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Is more than one tool for the Journey a mistake?

Recently picked up a Eupho from our local leather shop but it didn't get "christened" for almost 48 hours due to time demands from friends, relatives, a charitable outfit I like and the dog. (and I thought retirement would mean more spare time ... LOL)

I've also been playing with lube. This week it's shea butter cut with olive oil--VERY slippery stuff... mmm, mmm, mmm ! (As J4, SWW, and Love_is have noted, it's nice to not have "gastric distress" from a water based lube.) I'm gonna tag this mix, "SBOO." It defined, "Aneros suspended in the lube" (After a few more sessions of "SBOO" the lab-animal/AnoRat will switch to Shea Butter and Castor Oil, "SBCO".) :?

Managed a mini-O with the Helix; then, 'dame-P' got bored with me. So, I switched to Eupho-the-Virgin. Definitely a well engineered tool! (Damn, 'twould be nice to be on the HIH R&D squad!)

I was expecting the increased mobility that everyone seems to report. Yup, got that. Then it dawned on me that, inside my anatomy, this tool works somewhat opposite to the Helix.

With the Helix, I get max prostate stim when I'm on my belly and more posterior wall and anal stim when I'm on my back.

With the Eupho it seems just the opposite, more prostate stim on my back and more posterior wall stim when I'm on my belly.

Comment: I still haven't figured out though which tool is better for lateral-lobe massage when I'm on either side--more testing is definitely called for !!

Tried another session about 9 hours later and got the same "reversal" of action between Helix and Eupho.

This seems like a remarkable difference for such a small variation in tool length and shape.

Knowing that standardization counts in a training situation, it would seem that the fastest path to the Super-O would be with just one tool for the serious, extended sessions. IOW, my toy box seems too large for a NuBe.

Any thoughts from those who were really well-wired before they started their journey?? Was swapping tools in mid-stream a hindrance ??

(by "well wired," I mean those who were wired into their erotic behaviors with 3/16", galvanized, tempered steel, armored, chain-link fence wire, with some titanium concertina on top.)

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Rewiring at work ?

Session #5. Helix Time: 90 min. Pre-lube: ID Glide + H2O Tool-lube: Crisco & pH on stem 5/21/09 (Rewiring at work?)

I had planned to repeat the pleasureful approaches to orgasm that I'd had twice during Session #4. Then, rev them up a bit. However, I got sage advice from <helixbill> and <Love_is> ... tone it down a lot. Both of these gents seem to have been where I am now so the message came with powerful 'sponsorship.'

So, this turned into a 'relaxation' session. Laid out all my stuff on the bed in advance. (Skipped my wife's perfumed oils and soft candles. I'm not that fem...yet! -- LOL) Did the whole prep and shower. Took the advice and tried to ratchet down the Type-A spirit that had driven me quite hard in Session #4.

Inserted and started with simple contractions to seat the Helix and lightly massage the prostate, then assumed a BCL, relaxed, meditated and worked with a fantasy. No attempt at 'positional awareness' or any 'micro massage.' At 20 minute intervals I rolled from one side to back, to other side then to belly in spread eagle. Nada, discontinued at 90 minutes.

Lube note: Lube didn't seem quite as fluid as it was for Session #4. Perhaps Ultra-Gel is worth another try.

Decided that I've lost the way. I've got to go back to the 'basics' and get back on the path. Got just short of two weeks to 'set a course.' Will go 'celibate' for my annual PSA. While I'm out of action, I'll work on my blog and get started all over again.

Next morning amendment: After journaling the session last night, here's an "add."

At 2 a.m. my wife woke me up to announce that I had been "Moaning." Assured here that I was OK and went back to sleep. At 3 a.m. I was awake again with my wife complaining about the even louder moaning. The dog let out a few loud barks and walked into the bedroom to check me out. (OMG, reminescent of the Shaggy Dog movie from Disney.)

I could not remember any dream activity. Still donno where the road signs are but the 'wake up' calls were memorable.
Three days later, on the commode for my morning dump.

