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Ticklish Affair

Greetings. Had an excellent session with the largest Peridise last night.

I didn't intend to drag out an Aneros again, but I was doing my usual rubbing and muscular squeezing and the p-waves kept getting stronger until I was in a horny state. I couldn't fall asleep like this! I fetched the largest Peridise in the beginniners set, since it was reliably comfortable (and I haven't had much luck with the smaller one). Ten minutes after insertion, my body alternated between mini-os and dry orgasms like some super sexed up roller coaster ride. No super-o this time, but it was very pleasurable. What made this session different was that I drank a cup of tea earlier that night and my bladder was full. It produced a fluttery, ticklish sensation that was wonderful. Pre-Aneros, I've noticed that you can get more sensitive ejaculations when you have to pee, but with the Peridise it took things to a new level.

This would be a good topic for the discussion forums. "Dry Os on a full bladder"? I love it!

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Morning Super-O

Howdy. Been away from here for a while. I noticed the last time I wrote here was last May. In the months since then, I've had a few good sessions, and a long dry spell in which I was ill and had absolutely no libidinal desires whatsoever. That has changed in the last few weeks, culminating in a session this week that was bar none the hottest one yet.

This was a morning session, and the first time I've ever had a super-o in the daytime. My prostate had been going crazy in the days leading up to it. It was in the kind of heightened state where you could summon up wild p-waves at will. Really bizarre, and exciting. Still, I wasn't expecting a lot when I decided to sit down with the MGX inserted that morning. Within minutes, I was getting p-waves. It surprised me, getting such strong feelings so soon. A few minutes later, the sensations escalated into mini-os. I was alternating between rubbing the "sweet spot" near the base of my penis and the penis itself, coaxing out stronger and stronger feelings. As the mini-os escalated into a more consistent dry-o sensation, I vaguely thought "hmm, interesting" as I let myself go and surrendered to the feelings, wherever they led. Pretty soon I was moaning and squirming around. And then the super-o came. Wow. Best one ever. I was able to ride it along for who knows how long. The sensations were so incredible that, when it came to finishing off with a traditional orgasm, it literally was an anticlimax.

And this session lasted only about an hour. Fantastic! This MGX was the best purchase I ever made.

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Swirling Vortex of Pleasure

A long delayed update: since my first super-o in January, I had another one in March. This one went a little better since I had no fear going in. I had a third super-o last weekend.

The fact that I've had three super-os in the last four months might say something. You have to be in the right physical and mental state to get them. For me it happens about once a month, giving new meaning to the phrase "that time of month." I think I'd even classify getting into them as forming a state of self-hypnosis within yourself. It's certainly a lot more mental than physical. Most of the sessions last two hours at the most, generally an hour or less.

The one from last weekend was interesting. I was about an hour into having some fabulous mini-os and long lasting p-waves. Things were getting to a state where I was super horny and could guide the MGX so it sat in THE right spot. I was in a super relaxed state and started picturing my midsection as an abstract mass of churning, swirling matter slowing spinning around - like some kind of super erotic galaxy. Soon enough, I was over the edge and into a different kind of super-o. It felt really good, and in a strangely different way than I'd normally associate with the sexual. A swirling vortex of pleasure, if you will!

On another note, my rewiring has developed to the point where I can generate wonderful p-waves just be rubbing my "sweet spot" on the area above and to the right of my penis. I find myself unconsiously doing this all the time (not in public, thank goodness). Last night, I was having p-wave after p-wave while sitting on the couch watching TV - for about three hours! My partner never knew. :) This was the prelude to a great hourlong MGX session that included mini-os and dry-os.

This month will mark a year since I started with this baby -- unbelievable!

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I think I reached a Super-O, eight months after first getting into the Aneros. This was in a session Thursday night that capped off a very horny week for me.

