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Aneros Blogs > Energies Oh Energies you drive me Crazy (by alv)

Kundalini the serpent hiccupped and sent me to hospital.

Kundalini the serpent hiccupped and sent me to hospital. Yes it is no joke, two years ago I was experimenting with pelvic muscle exercises combined with deep breathing and specific breathing forms all while being in a particular pose with the rest of the body. Unbeknown to me I awakened or moved the Kundalini.

Initially it had some wonderful effects. I had lots of energy, stood really tall and straight. I had an extremely good sense of balance. My sense of taste altered, being a coffee addict I gave it up at that moment. My body went through an auto cleansing; the urine darkened to dark clear orange and seemed to be very heavy did not seem to dilute in the bowl it just sank to the bottom. In my stool, which is normally soft and light brown, near black like hard and dry feces where expelled. My body became electrified; plants, trees other fellow humans all had an effect on me as I could feel them in my surrounding. Just imagine walking past a plant and your fingers start tingling and as you near your hand to the plant this tingling under the skin became more intense and what felt like ants started running up inside your arm (energy flowing).

I felt alive, wow what a feeling, more exercises as described in the opening paragraph were called for.

I had a good sense of balance, also my body wanted symmetry, one hand forward the other went backwards. Raise the left arm sideways the right arm would lift automatically. This is fun, soaping up in the shower became a sexy experience as both hands had to work in symmetry; I was hugging and cuddling myself!

All good things soon come to an end, back at work and two hours into the morning I became very tense, I could not relax, symmetrical movements are not common in office work, I broke out in a cold sweat. Further something was pushing me in the back and I had this great urge to go home. I announced to my bosses that I would not be joining them on a planned on a business trip that afternoon and as I am not feeling well want to go home and lie down. They in turn, just took one look at me, bundled me into a motorcar and sent me to hospital.

At hospital I had extremely high blood pressure and I was admitted immediately. Now what to tell the doctors, all I could tell them I seem to have a coordination problem and the need for symmetry or balance. To all the stress related questions the doctors asked I could only answer “does not apply”. Then my medical history was examined, and this is the sad part of the medic profession, a diagnosis was immediately reached. About 6 years ago I had a bit of a breakdown, overworked, anxieties etc and at that time a wrong diagnosis of “Bipolar disease” was given. Once you are labeled you are labeled for life, so I was diagnosed again Bipolar. A lot of bull, and I was entrusted to a psychiatrist. I refused all his medication, just listened to my body and managed to distress myself.

The nights were terrible, luckily I had a private room, I was moved by some forces, contorted, spun around in bed, shaken around like in a Aneros Super-O, but really no pleasure, had the strongest erection ever experienced - if somebody observed me they would have diagnosed “possessed by the devil”. Another sympton was that I had very sticky sweat in my palms and soles, never seen something like that before, the surface tension of the sweat would form it into little balls and one could pull long threads.

Movement was the key to de stressing my self, by allowing my body to unwind with movement and yoga like stretches I could distress myself without medication. I was discharged five days later, but I did not trust to drive myself for another month or so, the slightest acceleration felt like 10g in a fighter plane and occasionally I would twitch, or cramp up.

The only good the psychiatrist did after observing my urge to stretch, was to refer me to a yoga and relaxation teacher. She managed to ground me, I liked that new feeling of sensing plants. Fruit and vegetables were no longer selected by looks but how they felt when holding them, some initiating energy flows.

Why do I tell you this experience? Well, since the episode two years ago my ability to sense the energies slowly diminished, and on occasions returned, I am constantly trying to find that six sense again. Now, using the Aneros very similar if not the same energy flows are being woken and the sensing of energies is back. Daily I am continuously reminded of my experience two years ago which I described very briefly, could actually fill pages in describing what happened, but this time I am prepared, I can keep the Kundalini awakening energies under control by yoga and qigong all movement and breathing exercises. I really enjoy the return of the energetic well being, great to be at one with nature, to sense natures energies, sense the plants, the trees the life-force around me.

