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More mini-O's

So last night I once again experienced a couple of mini-O's. They were very mild compared to previous ones. But they felt more energetic in the sense of I could feel the energy moving up my torso. And less of a release than ejaculatory orgasms give, and prior more intense mini-O's had. Looking back at my previous entries, it seems like it was somewhat similar to what I had back in August. What I found interesting is this time it was the second Aneros session of the day, which usually never leads anywhere, so that was a surprise. And it was this process of feeling a good sensation, and focusing on it while encouraging and allowing it to build. Feeling the Progasm slide in and out of me via my involuntary contractions and thusly against my prostate and perineum was absolutely delightful feeling. After the two mini-O's I kept the session going to see if more orgasms would happen, but I just couldn't seem to get there. I would love it if I could attain these orgasms more regularly, but you know how that goes with the hopes and expectations. :P

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Daily practice.

I find lately how important it is for me to practice this Aneros thing daily. For those that don't know, I'm a grinder. No, not a sandwich. This is the term we use for us small minority of men that take well over a year to figure this thing out. I've been at this for over seven years with only the very occasional mini-O for orgasmic results in the last year, maybe a bit longer.

So like I was saying, it seems my body does better and my prostate becomes much more sensitive and awoken when I can do Aneros plus some solo dildo play daily. As an example, prior to Friday I had a string of several days in a row of sessions and was having very nice (non-orgasmic) pleasure and a very awoken and sensitive prostate. I missed having a session on Friday. And then on Saturday I couldn't even get my prostate to arouse, swell and feel sensations. Basically a dud pre-Aneros warm up and session. Rather upsetting in the sense that sometimes my schedule just doesn't work out to have daily sessions. Weird how we are all very different in our journey's and body responses to these toys.

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Mini-O of a different calibre

I had another mini-O last night during my Aneros session. It was different though then the ones I've had before. It didn't feel like I was having an ejaculatory orgasm like my other mini-O's felt like. It felt like this mild yet gentle expansion of pleasure and well being whose source was the prostate. The area of that sensation inflated like a balloon. And through out that was a lovely pulsing sensation which was the Progasm being moved by my involuntary anal contractions. Very unlike a traditional ejaculatory orgasmic experience. But still very nice. I'm not complaining one bit since it's been many months since my last mini-O.

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Pelvic relaxation

Years ago I remember reading a post from another user here, I think it was darwin, but I can't remember clearly if that's who it was. He mentioned how he has pelvic pain, uses a Therawand toy to help him with that and mentioned the book “A Headache in the Pelvis” as being really helpful and important for him.

The reason I mention this is for two reasons. One, I suspect I suffer from low grade pelvic tension. I notice I sometimes get minor pains in my anus and rectum for no reason that my Aneros sessions seem to exacerbate. And in the past would very occasionally get an approximately five second burst of really intense and debilitating pain in my anus and rectum that would stop me in my tracks while it happens. Like a really bad muscle spasm kind of pain. And that in my Aneros sessions, it is really easy for me to unconsciously tense muscles down there not only when the pleasure gets really good, but just out of force of habit.

The second reason is that I hypothesize that this pelvic tension is part of what has taken me so long to see results in my Aneros journey. And also why in hindsight I've noticed that solo dildoing has been so helpful for me later in my journey. When you read forums users talk about the “relax and do nothing” approach to your Aneros sessions. To me, part of this means actually completely relaxing all of your anal and rectal muscles. Which I previously for many years had no clue about what that meant or what it felt like to do so. In my own experience, Aneros prostate massager's were unable to teach me how to completely relax those muscles even though it did help enough of an extent such that insertion, removal, and usage of Aneros prostate massager's are pain free and non-orgasmic pleasurable for the majority of the time I've been using them. I suspect from years of masturbating to ejaculatory orgasm I've learned to tense certain muscles when the pleasure gets good. This has lead to a habit that has not helped me in my Aneros journey, and additionally suffering from huge amounts of anxiety throughout my life has led to a body/mind that is always tense and very rarely relaxed.

