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Bliss Restrained

I call this "Bliss Restrained" because despite my entire family being home I had a strong urge to hold a session late at night, so I had to hold back a little bit. I had refrained from traditional ejaculation for almost two weeks by this point, only indulging in dildo/aneros play, nipple play, and masturbation with no ejaculation. That being said I am in a constant state of hyperarousal: every sexual thought or erotic rub radiates pleasure from my prostate or other erogenous zones, erections come and go in high frequency and often linger for a while, my prostate constantly feels full and never lets me forget it. The session turned out to be significantly better than I could have hoped for, and unfortunately I was forced to restrain myself a little bit )wild movements and moans of pleasure( so as not to rouse attention. So this session took place last night, starting out with my Maximus and continuing/ending with the helix - running Hypnaerosession all the while. The reason I started out with the Maximus was because I had a decent session with it a couple of weeks ago and still try to maintain some sliver of hope for it. For 20-30 minutes it was actually pretty ok but the long time problem resurfaced once things started to get decent: since my perineum swells up from arousal and due to the "pointy/thin" nature of the tab, the tab swivels off-center and gets stuck to one side or the other, disrupting prostate/perineum contact and requiring constant adjustments )within seconds of each other(.

Becoming frustrated with the Maximus I switched to the helix and began to relax. It felt sooooooo good as I felt it firmly rubbing my prostate. After a little bit I started to play with my nipples (they had the remainder of the vaseline I coated my helix in slicked over them which creates the perfect amount of smooth friction) and things started to get really intense. My lower abdomen began pulsing as I relaxed my entire body and let it do as it pleased. Just lying there pulsing, I felt the helix aggressively work my prostate. My body position shifted from on my back with the feet planted on the bed to my legs just hanging loose to the right side, the helix maintaining the proper position to perfectly pleasure me. I felt on the verge of cumming the entire time, as if at any moment I would explode and release the two-week accumulation. The majority of this time I continued to pleasure my nipples as it just added to the overwhelming feelings. I wanted to moan loudly, breathe harder, but I knew I had to remain as low key as I can. This lasted almost 10 minutes perhaps before I calmed down again, reveling in what I had just experienced and coaxing my prostate more with my contractions. 10-15 minutes later )after putting a newly acquired rubber cock-ring on( it happened again for a few minutes, just as intense as the first time. After it subsided I decided to end as any longer and I would have started to get hungry and I was beginning to get worried I might catch the attention of my family. If i was alone I would have very much wanted to continue for another hour or longer with no holding back- it was quite the experience.

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Week of Revival

I have been busy so I am writing about events that took place over a week ago but significant enough to take note of. First off my aneros usage over the last three months has been close to non-existent. Hard to say exactly why but generally a lack of free time during which I am completely alone. The few times I have been completely alone I have opted to play video games, watch shows, or do other activities. If I did decide to devote time to sexual activities it was either in the traditional manner or experimenting with my new Tantus General Dildo that I got myself for Christmas.

Last week however the urge sort of came over me and I managed 2 mini sessions while my family was asleep - had to be restrained though, little movement no noise but still quite pleasurable. First with my tempo then with the helix the next day. Small as they were they really got me going and I was very motivated to play more while I had the house to myself for the whole weekend. By the time Friday came I have been "conserving" for about a week and a half - I decided to warm up with my Progasm for thirty minutes and then play with my Tantus General.

---A little bit about my Tantus General. Like I said I got it months ago and have been experimenting with it whenever I got the chance. Finally as of last week I think I got to exactly where I wanted to be with it. It was certainly a challenge, the thing is huuuugee! Requires patience and stretching, but it is exactly what I wanted out of a dildo: girth for the stretch and length to thrust, the curve is very nice too for prostate contact.---

SO. That session with the General was the best yet! I started extremely slow )even warming up with the progasm it took a lot of work to loosen myself up( and let it sit and wiggle before I began any actual thrusting. After having completely accommodated to the dildo laying on my back, I decided to try a way of riding that I thought of prior to the session. I bundled up my blankets and pillows and put a plastic bag on the top )to take care of lubricant leakage( then thrust my hips while holding it at the base with one hand. It worked WONDERS. Just what I have been craving for a long time. After thirty or so minutes of playing like that I decided to have a break.