Mild push to get things started. Good dump. And bingo, first the right ankle takes off with uncontrolled twitching then left ankle follows suit. Both ankles quaking away for nearly a minute, pounding my heels on the floor. Nothing like that, ever. Showered, then flopped on the bed before getting dressed. Both thighs kicked in with twitching.


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The Big Change (3 sub-sessions)

Session #4. (The "Big Change" session) This post is a journal of three 'sub-sessions' that alternated between the Helix (with a 'tab cover') and the SGX. Total time was 135 minutes. 5/15/09

Session #4a: Giving up on contractions Helix. Over an hour

This is probably what most guys manage in Session #1 or #2. I just move at snail speed.

I had planned this as a Friday afternoon adventure but was awakened at 2 a.m. by someone scratching on my arm (wasn't the dog!) So, being an 'all-american' gent I made the wrong assumption and asserted myself (she said, "not now and maybe, not anytime today.") So, there we were at 2 a.m., wide awake with fresh coffee and, sense there's little chance for sex, I'm trying to negotiate a time slot for some solo Helix-play. Also asking whether she wanted me to save some of life's essence to share after the Helix play. Or, should I just finish myself off after the session. Her answer was that my attitude appreared 'too academic' for her to get involved. She definitely didn't want an Aneros discussion and her tone was, 'testy.'

I decided to not 'shoot the wad' and would just enjoy the Aneros ride. Perhaps a couple of house bouquets in the afternoon would put me back in her good graces. (note to any reader under the age of 50: In a few years, skip long-stem roses and go for 'house bouquets.' Easy to get at a drive-through florist and the price is a fraction of what you'd pay for roses.)

With plenty of time before my Friday breakfast-club meeting I headed for the bath to prep. Tried to be careful and not overdo on the rectal rinse but on rinse #2 I produced some small chunks so did one more and put a couple of ounces up in the wrong place. (Still not getting the enema right and seem to retain a couple of ounces.) Nice shower, easy pre-lube (8cc of ID Glide) and back to bed with towels and my basket of goodies. Had a nice relaxed "edge" from the coffee.

K-Y jelly or Crisco had been my standard tool-lube since we started using the Helix for sex three months ago. But, the nightstands had accumulated a surplus of K-Y Warming liquid and K-Y Ultra gel so thought I'd try those on the tool. We had this surplus because neither of us cared for the fragrance or flavor of either product and keeping it out of range from my nose and taste-buds seemed like a good idea. While the session results were great, I'm tempted to not credit either of these lubes for the success.

Helix insertion was more difficult than on session 2 or 3 and I had to play with the lubes, finally deciding that the Ultra-gel was somewhat better than Warming liquid. Third try was a charm with the desired 'bloop' as I sucked it in.

Did some resting and small contractions on sides, back & belly. I haven't been much of a 'side guy' during this adventure and am usually eager to get onto my back or belly. Back and belly worked well and I did good rest periods; but, had no response in any position. Had the usual 'full' feeling and could contract for small movements. (travel was between 1/4- and 1/2-inch)

I've developed a fair sense of how much movement I get for a given amount of contraction. (OK, I admit that I used a mirror to peek... 8D ) I thought I was pretty well calibrated on this. By the end of this session I thought I'd need a yardstick instead of a ruler to measure !

In earlier sessions I could feel pressure on my prostate so knew I had contact but had no clue as to what else was needed. I'd been jabbing and shoving on my prostate for three sessions. Suddenly, when relaxing on my back, I sensed Helix contact with my posterior rectal wall (the nicest feeling I'd had since I started all this.) P2D ratio was a solid 12 on a 10 point scale.

Then, I rolled to my belly and, Voila! There was the anterior rectal surface with the Helix resting on my prostate. (P2D jumped to 15 on a 10 point scale.) I tried a couple small contractions and co-ordinated my pelvic muscles with some 'bear-down' moves.

Within seconds I gained co-ordinated control of my breathing, sphincter, pelvic and abdominal muscles to effect Aneros movement. Very natural co-ordination. Started moving the Aneros to explore my rectum. "OMG, maybe I'd just scaled the 'real Mahooscus' of butt-play."

