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9th Session - first time with Peridise

Today I received my Peridise Anal PC Toy lubed up and started with the smaller of the two. The directions say not to force it in - to just put it in let your own body position where it wanted to be. Then it says to contract your sphincter muscles several times to advance the Peridise in to the anal canal. I lay there for a bit getting accustomed to how it felt and played around with different contracting and relaxing exercises for a bit. While doing this I started to feel my sphincter and anus build up some energy during those contractions. I started relaxing, and pretty soon my anus started winking and fluttering on it's own, with each contraction building on top of the other one (before the previous contraction had a chance to release or contract) and they started stacking up on top of each other. I had a very strong mini-o similar to ones I have felt with the Aneros Helix massager and the Peridise went in and out of my anus with each involuntary contraction, rubbing aginst my prostate. It did not seem to be massaging my prostate in the exact same way as the Helix, but I could definitely feel it rubbing there pleasurably, and it definitely caused my sphincter to go on a wild ride for a bit. Unfortunately I was not able to continue my session for as long as I would like to have, and did not get a chance to check out the larger of the 2 yet, but I will definitely use the Peridise as a prelude to my future sessions with a prostate mass

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8th session - First Super-O!

Today I started out by relaxing and massing my perineum after I inserted my Helix. I then tried several positions, such as on my stomach, on my knees, on my back with legs down, on my back with one leg up, on my back with both legs up, on my stomach with my ass in the air, etc.. Then I decided to go for a super-t, since I am familiar with "edging." When I felt I was ready to cum I stopped and contracted my anus, pulling the aneros deeper inside of me, and then letting go. When I was ready again, and felt like I was not going to cum, I started again until I felt that feeling again, and repeated the process. Each time I felt like I was going to cum, and I stopped, I got a mini-o, and I got harder and harder. After about 5 stop and starts I started getting anpther mini-o after I stopped. I went with the feeling, but it evaded me, so I started jerking again and shortly I felt like I was going to cum again, so I stopped and this time I felt a huge wave of orgasmic energy wash over me, but I stayed hard and did not ejaculate. After I felt that subside I started jerking again, and felt that same feeling, yet it was more intense and lasted longer. I lay there for a bit and got a few mini-o's hands free, and then started jerking again. By this time I was leaking a lot, yet I still felt like I could go longer. I started and stopped a few more times until I felt like I was going to explode, and then took my hands off of my penis, and started getting another super-o. In the middle of the super-o I started jerking again and couldn't hold back any longer, and I shot a huge load. While I was having the super-o I saw flashes of purple and felt like I was outside my body. I never expected the super-o to be so intense, even after reading all fo the posts here. Until you feel it yourself it's really impossible to imagine what it feels like - it is in another realm than an ejaculatory orgasm. I liked cumming, but it was actually not as fun as the waves of mini and super-o's that I was feeling for about 20 or 30 minutes.

I still need to be sexually charged before I can have a mini or super o, and so far the only way for me to start feeling that way is to stimulate my penis by either jerking or squeezing. I am going to try to work towards getting those feelings without jerking off while using the aneros, but until I get there I m not going to deny myself, and a super-t and mini-o's followed by a wave of super-o's will suit me just fine, even if the only way I can get there is to stimulate my penis :D

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7th Session - First mini-o!

Well, today I had my first mini-o! I decided that I would not deny myself of anything that felt good to myself in the session today.

I inserted the device and laid back and started playing with my nipples. I could feel the Aneros moving around by itself a bit - not much but very subtle. Then I squeezed my penis rhythmically and could feel it moving around a bit more. Then I started jerking off a bit - very slowly - I was not very hard - most of my pleasure was centered in my anal and prostate area. I felt a few "twinges" but they passed quickly, and I continued to squeeze and jerk my penis (still not that hard). Then I felt a large flutter in my sphincter which felt really good - but again it passed quickly - then it came back again, with another one stacked on top of it. However, as soon as I noticed it feeling really good I tried focusing on it and it went away again. This happened a few times, and I tried to not stimulate my penis but my body really wanted penile stimulation - it really wanted to be engulfed in a mouth or pussy or something to that effect, so I got out my fleshlight and lubed it up. As I was using my fleshlight I got another "twinge" and that sent me over the edge, and I ejaculated. I lay there for awhile more, but didn't feel any pronounced feelings in my anus or prostate, so I decided to end the session.

