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Aneros Blogs > Aneros kickstart to an awakening (by Robby-O)

Morning orgasms... into the late afternoon

This morning has been uniquely pleasurable... No Aneros, yet my body has learned to bring about some amazing orgasms just sitting and working (or getting lost in erotic thought) or running some errands...

It's some pleasure-on-demand capability I'm wired into. Woo-hoo! Who wouldn't want to know they could do that?

I wonder too how far I can take it. There are different levels of pleasure, from some slight stirring to a more fulfilling buzz to an occasional body-shaking intensity and craving and climax and release. There's no ejaculation (or erection), leaving me with a constant baseline tingling ready to climb again. I could probably go all day.

Seriously, how happy this is. Remarkably, I can sense an openness today in my relationships with other people... when oneself is glowing, it's so easy to share that emotive quality with others.

O happy day!

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Super-O zone

During yesterday's chat I was reminded of the experience of Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who analyzed the effects of her own stroke:

Watching her intriguing and wonderfully articulate talk again, I was struck by her description of her dips into "right-hemisphere consciousness"—because it is very similar to how I was feeling after one of my marathon Aneros sessions (blog title "Fifth session—wonderful and bizarre"). Yet more evidence of how all things are connected...

Also during yesterday's chat I was starting to get onto a mini-orgasmic high, and after it ended decided to pop in the Helix. Well, during the ensuing session I think I definitely reached a new plateau...

It started out innocently enough: some music, some erotic pictures, some dim lighting... usually the first 30 minutes or so are not very intense, just some (mostly involuntary) contractions while I explore the sensuality of the human body with my mind.

Soon though I started to feel the little tickling sensation around my prostate that wanted to become something more. I focused my awareness on it, and by doing so it began to blossom... mini-Os, then dry-Os... At some point there was no further use in looking at erotic material, as it was all absorbed into my mind and there was much more it seemed I was able to do with it there. My eyes shut (or turned back into my head, I'm not sure which) and I was adrift in pre-orgasmic waves of pleasure and erotic thought.

Physically, I've found that the more I am able to withstand the orgasmic energies without letting them escape into shaking and spasms, the more pleasure I am able to feel. I'm getting better at this; one of the techniques I use is to "grab" the energies with my awareness and pull them up my spine and into other parts of my body.

As I was doing this last night I began to feel an intense pleasure build up until it demanded a full clenching of PC muscles and a great magnificent orgasm ensued for several seconds. Then just as it began to decay, I could feel my anal muscles manipulating the Aneros into building up another orgasmic wave, and I went almost immediately into another climax, this time even more powerful. And then the same thing happened again... and again... a feedback cycle! I don't know how long it went on—minutes for sure, until my body was just too physically exhausted to go on. And even then it still didn't want to stop.

I had to reach for some water... I was thirsty and my bed and pillows were soaked with sweat.

And then I went right back into it over and over and over again. Wow. Super-Os? You bet—nearly four hours worth. If there's anything more powerful than this, I'm not sure my poor body could take it. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to try!

Overall, I'd have to say this was one of my best sessions yet. Life is good! The music is speaking to me again today, and I'm a very happy man.

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Lube makes a difference

On advice from the forum, I picked up some Probe Thick Rich at Walgreens. Without a doubt, the choice of lube makes a big difference.

Up until now I had been using ID Glide; it had a tendency not to stay where I wanted it to stay, and was difficult to apply in the right amount to be comfortable during my sessions, and did not seem to last very long.

A little of the Probe lube went a long way, and lasted for hours. It's a little messy, but with some care that's not much of a problem. I'm already a big fan.

I had a very enjoyable session with a number of intense, prolonged body-shaking orgasms.

Not much else to report; how many times can I say what a pleasure the Aneros is?

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Sixth session: Sensual bliss

I spent part of the day reading about chakras and their traditional mystical interpretations. I am definitely at a point where I can feel something—an energy—moving around and through my body. And, I can intensify the feeling just by focusing my awareness on it with the intent to do so.