This is where my Feeldoe More double dildo steps in. This is a fairly large dildo. 1 5/8” maximum diameter and 6 3/4” length on the dildo )horse( end with a pronounced head and a shaft that slightly tapers towards the bulb )pony( side of the dildo. This dildo has been really helpful and pleasurable for me. It's made of fairly firm 100% platinum cured silicone. Basically what I've found is that to comfortably and pain free insert and thrust this quite sizable dildo in me, I must absolutely relax all my pelvic muscles which the anus and rectum are a part of. I know I'm not relaxing completely when it feels uncomfortable, not pleasurable, and that I feel my anus and rectum griping the dildo and providing resistance to the thrusting. And this relaxation of these muscles has a certain feel both physically and mentally that I have to train myself with this dildo somewhat regularly to remember what it feels like and how to do it. On the mental side of it, relaxing all these muscles gives me a sense of surrender, submission, and loss of control which is all good for me considering my personality and what is needed for the Aneros journey.

So lately my Aneros sessions have been fairly good with having lots of non-orgasmic pleasure, and lot's of getting close to orgasming. Probably what a lot of guys here call “circling the drain”. Quite nice sensations and nothing to complain about. So last night after the first part of my Aneros session with my Progasm, I decide to dildo myself with my Feeldoe More. Now while insertion didn't take all that long or many tries, it did take me quite a while to find that point of complete pelvic relaxation. Which was kind of surprising. When I did though it became much, much more pleasurable and fun. So after doing this for a while, I stopped, removed the More and re-inserted the Progasm. And because I freshly remembered how to completely relax my pelvic muscles, I was able to do this with the Progasm. And instantly the pleasure and involuntary contractions jumped up several degrees of intensity. It was then that I realized how important it is for us men to learn to completely relax our pelvic muscles in our Aneros journey.

I say this because the last few times I've had mini-O's during an Aneros session were when I was somewhat regularly practicing with my Feeldoe More. I used to think that the reason for this is that the dildo gave me a much firmer and aggressive prostate massage and thus sensitized my prostate more and quicker than a few Aneros session could do. I still think this is true to a lesser extent. But I think the real important part is that this dildo teaches me to completely relax all my pelvic muscles.

I think it is interesting to note that women suffer from a type of pelvic pain called Vaginismus which makes vaginal penetration for them uncomfortable and/or painful. And the treatment for it is vaginal dilaters of graduated sizes, or vaginal acceptance trainers. Basically them learning to be comfortable with something in their vagina and relaxing those muscles through regular practice with these devices. Sound familiar?

So I'd like to encourage other men here who particularly are long term Aneros grinders and have had little to no orgasmic success, to try getting a similarly sized dildo to mine to practice learning to completely relax your pelvic muscles with it the way I did. Try for something similar in dimensions to what I have if you don't want to buy the same dildo. Otherwise I do highly recommend the Feeldoe More if you afford the expense.

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Mild mini-O's

So this morning I had another couple of mild mini-O's. This is two and half months since the last time it happened. It's been I think, four days into this round of Aneros sessions, with two of those days also using my Feeldoe More after the Aneros session. Today was just an Aneros session with my Progasm. As of last night I've been rather horny, easily aroused, and my prostate quite sensitive. So that has been quite helpful. The two mild mini-O's were more full body feeling, but without a sense of release.

It's interesting to note that the tell tales for me that I know they are coming on is an involuntary increase in heart rate, breath intervals, and strength and speed of involuntary anal contractions. But the thing is that this time I really had to work at getting there. Meaning I had to really both relax my anus in the right way and also really pay attention to all the sensations. It felt like it took much more effort and focus than prior times this happened. I'm not complaining by any means. Just making an observation.

Another interesting thing to note, is that after the mini-O's, I noticed that my prostate was very swollen, and didn't seem to allow the Progasm much room to move. So I'm now wondering for future sessions that when this happens, perhaps I should remove the Progasm and insert a smaller Aneros to see if this improves the situation and maybe allows me to have more orgasms in the same session.

As I type this my prostate is pulsing away and tempting me to try for another Aneros session. But I know that those back to back ones rarely accomplish much. So I will go out and do some errands, and maybe later in the evening if I'm still feeling horny I'll give it another go and see what happens.

