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Sleepover--what could possibly go wrong ?

Sleepover--what could possibly go wrong ? -- or, Sometimes things go bump in the night!

A couple of nights ago I visited Chat. The Chat server was having some difficulties managing identities. So we were rather anonymous. I hadn't planned an Aneros session but had been several days since my last and I seldom do "overnight" sessions so opted to ready myself and my toys and turn into bed early. I checked with my wife and learned that she wasn't interested in any part of my bod so sealed a deal with myself to see what a 'sleepover' with my Helix-syn might yield.

On the way to the shower I split a Viagra tab and swallowed it down, thinking it would "augment" my nether regions and prompt me to undertake a Super-T when my Testosterone spiked at 3 a.m.

Prep went smoothly and in less than an hour I presented my squeeky clean naked body and brain to the joys of Dame -syn. I had carried along my tablet computer and decided to continue the chat I'd started an hour earlier inspite of a standing preference to not multitask a session with Aneros Chat.

Just a few minutes after I lubed up and inserted my -syn, I sensed the start of deep fascia tremor and knew this would be an excellent ride. I allowed the tremor to develop and draw energy from my Dan Tien down into my lower limbs where it grew to major shaking.

Shunning the shakes, I normally roll onto my side and damp down the shaking through breathing and focus. I opted to ignore that practice so that I could continue with Chat. The shaking got out of control before I was 5 minutes into the session so I opted to pull out the toy and restart the session. I signed off chat, settled myself, decided that lube was still good and after a couple of minutes, re-inserted. Pulse rapidly built in my Prostate and along my Perineum -- the Viagra was starting its visit and I broke into whole body shaking again. This time I managed to get the shaking under control and assumed a favorite sleep posture on my side, hugging a pillow. Soon my wife decided to leave me alone with my toy and she went to the Guest room

After a couple of chains of dry-Os I fell into a calm-seas mode of Orgasm and sank into a sort of twilight asleep. I recall awakening with a chill somtime after midnight and pulled up a blanket. I broke into mild whole body shakes again but settled them and went back to sleep.

At 2:52 a.m. I awoke with my legs and arms tangled in bedding. I sensed the smell of fresh blood and turned on the lamp. My left hand was bleeding from a puncture between my thumb and forefinger. I had smeared that blood all over my face and the pillows. I had severe pain in both lower legs where they had struck the bedframe. The next morning the bruises would emerge.

By the way. The Manufacturer of Aneros toys recommends against sleeping with them inserted. Perhaps that means I wasn't the first man to have things "go bump in the nite."

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The Wildness of Five Super-Os & a \\\\

Condom Lube + Maximus + Nipple Suckers + Pillow Hugging = Wildness

Sometimes just dumping several randomly selected kinks into the mixing bowl and stirring gently can yield amazing results. In this case, the 'yield' from the recipe was five Super-Os.

My introduction to nipple suckers had only been with Lady Vice and I'd wanted to try them without a vibe. Stepping into the shower, I found the threads stripped on the shower-shot nozzle. What to do? Messing with a bag or bulb over the toilet wasn't an attractive option so I though, "how about Condom Lube."

Having become more involved with Vice and now Helix-syn I'm a bit spooked by the thought of residual silicone oil in my ass. So, I've avoided Darwin's new Condom Lube routine. However, I had bought some Bare, un-lubed, oil-proof condoms recently. With no threat of silicone-lube my interest was spiked.

Instant plan. Condom lube with Vaseline & some I.D. Glide that I wanted to get rid of, a nice bulky tail-free Maximus and my new nipple suckers. Imagination at work! On to the shower for a nice scrub.

Thinking ahead to nip play, I put on a pair of Nitrile gloves to keep the greasy fingers issue at a minimum. Also had a mirror handy to avoid the Braille approach to finding the 'mouth' of the condom.

I used Darwin's revised procedure for Condom Lube. -- -- Light coat of Vaseline on the Maximus and sphincters, outside of the Condum greased with Vaseline, I.D. Glide on the inside of the condom then clear out all the air bubbles. A long but narrow 'anal explorer' rod was my 'insertion weapon' of choice. The whole ritual was one of those, "I feel female" moments...and I want this handful of stuff to f**k me and very nicely." OOOOOHHH!

With the help of the mirror I slipped Max into the slinky condom and, before I could get the gloves off and roll on to my side....