I wonder if that's all that's really been happening around the prostate, which is near the root chakra considered to be at the base of the spine. By moving the energy around there with my awareness, I can eventually induce an orgasm. It's relatively easy to do this because the energy has a sexual, pleasurable quality to it, making it trivial to identify and immensely enjoyable to dwell upon. (It is actually the second chakra, below the navel, that is supposed to be connected with sexual response; perhaps this helps explain the effectiveness of e.g. the male deer exercise...)

The other energies I've been experiencing do not have the same sexual quality to them. Yet they are clearly present around the other chakras, and must have a similar relationship with the nervous system of the body as does the root chakra, as they're able to induce the same muscle spasms I'd experienced when first starting with the Aneros.

I don't experience spasms as much any more, at least as far as they are associated with prostate massage, and I think this is an effect of the "rewiring" process—another way to look at it might be an opening up of energy channels. My other chakras are (or were) not as open yet, and so the energy has been jolting and shocking my nervous system causing convulsions.

Anyway, enough with the left-brain theories. I was hoping my Progasm would arrive today, but alas no. I was feeling in the mood nonetheless, and set out for another Helix session.

This session was a lot less violent than all my others, and yet I was able to get at least as much pleasure. I started out on my back because I felt like maybe I had pulled a muscle in my abdomen in an earlier session, and wanted to keep movement of it to a minimum. I eventually came to a nice string of Os and Super-Os (I'll call them that only because they're the most pleasurable thing I've experienced so far and they're incredibly intense). Everything was becoming pretty natural to me—the involuntary contractions, the breathing, the focusing and raising of energy.

Intrigued by what I had experienced last night, I started experimenting again raising energy throughout other parts of my body at the same time I was having orgasms. Eventually I noticed the orgasms take on a different quality... rather than intensifying into more, more, more, there was rather a feeling of completion and wholeness; a satisfying bliss. I could continue them if I wanted, but the bliss became pleasurable in itself. I decided to stay there a while, and fell into a deep meditation. (I could have been asleep.) For the next hour or so—I'm guessing—my meditation was interrupted occasionally by a deep rush of energy from the bottom of my spine up through the top of my head, touching every chakra. It had only a faint sexual quality to it; the majority of it was a blissful feeling of love, happiness, wholeness, peacefulness, and completeness. It hovered for a bit and then receded. Pleasure wave? I think I would have to call it a joygasm. It repeated a number of times.

Each time the joygasm pulse came, I was becoming more and more awake. I had the same wonderful feelings of well-being I've been having after my Aneros sessions, but here I was still in one. But I was contented enough to feel ready to stop.

Each session just gets more and more amazing. Where will it all lead? I don't know, but I'm sure enjoying the experience.

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Non-orgasmic orgasm?

Yesterday was a good day. I got some things accomplished, and was feeling good.

Upon retiring to bed, still bemused by my newfound ability to voluntarily induce pleasure, I did so and experienced a few dry-Os. Not to get too involved in a session though, and since I had gotten rock hard, I decided to whip up an ejaculation... it was a very nice release.

I still had some tingling pleasure sensations afterward, and I started to notice something else too. My entire body was covered with scintillating energy... not orgasmic energy, but something else. I don't think it was the same as the soothing energy I experienced a few days ago either; I don't really know what it was. Orgasmic energy for me seems to center around the prostate area, but I couldn't place a source for this new energy I was feeling. Maybe the throat? It just seemed to be everywhere—my shoulders, face, chest... less so it seemed in my legs, but I could feel it there too.

But what really got my attention is that I could control it. By raising this new energy with my focused awareness in the same way I've learned to raise orgasmic energy, it would intensify. It felt nice, as if I were vibrating. But the surprising thing is that if I raised it to a high enough level, my physical body would start to experience involuntary muscle spasms, just like my first experience with the Aneros!