I started off with the MGX and only a few squirts of ID Glide lube. With this session, I just wanted to guide the Aneros to a "sweet spot" and let it sit there. Boy did I ever do that! About 15-20 minutes into the session, following some wonderful p-waves, I jiggered the MGX so it was nudging the prostate. This produced a fantastic "wave" sensation emanating through my midsection. I was in a semi-sleepy state, totally relaxed. Instead of doing contractions, I just let my body lie there like a wet noodle. The only movement was very gently stroking the base of my hard penis to stimulate the "holding off a pee" muscle. Then something fantastic happened - the pleasure got deeper and deeper. I went from fantasizing to vaguely thinking "oh my god" as my heartbeat and breathing got more pronounced. The feelings got to a consistent intensity, very much unlike anything I've ever had before. Although there was a little bit of fear in the back of my mind, I was able to hold this super-o (at least I hope it was the super-o!!) for about five minutes.

The main think I want to point out here is that, once I got the thing in place, I hardly moved at all. This was a bit of an epiphany for me. Maybe as guys we're so used to thinking we have to "push" something to get the maximum pleasure, like with a normal penis-based orgasm. In this case, I barely had to do anything - just make my body into a limp noodle.

That night I spent the next two hours trying to get another one. Although I did have some excellent dry-os, I think I was too awake and excited to do a repeat performance. It does, however, give me incentive to keep coming back for more!

(Double posted to How I Got My First Super-O thread.)

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Teasing It Out

Just a note that things are proceeding smoothly here in the same direction as the last post - using the MGX along with edging to produce mind-bendingly good mini-os.

As I go along, I'm finding there are a few things that make sessions go better. Going 3-4 days without ejaculating produces the best results. Mostly I can get one really good session of about 2 hours once a week. I'm also learning how to have great sessions at night without waking the partner in the next room. :) I've also been taking a daily fish oil tablet and the occasional dark chocolate, but I honestly can't tell if they help.

In a great session this week I also figured out, much to my surprise, how to "tease out" a penile orgasm so it will last a lot longer. This begins with using anal contractions to get gradually hotter and hotter p-waves. Following that I stroke the penis and get it going. Over the course of the session, I alternate between penis and prostate stimulation until it sends me into a spiral of wonderful feelings all over the midsection. In this most recent session, as soon as I was ready to cum, I made it so I only expelled a single small squirt of semen. Then I focused on the MGX and brought on some wonderful dry-os. To my own bafflement, I found that I could "ride" this orgasm for about ten un-fucking-believable minutes. I don't know if it was a super-o but it sure felt good. At one point, I could even do a mild hands-free cum. It basically went small ejaculation, long mini-os, small ejaculation, long mini-os, then winding up with a medium sized penile ejaculation. Brilliant.

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Edging, and More Edging

This is a first. I actually started to write a blog entry on my great session from last night, but thinking about it gave me a buzz --- so I had to have another quick session. When it's good, it's good!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. About three weeks ago, I discovered the joy of holding back. I was having a crappy, stressful week and couldn't jerk off for a while. By the time I was ready for the MGX on Friday it was 4 or 5 days since my last ejaculation. Although having a few dud sessions lately got me down, something stirring down there was telling me this one would be different. And it was. Mini-os, dry-os, Cheeri-os and just about every other kind of -o for about two hours with very little down time. The difference this time was that I was trying to re-create the fantastic super-T experience I wrote about a couple of blog entries ago. I know that Aneros tells users NOT to stimulate the penis during a session, but I've been getting fantastic results from gently rubbing or stroking the underside of the penis, then concentrating on anal contractions as the penis hardens. Let the penis soften a bit, then repeat. This sends me into beyond blissful waves of pleasure which are probably classified as mini-os (but not quite super-os, not that I'd know). At it goes on and I get closer to traditional orgasm, these waves get more and more intense. It's amazing.

The following night I had another prostate buzz, so I got out my smaller Peridise and had a first-ever fulfilling session with that model.

Sometimes I run into sessions where everything falls into place, but something is "off" and it ultimately turns out disappointing. Like last week. I held off ejaculating for several days, prepped and lubed everything and was properly horny. However - over two hours that afternoon I never had anything better than a few mild p-waves. Later on, I developed an awful sinus headache. Guess everything but the local pollution was on my side!