The afterglow was just soooo good the whole day. Later at night I decided to have a nice long session with my Progasm. Wow, I went on for about two and a half hours and it was just pure bliss. It was the calm type of orgasms, not much bodily movement but I could just feel the intensity of the constant stroking on my sensitive prostate. After months of inactivity, to come back with something so powerful was just phenomenal.

For the rest of the weekend I had another nice session with my General, another with the Progasm, and another with the Helix. All were calm yet intense, very pleasurable. After holding so long and being subjected to such stimulation my penis had been in a constant state of hypersensitivity all weekend long. It was as if it were one with my prostate, just one sensitive pleasure radiating system. On Monday I decided to release with a mind blowing traditional orgasm.

And there it is. I don't know why I was so lazy about engaging myself in a session for so long, I guess it's just harder when you live with the family. But I'll once again be on the lookout for any chance I get :D. Also if anyone has any tips or tricks, nice positioning or whatnot for dildo play, i'd welcome the info. I enjoy my Tantus General just about as much as my aneros toys. I can see how men who started out with dildo play in the past can have explosive results when they first begin the aneros.

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Another weekend alone, another chance at unrestrained and and excessive "fun time". Progasm being the tool of choice for the weekend. I had a great 50 minute session on Friday, another two periods of great intensity spanning roughly 5+ minutes each and very pleasurable sensations throughout. I had to cut it short though because I had to wake up early the next day.

So yesterday )Saturday(, after taking a nice shower and cleaning out I set myself in for a nice long session. I was very relaxed and the Progasm slipped in with little difficulty as I put Kelly Howells "Ecstasy" on the ipod. It only took 10 minutes before the session got REALLY good. It escalated all the way through the second part of the audio file, into pure...ecstasy! The involuntaries were so strong and pronounced. Knowing I was completely alone, I was sooo loud and my breathing came fast and heavy. Once the "Ecstasy" audio finished )one hour( I started Hypnaerosession Part 2 and continued to ride this bliss for another 20'ish minutes. Then I got up briefly to empty my bladder and went right back to it. Though I felt more relieved and comfortable, the session seemed to have quieted down for the last hour - a very calm pleasure as opposed to the relentless intensity I had experienced the first hour or so.

So two and a half hours later I was left very satisfied, having the longest session i've had in many months as I typically keep them roughly an hour. Not only was it an uncharacteristically long session but the most prolonged experience of pleasure of that magnitude! I wonder whether it was because I interrupted the flow of things by getting up to use the bathroom or that my prostate had just fatigued after what it had just been through that caused the last hour of the session to be much more relaxed that the first. Either way, it was a good weekend.

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A little introduction about myself before I begin with the blogs. At age 23 I am a young heterosexual man who began his "journey" approximately three years ago. One summer vacation I was feeling particularly bored so I decided to look for better ways to masturbate - a good way to pass the time as it is. Browsing the various toys out there, the first thing I decided to try out was Tenga and I own a flip hole to this day; beats a hand any day. Upon further research I happened upon the concept of anal and prostate stimulation. I thought to myself "Well people do find real pleasure in it, it is worth inspecting" and became interested in learning more. A couple of weeks after discovering the aneros website I decided to buy a helix.
Over the years I have discovered SO much about my body and the male sexual response, the pleasure that is easily within my grasp is simply amazing. As far as the toys: I bought a maximus a month after the helix because I was excited at beginning to feel a little pleasure and sort of wanted a larger model anyway, I bought the tempo around the new years when it was released just a few more months later, then the progasm ice I bought one year ago. So far the modified helix has been my go-to with most experience and many good sessions, the tempo took me a good year or so to actually start appreciating but I love it very much, the progasm I feel really jump started my progress about a year ago and I absolutely loveee the size and feel of it. Unfortunately I have never really had a good session with my maximus, not then, not now despite repeated attempts. The main issue being the p-tab which I find too pointy and CANNOT rest on my perineum - it is always offset to the left or right disrupting perineum and prostate contact. Other toys I own include the njoy fun wand as of about a year ago which has given me fantastic results and I really want to get myself a lelo billy soon. I impulsively bought a jelly 2 inch wide dildo and had two fun sessions with it but threw it out because of what I was reading about such material deciding to hold off for a quality instrument such as lelo.
The reason behind my name is that psychology has been my primary focus of study for the past few years and for many more to come. I am very interested in the body+mind interaction as the brain governs everything about our world as we experience it from feelings to perceptions and so on. Experiencing the neural "rewiring" first hand made me appreciate the power of the mind to change and shape our world even more.