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Single pulse

So oddly enough, after my blog post, which was the last time I had a mini-O or dry-O of some sort. I haven't been able to reproduce it again yet. But what has happened is that with almost every session I get right up to the start of the orgasm. Basically I'll get one pleasurable orgasmic pulse, and then it's done. It never feels resolved like the mini-O's I had did. Sometimes this occurs once or many times in the session. If I wasn't having so much fun with this I'd be pretty frustrated with being teased like that. LOL Rather strange results. But it technically is progress since I wasn't able to do this before. So once again, I make slow but steady progress. This is what it means to be a “grinder” here in the Aneros forums.

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Blown away!

So I did it again last night! Almost four months since my last mini-O, I had another one. Oddly enough I was somewhat surprised it happened. As my Aneros sessions as of late have been really uneventful. And on top of that I've been struggling with life issues. The only thing I can really say that may have played a part in it, is that the prior day before, after my Aneros session, I fucked myself rather thoroughly for a long time with my Feeldoe More. Now there was no orgasmic events from this. But it felt really, really good. And as always, it massaged my prostate much more aggressively than my Aneros prostate massager's such that it typically wakes up my prostate much quicker. Where as it would otherwise take many daily Aneros sessions to get it to that point. And it teaches me to relax much more due to it's size, and to comfortably insert and enjoy the thrusting of it in me. This once again reinforces the belief that other forms of anal penetration and thusly prostate massage that is not Aneros products, can be helpful to move one along the path towards achieving super-O's.

On top of that when I started my Aneros session last night, I noticed when pushing chunks of shea butter inside me that I had an irritated hemorrhoid from fucking myself the prior day. And while inserting my Progasm, I thought to myself, “This may not go anywhere with this discomfort and pain from the hemorrhoid.” But once it was fully inserted and I relaxed the pain and discomfort went away.

Oddly enough it was a very short session. Probably about twenty-five minutes. My pre-Aneros watching porn warm up to increase my arousal was much longer. And once I started my session, relaxed and started rubbing my nipples and fantasizing while paying attention to the sensations, the O's started within ten minutes. So I'm calling it an O at this point because what I experienced was much stronger in intensity and a bit longer in duration than my previous mini-O's I experienced. On top of that, there was much less focus on the feeling in my penis like it was an ejaculatory orgasm. It was more centered in my anus and prostate. So I'm not sure if this makes it a mini-O, a dry-O, or something else.

Leading up to the O event, the involuntary anal contractions started happening pretty strongly and consistently. So I made myself relax even more. And suddenly right after doing that, the sensations of the contractions bumped up a huge amount. And they felt somewhat dislocated from my body. Like they were happening six inches above it. It pulsed and pulsed in these incredible waves of orgasmic pleasure, relaxation, and release in an energetic sense. My heart rate jumped, and the heat in my body increased significantly. As the orgasm continued I felt the energy of the waves pulse up my torso to my head. With each pulse I thought to myself, “Wow! This is lasting longer than the previous time and feels so damn incredibly good.” And then it died down, and happened again almost back to back.

I can't stress enough how amazing this felt! This was way better than my prior mini-O's. I can only assume that my body just continues to make slow steps in progress like it always has. Slowly but surely I move forward. It's been just over seven years now that I've been grinding away at this practice. And it's only in this last year that I've really started to have sporadically small orgasmic results. And let me tell you, it is so worth it! Can you imagine if I had given up on this like a lot of guys have that don't get immediate results and get frustrated? I knew there was something to this. But I suspect that I've only just seen a glimpse of the full potential.

So after the O's finished. I tried to relax and re-create what made them happen. And it's weird, I seemed to get the physical response of the involuntary contractions happening strong and consistently, and my prostate swelling in arousal. But it's like the energetic portion of it wasn't happening. It still felt good mind you, but it was not orgasmic. It's possible I was just tired, as this all happened right around my bed time. So I ended the session. And now here I am typing this up and my prostate is feeling really wonderful remembering what happened last night, and I think I will be having another Aneros session today really soon. :(

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Expectation and effort

So I've yet to achieve more mini-O's since the last two times. But I can tell based on the sensations I felt when I did get them that I was close several times throughout several sessions. And it's been surprisingly difficult to not put effort and expectation into achieving them. Only because I know that I can do this now. But at least the sessions are still enjoyable and pleasurable. Just not orgasmic-ally pleasurable. I'll keep grinding away at it! :D

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I did it again!