What was going on? My analytical brain kicked in and started to piece bits of knowledge together. The first time I experienced those muscle spasms with the Aneros, I was feeling only miniscule pleasure from the orgasmic energy... as if the energy was instead dissipating into my body and causing the spasms. As I learned to control the spasms (rewire), the energy became more noticeable and more pleasurable.

What would become of this new energy if I learn to control its spasms? I had no idea what to expect. The energy itself didn't seem to have any definable characteristics.

I continued to experiment with it, but was also feeling tired and eventually fell asleep.

While I slept I had a dream that is remarkable to me now only in the way that it ended. I suddenly felt that my entire body was getting sucked into a tube through my feet. However, since I didn't know where I was going, my shock and apprehension caused me to snap back into my physical body and wake up.

This morning I was feeling more of the orgasmic energy, and it surged through me a few times without much of my help. I'm still tingling as I write this and not sure where I will go from here.

It's a continuing adventure!

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A good start to the day

When I woke up this morning it was just barely light outside. I could hear it was starting to rain. Still feeling groggy, I wasn't ready to get up. I had a few false starts, based mostly around my confusion and paranoia that someone was going to walk into my bedroom and see everything I'd been doing there.

Several hours later I was awake enough to wonder if yesterday had really happened. As if to prove it to myself, I started to bring on the familiar sweet tingling sensation in my groin and easily achieved a few dry orgasms. I struggled with finding the right balance between having these pleasures and finding the right time to end them, and eventually decided ejaculation would be best. I haven't figured out yet how to do that just with my mind alone, so manual stimulation became required. It was pleasurable as ever, and gave me just the right amount of satiation to allow me to finally get out of bed.

So far today I'm feeling good. The music is speaking to me again. With any luck the Progasm I ordered last week might arrive later today. I'm not sure I'll want to use it right away... I've got enough of a high going just from this morning's kickstart.

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Fifth session—wonderful and bizarre

Today has been bizarre.

After waking I had a quick Aneros-less session to start the day.

My energy levels today were nothing like they were yesterday, though I was still getting into listening to my music while I worked. There was something else, though—not quite depression but a melancholy and anxious feeling about something I couldn't quite identify.

In the late afternoon I was getting horny and decided to get into using the Aneros again. The first hour was unremarkable, mostly because I couldn't get satisfied with the lube. I had generously pre-lubed, but I couldn't get any of it to stay on the backside of the Helix (away from the prostate) and it would keep getting dry and irritating as it seemed to attach to the wall of my rectum.

I probably should try another type of lube; I've only been using ID Glide so far.

After re-lubing a number of times, I was finally getting into it. The next 30 minutes to an hour were filled with a number of wonderful dry-Os. But then things were starting to get kicked up a notch or two or three.

For the next two full hours, the intensity of the orgasmic energy was stronger and lasted longer than I'd ever experienced before. Wave after wave of build and climax. Each left me gasping for breath, panting, thirsty... I was writhing all over my bed, twisting and turning so much all the covers ended up on the floor. My pillow was soaked. But none of that seemed to matter... what mattered was... WATER. I was parched, and I had already drunk all the water in the bottles next to my bed. What to do? I knew I had more water bottles downstairs, but that entailed navigating a flight of stairs while I was in an extremely odd state of consciousness... it's as though I was only half present in the physical, while the rest of me was off somewhere in ecstasy.

Tormented, I had no choice. I got up off the bed and climbed downstairs, relying heavily on the handrail. I was really in no condition to be doing this... in my state of mind I couldn't even be bothered to pick up individual bottles; I just grabbed what was left of the whole multi-bottle packaging. I was also moving very slowly... as if every step required great concentration.