A wild mix of voluntary and involuntary contractions overtook the game. Maximus had gained the agility of a Eupho and I was probably getting the stim that many guys get from ICE. Off came the gloves.

P-waves were instantaneous. i flexed my thighs together and Max squirmed. I grabbed for my belly pillow and hugged it for comfort and reassurance. Anal contractions, Maximus thrusts and Dan Tien storm surges alternated in no particular sequence. The Dan Tien overload shot electrically upward to my Chest chakra, made a U-turn and forced itself into my pelvis igniting my entire genital complex. This felt a bit like the usual dry-O but was way more intense. I feared for a hfwo or worse. i let it run for maybe four seconds then pushed back. I wasn't leading my body. I wanted more but wanted it all including what I might get from the nip suckers. I kept pushing back against the Super-O, probably preventing a hfwo. I wasn't leading my body. I needed to move on with my plan but also needed to take charge of stimulation.

I fetched the nip-suckers from the night stand, waited for a calm in the storm and with two tries got them in place. Another OOOOHHH moment followed. Then, Max got busy again. Pecs shivered, Scapulars flexed to 'contain' the energy in my chest, Abs joined in with cycling contractions and I got a new lesson in Energy movement. Toe surge went straight to the crown chakra and I moved into the Celestial realm. That overpowered the sensations from my penis and PC group. My cup was filled. If this was the end of the session I would be pleased. Off came the nip suckers. But the Super-O continued to burn energy. It was like the launch of a ball onto the board of an old pin-ball machine. It would not stop until it ran it's own course and fell through the hole at the bottom of the board. I could only nudge the imaginary pin-ball cabinet and hope to avoid a TILT.

For the first time in my life I had experienced honest to goodness 'terror at the gates.' I recognized the intensity from prior Super-Os but this was different because it came on so quickly. The speed of onset and the acceleration made me unable to sense what was around the next corner. I had escaped from the craziness by removing the nip suckers and was now relaxed into the sweat of my bedding as the Super-O burned through energy.

I generated a third Orgasm with some KSMO-like growling and gentle finger stim of my nips. This was a bit more tame. The involuntary core contractions and moves arrived as powerful rolls of thunder rather than as bolts of lightening. As the chill from the ceiling fan beat down this third Super-O, I craved for another. I got my breathing organized and again encapsulated my nips in the small green-glowing wonders. I pushed back against the Orgasm that was growing in the core of my body. I focused instead on my tail-less Maximus. It was sucked deep into the Condom. The smooth nub had traveled way North resulting in an amazing amount of pure force against my prostate. I pushed back against the Orgasm.

There was no terror now. No collision yet. It was like that moment in wrestling or Martial Arts when two monster forces face off and stare at one-another without any movement. I eased off against Dame Orgasm and allowed her to advance. Maximus pressed harder. I realized that the Orgasmic force I was visualizing was actually Max getting sucked in further and compressing my Prostate. The fireworks burst forth into Super-O #4. Far more visual, more real, and less celestial than the first three. Now I was experiencing a static hard isometric contraction of the large skeletal muscles. A picture of Charles Atlas in one of his Dynamic Tension advertisements flashed through my mind. I'd think of this as my first, "Power Super-O" There were no shakes--just isometric cramps. Pain was fighting with pleasure. Pleasure won and I relaxed into the endorphin flood.

I stabilized my breathing, removed the suckers, and grunted downward to gently reposition Max's nub outside my sphincters. Again, the draft from the ceiling fan did some 'chill out' on my bod and brain. Lying there I was torn between living consciously in the moment for as long as I could or taking aim at another symphony of orgasm.

I was not to decide. Without the suckers, my abdominals made the decision. They contracted, my pelvis tilted, Max sunk deeper into my rectum and the slow build into an extended calm seas orgasmic state gradually fell over me like a soft blanket. The warmth between my scapulas was luscious. My brain generated slow swirls of visuals like pigments running into a can of white paint. There was no blending of the colors, just continuous swirls. I laid there for about five minutes internalizing the pleasure. I gently touched my nips and found them aglow with pleasure. I moved my wrists gently back and forth across my nips. My DanTien felt waves of the calm seas. I floated between being at one with my feelings and looking back at myself from an out of body perspective. ... ummmm...

