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Aneros Blogs > First Aneros: Helix sessions (by BlackDamp)

1st and 2nd Helix Sessions

I first posted this in the forum, but I figured it was better suited for a blog as well.

2 sessions with Helix. First Post - mild sensations

I bought a Helix just out of boredom and since I broke up with my girlfriend I have been very unhappy with normal masturbation. I tried it for the first time 2 days ago and I was slightly painful the first time, and I really don't think I felt hardly any what I would call good sensations. I've never had any type of Anal play before in my life and I'm now 26.

Today I tried it again for about a 2 hour session. I haven't yet procured an enema kit so I've just done it when I've had a BM recently. Anyway, I'm a larger guy, I'm about 5'11" and 280 Lbs. I'm wondering if the Helix is hitting the spot or not because I can't really tell. I feels like when I contract and the Helix is sucked in all the way, that's when I've experienced the tiniest bit of pleasure. When it's in it's idle position I just feel a little pressure and that's mostly it. Anyway this second time I didn't feel any discomfort really. I also didn't feel like I needed anytime to get used to it. It felt comfortable from the start. I began to make some slow contractions while breathing in deep. I figure it's a physical object made to be in your bum and it's designed and shaped to massage your prostate... so... That's what I'll do.. I'll just keep massaging and concentrate on the sensations and the pelvic region and take it slow. After a while it sort of began to feel slightly pleasurable, it almost felt like I was scratching an itch that was slightly irritated and wanted to be scratched, so I just kept going and it was a fairly mild pleasant feeling for the whole 2 hours. There were times when I thought I felt something more, but ever so faintly. The first thing I thought of was "was that almost a wave feeling everybody talks about".. Strangely I didn't really experience any twitchy sensations in my legs and knees like I did the first session, but even the first session those were only a few. This second session was fairly relaxed and controlled. I didn't have any twitchy or really anything involuntary the entire time. Also, both times I never got an erection, almost like I probably couldn't get an erection with the Andros inserted.

I'm still learning, but I not really sure what I'm supposed to feel. I feel the unit massaging inside my anus and that's slightly pleasurable, maybe slightly sexual, but not extremely so. My penis was completely flaccid for both sessions with little to no fluid being produced. For parts of these sessions I've thought about women and looked at some softcore material on my Zune HD over the web, but other times I've solely concentrated on the area around the Aneros and my breathing, no penile stimulation. I've read plenty about SUPER-O's on here and heard people saying it's nothing at all like penile orgasms, but I would like to know if the pleasant sensations leading up to a SUPER-O are supposed to be a physical thing.. Like.. Do you actually feel the Aneros massagine the area where the orgasm is going to happen? People talk about full body waves and such, do these feelings start in the anus and move outward from there, or does the Super-O sensation have nothing to do with the actual area being massaged?

I'm not discouraged, I'm patient and I do think both sessions were enjoyable for whatever reasons. Maybe I'm just happy to be experimenting and trying something most modern men would probably scoff at. I'm totally straight and my goal is to experience whatever pleasant sensations the Aneros has to offer. People rant and rave about it so I figure there has to be something substantial to these Super-O's and just knowing that, I don't think any of my sensations were anywhere near one yet.

Can anyone give me any insight to this? I don't remember reading from the sticky's what actually you're feeling when you start having pleasant sensations leading to mini-O's and super-O's. I'd like to know if it's something you physically feel directly from the Aneros tip massaging the prostate or if the sensations come from somewhere completely different, or a mixture of both.


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