You may think “so what another person washed by the esoteric or spiritual brush” but I can only advise all Aneros user to be aware of what is described as kundalini syndrome see and quoting from that site:

Quote and in italics what I never have experienced and underkined what I again have experienced during or after an Aneros session: Researchers affiliated with the fields of transpersonal psychology and near-death studies have suggested some common criteria that describe Kundalini problems, of which the most prominent feature is a feeling of energy or heat rushing up the spine.

Other sensory and motor symptoms may include: the feeling of cranial pressures, the perception of inner sounds, experiences of inner lights, vibrating or tickling sensations in the lower back, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), changes in breathing, spontaneous bodily movements, sensations of heat or cold moving through the body, localized bodily pain that starts and stops abruptly, vibrations and itching under the skin, and unusual, or intense, sexual sensations.

Mental and affective symptoms include: fear, anxiety, depersonalization, intense positive or negative emotions, spontaneous slowing or speeding of thoughts, spontaneous trance states, experiencing oneself as larger than the physical body, and experiences of paranormal consciousness.

For completeness I must add that some 30 years ago I had two near death experiences, both times being at the brink of no return due to an anaphylactic shock.

I also started a thread regarding this subject

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My one and only Full Body Multiple Male Orgasm before the Aneros

Quote “No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.” (James Arthur Baldwin)

There is a first for everything and somehow these firsts are remembered for ever. Parents remember the fist utterance of “mama” or “dada”, the first steps, etc. I clearly remember my first day at school, first time I swam, fist time I could tell the time by looking at a clock, …., my fist erection (I was about 8 or 9 years old while having a bath with my younger and elder brother - funny somehow my dad got to know about it and it was the last time my brothers and I bathed together - when talking about old fashioned attitudes surely this beats all), my fist penis play and ejaculation with the boy next door, my fist kiss, my first time in bed with a girl, my first all night stay over, my first orgy and my fist full body male multiple orgasm (FBMMO).

I remember my first and only FBMMO as if it was yesterday but is was two years ago. It was a Friday morning, here in Dubai our weekend is Friday Saturday and we work Sunday to Thursday. Friday mornings my wife and I hardly got out of bed before lunchtime, we enjoyed each other. After reaching our climaxes we would remain coupled, and take a position me lying on the left side and my wife on her back at something less than right angles to each other, our legs intertwined , ie my wife’s left leg extended between my legs and her right leg angled and lifted over me. I crossed my legs at the ankles as to hold/clasp my wives left leg. My left hand held my wife's right hand and my right hand resting on her breast. This is a very comfortable and relaxing position as my hips would roll over aiding the penetration.

That particular morning laying in the above described scissor position and savoring the moment which normally would last for a couple of minutes, as sooner or later the erection has subsided and the smallest movement would end with retraction. That particular day I tried to prolong this period of bliss. I started consciously to contract my PC muscle periodically but only releasing to about 50% with the aim to keep the blood in the penis and keep the stimulation going, my wife countered with vaginal squeezes. Anyway, whatever causes the refractory period got the better of me and I dozed off (typical male after sex- syndrome) but seemingly for some reason or other did not relax my PC.

What I think was five or so minutes later, I woke with my PC clenched fully, and I was making involuntary tiny thrusting movements from the hips, not much maybe half an inch to and fro. I just laid there, first amazed at what is going on but otherwise relaxed and enjoying this new feeling. Fortunately, I did not try to increase the hip thrusting and I just let this auto-thrust do its work. The stimulation on the penis was fantastic and it swelled to its full pride. (with hindsight and the experience with the Aneros I now suspect that I was stimulating the prostate with the clenched PC muscle together with the hip thrusting movement).

