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Let u know what is going on

I have had several sessions since my last post and my journey continues. Every session brings me something new. With the helix I am quickly aroused and start having strong Os. They draw me up into a ball and cause me to moan and yell. They build and build and before I know it I am chaining them togehter The pleasure increases, sometimes i am leaking a lot, sometime i am erect. Everything grows into the super O. When it hits I go into a ball, feel a wave coming over me and have to remember to breath, i see flashes of light. I am in a different place.

The newest thing for me is since my last session i now get spontaneous erections which lead to giant dry O. It is unreal, The first I was getting ready for bed, I felt this O coming on, I sprung an erection. I just laid on the bed and came and came. The same thing happened the next night. I went to bed got an erection and then had a giant dry O. Another wire has been hooked up.

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3 Weeks Into The Journey

Well I have just completed three weeks of my journey through the land of anal and prostate stimulation and it has been quite a joruney.

Last nite I had a remarkable session, everything came together. After I inserted my helix I began shaking and it just went on from there. I was able to relax and then started gentle contractions. I immediately starting thuderous Os, evolving into super Os. One right after another; they pull me into a ball and the pleasure just keeps coming. The next that happen was the helix just took over; it went were it wanted to. I now could hook the Os together for an extended period of time. I saw lights and a bright sky and felt like i was floating. I just laid on my side and let the pleasure flow.

When I was finished, I was so energized. I had to talk to someone about this experience; I found goatman an ohmy aneros and told them my story.
This excited me more and I masterbated. What a nite!

I sit here this morning shaking and contracting (just had a chairgasm)telling this story. I need to control myself I have a lot of work to do.
Aneros what a find!

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So Much To Talk About

Such has gone on with my journey I don't know where to begin. First I have had several sessions since my last post. Each has been incredable. Last Friday I received my Helix and Progasm. I have been using the Helix since then and it is really different than the MGX. As others have written, I get stimulated and aroused much faster. Mini orgasms start immediately after the relaxation period. I then build up to much larger super Os and the just keep coming and coming. I change positions and I get another wave of please. I am so much in contact with my body, I can tease out all kinds of sensations. The disappointing thing is that I look at the clock and it is has been only 30 minutes.

As I have said before, what really gets me is the post session orgasms. I went to dinner at cafe and I had a big one at the table. Going up to the cashier I felt another one coming on, so I rushed to my car and just let go of a big O. Sitting here writing this entry, I have had at least two.
Still I do not know what tomorrow will bring in the way of pleasure.

Well this session will be my last for about four days. I don't know what I am going to do without some anal/prostate stimulation.

Please comment I want so much to hear from fellow Aneros users. How do you respond to the Helix? What kind of post non Aernos orgasms do you have? How do you handle them?

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Sessions Four

First thanks for the comments, they keep me going and as I said before they really make me feel a member of a very special group. Keep them coming. Also I have learned how to spell "orgasm".

I was traveling this week so I had a lot of time to be alone and continue my journey. I continue to get a great amount of pleasure from my Aneros. The session was very short, but very intense. I had a super O. I stimulated my nipples and began to thrash. Alternating mild contractions and stronger contractions the pleasure was immense. I started to feel like I was going to cum. (that pleasurable feeling in my hips). I had started thrusting hard and it felt this tremendous urge to cum. All of sudden everything came togehter and it felt like I left my body. Totally exhausted afterwards.

One thing you all could give my feedback on is erections. I am now starting to have them during the session; they come and go. I am always somewhat erect during most of the session. Do you ever get to a point where you hold a full erection the whole session.

Also, I continue to have so many contractions through out the night and into the following day. They were really strong in my anal area and so pleasurable. I wonder if those in the meeting was in could see pleasure on my face.

Right now I am getting excited again and want to go to my Aneros, but later

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Session 3

Thanks all for the comments, you make me feel that I am a member of a special group. Please make more, I need the support

I just completed my third session and I continue to make progress. I still have a lot twitching and shaking, and have several dry orgaisms of varying intensity. I feel that I am getting very close to a super O and my have even past it. There are times when I can cannot stop stimulating my nipples and I am thrashing around and I feel I need a release and it comes. Once I was on my knees and I just collapsed. Such pleasure!

The greatest thing are the contractions and orgaisms the following day. It first started at the gym in the shower. The warm water relaxes me and I just had wave after wave of pleasure.This continued at the office where every hour I had to close my door and grasp the desk and let the waves of pleasure come. They are truly orgaisms in that I feel so relieved and weak afterwards

I wish I had known about Aneros earlier in my life.

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Second Session

First thank you all for the feedback and encouragement you have given me.I feel that I am a member of a very special group.

Now on to the second session, I could not wait so early this morning I had my second session with the MGX and it was unbelievably prleasurable. As with the first session very easy insertion; 15 min of relaxation and then gentle contractions while stimulating my nipples. Arousal came very quickly and I started feeling many pleasurable sensations. I had more quaking than in the first session. I worked up to a dry organism that was extremely intense. The post organismic contractions were the strongest I ever had and went on a long time.

I believe I am getting closer to the super O in that I am now get the beginnings of an erection during the session.

The greatest thing is that I am still aroused. I went to the health club this morning and felt good feelings the whole time. But what comes next was pure pleasure. Relaxing in the hot tub, I sarted having involuntary contractions and throwing P-waves. Such pleasure! By the time I got to the shower the contractions had intensified. I had to hold to the shower bar as the P waves went through my body. I got a spontaneous erection.
WOW! I am still feeling light contractions.

So I am in the same situation as yesterday. I will have sex with my wife, but I want so bad to get back to my Aneros. Such pleasure!

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First Time-Next Time

My MGX arrived last night and I got up in the middle of the night to try it out and the experience was unbelievable. First I had no trouble with insertion. After a 10 minute relaxtion period I started with slow contraction. My body immediately responded. I had very pleaurable feelings coming from my prostate. I had several episode of uncontrollable twitching of my limbs and my crotch. I had leakage, but I don' think I had a dry organism, but I came close. The best part I was aroused all day. I had these good feelings all day. I am came home from work and had sex with my wife. I can't wait to have a session again.

Do you think it is ok I have another session again early Saturday morning 24 hours the first with sex inbetween?

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