My impression is that I'm tilting my anus to steer and using the rest of my abdominal muscles to propel the Aneros. Maybe everyone else has done this from square zero but for me, it was a major change. It seems to be far different from what I've read in the Wiki.

At first there was just two-axis mobility. In-out (vertical) and front to rear. I couldn't yet move it laterally. Later in the session I'd develop a sense of the left and right rectal walls and gain the ability to move from one to the other. For about 30 minutes I was able to develop very discrete motions and probe out several spots on my prostate (yes, Houston, we have contact !!!). I finally developed a nice "scooping" motion, bringing the head of Helix down to the lower part of the prostate, then sliding it upward along the anterior rectal wall to gently press the prostate upward. I was able to mentally track the movement as the Helix slid along the rectal wall and I could vary the pressure. Later I could reverse that motion, starting near the bladder and sliding down the anterior wall. Yup, p-spot found!

I think of this as a shift from 'sensing contractions' to gaining 'positional awareness.' And, if I'm able to repeat this on future sessions (and some other guys agree on the terminology) it might be a good addition to the Wiki milestones. This was the nice sliding movement that I had wanted during Session #2.

At this point, I didn't know that ID Glide had been diluted with a couple of ounces of water. The lube at this point was probably a witch's-brew of ID Glide (8cc), probably 2-whiskey-jiggers of H2O from the three small enemas and a 'flavoring' of K-Y Ultra-gel and K-Y Warming Liquid. Shame that I can't patent the recipe. (Mental note for next session... a bit sloshy is OK. Dilute the ID Glide!)

All the play was nice but I was getting pretty worked up. Suddenly I was craving orgasm. I was moving the Helix to stroke my prostate with the vigor of a 14-year old trying to jack off for the 10th time in an afternoon. My breath broke into panting and I sounded like my wife, working toward orgasm. No doubt, this was the real thing in the making. I'd climb up the hill. Then relax and slide back down. Climb, slide down.

This was probably the time for total relaxation. Unfortunately I'm a Type-A, achievement driven person who strives to add another notch in the bedpost. Having 'failed' at this, I wondered how the SGX would behave.


Session #4b (I learn about the towels!) SGX, about 20-25 minutes

I had played with the Helix for over an hour and had some static rest periods.

Out with the Helix and in with the SGX. Great mobility--much better than in session #1 and more total travel than I'd just had from the Helix. Our bedroom has mirrored walls so I fetched a hand mirror and 'posed' to see how much movement I was getting. ...well over an inch! The bear- downs were really shoving my donut though some large excursions. (payback would occur the following day!)

The mobility was great but the prostate contact wasn't as good as with the Helix. The SGX just isn't long enough to do the whole job. Size does matter and it was pretty clear that the SGX wasn't going to propel me up the Big-O mountain. (One other SGX issue for me is that I don't get steady p-tab contact. On moderate contractions it taps on the accupressure point. On these giant excursions, the p-tab was out of contact most of the cycle.)

I was able to 'suck' the SGX upward and "grab" the stem with my sphincter. Then, with pelvic and ab muscles, shove it downward, overpowering my sphincter grip, making the SGX ridges 'zip' through my anus. So, this is what butt-play is really about! Fun, but the prostate rubs with the Helix had been more pleasureful. It was nice though to distinguish between "fun" and "pleasure." The SGX was superior though in stimulating the posterior wall and anus. So I returned to the fun of 'zipping' for some anal 'buzz.'

Warning: There is a hazard in this game since the SGX, and MGX, stems are tapered and I was increasing my pelvic force as I shoved it downward and through my sphincter.

Next, "why we have multiple towels?" That SGX "zip-play" was fun on my belly so I opted for some doggie thrusting. That's when I found out about the towels. On the third 'shove' I ejected the SGX, catapulting it across the room. I also produced a butt-burp, revealing the lube-dilution and adding to the stack of contaminated laundry.

Now kiddies, here's today's complex ethics question... "Is it a conflict of interest to get anal about not making a mess?"