Last night I had another MGX session that went fantastic; similar to the first one written about above. Despite lasting only an hour or so, the intense mini-o waves just kept coming and coming. The best ones creep up just before ejaculating. They're really indescribably great. I think that imagining these waves bouncing from the prostate to the penis and back is what makes the sessions really erotic, and will hopefully take me onward to new heights.

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Wednesday Weirdness

Great week. Had an excellent three hour session Monday with the MGX. It climaxed with about an hour of really intense p-waves and dry-os. Although now, looking at the wiki, I think I might possibly be having super-os. They feel like full fledged orgasms, but they're not full body encompassing or taking me over the moon as I've seen described. Whatever they are, it's fantastic! Strangely I've never had any involuntary muscle movements.

An odd thing about this session is that it was so intense, it made me kinda disoriented the rest of the day. You know the feeling of butterflies in the stomach? This was butterflies going crazy in the stomach, intestines, colon, penis, etc. That along with shortness of breath and a more pronounced heartbeat. Really strange and exciting.

That out of the way, I decided to do sessions twice a week, after my Monday and Thursday showers. Thursday couldn't come fast enough, however. My prostate was all aflutter on Wednesday. Finally I couldn't stand it and put the larger Peridise in. Bizarrely, the sensations stopped. Once it was removed, the feelings came back! It felt so good when rubbing my "sweet spot."

The weirdest part came when going to bed Wednesday night. The fluttery feelings I'd been enjoying all day were coming to a head, so I laid on my left side and did some circular rubbing above the penis, the way I'd normally do so during a session. My body was doing some mighty weird things that night. I was getting some good Aneros-less p-waves going in a semi-sleepy state. Then my midsection was hit with a strange spreading feeling, not exactly sexual but very pleasurable and like NOTHING I've ever experienced before. It felt like my body was being transformed, or transported to a different state of consciousness. I got this wonderfulness going for about 5 minutes... then the damn cat jumped onto the bed and broke my concentration! Well, it was pure bliss while it lasted. What was that, a super-o?

Today (Thursday), I did another session with the MGX - but it was pretty dull. I couldn't get myself worked up much, and took it out after an hour. It got uncomfortable. After the heaven of the night before, I thought I'd have a great session. Guess my body was sated and didn't want any more. Will try again next week.

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New High

I just had the best ejaculation of my life a couple of days ago, after a three hour session with the MGX.

This came as a surprise, since all of my sessions during September were strictly okay. Although pleasurable, it didn't seem like I was making much progress ... good feelings, but nothing intense like the "pleasure spreading" sensation I wrote about on August 18th. Perhaps introducing the Peridise into the mix was confusing my body. That in mind, I decided to just concentrate on the MGX. All last week, the partner was at home so it didn't give me much time to play. By Monday it had been nearly a week since I masturbated and my prostate was sending those telltale "massage me" signs. I had a pretty good session that day. Wonderful, but it paled next to what would come the following day.

I wasn't planning to bring the MGX back out on Tuesday, but early in the day my entire midsection was going crazy, all aflutter. So I took a fish oil tablet, ate a little dark chocolate, and lubed up with some new KY. Almost immediately it was hitting all the right spots, in the right ways. I did some time lying on the couch, striking a groove with a position that was on my left side with my right lower leg resting on the top of the couch. The combination of anal contractions and having a finger rubbing the "sweet spot" above my penis was driving my body into an insatiable tizzy. I would drive myself into an orgasm-like peak, then rest a couple of minutes, then go into another peak. This went on for about 2-1/2 hours.

Although I never wanted this pleasure to stop, the afternoon was waning and eventually I decided to coax the feelings into my penis and try to cum. Now, I've done edging several times before both with and without the Aneros, but this time the sensations were so heightened that it took things to a whole new level. Rubbing two fingers on the bottom half of my rock hard dick (so it would be pleasured just enough to feel good), I went into cycles of bringing myself near to ejaculation, then holding back and going into contractions with the MGX. This was building up new, unimaginable levels of pleasure. For about 20 minutes I was in quasi-orgasmic ecstasy, constantly moaning and feeling like I was transported somewhere else. Finally it erupted into bar-none the best cum I ever had. Man, my prostate felt like it just ran the Boston Marathon!

