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Rubbing my clit?

Last night, I had a 60 minute session. I had already had a 90 minutes session earlier. This is my first time using this. I had a lot of sensations my first time (shaky legs, a few pillow biting moments, but no "real" orgasm.) My second session, I ended up with an ejaculation, but I did not have an erection. I found myself rubbing my flacid penis like it was a little clit until I came with the Progasm still pulsating in my ass. Anyone else had anything like this happen? I actually felt like a chick (or how I imagine a chick would feel when cumming.)
I am a straight married guy, but I'm not an anal virgin. I've been shoving a dildo in my ass for awhile and I get me wife to rim me or eat my ass out every chance I get. Just wondering if anyone else has the penis/clit thing going on...not complaining, it just felt wierd.

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