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Helix gave an anal orgasm

So this was something new that I thought warranted a blog entry.

I did my usual of reading some erotica before lubing up and slipping in the Helix. Used a recent forum post suggestion to get it halfway in and just let the body suck it up into place.

Started on my hands and knees with things going as they normally do, you know the feelings are great but its essentially what happens every time for me. Stayed like that for about 1/2hr before laying down on my side.

I'd been trying this position out before and enjoyed it a lot because it seems to really allow a great freedom of movement and keeps the p-tap snug against the perineum.

I was enjoying that for awhile and very quickly the feeling approached, like I was suddenly getting very urgent signals from just inside the anus about the Helix rubbing up against there. I was a little surprised and then just followed my body's direction and concentrated there.

All of a sudden the intestinal walls all the way up to the top of the Helix started to clench on unclench all on their own very intensely. It felt amazing and I was just enjoying the ride. The Helix was bumping up the prostate and perineum adding to the pleasure but the focus was on the squirming intestinal walls.

I then began to have this sudden urge, no, I NEEDED the Helix to go in deeper. My body was just trying to suck it up all the way in. It got to me so bad that I started bring up my top leg and squirm upwards on the bed trying to get it deeper. I was panting at the effort and of course lack of success due to the design of the Helix, but that made my body try harder.

I don't quite remember how I came down from this but I did and just lay there for a bit marvelling at what just happened. Pretty cool.

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Ah, that was good, time for a little re ... oooo... maybe not

Man, I've had this happen before but it still is astonishing and I really felt like writing about it.

I was getting really horny looking at porn and decided to do a session. Lubed up and got going. I had about 4 or 5 mini-O's in this 20 min time span and they kept creeping up on me.

I would finish a mini-O and think that I could you know rest/enjoy a small afterglow. But it seemed the act of relaxing that much just switched something on and started the march to another one.

Its great to have a toy that gives you sexual release multiple times in a short time and I didn't even need to masturbate. Mind you, sexual release with the aneros is different than a regular jo session.

This toy keeps proving itself to me that it is worth every damn penny.

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Lube change!

So I was running low on my standby lube KY Jelly, so I dropped into my local sex shop and was looking for a new tube. But I couldn't find KY and not wanting to leave empty handed, I bought version of Astroglide.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find the KY but I am now a convert. While the KY was thick and stayed in place, its got nothing on the slipperiness of the Astroglide I bought. Its really thin but man it makes everything slippery.

It also lead to an excellent session. It was like night and day compared to the KY. I was getting great feeling right off the bat with new lube and things just seemed to happen effortlessly. With the KY I would have to concentrate more to get the same experience.

I wasn't really trying it was just happening the progasm was rubbing all over the place and I was just trying to take it all in rather than concentrating to find the feelings like before.

Soooo, now I guess I realize everyone's concern on the forum on finding the optimal lube. This made a huge difference for me. Now I'm gonna have to look for something that's just as slippery (or more ;)) and a little bit thinker. Research time!

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So I went out and purchased some speciality underwear that I could feel sexy in. I think it was a great way to feel good about yourself know you got some awesome underwear on.

They felt so great to wear that I was getting pretty horny just from wearing them. And if I pulled them up tight against my butt my butt started to ache for a session. I loved it.

So I proceeded to go home and have an awesome session with my Progasm.

I was getting great feelings right from the get go and was able to have a silent (no vocal sound) Super-O.

I was lying down on my stomach and I started to feel as though I was going into a different/lower state of consciousness. Every other thought, concern and feeling faded away and there was just this point in my minds eye to concentrate on. It was just the prostate and it being rubbed. I just silently concentrated on the feeling and let it continue. I was just content to have this feeling and let it continue, I couldn't even think of doing anything different.

Eventually I faded back to reality and breathed a sigh of relief for such a wonderful experience.

I also proceeded to jack-off normally and ended up with a very powerful penile orgasm. I actually shot up past my head onto the pillow which doesn't happen often. Very satisfying.

So whats the moral of this story? Go out and get yourself a pair of sexy underwear! :P

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Transition position worked for me

I wanted to share this with you cause I thought it might be helpful for some people.

