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Not much yet after 6 sessions, but Sensual peeing?

I now have completed my 6th session, and so I am pretty new at this. Each session so far has lasted roughly 1-2 hours. I have felt close to nothing the last 5 times. This last time, I didn't feel anything while the massager was inserted, but I think I'm starting to see what people mean when they speak of not 'clenching tightly' or trying to avoid vigorously massage the prostate.

I tried my absolute best not to expect anything, and relax... I can honestly say that although the first 2-3 times this was definately not achieved, during the last session, I was extremely relaxed. I also noticed how the aneros started to move (for the first time) in a fluid motion with my breathing, in and out without really forcing or flexing much. Not really sure whether my prostate is being massaged, since I don't know what it feels like.

I do believe that with patience, it will eventually come... after all, it took me at least a couple of years to reliably find my girlfriend's g-spot. Granted that I don't own her equipment, but I suppose there was some 'rewiring' that she had to go through as I am hopefully about to do (but that discussion is for another forum).

Anyway, after tonight's session, I took the massager out and went to the bathroom. While peeing, I got these shivers that didn't really seem to originate anywhere that were very sensual. The shivers lasted the entire time peeing, and about 5-10 seconds after I was done (roughly 20-25 seconds total). I wouldn't say it was orgasmic, but very pleasant..... kind of like the shivers you get when someone you crave touches you nicely for the first time :)

Anyway, I guess my question is: is this normal? Is this a positive sign that I'm on the right track? Or is this a strange unrelated (big coincidence, I would think) event that people have generally not experienced? Thanks for any feedback in advance.

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