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Aneros Blogs > From a gay man's perspective (by redbeard2000)

An update

It has been awhile since my last update. It has also been awhile since what I would call my last 'dry-gasms' (all the sensations of cumming, but without ejaculation) or what I would classify as a 'super-O'. I've had some enjoyable sessions all the same, plus I have found an interesting position that brings good results.

Last night I had my first dream about using the Progasm. What set me off into throes of ecstasy in my dream was hard and fast Kegels (clenching my groin muscles). I then woke up...doing hard and fast Kegels! It didn't develop into anything profoundly pleasurable, but all day I've been looking forward to some alone time. One of my thoughts during my dream was 'so this is the key' so I want to find out if these clenches will have the desired effect.

After reading a bit about the 'slingshot' technique I attempted it but ended up doing something a bit different which was quite fun. Basically I lie on my back, bring up legs and bend my knees with my fee flat on the mattress, then grab my ankles. When the 'leg-gasms' kick in (strong shakes of my leg, which I have quite often if you've seen my clips on xtube) my entire body shudders and in my mind's eye I'm levitating off the mattress. Very pleasurable, but not the Super-O.

One other recent development is that I've removed the K-tab, which has always rubbed me up the wrong way. I just snapped it off and took some sandpaper to the edges. I had one session with it like that and immediately noticed the difference in its mobility. It has more freedom of movement, there is no discomfort and I can sit or lie on my back without it jabbing me. Recommended!

Finally, I've bought a set of nipple clamps. The sensitivity of my nips has increased immensely since I started using the Aneros, and now with the clamps they are growing even larger too. Another recommendation!

Tonight's session should be good. I had that dream which reminded me of the sensations which are arse has been tingling off and on this afternoon with I'd say I'm primed for some good stuff!

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A new way of cumming

After the success I had with an electrifying orgasm just from rubbing the pelvic ridge between my cock and belly button while the Progasm was in, I reflected on the fact that I most enjoy using the Progasm when lying face down. This must have something to do with that same spot being rubbed.

Since then I have on several occasions been able to cum, just by rubbing that spot, without using the Prograsm at all. Some people have mentioned this is a way women sometimes masturbate. I wouldn't know, but it works for me!

I've seen it described as the pelvic massage portion of 'the male deer' technique, as described in-depth on this page:-

But instead of sitting, I lie flat on my back. Instead of using my palm to make circular movements, I hold my hands flat and stroke quickly with my fingers. Most times I keep my pants on (jock, briefs, whatever) as otherwise my cock might slap around just a bit too much.

Usually within less than 5 minutes I feel a hot pleasure wave build up, crest and wash over me just like a traditional orgasm. Except oftentimes my cock is not always hard and I never ejaculate spunk. Instead, it's more like pre-cum, but LOTS of it which leaves my pants soaked.

Early on I was a bit too forceful in my stroking - at one stage I was flipped over on my front and humping my fists - and this left my groin feeling tender for a couple days.

I wonder if there really is a possibility for other parts of the body to 'cum' - like my nips, for instance? After all, I think there's a case for leg thrashing to be called 'legasms'!

I wouldn't say the 'male deer' orgasms feel as intense as the anal or prostate orgasms I've had. The common link between these orgasms, as well as good old fashinoned spunking, is the complex network of abdominal muscles being used. Muscles which are designed to expel cum/wee/whatever from the body. Naturally, legs or nips or whatever wouldn't have this function so I imagine defining an orgasm in these parts of the body would be a challenge!

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Another videoclip

As promised, I have edited the rest of my session as described previously during which I had my first dry-gasms (all the sensations of cumming without the mess). This was followed by what could only be a Super-Orgasm (but only after the camera batteries died). All without cock stimulation or ejaculation. What a fantastic ride!

Each time the screen 'shatters' I am getting ready for another dry-gasm. You'll notice my first two were about 30 seconds within each other, incredible!

Some people have remarked my 2nd videoclip could not be viewed for awhile on Xtube. Someone had complained that it was advertising! I pointed out to the admin folks there are hundreds of Fleshlight clips (not mention clips featuring Saran Wrap, Nutella and other brand names), so why was I picked on? It's back up again for now, but got me thinking that maybe I should upload them to my own blog or something so I have control over them.

I wonder if someone out there has a vendetta against Aneros, a rival manufacturer perhaps? There are complaints against the entry in Wikipedia for Aneros as well, saying it's 'not a notable product'! You're joking, right??!

The fact that men can enjoy multiple orgasms through some slight anal stimulation should be taught in sex ed!!

The next evening when X came back home I was itching to share my discoveries but waited till we were winding down for the evening before touching on it. I explained the experience as best I could and he sounded interested in having a go himself. I think he still has some preconceptions as he been making excuses for not taking the plunge just yet - 'What will I get out of it? I don't have your patience' etc. Give us time, he's promised to have another go. More news soon...

