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I've found it!

My first session after months of inactivity. Long enough for a film of dust to form on the case. I decide one day to give it another try. I previously lost interest because I wasn't getting much beyond the one accidental Super-O that I had.

After a few minutes on my back, paying attention to my body, I noticed a little muscle that felt like it was located within the very back edge of the scrotum and slightly upward, inside the pelvis. I feel it contract involuntarily every time I have a traditional orgasm. I realised right then that I could contract it deliberately. So, I did, and left all the other muscles alone. It was an instant rush!

Everything instantly went automatic and I had a Super-O. My limbs were tingling, almost numb. I also experienced a kind of personal bliss. Too personal for me to describe on a public site (sorry to disappoint).

It looks I have finally found the key to deliberate Super-Os. Thought I would share that in the hope that others would have success.

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Having back door Orgasms and persistent post session arousal.

Previously I would only get a set of pleasure waves that would radiate through my crotch at regular intervals during sessions. Now I'm starting to feel a "build up" in my ass that leads to strong contractions of what feels like every anal muscle I have, which leads to a large release of pleasure waves. I'm guessing these are anal orgasms. It feels very similar to my first and presently only Super-O, only smaller.

I'm also experiencing a persistent arousal. Even when I am completely satisfied, both mentally and physically, I am still getting signals from my body that its ready for more.

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Still cant catch my second Super O. Getting lots pleasure otherwise but still...

...I'm a bit frustrated. During my sessions now I get to the point where I have strings of mini Os and a slight buzz all over my body and awesome super Ts. I enjoy this alot but I find myself longing to catch the big one again. When I say big one mean orgasmicly driven convulsions, clenched fists, and buzz that make you feel like you snuck into heaven through the back door (no pun intended).

What am I missing?

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Sleeping with my Vice (again)

Tried sleeping my vice inserted a second time and had repeat of the first. This time it got to the point where the slightest movement of the vice made my ass tingle, but I was simply too tired to want to go orgasmic. It became clear that there would be no sleeping with my vice. My choice was either take it out or put up with my body's constant cry for more. I wanted, needed sleep, but my body wanted sex. So I went to the bathroom, jacked off, removed the vice, and went back to bed. As if that wasn't enough, I was haunted afterward by the urge put the vice back (in my ass). This urge persisted until I finally drifted back to sleep.

On one hand it feels a little weird that my body is able to get so horny without my mind in the equation. On the other hand I kinda like it. It's like I have my own personal lover built into my body who's there whenever the need arises. I know it may sound strange but that's what it feels like.

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Sleeping with my Vice

So I get home from work and decide that I'm going to treat myself to an Aneros session before bed. After cleaning myself out I slip a latex condom on the vice because its more effective at lasting comfortably. I grease it up with a few drops of ID glide, insert it, and lie down in bed. After giving myself a few good mini Os I realise it was just what I needed to relax. I get the thought in my head that would try sleeping with my vice inside. After getting accustomed to steady rhythm of good feelings I fall asleep more quickly than I have in long while.

About five hours later, I wake up with one of the most colossal raging erections I have ever had. So I go to the bathroom and, despite being tired and half asleep, manage to masturbate and blow a load. I take out my vice, clean it, put it in its box and go back to bed. No soreness to speak of.

I realise now I could have tried assterbating instead and going back to sleep after few Os. I'm going to try that next time I sleep with my vice.

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An interesting discovery.

I had already had a 2 hour session about an hour prior to this, and I got it in my head to try sleeping with my Vice inserted. One problem, I was down to only a few drops of ID Glide. Then I got the idea to try using a lubricated condom on the Vice, thinking the smoothness of the latex would compensate. So I put the condom (a TROJAN-ENZ if you're wondering) on my Vice and added what few drops of ID Glide I had left and proceeded to insert it. Not only did it slip in relatively easy, I was able to have it comfortably inside me for over 3 hours. I eventually removed it because I needed relief from the constant rock hard erection it was giving me. I had no soreness and now I know a new use for condoms.

I thought I would share this little discovery for any who mite find it useful.

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Horny Ass

Starting to experience a strange 'expansion'. It used to be that whenever I would get horny I would only feel the arousal in the usual place (cock and balls). Now when I get horny I feel arousal sensations in my anus and even more strongly in the entire genital region. Being straight, feeling horny in my ass is bit of strange experience. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

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First Super O after only two sessions.

This is all the more amazing considering that I had no anal experience to speak of. I first tried the vice just over a week ago with only slight results. Then a full week passed without using it because I didn't have time. Today I decided I would be brave enough to "wear" it over a period just to get accustomed to it. It didn't last. I lied down and 'explored' and after a short while found myself being overwhelmed by a full body orgasm that was so intense and constant I went almost completely numb. I literally began to lose control of my body. My fingers were almost frozen still. It took all of my willpower just to move my hand in place so I could masturbate and 'release' to escape the growing climax. I was not prepared for the gripping nature of a super O. My next session should very interesting as I intend to let the super O go as far as it can. The vice being made from flexible silicon instead of rigid plastic was definitely the key for me. It has already proved to be worth the money to buy it.

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The Vice is Superior

I would have preferred to enter this in the reviews section but they don't have the Vice listed as a ratable product.

I first tried the Classic (now called MGX) a long time ago, did'nt have any real results except for a slightly stronger penis orgasm. Then I read some reviews about the Helix and decided to try it. The results were not any better. Finally I decided to make one last attempt with the Progasm. I started to regret even buying it. It wasnt the Size of the thing that I had a problem with, It was the Hard Rigidness of the material it was made of. It was, in fact that rigidness that gave me discomfort in the previous models.

I had all but given up on the idea of experiencing this legendary Super O when I got an e mail announcement from Aneros about the Vice. I was actually more interested in the fact that it was made of Silicon than I was in the Vibrator. So I decided to take a chance and pay the high price to purchase it. As soon as it arrived I washed it and made my preparations. The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to insert compared to it progenitors. It was astoundingly comfortable.

While using it, I actually began to experience warm tingly sensations in my groin which occasionally spread through my body. These were'nt what I would call an orgasm but it was far more than I had gotten before on other models. I would also point out that the Vice was my first attempt at using an Aneros in over a year. If there is a Super O in my Future, It will be the Vice that delivers it.

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