I did it again!

Two days from the last mini-O. Today I had an Aneros session with my Progasm Classic and ended up having three little mini-O's right in a row! It was like peak, ebb, peak, ebb, peak, ebb in just a few minutes or less. Wow! This so blows my mind! I feel like I've become ass and prostate sexual. Of course after they occurred I tried my best to relax and get it to happen again. But every time I'd get so close, but never go over. I guess I'll have to settle for what I get each session. But still... I'm way happy with the results I'm getting lately. It's really something else.

I can see why Aneros initially wanted to call super-O's, dream orgasms. As even with these mini-O's I'm getting, I feel like I'm in another world when they occur. So much so that at times I wonder if they really occurred, or perhaps I was hallucinating. Particularly when I'm trying to reproduce them again in the same session. I'm really having a blast with this now! Yeeha! :D

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Finally another mini-O!

So finally I achieved another non-ejaculatory orgasm via Aneros prostate massage today. Yes! I believe it was a mini-O, as the duration didn't seem that long. But the sensation? Oh wow... almost speechless it was so good feeling! This certainly helps me believe all that more that I'm capable of eventually achieving super-O's. Even if I am a long term grinder at this.

So this is probably I think my third mini-O and the only type of non-ejaculatory orgasm I've gotten through this Aneros practice so far. And it's been years since the last one happened. Patience is a virtue, eh? There was absolutely no penile stimulation. I was lying on my back with knees up and using the Progasm Classic while rubbing my nipples.

The last couple of days I've been super horny, and the Aneros sessions have been down right fantastic even before this latest mini-O. So I shouldn't be totally surprised this happened. Basically what I've been trying to work on lately in my sessions is to learn to relax even more when the pleasure gets intense and the involuntary anal contractions really start kicking in. And this has worked big time! Because it seems prior to this that my instinct was to clench and voluntarily contract when the pleasure gets intense. Which goes contradictory to making this happen. What I found was that once I take enough deep breathes, it causes my anus to relax even more, and the involuntary anal contractions really start up consistently and strong, in a way that is very uniquely noticeable such that I have an idea that I'm on the right track. So as this started happening and it was getting intense, I just relaxed more into it, and did not interfere with the contractions.

So for me the involuntary anal contractions feel like a constant pulsing. And then I can feel that pulsing rhythm against my prostate as the Aneros moves against it. My prostate then swells in arousal. And as I continued to relax and allow it to happen the pulsing sensation started to climb into the shaft of my penis, and then as the pulsing sensation got close to the tip of my penis, it got stronger and peaked into an orgasm. It felt mildly like I was ejaculating, but there was nothing there except for a sizable string of pre-cum. And as I went over the top, there was this sensation of deep relaxation mixed with pleasure that seemed to burst out of my crotch area. All the while this pulsing sensation continued through it all. So pleasurable! It really was an amazing sensation but couldn't have been more than a couple minutes. After the orgasm died down, I tried reproducing it. And no such luck. But still, I'm blown away by how good it felt. It was mostly different feeling than an ejaculatory orgasm, but some similarities. And just amazing that this can be done from prostate massage and not the rubbing or stroking of my penis like I've been used to all these years.

The sad thing is, if I tried to explain how to do this to myself many years ago when I first started, it probably would not have helped. I think because it is such a different paradigm in terms of how to orgasm differently than what we men are used to with stimulating our penis. So unfortunately I'm not terribly hopeful that this information will help other new Aneros users. You just have to put the time into practicing regularly with it and keep an open mind in believing it is possible. As much as possible, try to relax your anal muscles, don't interfere with what is going on down there, pay attention to the subtle sensations and let it build as keep your arousal high.

I'll cross my fingers that I can reproduce this again regularly. But you'll have to excuse me if I'm reluctant to say I've finally crossed into multiple non-ejaculatory orgasm land with all you other advanced users. I'll wait to say that until I can do this pretty regularly.

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