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So THAT is what the Super-O feels like!

Several times when I've been using the gizmo (maybe once or twice a week for the past 6 weeks or so), I've been tried to match the sensations I was feeling with what's been described on this site: 'Is that a mini-O? A dry orgasm? An involuntary??'

My most recent session answered some of these questions definitively, after I had four dry-gasms (cumming, but not ejaculating) followed by what could only be the Super Orgasm. If it WAS 'only' a mini-O, my poor heart might not be able to take much more of this! And all without an erection, cock stimulation or ejaculation - absolutely incredible!

I'd spent most of the day at work doing overtime and X was visiting his mum. I decided to have my first long session and to film clips of it. My second clip on Xtube is part of this particular session and my next clip will highlight the wonderous feelings I was having towards the end.

To be honest, after an hour or so of rolling around I was getting bored, thirsty and hungry. So I took the Progasm out, had a bite to eat, drank some ice water and relaxed. I ended up on my PC looking at some profiles and vids which got me feeling frisky again, so I edged a bit (working my cock close to orgasm, then letting ago). I also copied over my own videoclip to make room for more filming.

Back in bed and with the gizmo in, it became clear which positions work best for me. Lying on my side doesn't do much. On my back with my feet pulled towards me and my knees up is a lot better as I can stimulate my nips (pinching these was sent my legs into vigorous tremors). But best of all is when lying on my front with a pillow under my chest.

It was in this position whilst grinding my hips and pulling one leg up towards my torso that the gizmo began being pulled into me. I understood what people meant when they say it 'felt bigger' or it 'pinned me down.' That was pleasurable enough, but then I began cumming! Hot waves pulsing through my groin, but without ejaculating! Lots of watery pre-cum, but no spunk.

I was dazed by this but kept up with sliding my left leg up and down the mattress when it happened again after only 30 seconds. Remarkable! And two more followed in about 10 minutes, each stronger than the next. I felt so drained by the last one I thought 'that has to be it' and decided to call it a night. The camera's memory was full and the battery half dead anyway.

But I kept the gizmo in. 'Just a bit longer' I thought to myself. I couldn't resist a few more contractions. Soon the duvet was flung off and I was on my back, enjoying the ride. This time though I placed my fingertips on that ridge between my cock and belly button. My arms spasmed and my fingers worked the spot incredibly fast. O-H-M-I-G-O-D...! The most intense electric jolt of my life zapped me as if struck my a thunderbolt. I practically whited out. So THAT is what all the fuss is about!

And then, unlike the dry-gasms, it seemed I entered a remission period. I'd not had an erection most of the night, but now I couldn't get one. No matter, after these intense discoveries a wank would have been 'anti-climatic'!

Next time...what happened after I shared the news with X, who is keen to have another go. Plus I will post my clip showing my four dry-gasms.

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My second videoclip

You might find my second videoclip a bit dull because I've kept the editing to a minimum. I wanted to give a better impression of what a session for me involves, or at least at its beginning.

The big news is that after making this clip, I continued using the Progasm that same evening and experienced my first 'dry-gasms'. All the sensations of cumming, but no ejaculation! Even better, no remission period either - I had my first two within about 30 seconds of each other. Incredible! So look for that in my next clip, on its way soon.

On top of that, I carried on and had what can only be described as my first intense, wonderous, mind-altering, full-body sensation and again without ejaculation or cock stimulation.

Unfortunately, this was after the camera's memory was full and battery nearly dead. More details in my next post!

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My first videoclip

As promised, I have made a videoclip with highlights of a recent 45-minute session (20 minutes preps, 25 minutes on camera):-

There were two constraints on my time - needing to go work afterwards and having only 30 minutes of high quality video available on my camera.

For my next video I will film the tail-end (pardon the pun) of a longer session.

To be honest, I felt a bit self-conscious making this. I was not embarrassed at all as I've made plenty of other clips before and enjoy doing so, but I was conscious of the fact that aspects of the session might look forced or fake.

And in editing it I was aware that there's not much excitement to be found in watching someone from behind grind his crotch into a pillow LOL.

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A proper wank

The other morning before work I tried an experiment. What if I was truly aroused and having a wank when using the Progasm? Bear in mind all my other solo sessions involved me lying in bed with no stimulation other than my imagination.

So I popped the Progasm in first thing, had breakfast and then selected a DVD. Out of solidarity for the evacuees of Hurricane Gustav I chose Gale Force, about the sexploits of a gang taking shelter in a warehouse during a storm.