Session #4c: (Panting for an Orgasm) Helix - 45 minutes

Back to the Helix. I checked out all the various maneuvers and was convinced that lube was still adequate and that I could position the Helix anywhere I wanted. Ran through a number of body positions. Finally, on my side, I was able to get plenty of thrusting travel. This was the first time I'd felt really good about 'side work.' Nice solid P-tab contact and no sense of it 'digging- in" (note I started using a rubber bulb from a medicine dropper over the p-tab during Session #2).

Helix was surprisingly agile on my right side. Far more agile than during any of the earlier on-the-side sessions. I got some fast contractions and thrusts going and was producing about an inch of rapid movement with the Helix. Then, the pre-orgasmic panting was back. My uncontrolled panting was about twice the rate of the Aneros cycling. I got up the hill a few more yards than I did during '4a' but couldn't reach a point where I felt I could let go and drop into ecstacy. Hadn't reached the cliff but I'd seen the path!

Note: Later, <helixbill> and <love_is> would counsel that this was a good place to slip into meditation.

Then, rolled over and tried it belly-down, spread-eagle, toes inward, hips rolled outward. Slightly better prostate contact so I thought I'd manage an O. I was sort of edging when rough texture on the towel brushed my penis and the distraction killed the moment. Tried again, same problem with the towel.

BTW, this was a full motion water-bed so there's no finding a stable body position--sort of like maneuvering on Jello. It's fun for couples sex, but not for extreme athletics or precise positioning. The water volume is set so that we, as a couple, can bottom out when we need some traction. But for a solo game, Jello ruled.

Gee-whiz, "those Experts do know their shit." -- maybe RedBeard has the right idea with the jock.

Took a break and grabbed a jockstrap out of the closet. Rested, then back to action on the side and belly. Got a good sequence of fast contractions and tiny waves moving along the prostate and through my ribs and abs. Nice pleasurful stuff!! The panting kicked in and I'd almost reached the earlier edging point. Then, the rubber cover on the P-tab tangled with jockstrap. The experts were right about that too: When the Aneros is "floating", don't touch it.

Removed the tab cover and let the P-tab go 'bare.' Managed one more panting session. At well beyond two hours I was tiring and the Helix was running out of lube. Tried some more contactions in several positions. Nice! I was able to repeat sensing of the anterior, posterior and lateral rectal walls as well as "remap" my prostate.

The jock was a help, spread eagle on the belly, since the waterbed made it difficult to prevent rubbing against the towels. The better answer is a more stable surface.

No erection at any time during session #4. Focus seemed entirely ano-rectal and prostate.
No mb for a finish. I was still 'saving myself' for Mrs. NuBe. Next session: use a more solid surface and skip wearing a jock.

My 'flow' of pre-cum was far less than it had been for any of my 3 earlier sessions.

-- Is this much ano-rectal fascination a hinderance or have I just become "liberated" ?

-- Any tips on how to separate out 'prostate focus' from 'ano-rectal focus' or is that not a concern ?


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Getting Started

I had a major turning point on Session #4 so have lumped the first three sessions together. These sessions didn't move very far through the Wiki list of milestones. But I smoothed out a lot of basics and learned what a contraction was.

Aside from the nuts and bolts of "session management" the big project was getting my wife OK with the idea of 'female orgasms for men' So, she is OK with it but, without penis work, she sees her role as 'non-existant.' Eventually I want her involved in nipple and torso work but that's still several sessions away.

Session #1 (the basics)

SGX then Helix. Pre-lube: 10cc K-Y jelly Tool lube: K-Y jelly 75 min. 5/7/09

For session #1 I skipped the shower/mood-adjustment and focused on running through the 'basics' in the instructions and in the Wiki. The prep was pretty straightforward but I over-did on the amount of rectal rinse. That left several ounces of excess water in my colon which later diluted the K-Y lube. (this, was to become a recurring theme -- I just don't discharge the whole 4 ounces). I started doing basic contractions with the SGX to see how it played with my bph. While it did produce a generous amount of pre-cum, I didn't sense any major prostate pressure or stimulation during contractions.

Swapped to the Helix. Sensed definite prostate contact. Anal contractions produced a 'jabbing' feeling. The 'pleasure-to-discomrfort' (P2D) ratio wasn't great but was liveable.