After it was all over, I was amazed to find that I was still buzzing, and feeling horny. Later that night, I masturbated again. Then the next day, I had another session that ended with another ejac. Neither was as good as Tuesday, however. I should learn to take a couple of days' rest between sessions; it'll give me something special to look forward to. Now I feel like my rewiring has hit a new level.

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Peridise Test Drives

After three and a half months of MGX pleasure, it was inevitable that I might want to try something new. So -- on a whim, I decided to order the Peridise Beginners Set, which arrived a couple of weeks ago. Those things are tiny!

After a few uses, I'm going to go through the pluses and minuses of the Peridise. Plus: it's comfortable. I love being able to insert it and comfortably sit down, walk around, etc. Plus: I've been able to get some great sensations going. The feeling is great, different from the MGX in an indescribable way. One night, I had the thing in for three hours humming along, thinking I could very well go on all night with it. Minus: as yet I haven't gotten to the ecstatic heights that the MGX has taken me. Maybe it's because I'm still relatively new at this and need a little more learning time to control the muscles better.

For instance, today I had a session with the MGX that built up some really strong "think I'm cumming but my penis is soft" sensations. I was on my back in a special chair we have in which I can recline comfortably on my back, knees bent, and crunch my abs to enhance the feelings. Keeping my eyes closed, breathing shallow breaths, things were getting really hot. I was doing this nicely for almost two hours before turning to the larger of the two Peridises. Although it felt good and comfortable, I couldn't get it to go where I wanted it to. On a scale of 1 to 10, the MGX routinely takes me to the 8 or 9 level. With the Peridise I've only been able to do about a 5 or 6. Pleasurable, but not stunning. After about a half hour, I had to go back to the MGX.

Despite all that, I love having this new toy in my arsenal.

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Mind Control

Things are moving along in interesting ways ... first off, my "sweet spot" has now moved from behind the scrotum to just above the penis. Don't know why. I still get slight tinglies massaging behind the scrotum, but rubbing my finger in little circles just above the penis, along with muscle contractions, drives my prostate into a flutter of loveliness. I can do this in bed, sitting at the computer or watching TV and it gives me the same wonderful reaction.

With this in mind, I set out to do another session of exploring without the Aneros. Last week, I lied on my back and rubbed the sweet spot, seeing if I could "train" it to move up my body as outlined in the Male Deer Exercise. Before I was noticing that I could get it to go about an inch up my torso, so I decided to set aside a couple of hours and try it. Sure enough, the exercise did work. I was able to slowly move the spot up the groin, to the belly button and even higher all the way up to my sternum! It was amazing, to think that you can awaken the prostate by twirling your finger inside the belly button! I remember at one point I was rubbing around thinking "it couldn't have gone north of the belly button." Then I touched the skin above that spot and it sent me into ecstacy (wow). The sensations were less pronounced on the upper belly up to the chest, but they were still there. It's strange to think how this works (mind control?), but it made for a pretty thrilling night nonetheless.

All this exploring doesn't mean I've abandoned the Aneros. On the contrary, I just had a great session today with the knowledge and control I've gained with this "sweet spot" stuff. Drying off from a hot shower, my prostate was fluttering with anticipation as I inserted the MGX. After about 15 minutes of lying on my right side, the contractions started producing a wonderful warmth and ticklishness all around my groin. During one of these tingly moments, I was thinking about the mind control aspect and said to myself - "I want more." At that moment the warmth rapidly expanded down my legs and up my torso in the space of 2-3 seconds. It was fantastic -- for a second I vaguely thought I was headed for super-0 territory -- but just as soon as it began the feelings went back down to their normal (yet very pleasurable) level. Maybe I got scared for a second because it was a small loss of control. Needless to say I spent the next 90 minutes trying to get that "spreading" back, but it never came. Ah well, maybe next time!

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