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Prostate pressure and orgasm

A recent forum question asked which toys exerted the least pressure on one's prostate. I'd not considered that quality before so ranked my toybox in order of my own sense of increasing pressure:

peridise (zero -- it has other divine applications !!)
tempo (only feel the rounded tip with I sit on it)
eupho (unstable, teasing contact with negligible pressure -- my favorite)
sgx (no tail -- cool intermittent pressure during 'suck-ins' or sex)
-syn (subtle, swishing swipes)
helix (moderate pressure that maneuvers to all three lobes)
mgx (encircles my prostate with balanced & cozy pressure)
classic (a 'take charge' feeling with nibs touching near the bladder neck)
maximus (no tail -- nice bulk -- good 'warm up' toy for Eupho)
vice (shaped perfectly for my canal -- very uniform pressure)
progasm (close to my limit for total volume)

That done, I remembered back to my most intense orgasms and rank Eupho as #1, Helix #2, and SGX a distant #3.

(by 'intense orgasm' I mean either a mentally, visually and spiritually intense Super-O, an extended whole-body physical experience, or a long chain of pounding dry-Os.)

All three of my 'orgasmic toys' are grouped together in the 'less pressure' portion of my list. I'd surmise though that toy mobility and the quality I call, "agility" are qualities in toys that have less mass and bulk.

Next step in the "investigation" will be to measure the mass and volume of each of these toys and see how those physical qualities stack up against my subjective impressions. Stay tuned !


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Becoming wedded to a particular toy or toys

Even though my Vice, Classic, SGX and -syn provide unique pleasures they don't match the orgasmic delight I get from my two 'main movers.' At this point in my Journey I find myself orgasmically wedded to my unmodified Helix and Eupho.

Helix was my first Aneros toy and with minimal preparation is a 'fast start' for me. Within just a few moments it fires up my nips, builds warmth in my DanTien, forges a bond throughout my body core and starts the flood of endorphins that will enhance orgasm. Helix seems to sound the fanfare for each abdominal contraction which, in turn escort each dry-O during a chain of pleasure.

Although my first full body-brain Super-O was with Helix, more often this tool leads me through cycles of strong downward energy moves along my central core, each 'pressurizing' my lower abdomen with orgasmic energy. Even though Helix is the trigger for orgasm, it seems to be a continuous player, and keeps my whole perineal-anorectal complex in the game throughout the session. Throughout this, I visualize Helix as 'nibbling' away at the edges of my prostate.

In sharp contrast, my Eupho sessions are highly ritualized, start physically (with Maximus) then employ extended Zazen meditation to 'zero-out' my physical and mental processes. Once quieted, I allow the faint pleasures to slowly grow as Eupho 'explores' the folds, nooks and crannies of my interior. The resulting build seems mostly mental and grows into intense mental imagery that sometimes elevates me to an extreme of perceived spiritual vision. By that time, Eupho 'fades out' and I'm sustained by my mind and my mind's-eye.

My 'matings' to Helix and Eupho have endured the intrusion of other 'hussies' in my toy box, much as though I had consummated a strong vow to these two toys. For some unknown reason I tend to think of Eupho as very female. In contrast Maximus seems male and Helix is rather neutral.

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First -synful vibe session

Configuration: Helix -syn with DJ 7-function mini-bullet attached (rubber banded) to the curly-tail

Lube: toy coated with "alv's formula" Shea+Coconut, with three Xochipilli bullets as pre-lube

In my earlier -syn sessions I seemed to sense the lateral stiffness of the -syn but during this session I didn't feel that -- the -syn was more "invisible." This, possibly due to lube -- the earlier sessions were plain Vaseline, Vaseline with slippery stuff gel or Crisco+vegetable oil. I still don't have a lube preference for -syn. One note--- I felt empty so didn't do my usual rinse-out before this session. That may have been a game changer since my sensations were different than in earlier sessions. I also didn't note much toy movement from my breathing -- a possible signal that my lube was, crappy.

The biggest problem in this introductory session was finding a body position that allowed the vibe to do it's work unimpeded by cheek contact.

I played with various positions and postures to exploit the vibe sensations. I settled on mode #4 for most of this session. Mode #4 is a cyclic mode that sweeps in both frequency and amplitude about every two seconds. For my induction I chose to breathe about every six cycles (about 5 breaths per minute -- a bit slow for good Zazen but 'close enough'). Fully 'into' the session I found myself speed up to a breath every four vibe cycles which was easy to maintain.