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Weekend Alone - BIG fun!

So every couple of weeks my parents leave to spend a weekend at the log home we recently had built upstate, and my sister tends to find something to do without such "restrictions" being present. I have quickly learned to appreciate this time I get to myself which is generally sparse after returning home from being on my own at school after the past five years. So Friday I fully cleaned out and spent a solid hour with my njoy fun wand. I started out with the beaded end slowly teasing myself, reveling in the sensations of each bulb stretching and moving through my sphincter, stimulating my prostate as well. This might have been the best sessions yet I have had with this toy, now I know how to properly use the toy for best results. After about 15-20 minutes of that, I switched to the other end favoring a more direct prostate massage. Fantastic - with the right amount of pressure I carefully but firmly massaged the entirety of my prostate for the rest of the time. I finished the session feeling very happy with the experience.
Now Saturday I decided to have a session with the progasm in the late afternoon. The past few weeks I have been using the helix exclusively so I figured it was time for a bit of a switch up. Emptied out, got myself revved up with some porn and erotic touching and slowly inserted my warmed up progasm (in water) with silicone lube. By the way, my favored position with the progasm is on my back with a pillow underneath and my arms underneath the pillow - I feel it gives me great prostate contact as well as contact with the k-tab, plus I like the feeling of my arms being "restrained". The whole session lasted for about an hour and was very pleasurable, just as good as any other i'd say. As always I love the fuller feeling, the rounded p-tab, and the wonderful k-tab. Things settled down so feeling content I ended it, toying with the idea of doing another later simply because I have the whole place to myself still and why not.
Well approximately five or six hours passed as I spent my time with other activities to occupy my time by which point it was around two in the morning. I considered going to bed but ultimately decided I was really in the mood for another session - not like I had to wake up early or do anything the next day. So in goes the progasm and I spent the first 10-15 minutes relaxing with the do-nothing approach to let my body adjust. As I breathe and focus on relaxing, I notice the pleasure in my prostate grow - now this is not an uncommon occurrence but the magnitude was surely a new experience! From no contractions and just the contact alone I was getting so excited and the pleasure was mounting up to such a high level that it was VERY orgasmic. After enjoying that for a few minutes I began light anal contractions which very effectively teased and stimulated my prostate - in fact the entire region including the prostate, anal canal, and sphincter (the thick stem is soo nice on the progasm) were incredibly sensitive. I slowly began to increase the strength and duration of the contractions and my pc muscle became integrated as well. Soon I became very loose and the involuntaries took control. OMG it was so intense as I tried to limit the movements of my body to the pelvic area and quiet the rest of my body, with great results. This period of great intensity lasted maybe 10-15 minutes before it settled down a little. As i caught my breath and continued to slowly stimulate my prostate, I became increasingly sensitive and was appreciating the calm unending orgasmic sensations. And then it happens again except many times more intense this time - it was absolutely wild. My breathing was heavy all the while my pc and sphincter muscles were contracting hard and sporadically! I became very vocal, more than I have ever been and it seemed to increase the pleasure and keep things going. While it is hard to tell (or care) when things get to this point I would say that the ecstasy lasted for approximately another 15 minutes. I then entered a very relaxed state, just reveling in the intensity I had just experienced. My pc/sphincter muscles still lightly twitching and throbbing, still pleasing me. I lay there marveling at what had just come over me for a while longer before I decided to call it for the night before daylight crept in.

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