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Aneros Blogs > Me, Myself and Helix (by Bungles)

Best session so far!


This was my best session I have had so far. This was my 6th session, and I was kind of detached from my Helix after my previous session. This was due to the fact that I was really scared of my heart rate going very rapidly, some new intense sensations, and the fact that my mother and her friend are sleeping next to my room.

So this session I had it really planned out. First I asked some Aneros members about their experience and how they dealt with those factors I gave. I realized that I would have to embrace the new sensations and should continue my journey, because, well, it was great so far!

So today was my big day and I woke up at 10:30 am and started making my preparations for the session. I was kind of cold, so I thought it would be a good idea to put on my sun bed and get warmed up. After this I did some bowel and also got a nice hot shower. I experienced that the P-tab was sort of making an annoying pressure on the perineum area the last sessions, so I decided to take some toilet paper and put it under the P-tab. My next preparations were taking some olive oil and to power up my laptop. This may sound strange, but I always make sure my door is locked whenever I have a session, even though I’m the only one in the house. But I don’t have a key, so I must improvise, I stack some books and on top a baseball bat to hold the door handle from going down. These factors make it possible for me to be as relaxed as possible, so now I was ready to get this thing going!

My laptop was next to me on the bed and I putted on a slideshow to get even more aroused then I already was. The pictures are all from girls who I find very attractive. And these aren’t the usual blonde, big boobs type. Anyway, when I inserted the Helix I was laying on my side and rolled over a bit, so I was almost laying on my belly. Within 10 minutes I was getting control on the breathing rhythm and I felt that the Helix took over like it always did. Within 15 minutes I experienced some anal orgasms, and they felt really, really nice. But this session I learned another thing that scared me the last session. I noticed that my heart rate was building up as the anal orgasm were building up intensity-wise. I noticed that when the anal orgasm fade away, my heart rate also went down! This made me feel really happy, because I realized I had nothing to worry about. These strong anal orgasms continued for about 15 more minutes. Then at some point I noticed that at my next anal orgasm, at the peek, that I could actually hold this sensation instead of releasing it. Holding it meant to shake with my butt going up and down really fast (involuntary), this felt really good. Then some sort of buzz, I think that is the right word, was going from my butt to the tip of my toes and there it would cause my feat to be buzzing up in the air simultaneously. And this would go back and forth, back and forth. It never went to my head or higher then my pelvis. These orgasms were definitely very intense and they lasted quite long! I had about four of those buzz-feelings, then I got too aroused and I finished with a very nice super-T.

I can definitely say that this my very best session so far, and I think those buzz-feelings actually were super-O’s. What made this session so great, is that I was very well prepared and that I had the house for myself, meaning I could moan and groan whenever I wanted. At some point I actually did!, which I founded very arousing and also unexpected! Also the modification as you may call it, putting on some material under the P-tab really helped, it stopped the tab from moving around. I realize now that there is nothing for me to be scared of, I have learned so much this session. I’m sure my next one will be awesome, very curious of what new sensations I will get.

Greetings Bungles

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Like a dog

So, after a relative good first session, I was ready for some more action with my Helix.

Before I actually started with my second session, I aroused myself by downloading some good porn. Next thing was to do some bowel and take a nice hot shower.

This time I used oliveoil to lubricate my anus and Helix. This lubrication is really nice to use, I often use it when I masturbate because it doesnt dry out. The problem I had yesterday though, was that I lubed up the Helix too much, which caused it to drop down and then my fingers got all lubed up, and then I had to clean that really well. Also when I lubed up my anus, I noticed that the perenium area was kind of slippery as well. So I need to do that a bit more gentle the next session. But aside from that, this lubrication is awesome.

So this time I decided that I needed to be well relaxed. I downloaded some music from Air, their album called Moon Safari. I really recommend this type of music for you guys, it gets you really relaxed. Nice and easy listening tunes ;)

After 15 minutues or so, I was really relaxed, and the harsh feelings in my rectum were gone. Along with the listening, I did some breathing exercises, just the normal way of breathing, but more controled this time. After this relaxation period I took out my earplugs and started with some very light contractions. In a few minutes I noticed that the Helix was working on it's own! It was making very gentle movements, which turned me on! It actually caused me to be a bit strangled up with the breathing movements. I had to align them so the contractions were in ritm.