The Helix-syn seems to ride further up in my canal than does a standard Helix. I sensed no need to maintain any anal contraction to prevent it from ejecting. The flexible p-tab is almost invisible and I tend to miss the p-tab message when I contract either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The vibe is a cool addition to the -syn and, as with the Vice, slight changes in body position or posture move the vibratory maximum around the perineum and canal. I had very little vibe sensation at the p-tab. I was able to move the vibe emphasis from the anal-PC juncture and upward to the prostate. The bulk of the mini-bullet made a lumbar pillow essential when I was on my back. Spread-eagle / butt-splayed position invited a bit of the anal-f*** fantasy that I get from the Vice; however, I find the Vice a bit more of a turn-on in that regard. Doggie was a fun position to explore the mini-bullet's various modes -- Mode #5 (pulsing) was my fave when on all-fours.

I finally adopted a semi-fetal position on my right side with knees positioned to splay my cheeks just enough to free up the bullet and tail from my cheeks while exposing my nips.

Vibe in mode #4, my nips came up faster and harder than from any other toy! Eventually, gentle nip action combined with Male Deer Exercise resulted in a HFWO (a rarity for me).

I'm not yet settled into this toy as well as I am with Helix or Eupho and wasn't making a smooth transition from Zazen breathing to p-waves and calm seas. Instead, the vibe was moving me from Zazen into an excited state that terminated in an hfwo.

Surprise was that during my Male Deer Exercise I was feeling no vibe action in my nuts or in the p-tab but there was strong vibration at the root of my shaft and that seemed to accelerate erection from my normal "chubby" to a full-blown hardon.

Clearly, more testing is required :)

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Five-in / Five-out

I added structure and denial to this session while generating some added lust and anticipation. Those well schooled in Tantra might offer some refinement to this cyclic routine.

The idea grew out of my practice of intermittent penis-dipping** during sexual foreplay, the physical benefits I perceive from Interval Training in the gym and my hallucinations when I divide an Aneros session into two well spaced segments.

I chose Dame Helix for these sessions since it's a good fit for me. Helix insertion has a nice sensual feel and it 'bloops' into place easily. It mates quickly my Prostate. My Helix still has it's tail so it's easy to remove and re-insert.

The routine is simple. Prepare your bedding-down location with an extra towel, some hand wipe, a lint-free spot to temporarily park your Aneros and an easy-to-read clock. Clean out and lube well then retire. Insert your tool of choice and note the time. Five minutes later, remove the toy and put it aside. After 5 minutes of 'vacancy' it's time to re-insert. Continue alternating, five-in and five-out until the hour mark. Then leave the toy in and mentally inhale the joy and pleasure. Opt for your own list of favorite stims or relaxations during each time segment; however, live by the clock.

I put a couple of Xochi's Shea Butter suppositories in a dish alongside my bed. I needed one of those at the 40 minute point.

Dealing with "Problems:"
-- It's odds-on that you'll not complete the structured hour without some sort of interruption (e.g. chain of dry-Os, mini-O, intense p-waves etc.) Prepare yourself mentally to deal with these 'issues' should they arise. I chose to stick by the structure of the hour then lapsed into a calm-seas state. OTOH, accepting 'failure' and permitting yourself a chain of dry-Os isn't a bad alternative.

enjoy .... rook

** dipping: See Urban Dictionary (has nothing to do with snuff)

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Growing the Orgasmic pleasure.

I'm always looking for a means to expand the physical footprint of my pleasure. Rubbing fingertips together and jabbing one large toenail into the sole of the opposite foot are two of my old standards. Combining a skin caress on a documented acupressure point has also become a favorite. These techniques help spread pleasure to the peripheral parts of my bod.

Until now, most of my voluntary contractions have been in my pelvis.

So, I opted to use small brief voluntary contractions to initiate or stimulate an involuntary contraction or tremor when the energy build pauses. These are just brief pulses of muscle contraction.

I started with a brief voluntary contraction of one or both Pectoral muscles. The involuntary response is usually in my abs and forces a small exhalation of breath. Further Pec voluntaries yield echoing involuntaries traveling back up my abs. Several of these cycling events yields pleasure in my nipples, without even touching them.

