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Aneros Blogs > gm's journey (by gm501)

Short and very sweet

When I read about guys that have multi-hour sessions with their Aneros's, I wonder, Where do they get the time? I don't generally have that much private time to devote to my sessions. But for me it's a matter of quality rather than quantity.

So a few days ago, I had a pretty good block of time, so I did my usual preparation and began my session. It wasn't long before I was rocking with O's, each one getting stronger until I had one super long and intense one. What was different about this session was that I felt like I was going to ejac, and sure enough, on that last super O I did, hands free, of course. I usually don't ejac unless I'm rubbing my member. What a feeling. But then I was done (the downside), and when I took out my Aneros only about ten minutes had gone by. But it was a great ten minutes.

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Best yet

I had the best session yet tonight. I have the house to myself. I prepared and ate my supper in the nude (turned up the thermostat first), and went upstairs, squirted some lube in myself, lubed up the helix, and in she went. Layed about five minutes and then started rocking my hips gently while laying on my side. Within three or four minutes, I started having O's, and they got stronger and stronger, one after the other. I found I could control this somewhat by fantasizing about my wife or another woman, alternating between them, and as I did, another wave would overtake me. Totally cool. The intensity varied -- some were subtle, some were really strong, some were toe-curling. Then I flopped on my back and thought that I might break the streak, but pretty soon -- same thing -- lots of O's, and I found I didn't even have to fantasize sometimes. After about 45 minutes, I lubed up Mr. P, and finished off with a nice cum. Absolutely incredible!

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Unexpected pleasure

So last night I decided to do another session, even though I had only 45 minutes of guaranteed privacy. I figured, why not -- just to keep the journey moving along, even if nothing much happens.

The feeling right off was good, and I was more relaxed than other sessions, maybe because it was more familiar. I was laying on my side with my legs in a "scissors" position. After about five minutes or so, I decided to take a more active role, so I started to thrust my hips forward and backward, just a little. Very quickly, I started getting great pleasurable feelings in my loins, which started to build. Then they would ebb, and then build some more, going past the last one. I started to breathe heavier, and the waves started radiating into my chest and down through my legs. Wave after wave, and I wasn't even expecting anything to happen when I started! I was definitely in orgasm, and the waves continued one on top of another. It was like they were controlling me, but yet I was controlling them, too, and I felt like I could have gone on for a long time. But time was running out, and I let myself go - wow! Underneath on the towel, I had some sticky cum -- but no erection. It was definitely worth the effort, even though I had only a few minutes. I was probably done within 20 minutes, and spent several minutes cleaning up and putting things back the way they were.

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Third session

Since my last session, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to insert some lube in "there". But how? I was wishing I had bought a syringe when I ordered the unit. I spent some time looking at Walgreens and Walmart for something that would gently deliver some lube where I wanted it. I found a baby doser syringe, kinda like a small turkey baster. It held 5 ml and had a fairly gentle tip. Perfect! I was ready.

So for my next session, I inserted the extra lube. I would say that it really didn't make much difference. Not that it was uncomfortable before, but I don't think it was worth it. Plus, after my session, I was farting out lube a couple hours later and got it on my PJ's, something I didn't want to try to explain to the wife.

The session was great, but no magic. I finished off again with a JO, this time, getting a nice hard-on.

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Second time

I didn't have as much time the second time I used it. This was about a week after the initial use. In fact, I wasn't even home. I was in my office on a Saturday afternoon (no one else was around, of course). The main challenge was finding a comfortable place to lay. The best I could do was the hard floor. Oh well. It wasn't as bad as you may think.

It felt good, and I was starting to get used to the feeling of this thing in my bum. I knew my session was going to be short, because I had somewhere that I had to be, so after about 20 minutes, I started rubbing my dick. It was interesting that it was really small. I usually don't have too much trouble getting a hard-on, but nothing was happening. I spread a little lube on it, and though it felt good, no hard-on. Then I started to fantasize, you know, about doing a woman I know. Then, all of the sudden, my whole insides welled up and I had a very strong orgasm with jizz everywhere. But still no hard-on. It was weird, but it felt really good. I thought I had broke something. Well, I cleaned up and that was it. It was time to go.

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First time

I didn't really know what to expect. This was a new and intriguing thing for me, and I was anxious to expand my horizons into something totally new and different. I have been a pretty avid Fleshlight user for at least three years, using it about once a week.

Oh, BTW, I'm married, in my 50's, and, no, wife doesn't know about my toys, any of them. I plan to keep it that way.

Anyway, for my first time, I was home alone and prepared my place on top of the warm water bed. I had the impression that the whole thing was going to be much messier than it was. In fact, using the Fleshlight is a lot messier than using the aneros. With great anticipation and moderate anxiety, I lubed up the toy and found it was pretty easy to insert. I was amazed how once it's half way in it just seems to pull itself the rest of the way in. My heart was pounding, and I tried to lay as still as possible for 15 minutes. Time seemed to stand still. I kept looking at the clock after what seemed like 5 minutes, and only 1 minute had gone by. I had read the forums and wiki, so I wasn't really expecting any great miracles the first time, and nothing miraculous happened. It felt good, though, and after 45 minutes, I decided to stop and wait until next time.

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