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Aneros Blogs > new to aneros and eager (by finfun1128)

vibrator while using the helix

INSANE...i have only used this toy while jerkin off and the first was kinda weird the second i shot alot with it in and the third i used a massger and put it right behind the handle while layin on my back this intensified the stimulation ten fold and my leg started to get the "shakes" a little and i had some involuntary felt so good i couldnt hold back i had to nut and i streamed all over shooting above my head and onto the head board...i tend to just dribble cum out when i nut but this was insae and i shot baout 8 times to
gunna see how far i can go with it wish me luck

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Get it tomorrow

So i bought the helix and im pretty a gay man at the youong age of 19 who has had a one hands free orgasm when was amazing...i researched it a little and the aneros ALWAYS popped up it was THE sex toy to get for male stimulation, so i bought one im not skeptical ut timid to know what a super O is and was wondering if its REALLY true and if some one wouldnt mind explaining or if they know any vids like on XTUBE to watch with it would be great

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