The mini-o felt really good - and I can;t wait to feel that again! I can only imagine what awaits me in the terms of a super-o!

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6th Session

This session was very enjoyable - I am definitely getting some waves but not enough to take over on their own, and take me over.

I played with my nipples for awhile which felt really good.

I am noticing that I get a more pronounced sensation in my prostate and anus when I am somewhat sexually excited, and squeezing my penis and head rhythmically as mentioned in previous posts puts my prostate and anus in heaven, since each time I squeeze my sphincter contracts and pulls the aneros in deeper - when I let go my sphincter relaxes and the aneros moves out, and the in and out action of the aneros feels really good, and I can tell it is hitting all the right spots.

I ended up stimulating my penis more, and eventually ejaculated, and of course it felt really good - extra good with the aneros in place.

Overall, I am getting more comfortable with the aneros and feel that I am starting to feel all of the good feelings that I am seeking.

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5th session

I started today's session intent on not touching my penis at all, and not clenching - just getting used to relaxing with the Aneros inserted. At first there didn't seem to be much going on but then I started to feel slight waves sort of washing over me and I could feel the beginnings of anal contractions, but they never hit me the way I had hoped, but they still felt really good. I then shifted positions and instead of relaxing as much as I could I clenched my ass, and raised it off of the couch I was laying on, and it felt really good, but still no mini or super o. I tried relaxing again, and could feel those same waves starting to wash over me, and my anal/prostate area, but still no spasm or anything involuntary. After about an hour or so I couldn't hold off any longer and ended up masturbating a bit, and came without getting rally hard, but it still felt good, and the orgasm was more centered in my prostate and sphincter.

All in all it was a good session, and I know it won't be long before involuntary spasms/orgasm hits me - I feel like it is waiting for me just around the corner...

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4th session

I decided to try and focus on not touching my penis with the Aneros inserted. I relaxed and tried to concentrate on my breathing and feelings I was having. I got a couple of slight waves and my sphincter started twitching a bit, but eventually I fell asleep for around 40 minutes. After I woke up I started getting slight involuntary contractions, and I couldn't hold off any longer and began squeezing my penis rhythmically, which in turn caused my anus and prostate to flex and throb each time I squeezed it. I then tried relaxing some more, and found that when I was sexually excited that the Aneros did a better job of stimulating me. Eventually I ejaculated by masturbating more and just lay there for awhile more trying to concentrate on feelings I was having, and got a few more slight waves and contractions. I needed to get some more sleep, so I removed the device.

Overall I think it was a good session, and that I am getting closer to where I want to be with each session.

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3rd Session

I woke up at 4 in the morning with a great urge to use the Aneros, so I inserted some lube and the Helix, and lay down on the couch. The couch gave me a better opportunity for propping my legs up when laying on either side, and I tried a number of positions. I concentrated on my deep breathing and not contracting or touching my penis during the session. It felt really good, but not enough to keep me awake, so I fell asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later and shifted positions, and started to feel as if a much needed itch was being scratched inside of me. I tried doing the deep breathing exercises again, and I had the great urge to squeeze my penis, as mentioned in my first blog post. I started doing that and my Aneros started massaging me with each squeeze. I did that for awhile and then lay there trying to relax, but my body had other ideas in mind. I found myself involuntarily doing a humping action (I was laying on my back) and it started feeling extra good, and I couldn't resist starting to jerk off a bit. It felt really good, but the pleasure was not centered in my penis, but was instead centered on the area where the Aneros was rubbing. I got rock hard as I jerked off, but the pleasure stayed in the prostate/anus area, which is something I have never felt before when masturbating. I started bucking my hips as I continued to jerk, and the pleasure in my sphincter was increasing - again like someone was gently licking me there. As I was bucking I started feeling my legs and ass twitching out of control and then I felt the urge to cum, so I bucked even harder and when I shot my load the Aneros once again danced around a bit inside of me.

By comparing the feelings of my own with the ones mentioned on this chart:
I feel as if I climbed the ladder a few rungs on the ladder.

