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Aneros Blogs > Me, Myself and my Aneros (by apliz)


I have been reading Wiki and a few forums to learn more on how to optimize the pleasurable benefits of my Aneros. As I stated in an earlier Blog post I removed the tail of my MGX and I certainly enjoy that decision ... a lot.

My next point of interest is the breathing / contractions exercises. I breath in, release the Aneros and breath out and suck in the Aneros. The other way around does not work well for me so far. I do have muscles spasms, inner waves of pleasure as well as precum dripping after holding the anal contraction for a while.

The issue I am having is to learn how not to contract the abdominal muscles in order to focus on the prostate pressure only while holding the anal contraction.

Ironically enough I can do this without the Aneros in. I actually practice my Aneros free anal contractions while driving, I drive a 5 speed standard car and the vibrations from the engine during the acceleration and compression are making the car exercises very memorable. Now why can't I do the same with my MGX in.

Is it worth it to learn not to contract my abs or am I wasting my time and slowing down my learning curve ?

Your comments are more than appreciated !!!

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Session 3 -- No handle dilemma

I went on the chat Friday evening, and we discussed the benefits of cutting the handle of my Aneros. That night no one on the chat was against it ... in fact they were all giving me benefits of doing it and there was no downside to it. I decided to ponder about it before doing anything I would regret. Sunday I finally got the courage snip the handle just where it attaches to the bulb. I finished the job with a fine file making the bulb smooth and round.

I couldn't wait to see how it feels now ... and up it went. I noticed right away that the Aneros travels better and I don't have the Aneros pulling my hair anymore, Hmmm without the distraction of the pinching and hair pulling I was getting a better awareness of what was going on inside. The feeling of the stoke caused by the contractions is the only thing to focus on now. Thankfully I can say that I made the right decision, thanks to the good advice I got in the chat room. I was just relaxing watching tv and enjoying my self until a felt asleep.

The real deal happened this morning when I woke up and realized the the Aneros was still in. My morning woody with the unexpected pressure on my prostate did put me in the mood right away !!! The touch of my skin was electrifying. My canal felt warm and pulsating. The stroke was smooth and my breathing got heavier quickly. Half awake or half in trance the sensitivity was definitely enhanced, I was on my stomach feeling the sheet on my penis with each hip movement and the uncontrolled spasms. I was feeling the explosion building up so I turned on my back with my feet flat on the bed thrusting my hips. My hands caressing my stomach, inner thighs and pelvic floor. I can't say if it was the mini oh but after few waves of intense pleasure I was convulsing on the bed feeling the precum showering me. I barely touched my penis once and came .... I really have to learn to keep those hands off and see how far I can go with my new friend.

This was by far my best experience to date. Thanks Aneros and thanks to the support of the chat room.

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Session 2

First thing this morning, I woke up home alone, went for a nice enema and back to bed with the Aneros. Same as yesterday, precum dripping and the nice feeling of a half hard on within 30 min. I could not help but barely touching my penis and eventually masturbating while enjoying the stroking caused by the sphincter contractions. Here I was moaning from the light inner wave of pleasure, they come and go but I cannot reach the big oh yet without touching myself. One thing is for certain, I feel that with experience a whole new world of sensation should be available to me, I just love the experience so far. I produce more precum and more cum then usual.

Even if I had this nice explosion of seaman my body was begging for more, I could not touch my penis anymore since a strong orgasm makes me very sensitive for few minutes. So I went in the shower with the Aneros still in place. I am standing in the shower with no water running and I discovered that contractions while standing are giving me interesting pleasurable feeling too. Here I go again dripping precum. I got the phone shower running and started to massage my scrotum with the warm water, instant moaning again but no hands free erection.

After a good session like that I notice that I can still feel pleasure from contractions without the Aneros.

Now I have a general question. Where on this website can I find breathing and contraction step by step tutorials, a tips and tricks reference guide or even a tutorial video ?

Is there such a thing as a Aneros group where men can meet on-line and have sessions together via webcams or even same room sessions when distance and chemistry permits ?

I would really appreciate to get all the help if any available to reach the dry o and even hands free ejaculation. And oh BTW I will be in the chat tonight a 10pm EST, hopefully I will get to meet some of you.