Slowly my body started to tense up, my wife also responded and started to enjoy round two. I just let the auto-thrust do its work, it would increase in frequency and intensity and then calm down to the initial state, wave after wave hit. The depth of thrust, or amplitude, would not vary much but the depth of penetration would as my hips flexed. With each cycle my body got more electrified, my toes curled, my head itched and buzzed, electric current was flowing through me and as each wave hit various parts of the body would shake, breathing was intense not a single body part was left out. I lost control experiencing a feeling never ever experienced before - I just wanted it to continue.

How did it end? My wife reached down, got hold of my hips and rocked me to and fro pulling me in to her for more vigorous movement, I had no control, this extra stimulation only increased the excitement, tensions and orgasmic shudders which by now reached enormous level, each round building on the previous level, higher and higher. Soon I was in frenzy, very vocal, my hips now thrusting deeply and wildly and no longer needed the extra rocking motion my wife initiated. It just continued. My wife enjoyed a number of orgasms and somehow observed with that level of excitement I am experiencing I should have climaxed ages ago and realized I needed something extra. She then just extended her hands between my legs and reached over; the scrotum, perineum and anus all got stimulated by my hip thrusting action all according to my movements. This was the trigger I needed the release was of epic proportions and indescribable.

Afterward I could not or would not get out of bed, tremors periodically rippled across my body, my skin tingling and raising it into Goosebumps followed by a period of intense relaxation. Just when I thought it was finally over the next wave of post-orgasmic tremors would hit – this lasted all afternoon and finally at about 7pm I emerged from the shower and was welcomed back to earth.

This was a onetime only experience, as much as I tried subsequently to repeat it never came again. I certainly hope to experience an orgasm of such proportions again and also wish that you can experience such pleasures. I hope that the newly discovered Aneros will aid and direct me into a repeat Galactic-O.

As a consequence, this Galactic-O freed Energies within me and altered my way of thinking, it also marks the start of my Energy journey.

Parting Quote “A great man is the man who does something for the first time.” ( Alexander Smith)

P.S. As an indirect result of my Energy journey I am separated from my wife. I needed the space and freedom to find myself and leave behind all restraints directed by society and to stop being the one that I think that others want me to be. Sad to be in my 55th year to start this self liberation process, possibly a direct result of a suppressed puberty, I never had the courage to stand up to my parents during these forming years. I am now re-discovering myself.

P.P.S I am enjoying the after effects of a great morning Helix/Eupho session; while recollecting my thoughts and writing this blog the Butt Buzz developed into amazing Mini-Os.

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Well, some members were very encouraging and suggested to start a blog, well here goes:

Quote: ... unfortunately national traditions are handed on like a hereditary disease from generation to generation through the workings of the educational system.(Albert Einstein, 1931)

As for the title of by blog - yes it is true the Energies have done some crazy things to me and I have come to some remarkable personal conclusions some of which I shall document here. When I talk about Energy I mean Life Energy. About six weeks ago I received my Helix and Eupho and using them I quickly concluded the Aneros effect and its after effect is all about Energy flow in our body. The Aneros is the most crazy and most enjoyable experience.

My Energy journey started exactly two years ago, with many bizarre experiences but these were outweighed by the many life encouraging and life revealing experiences. Why I am sharing this with you - I always wanted an outlet but so far have not found one. So far I did not want to belong to a particular group as I found that each support group has a particular interest in mind and they are bound to their self centered interest and are closed in their way of thinking and will not allow new directions of thought.

To my surprise I found some very interesting and thought provoking comment in this community and I have come to the conclusion that we all must be open minded to be able to stick something up our butt, enjoy it and talk openly about it; we have cured some of the hereditary disease passed on to us and laid the restrictions of convention aside. I trust that this is a community, that hopefully, will understand and enjoy what I will write.

So, I hope to share my Aneros experiences here as well as the Energy experiences; many blog entries will be off topic, that is they will not feature Aneros. Nevertheless, I hope you will accept, enjoy and contribute your comments to this blog.

Let a new chapter in my life begin, for the first time my own blog and that after 57 years on this planet.

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