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Beginning to find my way in what promises to be a wonderful journey

Well, 1st and foremost let me say that anyone who reads this purchased an Aneros model and not had a huge sucess with using it yet and has not purchased the HypnoAneros session CD's that I truly beleive now that every 1st time Aneros user do so with the help of this CD, OMG what a difference.

So, I got off work and headed the short distance to the house, let the dog out, had a beer, didn't get in a hurry, just relaxing. Watched a bit of porn off which is a good free site if you havent found it yet. Anyway, spent almost an hour just winding down from the day, had the one beer, then switched to water. Probably drank 2 quarts of water in that hour but this is not an uncommon quantity for me. Also had a nice herbal smoke. Retired to the bedroom and stared the session CD.

While it was getting started, I applied more lube to my anus on the outside and continued teasing my hole with 1 finger. Once I was beginning to loosen and accomodate the finger easily, I used a medicine syringe to inject approximately 10 ml of ID Pleasure lube. Was immediately much more at ease than prior session that were preceeded my an enema each time. Along with the increased amount of lube coupled with it being H2O based rather than silicone based, this session was just beginning and was already better than the previous 2 sessions together.

The CD was a great relaxation tool and not very long into the narration, I was beginning to get really anxious to get going, however I forced myself to follow, relax and be guided, and boy am I glad I did. My eyes were closed from the very beginning and by the time the narration got to saying your eyes were too haevy to keep open, I began to experience flashing orb like bursts of color with my eyes closed, WOW, this was cool but it startled me alittle, relaxing again they came back and it was quite beautiful, the whole time my cock was hard as steel, throbbing and simply pouring precum. This was the first time I had ever been here and by god I AM GOING BACK! lol

Following along with the cd just kept getting better and better. The contractions began to come involuntarily and I was moaning like I was in agony, ah that fine line between pleasure and pain...

So, I wish I could report that I finished with a mind-numbing skull splitting pleasure sensory overload, but alas, I began to question the time and how much more of it I had before the wofe arrived home. I want to share this with her, but after I become comfortable and more proficient with its use. So this really began to interrupt my concentrations and rythym, so therefore I tried stopped the cd, took a deep breath and relieved MrH of his post, cleaned up and put everything away.

I can honestly say that at this point I have glimpsed the promised land and think that I need to merely provide myself with enough time to relax without fear of interruption. I am not sure how much longer this journey is for sure, it appears to be just over the horizon, but with the mountain I climbed last night, I wont care if I am not even close yet if there is more of that pleasurable path on the way to the summit.

I have already begun planning for the next session on Friday afternoon during which I will have a minimum of 5 hours uninterrupted. I will use the safe preparation sequence and lubes since this session seems to be a breakthrough. Also I did not change positions at all last night, was on my back with my legs splayed to the side and my knees bent at about a 45degree angle. I will also be using a Liberator type wedge Friday to elevate my hips and provide more room so that MrH is not encumbered in movement at all.

Wish me luck! I am also very open to suggestions that will help me during these journies.

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First few attempts while not futile were not great

Well, let me start with a bit of background, I am a mid thirties white male physician in the North GA Mountains, I have began experiencing occasional prostatis. PSA levels not elevated, my urologist friend suggested prostate massage when it is inflammed. He suggested the Aneros and told me that he uses on for preventative prostate health and that I should consider it, and that the only side effects he has seen so far are mind blowing waves of pleasure and orgasms. So of course I ordered one right away, personally had never heard of it before or would have already had one. I am no stranger to anal play, my wife, who is also a physician, has massaged my prostate before while taking my cock in her mouth, and it is amazing.

So, about 2 weeks ago it finally arrived, I rushed home having the afternoon to myself and eagerly opened the package to find a much smaller that I had imagined looking Helix. Thank goodness for that too, as a single finger is the most I have had back there at one time. I began with a double fleet enema to make sure I was clean, then had a nice hot shower, injected approx 6ml of Astroglide silicone based, lubed MrHelix and inserted. OK, now I fully understand what you guys mean when you say it is simply drawn in by your anus, wowwww, that was good, so far so good.

So after just being still for a few minutes sitting in my computer chair slouched down so the Aneros movement wouldn't be hindered by my positioning, I began to try slight and slow PC contractions. Quite frankly I found the sensation to be much less than pleasurable, but not necessarily painful either, kinda straddling the proverbial line between pleasure and pain. I had some video porn playing and think I was rushing things. After almost an hour realized that this session wasn't going anywhere and slipped MrH out, went out for a smoke and some thought.

I thought that it could have possibly been my seated position, the distraction of the porn, just being too anxious for the expereince... a combination of all of the above?

This gave me hope to try again. I went back inside, packed a small bowl and had another smoke so to speak before retiring to the bedroom. I placed dark towel on the bed to help avoid making a mess (I was still hopeful for a quaking shaking big-un! haha) and settle in left side lying decubital position. MrH reporting to duty station, and again, the initial draw in was spectacular! After trying to relax with some slow deep breathing and enjoying my slight buzz, I began toying with PC contractions of varying intensity and duration, in several different bodily positions. I again realized that I was trying to force it and simply gave up and had an old fashined jerk, and with MrH on duty, it was quite plesurable.

About a week later I again had the good fortune to have an afternoon to myself. I again started with an enema, injected the same Astroglide and had very similiar results as the first time. I know that I was rushing it again, I just am not patient. Gotta relax and let it hapen. PC control and stamina seems to be ok, so must relax, consider different lubes/enema, not sure.

My plan for this evening (have 4 hours to myself later today) is to skip the enema. I have been reading some other posters comments that the beleive they have an issue with cramping for the enema. I can see how this might be part of my problem, any and all anal play I have experience in the past has not been preceed with an enema, just an empty rectum, so I fill forgo the less than appealing process of flushing the rectum and will be using a H2O based lube ID Glide. I will also be injecting more along the lines of 10ml as I know water based lube will be somewhat absorbed by the colo-rectal linings. I will forgo any porn and plan on playing a deep relaxation CD I have while lying in a darkened bedroom in a quite house and see what happens.

As I stated earlier, patience has never been a virtue of mine, but I am trying because I know that I cannot force it but rather need to coax it.

As far as tonites expectations, well, I dont really have any. I am simply going to look at today's upcomming session as purely clinical in nature as a prostrate massage and see where it goes. I did notice PC contractile waves this morning driving into work without any MrH stimulation or concious effort of my part, at least at first, but I rolled with it, trying to keeps the waves going, and it was good, so good in fact I had to stop for fear of a huge wet spot on my trousers. So for now, I think forward to utilizing self-control, relaxation, and tons of lube for tonites session and looking forward to the journey.

And I just finished downloading the Hypnaeros Mp3, previewed the mp3 file and honestly looking forward to this now, I think Alana will really help me relax and explore new territory. Wish me luck!

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