So I was having a session with my helix, doing alright but not quite great. I got up to get some more lube from the bathroom, applied some more and headed back to the bed. I lifted up my left knee onto the bed just froze because the helix was in the perfect position.

I proceeded to have a wonderful super-o with my left knee up and my upper body lying down on the bed. I think it was because it gave the p-tab better access to my perineum and the helix had great freedom of motion overall.

Try it out some time, it was great for me.

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Butt Buzz

Wow, the day after I've been having some sort of buzz from concentrating on my sphincter. It got strong enough that I actually paused and groaned. Pretty cool.

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Achievement Unlocked: Anal Orgasm

Hey guys, just wanted to share this with you all.

So I started a session with my Helix and it wasn't quite doing it for me. I contemplated giving it a rest and just stopping but I decided to give the Progasm a try first.

I was on my back with a pillow under my lower back and knees up.

I wasn't feeling my normal pulses from my prostate but I was getting lots of sensations from the base of the progasm just inside the sphincter. So I started to focus on that and giving some light contractions. Pretty soon I was focusing on how the Progasm was being held by my intestinal walls all together with emphasis on just inside the sphincter.

It was quivering like crazy, clenching and unclenching and shivers going along the Progasm when bam everything just started going crazy clamping and unclamping around the progasm with the strongest feeling at the base of the Progasm.

There weren't any feelings I could perceive coming from the prostate or perineum hence my thinking that it was an anal orgasm.

It was a great experience and I'd love to have another just as much as a prostate orgasm. Kind of different but equal in intensity.

Any thoughts on your experiences similar to this?

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Progasm is what I should have got all along

So a new Stag Shop opened up near my house and I decided to support the local economy and fulfil my own wanting of a progasm. The clerk was very friendly in directing me towards the prostate stimulators and sang high praise of the aneros line of products. I mentioned how I enjoyed my own Helix but was somewhat frustrated by its inconsistency in producing enjoyable sessions. She seemed a little surprised by this but I said hopefully the progasm will be better for me. Oh great job on the packing btw, its the clear plastic stuff, but its held together by two buttons of plastic that hold it together like a sandwich. Just pop them open to get access, no scissors required! I got the clear ice one that was released recently and brought it home immediately to try it out. Its probably the most beautiful looking thing that I'll ever put up my butt.

Well, I can say that I was very happy to find the progasm being so much thicker and heavier, something I always felt was missing from the helix. The k-tab seems like a cool new edition, and I knew exactly the feeling they were trying to elicit by adding it and I'm grateful.

So I cleaned myself out and lubed it up and pushed it in. Oh boy did it just feel at home. It started giving feelings much more quickly and with much greater ease than my helix. I was able to have an outstanding 1.5 hour session with it, despite being interrupted twice (phone call and a bm). I had the house to myself so I was able to get extremely vocal and I even started to tear up at one point the feelings were so intense.

I wanted to go on longer but it started to become uncomfortable because of its size so I stopped. I noticed that I had to bm again after the session which is strange for me, so either i had a lot waiting to drop beforehand or the progasm got my peristalsis working overtime. But other than that I was extremely satisfied.

So overall I love my new progasm, it just feels so much better suited for me than the helix and the only slight downside was it getting uncomfortable after awhile. I'm sure I can overcome that with practise though, of which I'll be sure to get plenty of ;)

So 10/10 for me.

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A session that reminds me why I bought an aneros

So, its seems as though when I forget to do my kegels that the aneros isn't nearly as much fun to use.

I recently recalled this missing part of my sessions and started doing them again and tonight they paid off in spades.

It just had my head swimming, me groaning, moaning, whimpering, begging and exclaiming at no one in particular. I'm not sure how but I also managed to avoid a penile orgasm during the session and I'm not regretting it.

So, just take this as a reminder folks, practise those kegels to keep your sessions in tip top shape!

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New Development

After the previous session with 3 super o's and a penile o I've noticed something this morning.

I'm leaking pre very easily.

I got into the shower thinking about asking a girl I like out and when I finish, I step out and there's a strand of pre hanging from my dick.

I go have a BM, get up to wash my hands and there's a bead forming at the tip of my dick.

Usually it takes a lot more stimulation then this to get me to leak pre.

I'm not complaining, I think its great, but just really different.

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