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Went to Walmart today

Well, I finally took my progasm for an outside excursion.
I decided to go to Walmart today ,and do my grocery shopping wit my Progasm in my ass.
It was ths best shopping experience I ever had! lol
I kept wondering what people would do if they knew that I had an aneros in my ASS!! (They probably would drop there grocery bags on the floor)

I was really having fun and enjoying every feeling in my ass until I got to the check-out stand and it started sliding out of my hole!
I had to reach down and slide it back in. (very embarrassing)
But, I totally reccommend doing this . It is a huge turn on!
When I got to the car .I pulled out my penis and jerked myself off
and had one of the biggest cum shots all over my sterring wheel.
It was GREAT .

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I have a question?
Have any of you tried putting in an aneros before going to sleep?
I tried it once this past week, and had a different experience,
I felt like my anal muscles had been working all night, and when I awoke
I was exhausted!
I am sure that I had experienced a few orgasms ,but I dont remember them.
I had a definite fullfilled feeling,but I was so tired that I am not sure that it was worth it. lol
I dont think that I will be doing that again in the near future, but it was an interesting experience anyway.
BigWilley 12

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