Not only was I able to get wrapped up in a good porno, I was in a different position, on my side on the settee. After awhile I stretched across the floor on the carpet, with a cushion under my chest. It wasn't long before some leg trembling started. I also propped myself on my elbows and rocked my torso from side to side, which set off some shivering. The only trouble I found with lying flat on the flat is that the twitching caused me to hit the floor hard. If I'd been on the bed it would've been more comfortable, plus hanging my feet or arms off the bed allows for more leverage in my limbs.

It started me thinking about the way horses are able to shiver a particular part of their body when a fly lands on it. The fly causes an itch and the horse shakes their hide underneath it so the fly takes off again. I wonder if it's all about learning how to use involuntary muscle movements to our favour, like it's the only way to satisfy that itch.

My cock was hard most of the time, which was different to most of my other sessions, and I flipped onto my back and spread my legs when it was time to cum. The Progasm certainly helped me along and I had a proper, deep orgasm followed by a period when contractions in my groin were matched with my deep breathing which caused the Progasm to drive in deeper with the rhythm. If I had the time I might have stuck with it.

This was the first 'proper' orgasm I've had with the Progasm, or at least the one that felt the most traditional. I know the objective of using the Progasm is not to cum the old fashioned way, but I do have this mindset that once a wank session has started it needs to be seen through. I'm not yet at that stage where just a half hour of clenching is going to provide that relief.

I've been typing this sat at my PC with the Progasm in. Now that the tabs are splayed it's certainly more comfortable and I can even sit down on it.

Before this current sessions gets properly started, I have to mention the other day when stood waiting for the bus it was windy and I'd not brought a jacket. My nips were hard in the cold, my tight shirt was rubbing on them and I could feel my abdomen contract a bit from the cool wind. I had a curious sensation all over, like I was on the cusp of becoming aroused. Too bad I was stood along a busy roadside during all this or who knows I could have explored it further!

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Couldn't resist another go

X was out with some mates of ours (remember, I had been hungover most of the afternoon) and I spent the evening by myself starting the blog. Typing up my blog entries last night, reading through the comments and looking at some Xtube clips left me feeling frisky.

It's clear that I'm turned on by hearing about other people's experiences with this thing, but putting the gizmo in does not give me an erection, even when I'm feeling aroused.

It's also obvious that some people put a lot of thought into choosing a lube. We've got three:

1 - Palmers coconut butter lotion. Smells lovely, stays slick, does the business whether it's a wank or some bareback bumming (we don't use condoms with each other).

2 - Boots aqueous cream. Thicker and stickier. Good for lubing up toys.

3 - Some nasty water-based lube for use with condoms when we have company around.

Most times I've been using the Palmers, but this last night I used the aqueous cream. I noticed no difference.

All I wanted out of the session was to have a good wank to take the edge off. I had moved the tabs further apart again because I'm still not sure the perineum tab is working the right spot. I experimented with putting it in the wrong way round and although that provided a subtle difference in sensation, I had the same problem with the tab jabbing me and didn't keep with it.

Leg shaking was quite easy to initiate when face down as before and while my upper body had a few judders, there was not a full body spasm. I turned over and let my legs shake off the edge of the bed for a spell. What a great way to stay fit ;)

I positioned myself on my side, the same position when I first had the spasm earlier in the day, and with some lotion began wanking. As before, I was not working that much on clenching down on the gizmo. I worked though on sending my legs into a spasm the same time as thrusting into my lubed hand and that set off a very satisfying orgasm (the first whilst having a leg spasm - you might recall I held back from shaking when X was pulling me off earlier that day). It's not often though a wank leaves my heart pounding! Like I said, I'll have fun keeping fit if nowt else.

It left me wondering where the spasms are coming from and how they could be used to enhance an orgasm. I may not be in the right position, but I don't think the spasms are helping me clench down on the gizmo or causing deeper massage.

It's becoming clear to me that the spasms are unrelated to the prostate massage entirely. Even now, hours later and sat in front of the PC, I can extend my leg and send it into spasms or clench my hands together and set my arms off. Maybe it's a bit like learning to ride a bike - you use different muscles than walking and need a new sense of balance, but it soon becomes second nature.

At some point soon I am going to film a couple sessions and post the clips to Xtube.

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Now THAT'S more like it

Last night we were down the pub with some mates. It wasn't too hard a session, but after 2 pints of bitter I had to switch to Hoegaarden. My body does not cope with switching, even if it's between different types of beer. I felt all right first thing this morning but then had a relapse and retired to bed around noon.

By mid-afternoon I was perking up (though still not 100%) and is often the case when I'm lying in bed with nothing better to do except hold my head, I began feeling a bit frisky. On one of X's trips out to the shops I popped in the gizmo. I'm definitely getting the hang of it, but again most of the pleasure stayed around the back with my cock not getting hard unless I wanked on it.