I made it back up to my bedroom and collapsed on the bed, finally able to drink some relief. The orgasms kept coming one after the other, almost without any pause in between. Some of them by themselves must have lasted for minutes. Eventually I became so exhausted I just stopped moving; it was too much effort. But the involuntaries didn't let up, and the sweet and almost unbearable orgasmic energy wouldn't go away. Each one brought me down to primal instincts. The emotional feelings I had were that this unrelenting orgasmic energy was a creative force; maybe THE creator force. (No wonder it is associated with procreation.) Some of the orgasms brought me into a fetal position, whimpering.

Super-Os? Maybe. I'm not ready to deny it could get any better, but I wouldn't complain if it never does either.

At some point I realized my testicles were aching pretty badly, and needed some release. So I grabbed my flaccid penis and forced it into submission to get an ejaculation. (It's surprising to me now how much work it is to get an orgasm that way.) After that release my body felt about to become unconscious, so I removed the Aneros and fell asleep.

I slept for half an hour. Upon waking, the sweet call of the O was right there with me, and I began what became another two full hours of orgasmic bliss, but this time without the Aneros.

I do notice a difference in the quality of orgasms with and without the Aneros. Without the Aneros of course seems more natural, and starts out a bit milder but can easily reach the same peak as with the Aneros. Also there are no concerns about lube! The training wheel analogy for the Aneros is very apt; its presence and built-in feedback loop are a positive reinforcement for the same bio-responses I can now perform without it. The difference is the Aneros is like something of an autopilot; I seem to have a little more responsibility and control when doing things on my own.

During the last hour or so, I started experimenting with channeling the orgasmic energy through the other chakras in my body. I caused the energy to rush upward all the way to the top of my head. After doing this a number of times my entire body was tingling and sensitive to the touch of my hand, which seemed to have energy pouring out of it. My face in particular was feeling tense and my mouth and lips locked into an extremely odd position. I had noticed it do this during one of my first sessions as well, so this piqued my curiosity.

I don't remember a lot else about those last two hours, except that I was definitely in an altered state. In fact I still am. But the most bizarre thing is that after I ended that session I was (and am) paradoxically both extremely alert and feeling almost comatose. It's like everything is moving in slow motion; it took me several minutes just to figure out how to put some clothes on. Everything looked familiar and yet new and strange. Looking out the window, I felt extremely connected to the earth, and at the same time I realized I have come here from somewhere else, and I missed that place tremendously. I started to cry.

This is some powerful stuff. My life is undoubtedly changed forever.

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Couldn't ask for a better day

Today I've been feeling high as a kite. The Aneros-less kickstart I described in my previous entry was just the incredible beginning. Who knew I could teach my body to enjoy intense orgasmic pleasure at will without any direct physical stimulation? Frankly I'm amazed it has happened at all, let alone so quickly—I've only had four sessions with the Aneros and I almost feel like I don't really need it any more. I gather my rapid progress is not a common occurrence for most guys, so I am also especially grateful for whatever it was that enabled me to get rewired almost immediately.

I've been listening to music for most of the day, and have gotten tremendous pleasure from it. Familiar songs feel new again, the intricate chord progressions and melodies... but especially the rhythm. Oh, yeah! Syncopated rhythms! I love them like never before... I can't help but move... must dance!

Something surprised me about the particular songs coming up in my random playlist. They all had something apropos to say to me about how I was feeling at that moment, either in the lyrics, the mood of the music, or in some cases even the title and album name. I don't usually listen to lyrics as I'm generally moved more by the music itself, but today these coincidences caused me to start paying attention.

“I look into the window of my mind
Reflections of the fears I know I've left behind
I step out of the ordinary
I can feel my soul ascending
I'm on my way
Can't stop me now
And you can feel the same, yeah

“What have you done today to make you feel proud?
It's never too late to try
What have you done today to make you feel proud?
You could be so many people
If you make a path for freedom
What have you done today to make you feel proud?

“Still so many answers I don't know (there are so many answers)
Realize that to question is how to go (to question is to go)
So I step out of the ordinary
I can feel my soul ascending
I'm on my way
Can't stop me now
You can do the same, yeah

“What have you done today to make you feel proud?

