin in this primal human experience of procreation. So I have never fucked or been fucked, male or female, in my whole life. STD's such as HIV/AIDS has deterred me from this one human experience, perhaps regretfully.

But the Aneros autof**k is perhaps the best gift the Aneros has given me! Looking through my blog here, I noticed that the Aneros autof**k begin with Maximus in October 2012, about three months into my Aneros journey. Then it happened in early 2013 with the Progasm which was a rapid jackhammer autof**k, very gratifying.

When I began using Tempo in late November 2013, Tempo taught me Aneros rhythm, almost immediately! Tempo not only introduced to me Aneros rhythm, but even gave me a leap into Aneros pleasure, which is so sweet and gratifying!

The Eupho Classic is ideal for giving me an autof**k which are long and slow fuck strokes, even more so varying strokes, especially sweet! Same thing with the other models listed above. I have come to love Helix Classic in which I can commune with him, enjoy his presence upon my prostate, and let him fuck him. It was not always so.

Maximus has been an absolute favorite for real long time. I just love him when he's inserted. Just knowing he's next to my prostate and caressing this essential organ in my anatomy fills me with pleasure, delight, and gratitude. It was not always so because he would slip out through peristalsis and his presence in me was so uncomfortable. Now when I insert him, pleasure fills my senses and consciousness. Maximus fucks me so sweetly and powerfully.

Tempo, not only has taught me Aneros rhythm, but also throws an amazing fuck. The genius of Tempo is that I can walk about the apartment, or sit at my PC, or lie down on my futon, with him comfortably inserted. His heavy heft in my anal tract is a type of weight training for exercising and strengthening my anal musculature.

Finally Progasm in the Classic, Ice, and Ivory versions in a way is perhaps a sine qua non or the epitome of Anerosing. I just adore Progasm Classic, and next to it, Progasm Ivory, in delivering a robust prostate massage through its girth, length, and its K and P knobs. Surprising Progasm autof**k action is not evident on the surface, but when I work with Progasm in a subtle way, then the Progasm throws a real sweet autof**k!

Like I said already, the Aneros in its various models does fuck! There is no denying that. It is the various strokes and lengths of the Aneros autof**k that takes my breath away. Very much like tough and tender loving. To find a sexual partner who loves in a both tough and tender manner is quite a find. Even better when such a partner becomes a dear friend. So with the Aneros for me!

When I am engaged in the Aneros autof**k with my various models or tools, I notice that there are waves or crescendos of pleasure building and even lessening. It is where the term Aneros surfing enters in. So I like to enter into these waves of pleasure engendered by the Aneros autof**k, riding them like a surfer. It is closely akin to what I call Aneros edging similar to edging found when a guy or gal masturbates. So ideally one masturbate rides or surf the edge of ejaculatory inevitability for long as possible. This has been my focus when I Aneros in recent months. This morning I was really on a roll when I went from tool to tool while engaging in the Aneros autof**k and Aneros surfing. Take care!

P.S. Upon reflection several hours after composing this blog entry, an insight came to me. Ejaculatory inevitability in a guy is a tipping point of no return when he realizes that he is going to shoot his cum. Ejaculatory inevitability is perhaps a millimeter or several seconds before he knows he going to cum. That threshold is accompanied by a surge of pleasure results most of the time in his orgasm and ejaculation of his semen!

Experienced masturbators through edging ride the cusp of the wave of ejaculatory inevitability or even several or innumerable such waves. When he finally allows himself to cum, he cums big and experiences tremendous pleasure!

Experienced lovers do the same thing when making lover to their partners. Experienced lovers will seek to pleasure their partners awesomely before experiencing such themselves.

I have been endeavoring in the last couple months to engage in Aneros surfing by reaching this tipping point of Aneros pleasure. Perhaps I may experience my first Super-O in the process!

I add as I engage in the Aneros autof**k and Aneros surfing is that I am gradually develop greater control during my sessions. The instructions at the Aneros Learning Center encourage learning such control.

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The liquid energy of Aneros pleasure!

Hi guys,

For a good three weeks or longer during October just past, I didn't have an Aneros session. Things had come up which prevented me from having a session. Plus it started getting really cold after Columbus Day holiday weekend. However, Aless continued unabated, although the intensity of Aless had gotten lesser and lesser as the weeks elapsed. But boy, I really wanted to restart my Aneros sessions once again! My body craved it!

Finally last Friday on October 31 towards noontime, I had a session. Working with my Aneros tools after such a long absence or hiatus seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. It was like my body was telling me, "O Aneros, where had you been!" It seemed that my sessions picked up where they left off several weeks ago.

However this morning, I had a session upon awakening. My best sessions are always first thing in the morning when my body is freshest and most alert. This morning it seemed that each of the models I used inserted more than easily. It seemed they wanted to make love to me!

I experienced with great ease liquid pleasure, even waves, of sweet Aneros pleasure. Nothing was demanded of me this morning. All I had to do is sit back and enjoy the Aneros ride with each of my models. Once again I just focused on experiencing fun and pleasure with Aneros! Once again as I worked with each model, the pleasure got better and better! It is absolutely amazing to get in the Aneros zone and experience Aneros zoneros.

I may even have an abbreviated session early tomorrow morning!

Take care!

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Aneros edging: Go deeper and deeper!

