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Something has changed

Thanks to the comment of slipperybugger, I tried inserting the aneros and concentrating on feelings from my lower body.

As I am not recognizing any feeling of my prostate, I tried to search for it with an old toothbrush. I know the pressure on my prostate as a painful feeling from a doctor visit in the past. Now with the toothbrush I did not recognize any feeling...

So my concetracte was on the rectum and peripherum. There was a little tingeling, but nothing to cry out in ectstasy only to say this feeling is nice.

I think from other posts in this forum, that this feeling is at the beginning of a very long journey....

I am curious about what else will come....

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Greetings from Germany.

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Nothing has happened

Like my first try with the prograsm, nothing has really happened. I was wearing the prograsm as I was sitting on the couch and playing PS2. I am expecting nothing to happen, so we will see if things got up.

Today I am using the MGX on the gymnastic ball, it feels very nice but also I didn't feel my prostate either....

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hope for dreams


I bought a helix before a month and read me through this forum.

In the beginning there were little feelings in my anal region, but with the time the feelings got less.

So I ordered a prograsm and a gymnastik ball which I received today.

The prograsm is really thick and I first thought that this will never fit in me. But to my suprise I get there without a problem, but I still didn't get any feeling. I hoped that this kingsize prograsm would touch my prostate, but it didn't.

I hope that with the time there will be more to tell, but now I am very disappointed.... But we will see.

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