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My very first session

I did state earlier that I have experience with sex toys, well I stand corrected now. My first impression is that the device should be described as a natural extension of the male genitals ... literally !

Since quite a young age I experienced with anal play. Why, What made be do it ? I don't know ? I am in a straight relationship but I consider myself bi-curious since I only had 2 short gay fling. I am now 42, I learned to relax while playing anally when I am on my own, I find it pleasurable, it never been something to get hard on from but rather having an erection after a short break from the anal play before having sex.

Now lets start from where we left off from the last entry. By using this toy I was not expecting right away to be blissfully carried in to amazing orgasm and I did not, I actually felt a sleep. LOL

Here is what happened. I added more lube and flipped on my back, closed my eyes, and just relaxed contracting my PCs, and oh yes, it feels really good. I started within the first half hour to feel my penis wanting to to get harder. It feels like waves of heat, and spasms coming from inside. I never reached a full hard on, not even close to it but it was very interesting to explore ...

Then I decide to turn on my right side to have a drink, I needed it. Did a few contraction, laid on my stomach with my left leg bended. From that position I quickly felt a very pleasurable wave that kept on coming for about 5 minutes max. I remembered doing a few light relaxed contraction when it stopped and woke up about an hour later.

Conclusion, it was a very good first contact, ;-)

Now I have to feel that baby in the morning and practice the not falling a sleep part and see where it can leed ... I know ... My name is apliz and I am now addicted !!!

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Me, Myself and my Aneros - The introduction.

Finally !!! I got my MGX today, I am really happy and exited to have it since it has been about two years that I have been curious about it. I did my research but to be perfectly honest the information is not exactly flowing out there, in fact you are the only website worth reading on the subject since you are covering all aspect of this little treasure, pleasure and physical benefits.

As soon as my local sexshop call me to say that my toy was in, I jumped in the car and got there. I got a 3 size cock ring set, lube and the MGX. Driving back home all I could think of was to give it a try.

As soon as I got home I went to the bath room to clean the MGX lubed it up, insertion and I did put 2 cockring on my shaft and one around my balls. I walked around the house a little to get the feeling and it does feel right, I am a big fan of anal play and this baby just fits right in, obvious punt intended !

Since it was so nice to use I decided to have a seat to see if I could use it driving or at work .... bad Idea ! I poked myself ... All right, home use only.

I grabbed my laptop, went to bed, smoked a little one ;)
I started to write this blog. It has been only 15 minutes since I inserted this baby, I am certainly not focusing on pleasure and I already had 3 little squirt of precum !!!

All I am doing is contracting my PC muscles as long as I can randomly ... no pattern, no focus, nothing ... Ha ha ha, I love it !!!

I will wire a full report later ...

See you soon !

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The waiting time

Here I am, 42 years old and I just purchased my very first Aneros for my birthday yesterday. Now it is the waiting time until I get the call announcing that my package is at the store.

I will write about my first review and experience as soon as I get my present to myself. Meanwhile please allow me to introduce myself. My first language is french so please forgive any weird expression or grammatical errors :)

I have been experimenting with anal play since my pre-teen on an off on a regular basis. There are so many pervertables that can be used for that purpose that even at a young age, long before my first sexual relationship I was practicing anal play. As I became old enough and brave enough to enter a sex shop, I realized that a whole world of new sensations and toys are available for my own personal pleasure. Unfortunately back then ... the only toys available were designed for woman. So I did use dildos and vibrators for years experiencing some pleasure. When the G-Spot stimulator finally became available I managed to reach partial erections and pre-cum secretion without masturbation.

Male sex toys are not very popular and the publicity/documentation about them often appear to be too good to be true, therefore I never actually tend to use them.

Now Aneros have been available for quite a while ... The designed by itself did get my attention right away but the price combined with the <out of this world> reviews did make me cautious and I could not justify buying one. To be perfectly honest the part the really convinced me to go ahead and invest in one, are the videos of men using the Aneros available on-line.

I guess, I could say that I am bi-curious ... I really don't mind looking at a men enjoying themselves and joining in with the right person. This said all my serious relationship have been with woman and in between I only had two short attempt to be in a gay couple.

So that's it for now .... My next entry on this blog will be about my first entry ... I CAN'T WAIT !!!

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