Then the headache rebounded and I decided to doze off. The fan was on and it was giving me gooseflesh up and down my bare back. X called in briefly, then went for a late lunch. I perked up a bit, but not much, and wasn't doing much with the gizmo except lying on my front, with one leg cocked and the other straight.

I felt a quiver go down my cocked leg and thought 'interesting' so I purposefully jigged that leg a bit. This set off a strong vibration down the entire leg that lasted a few seconds. It was hard to tell when the spasms were involuntary and when they were just me jiggling it along to see what would happen.

I rolled over completely face down, gripped on the gizmo and both legs began jumping about. I literally had to grab onto the bed frame...and this set off my right arm into shivering! It wasn't long before I was in the throes of a full body involuntary spasm which left me panting and tingling with my pants going wet with pre-cum.

I was able to carry these off and on for about a half hour. I noticed that clenching muscles together was a good way of triggering off one of these 'fits'. For instance, pulling my knees together, pressing my hands together or even just pinching my nips hard. Amidst all this I was hardly working the gizmo at all and wasn't the slightest bit hard. I wondered if having the sphincter open for so long or having worked some muscles deep in my abdomen was kicking off these spasms.

But...and it's a big 'but'...although it was exciting and left my heart racing, it didn't feel to me like The Super-O. It was intense, but not intensely pleasurable.

X came home, took one look at me panting and sweating on the bed and assumed my headache was still giving me pains. I announced I was feeling much better and had been using the gizmo to see if it would 'perk me up' (remember, he's still unaware of the possibility of the Super-O). He agreed to sit alongside me for a demo and it wasn't difficult for me to work up a spasm in my legs. 'Is that SAFE?' he said with a bit of alarm in his voice. I assured him I'd seen the videos, but didn't think it was that likely to happen.

This piqued his curiosity and he went in the next room to do some research online. 'The sensations are unique for every man, and learning to
use a prostate massager effectively is part of the journey' he read out to me. Tell me about it!

Overall though I sensed he was a bit unsure what to make of all this with no preparation. I concluded that the whole flapping about thing was not conducive to a romantic lovemaking session, so I rolled over onto my back and encouraged him to finish me off.

Unlike the previous handjob he'd given me when the gizmo was in, this was a definite improvement. I panted. I groaned. I curled my toes (but I made an effort to NOT go into a spasm lest my partner go running for a spoon to stick down my throat). I'm always vocal and appreciative when receiving any attention from my partner, but he noticed a difference. 'What was all that about?' he asked cheekily after I'd finished spurting all over the place, yelping with pleasure.

Next time, we'll see what happens with further adjustments to the tabs, which still don't seem to be hitting the spot.

It's also time to start working on coupling those spasms with some deep internal grinding, to see what that sets off?

Plus, will my partner be ready to start his journey to a Super-O himself??

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Round 2 - the pair of us

X came home that evening and was taken aback by what was waiting on the kitchen table. 'What's that?' he asked. 'A sex'll see' I told him.

We had a first go that night. We had been feeling romantic and were getting up to some frisky fun in the bedroom. In the middle of a blowjob session I reached over and introduced X to the Aneros.

One of the things I notice when reading entries on this site is how often guys treat this as a private thing they do on their own. Fair enough not all guys out there have a partner, but many guys who do have a partner don't seem keen on having a session with that person. Plenty of times it even sounds like they are trying to hide what they are doing.

However, I knew from experience X liked prostate massage (but only before with a finger) and I was keen to see his reaction. X had no concept of the Super-O. I had not showed him any of the videos from Xtube or entries on this site. He seemed a bit nonplussed and wanted to know 'how it worked'. I told him to try to suck it in to himself, but I think like me he wasn't comfortable with the K-tab jabbing him.

X stayed flat on his back with his legs apart while I resumed blowing him. He didn't seemed particularly jazzed up with gizmo and I thought it was going to be wasted on him until he started to cum. He moaned. He writhed. He panted. He gasped and I noticed a quiver in his legs. 'Lucky bitch is going to have a Super-O without even knowing what one is' I thought to myself when he suddenly composed himsef. I wonder if he forced himself away from the full-on experience?? He does complain of back pain every so often and had been stiff all week.

By the way, his cum - which is always tasty - had an entirely different flavour. It seemed a bit more watery and was certainly more abundant.

'What were you DOING?' he asked. 'I thought I was giving birth - my back went into a spasm, which was a bit painful but that combined with the orgasm and...WHEW!.'

I washed up the gizmo and announced I was going to have a go myself. It was fairly brief, with me on my back while X treated me to one of his delightful greasy handjobs. I didn't attempt many contractions or tried to control my breathing, but instead just enjoyed a good wank. This time when I came it was more 'normal' and more forceful (up my chest and to my chin). It was as enjoyable as ever, but not an out of body experience by any means.

Practice makes perfect?

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