Now it was time for some bigger contractions, and I decided to hold them. When I holded them I felt a warm feeling inside me, and that my body began to shake. I actually could control this shake and make it continue on for some time. I noticed my breathing made some noises, like a dog does when he's exhausted. Immediately I felt a nice tingling in my anus and it felt like a orgasm I have when I masturbate, and I felt I had to shit out the Helix. I can almost surely say that I experienced an anal orgasm.

These feelings were very nice, but I felt that these werent super-O's, cause they didnt last for that long nor were they that intense. I would compare it intense-wise with a penile orgasm.

I got so horny that I took my laptop, and started up some porno and masturbated it off. I just couldn't handle it anymore.

Can anyone identify the feelings I had, and have tips for me to let the session last some longer?

I'm thinking of doing no contractions whatsoever in my next session, and let the Helix do all the work! I'm really curious what will happen then.

I keep you guys tuned.


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Arrival of my Helix, first session was better than I thought!

Today I was pretty nervous because my Helix was arriving. Luckily I am home alone most of the time on this Friday.

As soon as the package arrived, my belly started making noises, and I had the urge to do some serious bowel movement ... god that felt good, what a relief! Somehow, when I am really excited, I have the urge to do some bowel movement. I took a nice hot shower and cleaned myself well with the hot water stream going along my anus, felt really nice. Cleaned the Helix with some good soap and I walked towards my room.

There I started to make some preparations. Made my bed nice, put a pillow which I could lay on the underside of my buttocks so it was elevated. Put the sheets on the head to support my head and neck. Also I started up my laptop and checked out the Aneros instructions, just to make sure I know what I was going to be doing. Also I put on some good material (pictures) and slideshowed them to get me really going and excited.

Along with my Helix, I ordered the marksman, very nice lubricate. I put some lube on the Helix, gently putting it on. Then I positioned myself doggystyle-wise, and felt my anus gently with some lubricate, oh that felt really good, it got me even more going! Then I inserted the marksman and put most of the lubricate inside my rectum to help the Aneros move correctly.

Now it was time for me to get me in a good position, so I laid on my back with the pillow under my buttocks and the sheets under my head. I gently inserted the Helix and let it draw itself towards my prostate when it was about halfway in.

I started to do the breathing exercises, but after 8 minutes or so, I thought it was long enough because it felt pretty comfortable. The muscle contraction exercises felt pretty good, I could feel that it was touching the prostate. I started out with some small contractions and then with some bigger. At this point I started to hold the big contraction for some seconds and then release it. When I did this for the fourth time, I felt a new sensation. Oh my god! This is feeling really good. I knew now that I was doing OK! Also my body began to shake a little, maybe because of the nerves, or that I realised that I was doing the right stuff, got me going ;)

These sensations went on for another time, but then it stopped... No matter what I tried, I wasnt't feeling the good sensations, nor I felt my prostate being massaged. So I decided to try some more, but now gentle contractions, didn't work. Then I put out the Helix, and lubricated it again, along with my rectum. When I put it in again, I was feeling the same stuff I felt when I initially inserted the Helix. But the sensations didn't come that I had two minutes earlier. At this point I was really horny, so I put the last lubricant of the marksman on my penis and put the laptop on my belly to watch some good hot sexy pictures with the Helix still in. I finished it off with some good masturbation which gave me a good orgasm.

I was pretty sad that the sensations didn't come again for me anymore and that there weren't any unvolantary contractions. But still I am very happy that I have felt another sort of sensations inside me. Also I noticed I had some precum after these sensations!

So for now, I think the factors including that made it not work out are:

1. To short of a relaxing period, approx. 8 minutes.
2. To strong contractions because of excitement.

Do you guys have any advise for me, to keep these sensations, and not lose them like I did after the second time? All other advise is very welcome.


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