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Today I did it!

OK, here's the lowdown. In my last blog, shared that there was more lurking somewhere, that I could do. I was getting clues on my last session (last blog). I took time to reflect on this and got some guidelines established. I want to reiterate first: I'm a somewhat experienced user. I know what are mini-Os, super Os, etc. But still, felt there was something I'm not getting. I could stand some improvement. So, back to the guidelines.
1. As per Aneros instructions: back-off, or relax to say, 40% of a contraction.
2. Do NOT touch your penis. (Of course I know that, we all know it, but invariably I will sneak a touch to see if it's leaking yet, etc) Not means not.

This, for me, gives rise to acute bliss, using my SGX. Very sublime sweet super Os, continuing on and on .

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Something else?

Good session today. About 9 or 10 dry 'os' in first hour, starting after about 10 minutes. I usually figure that when my precum comes in, as a glob, that’s it, my session is over, kind of like a traditional orgasm, the “wet finish”. This usually occurs after about an hour.
Today though, after my usual ending point, I did wonder if there was anything beyond. I sometimes get glimpses in my minds eye; there could be more. Let me be more specific with today.
My experience today was good, even great. Many sweet dry Os, like a normal “good” session (as opposed to a dud session, which happens once in a while, I’m sure to all of us).
But today, after passing this point where normally I end, I thought there could be more. I felt like my cock getting smaller, filling with precum, seemed like the smaller it got, or I imagined it, getting smaller but something else taking over, something would leak out and start a sweet, painfully pleasing ride of the utmost pleasure. Has anybody had that? Is that what the super O is? I have always assumed I’ve had super O’s; I’ve had orgasms that go on for minutes; wonderful experiences. But today I was thinking there could be more too. Maybe I’m hoping for a hands free ejaculation, not just a quick “gloop” like how normal traditional orgasms are, but a long drawn out leak of an orgasm. Know what I mean? Does anyone have any experiences along this line?

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Was a bit rushed, so lost that peace & certainty that something would happen. Some near misses though. Conclusion I came to: don't expect anything other thtn a dry O. Other expectations (i.e. a wet finish) are doomed to fail.

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