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New milestones reached.

It's been a few weeks since my last entry but I have been regularly using my MGX twice a week.

The reason for the absence is because there has been nothing new to report, until today that is.

I must admit my enthusiasm was waning somewhat and today I went through my usual prep and inserted my MGX. I laid on my side for a time doing anal contractions periodically, but I realsied that all of my thoughts were negative, so I relaxed and let my sub conscious focus on my prostate. Immediately my full body went into spasm. I got over eager and it passed, so I dropped back down to the sub conscious level and the spasms started again with involuntary contractions. They were not orgasms but the feeling was great. I was able to keep this going for about 5 minutes but could not maintain that state of mind any longer, so I turned on my back with legs splayed, which made the handle cause the Aneros to put more pressure on my prostate and again the spasms and contarctions returned. But this time I got a throbbing erection which stood up every time I contracted. This again lasted for about 5 minutes.

After this I was hot so decided to masturbate which culminated in a superb penile orgasm and ejaculation.

I ended this session very elated as it had unlocked a method by which I can take the experience into new territory. I'm looking forward to the next sesion.

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One to cultivate!

I have been using the MGX for about a month so far, 2 sessions per week and I can't say that I am experiencing any sexual pleasures from it.

However, I did insert it before sex with my wife (she does not know about the Aneros). Once in place it is quite discreet and I was confident she would not notice it. I have to say that the penile sensations were incredible but after about a minute I had to hold back as I was afraid that I would "hair trigger" and spoil the session. Being a gentleman I always make sure the lady cums first but when I eventually turned the attention to myself was disappointed that I could not recreate the earlier sensations and had to make do with the standard type of build up to orgasm.

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First blog

Session 2 yesterday and there were less feelings of wanting to pee and I did get a period when my whole body felt a warm glow. This lasted for about 10 minutes and was pleasurable although it was nowhere near orgasmic.

I do not get any sensations from my perineum with the P tab, which surprises me as in the past I have been able to achieve sensations in that area by gently massaging there.

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Onwards and upwards!

Well! I received my MGX last week and yesterday evening was the first chance I had to try it out.

I was a bit apprehensive about inserting it into my anus as I imagined it was going to be a bit painful. I carfully washed my passage and used a finger to lube it with KY Jelly and then spread vaseline along the length of the MGX and I am pleased to say it slipped in without a problem and I was amazed how it was suddenly sucked up there once past a certain point. It felt comfortable from the start but I relaxed for about 10 minutes befor trying contractions. Over the course of the time I had it in I felt a few slight body spasms but nothing outstanding and most of the time it felt like I needed to pee when I contracted.

I tried out various positions but the one that felt like it was making most contact with my prostate was the one suggested on the packaging, i.e. on my side with bottom leg straight out and top leg at a 90 degree angle, so I mainly kept to that.

I hope to get in about 2-3 sessions per week, so I will keep my progress posted when it occurs.

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