Pulsing my Delts sends a chill down my arms. I don't yet know yet where this might be helpful -- just interesting for now.

So, when I'm calmed-out and floating after a chain of dry-Os or just 'stuck' during a 'build.' I experiment with split-second voluntary contractions of sometimes just one muscle or perhaps a left-right pair of complementary muscle groups.

I then "listen" for the involuntary contraction(s). Sometimes these are near the site of the voluntary. More fun though are those that rebound from a distant location.

Answering the involuntary contraction with either another voluntary muscle pulse and/or with a moan or guttural growling sound is a nice vocal enhancement that adds to the pleasure.

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Lunar Eclipse -- Super Orgasms under the Full Moon

For nearly a month I was without any Aneros. I practiced my 'less sessions for the first few days but before the first week was over my arousal waned and my orgasms turned into 'near miss' affairs. Surrounded by family and business involvement I settled into a personal world where my Aneros inspired sensations became an increasingly distant memory.

Returning from the trip I set about to 'reactivate' my prostate-centered orgasmic being. Many factors like jet-lag, a pile of mail and deferred business matters posed distractions to my sensual focus. The 'old Rook' just wasn't on his game.

A Helix session last Wednesday produced a chain of dry-Os that offered the most promise I'd felt. Noon Friday offered a possibility of some mutual support with a scheduled Aneros Chat session. Chat finally started an hour late along with an attack of diarrhea, perhaps triggered by anxiety or a cold I caught on an airplane. I finally gained bowel control, got clean and saddled up with my well-lubed Maximus for a session of elementary Aneros contractions. The Chat session offered both mutual support. Well into the second hour I began to sense strong prostate bulk and sensation and a rhythmic sensual response to my breathing. I opted to swap the Maximus out for a new Classic.

Orgasm on the way: As I relaxed into the more 'distinct' elements of the Classic, I could feel the familiar tinge of mild nausea encroaching on my Dan Tien. Then my rhythmic breathing began to invoke involuntary contractions of my Latisimus muscles and the fascia surrounding of my rib cage. No doubt, many familiar Aneros sensations were taking over. As the Chat session moved onward, there was little doubt that the 'old Rook' was returning. The surfaces of my fingers and thighs longed for mutual rubbing. However, a nipple flick produced nothing.

I happened to stumble across a news note on the web regarding the forthcoming lunar eclipse. Realizing that a full-moon opportunity was in the offing, I discontinued participation in the Chat session and cleaned up my tools for an early morning session.

About the time the moon approached it's Zenith over my 'twenty' I prepped with a warm rinse, lubed up and headed for bed. I choose to start the session with Max and swap out to Dame Classic in lieu of my usual fave, Eupho. Our Guest room has a west-facing window with a clear view of the forthcoming eclipse.

As the Moon continued onward to it's rendezvous with the Earth's shadow I re-built the energy in my Dan Tien with Maximus. The feelings progressed rapidly and I satisfied the craving in my thighs with some deep massage followed by strong strokes stretching my penis between my legs. The hairs along my triceps asked for some stimulation. Satisfying that led to increased sensations in my lats and rib cage. My breathing began to sync with the feelings in my rectum and I realized that if I wanted more it was time to bring Dame Classic into my body.

While I knew the swap of tools was a step in the right direction, it took a few minutes for the Classic to settle onto my prostate and it's large p-tab to establish it's property rights in my perineum and cuddle up to my ball sack.

Now, almost two hours into my union with the lunar eclipse my breathing, still rather shallow again synced with involuntary rectal contractions and my prostate warmed to the occasion. Superimposed on my breathing was my pulse, now building in both frequency and intensity. My body exuded a thin coat of sweat and the first swell of orgasmic energy enveloped my abdominal core and chest. I closed my eyes and lost view of the lunar eclipse shadow as my body fell into the first orgasm.

I gulped some PowerAde from the bottle on the nightstand.