With the SGX, I had good sense of the amount of my contraction. It was easy to find the "1/4 base contraction level" mentioned in the Wiki. I could smoothly go from minimum contraction to 'max' in one smooth move or by using a series of discrete steps. p-tab contact with the SGX was 'intermittent' during each contraction.

With the Helix, I'd jump from a partial contraction (maybe 10 or 20%), then jump to nearly full contraction (80 or 90%). The Helix was definately a heavier load to 'fine tune.' I believed though that the Helix was an OK tool for me even with my mild-to-moderate bph. The p-tab on the Helix really 'dug-in' to my perineum. Will try covering it with the bulb off a medicine dropper (mentioned in the Wiki).

With pre-lube (I'd not done that for the previous two months), insertion was a piece-of-cake with either tool. The SGX slid right in. The Helix was more of a two-step process and it needed a couple of tugs to really drop into the 'right' place. SGX yielded more pre-cum than did the Helix but the Helix put more pressure on my prostate.

Neither tool had any seams, nicks or molding ridges that can feel like knives. Nice QA Aneros!

Worked on sphincter contractions, got tired and recognized that I'd need some muscle building. As I tired, I got a couple of anal pulses were remminescent of pulses I'd experienced during butt-stim in Asian flesh-pots of years gone by. Those gals were good! (might make a good fantasy picture for future sessions !)

Tentative impression: the MGX with it's ridged stem and size might have been a better choice as a beginner's training device. Will know more later on. OTOH, I'll probably get more months out of the Helix before moving on to the Eupho or Progasm. The SGX (purchased just in case my bph acts up) will be used to validate my ability to restore base level contraction (BLC). Might take the suggestion by <Maxiumus> to use it in a kneeling position. (note the fixation I had on the amount of contraction -- perhaps that's all that beginning users sense because they are told to do just that.)

Overall: No hits, no runs, no fatal errors. Mystery: How can I take this much stim and not erect or even have a 'chubby ?'

Tips to other first timers: Keep the volume of anal rinse small, 3oz is probably OK. Use plenty of lube and don't sweat insertion of either the SGX or Helix.

Add to the bedroom list:
A small plastic trash bag to dispose of wipes, soiled Aneros tools & other stuff.
A roll of toilet paper or a box of Kleenex.
A dry washcloth for hand wiping.


Session #2: (Hmmm, some tingling and twitching)

Helix (modified with a rubber bulb covering the P-tab) - - 5/9/09 - 100 minutes.

Medication: 7 oz wine five hours earlier. Also Niacin + Plavix. - no enema - no shower - Pre-lube w/8cc ID Glide - loose shorts - warm waterbed - w/sleeping spouse.

Did right & left side contractions and relaxation. Also did spread eagle on back & belly - Best position: spread eagle on belly - Results: sensed prostate pressure, good movement, smooth prostate rubbing with less 'jabbing' (probably from better lube). (later note: At this point I didn't understand what "good Aneros movement" was nor did I undestand what good prostate rubbing was either). Practiced resting, slow contraction cycling, fast anal cycling (3 pps), able to identiy BCL, maintain it and return to it - Contraction range was again zero, then 80 to 90%.

Good Fantasy. (Ceiling decor in room #3 of White Cloud Resort, Sasebo.) Hint of 'something' when spread eagle: Twitching eyelids and forehead then a few mild thigh twitches during fast, voluntary anal cycling. One or two pulses of involuntary anal cycling. Lube failure before two-hour point - felt a bit raw for last 10 minutes or so. Done.

Only hard erections were at start of session then flaccid for two hours. Strong 95% erections following session when I was close to my spouse's scent. Hadn't taken any E.D. med. I wonder: Is this a substitute for Viagra ? Or, is it having some effect on the pituitary and the production of prolactin ?

Summary: Little prostate pain this session. Some anal pain. Lube note: ID glide is thinner than K-Y jelly. After this session, scrotum and penis were damp with contaminated lube. Can't use this combo during Missionary intercourse.

Following morning: some anal pain, less perineal pain from p-tab digging-in.