If I can help just one person to experience the same bliss I have today, I would be humbled.

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Training wheels indeed

Something interesting happened last night that was completely non-sexual, and yet at least as energetic and satisfying as I've been experiencing lately. I decided to try some meditation (in bed) with the help of headphones and soothing audio. It was not long before I started to feel some tingling, mostly in my legs—not erotic at all but soothing and very relaxing. I was able to direct this tingling with my focused awareness into other parts of my body, and was soon feeling it all over.

Some other things also happened that I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about, as they are very personal. I'll just say that I think I made some significant spiritual progress and felt enveloped in loving guidance. As it relates to the tremendous feelings the Aneros is able to bring about however, I will also say I was exposed to a number of different energies of which the orgasmic energy seems to be just one in a vast spectrum.

I slept very well last night. :-)

This morning I felt refreshed, but was also starting to feel the same urges as before. I was pretty charged up, so I experimented with having an Aneros-less session and, to my great amazement and satisfaction, achieved numerous body-shaking orgasms. I didn't feel the need to ejaculate, and finished the session instead on a great high. What a great way to start the day!

Right now I've got the same awesome feeling of well-being I had the day after my first Aneros exposure. I'm listening to music and it just seems to capture me and make me want to get up and dance. I love it.

I look forward to a lot more of this. I'm a very happy man.

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New experiences—some positive, others perplexing

In my first entry I mentioned I might try combining my pleasurable day-after effects with traditional masturbation. I did, and the result was one of the strongest orgasms and ejaculation I've had in recent memory; it was quite enjoyable.

That was last night. Early this morning I woke up to involuntary spasms and arousal sensations, as though I were having an Aneros session—but I wasn't! The convulsions literally woke me up. Unfortunately, I was still tired and wasn't in the mood to go for a spin. But there was no stopping the movements and sensations. Frustrated, I got out of bed and started my day—tired, but at least consciously able to suspend what would otherwise have been a pleasurable experience.

It wasn't long before my tiredness caught up with me, and I decided to take a nap. I slept for maybe an hour, and awoke again to the same orgasmic teasing and uncontrollable body movements. This time I was a little less tired, and kind of enjoying the experience, and since I couldn't seem to stop it anyway I gave in to getting the Helix and going for a full session. I practiced some deep breathing, trying to calm my body as much as possible. I focused on bringing the pleasurable sensations into every part of my body, filling me up. By concentrating on keeping my body completely relaxed, I think this helped spur the involuntaries as the only remaining avenue of release for the mounting erotic tension; I don't think I induced any voluntary contractions at all.

I think this fourth session has been the most pleasurable overall. It also ended up being the shortest; maybe an hour or two. I was fairly aroused throughout the entire session, and kept an erection for most of it. I got so horny I had to go for the Super-T again, and this time it actually felt great. I have some theories on why my earlier attempts were so uncomfortable, having to do with the length of session and issues of lubrication.

So my problem now is that I can't seem to get any sleep. I got very tired and decided to call it an early night, but soon after crawling into bed the spasms and tensions started up again. I just wanted to sleep, but my body had other ideas. I found no way to calm myself, except to give in and masturbate with traditional ejaculation (without Aneros). That succeeded in getting me to sleep—for a few hours anyway.

I want to say the Aneros has so far been to me both a blessing and a curse. Not a curse in the sense that I'm addicted to it (although I admit I am hooked) but rather that it has provoked irreversible changes in my body that I haven't quite figured out how to control yet. And here I'm talking about controlling my body after the Aneros is removed! I don't quite know how to turn it off. For some people this might seem a welcome turn of events, but be careful what you wish for!

I'm not disappointed at all, but I would like to get some quality sleep time. Hopefully my body will adjust and learn to balance its newfound ability to induce pleasure with my competing needs.

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