The next orgasm started visually with a small dark target in my field of view. Within that 'spot' small arcs of light spun in a circular path. That orgasm persisted for less than a minute when I felt the point on Dame Classic engage my prostate again. I was torn between an 'urge to pee' and the promise of greater things to come. I sensed direct communication from my bladder neck directly to my center of vision. The pressure from Dame Classic's pointy tip intensified the small spinning target in the center of my vision. The tiny electric 'arcs' circled in the target like small worms. I gulped as my breathing stopped and an intense series of three or four pelvic contractions announced a massive dry-O. I opened my eyes to view the Moon then closed them again to reveal the unfolding of waves of brilliant color surrounded by bright brass-like frames. A wave of warmth and a thin coating of sweat covered my body. The orgasm faded a bit and I instinctively moved the point on the Classic onto the intersection between my bladder neck and prostate. The 'urge to pee' was a bit less this time but the feeling of glorious warmth propagated into a wave of pleasure that radiated toward both my toes and scull as I opened my eyes to view he moon. I could feel sweat oozing from my pores. My penis erected and I successfully dodged having a HFWO even though the tension in my penis bulb and anus approached a level of dull pain. I suppressed the orgasm and relaxed back into a state of easy breathing with only mild muscle tremor in my arms and legs. I swallowed more sports drink.

I wondered how my nips might respond and flicked my left nip. Within a moment it erected and quickly engorged to nearly match the size of my wife's nips. The sensation from a gentle rub was intense and sent an electric message to my rectum, prostate and penis bulb. I erected again and once more avoided a wet-O. The session had turned into a sparing match. I forced meditative breathing and opened my eyes to enjoy the view of the nearly blacked-out moon. Closed my eyes and focused on just my breathing to suppress tremor in my arms and legs.

As I reached, 'nothingness' I sneaked a peek at the moon and realized that it would soon sink below the window sill. So, I returned to my left nip for some stim. The reward was another build of passion starting in my prostate then taking the usual path from my Dan Tien to Chest Chakra. The speed of progression had blinding speed. The nip again swelled to super-size and presented my fingertip with more nerve endings than I had ever sensed before. My left foot called for some stim and I granted that with my right toenail. The ensuing electric shock traveled up my left leg and attacked Dame Classic's p-tab.

The pressure on my prostate felt like it had been compressed inside a capsule of tight leather. That pressure exploded through my pelvis then throughout my body core. My breathing stopped as though the wind had been knocked out of me on the football field. My abs flexed to contain the pressure. That resulted in simultaneous 'blow-outs' of sensation in my crotch and head. My visual field was struck with a flash like a lightening bolt. Muscle tremor was a cross between a cold shiver and the more classic tremor I sometimes get early in an Aneros session. I could feel myself ascending onto a pedestal under a black sky. A breeze flowed upward along my naked skin and I sensed energy being directed from afar.

Out of energy, out of breath, and with reserves all gone I relaxed into my 'pool of sweat.' When I stood to see over the window sill, the moon had set.

Having usually lagged in desire and lust until a few days after the full moon, I'm now a convert.

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"Setting the Stage" with a sensual shower.

Warning: Sorry guys this plugs a specific product I've grown to like. Please don't think of it as spam, just an honest suggestion that might add to your pleasures. I don't have a financial interest in Unilever or in its ad agencies.

The story: My Doc was freezing a couple of suspicious skin lesions and noted an itchy rash on my abs. She suggested a change of bath soap to "Dove." A week later I saw one of Dove's "Man-hide" commercials -- -- and bought a squeeze-bottle of their body wash. I'm a bar-soap guy and rather unimpressed by body washes from wall dispensers at the gym or in a hotel. But, this one is different!

This stuff squeezes out of the bottle containing something that feels like a bunch of soft beads. As it's smeared across the skin, the beads dissolve and exude a pleasant fragerance. No suds or bubbles, just a rather sensous substance that seems to rinse off easily. It leaves a sense of being clean and a scent that's pleasant as I lube up and bed down with my Aneros. The scent plays well with the aroma of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

The overall, pre-session effect provides one's sensations with a nice finale to the pre-session douche action. This sort of erases any sense of 'dirtyiness' when an ill-timed or over-sized rectal rinse turns brown. If anything, the end result is a douche-shower routine that is no longer a 'neutral' experience but one that I anticipate and look foward to in its own rite. Definiely one that prepares my mind and body for the Aneros experience much as described in the "Setting the Stage" article in the Wiki -- --.

The skin where I shave has a nice sensitive texture and, where body hair remains, the follicles seem more sensitive to my own caresses and to those from my wife's fingers.

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First steps into the world of energy.

My first Crown Chakra experience during a dry-O session.