Session "2-1/2" , 5/11/09 -- Inserted Helix for mapped couples play. Pre-lube: 3cc of K-Y jelly. Tool lube: Crisco shortening. 90 minutes. Medication: Trimix. No significant leakage but no major contractions. Good feeling of 'bulk' in butt. Asked wife to not manipulate handle--that used to be her plaything. Typical Trimix erection. More pre-cum than usual. Ejacs at about 1-hr and again at 90 minutes. Failed to get good g-spot stim. Note: This was probably our seventh venture at intercourse when I was carrying the Aneros. I've not been generously lubed during any of those prior sessions.

Lube much better during this session and I didn't leak.


Getting my wife involved:

Once I personally commited to an Aneros journey I knew I had to involve my wife, sooner or later.

One thing that helps is that, for several years, we've invited each other into the bedroom or bath for most of our solo work or self-mb. I look forward to her involvement where she can really help. Particularly with torso-stim and nipple play.

The "overture:" I asked how she was doing on her own g-spot work. Turned out to be very little. I asked if I could help (even though I'm the village klutz when applying a vibe to another person.) I got the usual, "sure."

Selling it: Explained that I wanted to try for an MMO using the Helix. Repeated it, "I really want to try for an MMO." She was only casually interested until I said I thought it would improve my understanding of her orgasm(s) and how to help her build orgasms. I told her I would need her expertise on nipple stim, lip stim and to play around my torso surfaces. She brought an aversion to anal play into our marriage so I assured her that the Aneros wouldn't involve her in any anal play.

Agreement: Each of us have a continuing right to private meditation or masturbation. We also ask that the other person be 'on call' to come in and help the solo player over a hurdle or out of a bind. This is just our way of living up to the, "better or worse" vow.

Note --- I'm a neophyte, having just worked through Sessions #1 & #2 I know it's a long journey ahead. My wife and I must not stray from one another during all this learning. And, I think she can speed me along the path. I can learn more about her needs and desires during all this.


Session #3 (Price of a session = $ 300 ): Helix (rubber bulb covering P-tab) - 5/12/09. Pre-lube: 8cc ID Glide, Tool lube: K-Y jelly. 35 minutes.

This mid-morning session was no doubt doomed as we'd had a good roll in the hay the day before. While not drained dry I wan't 'overflowing' with desire or up to my tonsils in the makings of semen.

Out of the shower and got the Helix in place. Knock on bedroom door -- my wife invited friends for lunch and she needed my to help set the table (Grrr). Suspicion was that she was reacting to my Aneros session was getting her way; but, that proved to be wrong.

I had wanted to try for the 'twitches' again. No chance. Just a few contractions and relaxation periods. Had the fantasy ready (A mineral pool at Johnny's New Life, Beipou.) Never got the movie going. No hits, no runs, one error.

After the guests left, we talked about it. Turned out the neighbor owed her three-hundred bucks and asked to come over and repay it. Wife didn't want the $300 to get away so offered lunch.

Looked in the mirror to check out my paranoia! Then, will fight the battle another day.


Summary of #1 thru #3: Marriage isn't an easy environment for addition of new tricks to your bag of solo pleasures (unless your wife has selected them in advance). However, spouses should understand that there are far more dangerous things, some deadly, for a guy to do with his spare time.

Some tips and thoughts for beginners came out of these three sessions:
-- keep the volume of the rectal rinse small
-- my twitches and tingles hint that this journey isn't "snake oil."
-- consider thinning ID Glide pre-lube w/some H2O.
-- ID Glide pre-lube seems to marry with water better than does K-Y jelly.
-- Crisco seems to be a good choice of tool-lube when you're planning on Missionary position sex.