Hi guys,

I think I have found my Aneros Zone or Zoneros! Getting into the Zone is a technique used by athletes for top flight athletic performance. I had spoken about this, I believe, in July 2013.

I discovered my Aneros Zone a couple weeks ago when I was using Eupho Classic one morning. That Aneros tool pressed against my prostate in such a way that I felt Aneros pleasure surge to the point that I was on the verge of experiencing my very first Super-O. However, I backed off suddenly. That put a damper in this new type of Aneros experience.

This morning it happened once again about a minute after inserted Eupho Classic. This time I went with the sensation in such a way that I entered a surge of pleasure I never experienced book. However, I discovered this morning that doing an anal contraction would bring everything to a quick end. So I let go, rode these waves of pleasure with all my Aneros tools this morning. Just absolutely beautiful!

Riding these waves of surges of Aneros pleasure reminded me so much of riding the waves of ejaculatory inevitability during masturbation, but much more pleasurable and intense. In fact, this morning I do not know I experienced my first Super-O or close to it. But it was absolutely amazing that I was getting into my Aneros Zone, staying there, focusing, and going deeper and deeper!

Right now as I write this, I am experiencing the bliss of Aless and enjoying my occasional Kegels. I get horny just thinking what happened this morning and want to do it again even later tonight or certainly tomorrow morning!

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Getting more and more into the "do-nothing" technique

Hi guys,

Since last Thursday, I have been having sessions daily. I had one earlier this morning. It began just before dawn and concluded about 8 a.m. It felt so sweet and sexual. Normally I do not have sessions on Sunday because I go to church on Sunday mornings. However, today the church I attend is having a kickoff service geared to the neighborhood mostly. So I stayed home today.

Once again I am typing this in sweet Aless bliss. Most of my Aneros sessions are fairly successful. But fortunately for a long time, I have not had any sessions that were absolute duds. Now, invariably after sessions, I fall into sweet Aless bliss. This morning I am celebrating by wearing my favorite jock and cup. The jockstrap and athletic cup caresses my genitals so firmly, yet comfortably. The jock and cup is an ideal combination to do Kegels in. My resultant Aless is accentuated many fold. :-]

The "do-nothing" technique is recommended by experienced Aneros practitioners. All you do is insert an Aneros, just lie still and comfortably, and let pleasurable feelings develop naturally. In fact, I believe that the "do-nothing" technique work hand-in-hand with very slight gentle breathing. I found that the "do-nothing" technique accentuates a great deal the sexual energy and pleasure I experience in sessions. Hence I can focus even more upon each of my Aneros tools when enveloped by this cloud of sexual energy. I believe that I have embarked upon a new, exciting phase in my Aneros journey.

However for me to enter into the "do-nothing" technique with greater confidence, my ass had to be educated, so to speak. I had to learn how to use each of my Aneros tools through the Kegel Exercises and anal contractions to facilitate this vital education! Now, all I have to do is relax and enter into the "do-nothing" naturally. Gentle breathing now fuels the motion of my Aneros tools, without having to do anal contractions.

I thank Aneros user, G-Force, in Aneros chat on Friday in encouraging me do the "do-nothing" technique.

Take care.

P.S. It is now close to noontime here. I want to give you an update about what I have experienced in my two latest sessions to date, late yesterday afternoon Saturday and earlier this morning before sunrise. The models of Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, and Maximus work perfectly with the "do nothing" technique. And wow! Tempo, Progasm Classic, and Progasm Ivory, even more so! It is amazing how my anal musculature grips each of my Aneros tools! The Aneros autof**k is so sleek, smooth, and natural!

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Sweet sexual energy surrounding my Aneros models

Hi guys,

I am in sweet Aless bliss as I type this entry. I took a good five days off from Anerosing, mostly because I was in a funk from a little summer heatwave here in DC and the depressing world and national news of late.

But this morning I awoke with horniness in my loins especially in and around my prostate telling me that it was time for an Aneros session.

So I bathed and shaved and then dressed with my favorite jock and cup underneath my cargo shorts. I went to the neighborhood 7-Eleven for a cup of coffee and a doughnut before taking a leisurely jaunt around my immediate neighborhood. There is a small park a couple blocks from my apartment. Rush hour hadn't begun, so I sat on a park bench and Kegeled some. The jock and cup facilitated my Kegeling. My Kegels are now smooth and easily. They stoke the sexual energy, the fire not only in and around my prostate, but also my cock and balls. What sweet foreplay, what sweet Aless before the real thing of working with my Aneros tools.

Generally now I work in order with Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic in the progression of smallest to biggest. These five are my favorite Aneros models.

But this morning something wonderful happened. I noticed sweet sexual energy surrounding each of these models while inserted. This insertion is not only comfortable, but also sweet and easy. Since early last February, I settled upon my favorite Aneros position. I lie on my right side with my right leg straight down and my left leg hooked close my chest. That position enables me to insert my models with ease. They settle easily into me, positioned perfectly upon my prostate and then go to work on me. But then I put both legs together in a sitting position while lying my right side. I can relax in both these positions and just let my models work on me while doing gentle breathing and throwing in an occasional Kegel or two. It is absolutely wonderful to feel this vibrant sexual energy surrounding my Aneros models as they work on me.

When all this happens, I just glow with the flow. I relax, have fun and pleasure. Now I think I am on a roll with my sessions, and I am open to even more fantastic experiences with Aneros!

Take care!

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