For about two months, I've been practicing Aneros-less sessions cuddling with a soft pillow or gently hugging my wife against my abs and chest. I now consistently energize my Heart Chakra with what I now recogtnize as energy flow from my prostate through my Dan Tien.

The following may seem pretty 'nuts' -- nevertheless, this is where I am and how it is.... for now. :)

Until now I've not been one of the 'Aneros energy gang.' Most of Mantak Chia's detailed writings have sailed over my head. I've been an admiring lurker during Aneros Chat energy discussions and demonstrations. I'm usually puzzled, Other times I'm totally 'out to lunch' and generally among the clueless. I've been able to faintly feel the forces involved in Reiki Massage but not the energy flows through deep facia.

For about two months, I've been practicing Aneros-less sessions cuddling with a soft pillow or gently hugging my wife lightly against my abs and chest. At first I started these 'less sessions with anal contractions. More recently I'm not using any contractions to initiate the pleasure build -- relaxation alone along with the proximity of the pillow or my wife seems sufficient to get things started.

Recently I've identified waves of energy flow and pleasure between my Dan Tien and a band of feeling which I believe to be my Heart Chakra. During last night's session I identified another of energy storage region atop my scull. While my Den Tien is clearly deep within my abdomen, these newer storage areas are very close to the surface or my body or may be external to my body, right along the outer surface -- perhaps what some fortune tellers describe as an aura. (I had always tended to scoff at the concept of aura but perhaps now accept it as some manifestation of one's spirituality.)

While my DanTien has always been a dull brown-black in color and granular in its internal texture, I visualize my Heart Chakra as soft white in color, and very smooth. Much as though it was made of vinyl plastic. It extends from one armpit to the other and is spaced several millimeters outward from my pecs and nips. It's like having a small plate of armor across my chest. When energized, the feelings build uniformly across my pecs much as though my skin and the chakra were two plates of a Leyden Jar or battery. There is no concentration of energy or a 'point source' as with my prostate.

Now, what I think is my Crown Chakra has apeared and I visualize it as a Kippot or Yarmulka, somewhat fleece-like in texture and a Light-Gold-Ochre (Rembrandt 231.5) in color.

From my first Aneros session I've been very DanTien conscious. Matial Arts mentors had always emphasized the importance of body position, posture and anticipated moves with respect to the Den Tien. During formal training I seldom felt as much Life-force or Den Tien energy as did many of my classmates. Some of my early Aneros sessions were upsetting as the feelings that developed in my abdomen tended to be 'ugly' and violent rather than supportive of pleasure. If I amplified those feelings I would have have a series of very harsh visual and auditory sensations accompanied by chills and muscle cramps. I've sometimes referred to this as a Dark Side experience.

Note: My first Dan Tien energy build is always a slight 'tickle' with a tinge of nausea. Now-a-days that nausea is overcome by a warm glow and swelling in my Den Tien, assuring me that the energy will be positive and supportive in nature rather than negative and angry.

More recently I've experienced gentle ab contractions as the energy courses upward from my Dan Tien into my chest (during which I visualize the image of my Heart Chakra, pecs and nips.) When my chest has it's fill of energy, there is an inward consolidation of energy into a weighty cylinder (visualizd about the size and shape of a Soup can.) That cylindrical mass travels downward through my body core compressing my internal genitals and causing very slow but deliberate ejaculatory like contractions. Then another energy building cycle starts in my Den Tien. Only when fatigue becomes the ruling factor do I cease the 'less session.

The physical fatigue factor happens due to a slight contraction of my abs as the energy builds in my chest but it is worsened by severe shoulder contractions and occasional shoulder cramps as the energy consolidates and forms the heavy cylinder in my core.

I'm not prostate-aware once these energy cycles are established but when I focus on my prostate, it's a pale Ultramarine (505.8) with a hint of turquoise. (no kidding folks !)

Early this morning, following an all-night sleep with Eupho, I went Anerosless to practice my dry-Os. During the first energy build, I experienced energy in the uppermost part of my scull. The energy seems rather dull. I visualize it in the shape of a fairly large Kippot or Yamulke. Rather than vary in intensity as does the energy in my heart Chakra, this seems to be constant once I enter the orgasmic zone and the scullcap leaves when a terminate the session with breathing and body stretching (and tossing the pillow).

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