For guys who know the number on their Medicare card and who have little recent butt-play experience:
-- Going into session #1, I had lousy muscle tone in both my sphincter and my PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. The sphincter tended to take care of it's own rebuilding but I must re-dedicate to Kegels to re-build up my PC. That's still a work in progress. (Suspicion is that I won't get good accupressure stimulaton from the p-tab until I get the PC back in shape.) Bad news is that us old-farts build muscle very slooooooooowly.
-- If you are feeling a lot of p-tab pain or you sense that the p-tab is "digging-in", read the Wiki on padding it. This is a PC muscle issue and Kegels will eventually help but in the meantime, remember that the crus is right there and the penial arteries and nerves travel this region (where bicycle seat and cross-bar injuries occur.) Protect yourself, do no harm!
-- If you are getting irritation, occasionally consider a thin coating of prep-H Ointment (not cream or gel) around the lower 1/4 inch of the Aneros stem. Good healing stuff. But, check the contraindications, particularly if you have Coronary Artery Disease or have E.D. resulting from vascular disease or diabetes. <Rumel> and I have communicated on this and we agree that any prep-H use is an unwise choice for younger guys since some retinoids and fish oil prodcuts have been carcinogenic over the long term. Note also that the prep-H formulation varies by country and what might be OK for you in the U.S. product might not be OK with the Canadian product (or vice versa).


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How I stumbled in here

Blog, ground-zero. -- how I stumbled in the door --

Early in 2009 my wife and I embraced the Oprah/Sue Berman/Dr. Oz approach to improve our g-spot batting average. That involved a set of Dr. Berman's training tools, maps, and techniques. Good stuff!

Then, at a 'Sex101' workshop for seniors, a local Urologist mentioned that the g-spot was just a "left-over chunk of prostate tissue common to both males and females... ...both the g-spot and prostate had similar sensory characteristics and connections to the Central Nervous System." Soooo....., what was good for the Goose must be fair for the Gander.

Even though I have an 'itchy' prostate, my track record with anal-stim is poor. Most anal toys have given me a lousy "pleasure-to-discomfort ratio." All have settled to the bottom of our toy box or have gone out in the trash. Nevertheless, we searched the web stores for a new p-tool for couples. I chose a brand-name, modestly-sized p-vibe. It had a remote control so that my wife could occasionally goose me. (she thought the radio controlled model was.... 'tacky') LOL

Long story short: the 'p-vibe' wouldn't stay put. So, sayonara, vibe.

Then, off to the local toy and leather shop to find something that would stay in place and not have sharp edges. The counter person guaranteed that a Helix would stay put. Sold ! My wife gift-wrapped it.

On Valentine's day I opened the package, glanced at the instructions, noted where the p-tab went, and ceased reading. Slathered the Helix with K-Y jelly and we started using it during sex. For almost three months the Helix was a passive toy, riding along during intercourse, mb, or couples sex play. Great tool with a good 'P2D' ratio.

I had no clue. Wouldn't have been able to spell, "MMO."

In late April, I was clearing out my night stand and came across the Helix package. This time I read all the instructions. Then I visited this website. Holy s***, it was like getting to the bottom of the Cheerios box and finding a lifetime family pass to Disneyland !

Ordered a small jug of ID Glide and, an SGX in case of an issue with my bph. Then I covertly soloed Session #1, while my wife went shopping. Session #2 was the deciding event. I would continue the journey and come out of the closet. The tough job was to identify meaningful roles for my wife that would bond the journey into our marriage. She would 'own' my torso and any other, non-crotch erogenous spots that she could find or develop.

Oh yeah, I'm competitive, achievement oriented, 6'0", 180lb, straight, and "old as dirt."

Session #5 is now behind me, I've tasted the female approach to orgasm. I crave the journey. Crave my first MMO. And, aim for that eventual Super-O. Being neither young or tender, I figure my 'rewiring' won't be a speedy process. I may become the poster guy for all grinders. I figure I'll fall into a lot of 'potholes' along this path -- sometimes I'll ask for help to get out, other times I'll have to be told that I'm in a pothole and be administered a KITA. But, the 'P2D' ratio of the Helix seems good enough to keep me moving along.

I listen carefully to <helixbill> and <Love_is>. I understand their language (guys, please keep up the informative posts !)

I have a long-term interest in plotting biorhythm against my session performance. (Yeah I know, that's screwball.)

Welcome to my blog. Some abbreviations that I use:

P2D = "pleasure-to-discomfort ratio"
BCL = "Base Contraction Level"
"Mapping" = Using a Berman Foreplay Map from Oprah's 'Best Life Series'
KITA = Theoretical term from Strategic Management, 'kick-in-the-ass'


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