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More Modifications & 2nd Session

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and my body seemed to crave the Aneros a bit, but I was too tired and went back to sleep.

Today I got an extra fine emery board and polished up my Aneros to a smooth glass-like finish. I also added a 3/8" vacuum compression line cap to the P-tab, so instead of a dime-like edge it has a nice round ball. I added the cap by simply sliding it over the P-tab, and it is easily removed, with no damage to the Aneros itself, so if I decide to try it out with just the thin edge again I can do so.

I also decided that I was not using enough lube in my ass during my previous session, so I got a Red Cross Brand Baby medicine syringe, and measured out 5 ML of Astroglide. After seeing what 5 ML of lube looks like I definitely knew that I did not have enough last time.

I applied the lube and inserted the Helix, and it seemed to slide much easier. I am glad that I polished it and decided to add more lube. The P-tab is much more comfortable, and seems to provide a better pivot point now. I tried several positions, but found that laying flat on my back felt the best. I started playing with my penis a bit, but my body told me not to jerk off as usual, but instead to pull the skin as tight as possible at the base - also I seemed to be rubbing my balls alot more than normal. After awhile I could feel my prostate starting to respond and it felt really good all over - kind of like a very light tickling feeling all over my body - starting with my prostate. I tried to go hands-free, but my body responded much better with my hands on my penis. I found I wasn't really jerking off as much as rubbing all over my penis. After awhile I felt the urge to ejaculate starting to rise, so I went with it, and when I came the Aneros seemed to be dancing a bit on it's on again.

Very fun - looking forward to trying again. I can see that I am starting to get near the zone - but not quite there yet.

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Aneros arrived! 1st session

I received my Aneros today, and when I opened the package I was immediately impressed with the product - it seems very sturdy and well-made. The instructions that were included seemed to be fairly skimpy, and am glad that I was able to get more info off of the Aneros site.

After reading many posts on the Aneros forum regarding the tail modification, I decide to remove the tail (which was harder to do than I thought it would be - the plastic is very sturdy) and then filed the area I cut with a very fine file, until it seemed smooth like the rest of the Helix.

I was anxious to try out the Aneros right then and there, but decided to wait until I had some uninterrupted time to myself. I took a shower, applied baby powder to my perineum and lubed my ass and the aneros with the only lube I had handy (astroglide), and inserted the Helix. It went in a lot easier than I thought it would, and the p-tab seemed to hit just the right spot.

When I inserted it I didn't feel anything that stands out as an ultra-pleasurable experience - just a full feeling. I relaxed a bit with controlled breathing - trying not to focus on my ass or the Helix. I then started rubbing my chest and nipples and stomach lightly and my nipples got very hard. I still was not erect and did not feel sexually stimulated, so I decided to start playing with my penis a bit. When I started to get a hard I started to feel other sensations inside me. I felt a warm feeling in my groin and it started to feel as if someone was lightly licking my asshole. I continued to play with my nipples and my penis, as well as clenching and unclenching my ass a bit and then experimenting with other muscles in my groin area. I didn't get any involuntary contractions in my sphincter, but it felt really good when my body pulled the aneros in deeper. I masturbated until I ejaculated, and when I did cum the aneros started going in and out with my sphincter contractions, but stopped after I came. I lay there for a bit longer playing with my nipples and lightly brushing my fingers on my stomach etc.. I noticed that my cum contained some small harder snot-like material that I have not had in my cum for many years, since I was younger (I am 46 now), and there seemed to be a bit more than usual. I lay there for awhile more - playing with the aneros in my ass (hands-free) for awhile. When I decided to remove it my body did not want to give it up easily. When I pulled on it gently my body just pulled the Aneros deeper inside of me and would not let go, even with my ass relaxed, but of course it eventually came out.

I can tell that eventually my brain and body will learn to use the Aneros as others have, and it will be a lot of fun trying.

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I finally ordered an Aneros

One day I was surfing porn videos on and saw a few videos of aneros users, and I was immediately intrigued.

I have already read the book "ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm" and have been practicing edging on and off over the past couple of decades. I have also always been very aware of how my sphincter and anus feels when I am sexually aroused and also when I am ejaculating, and have practiced using my PC/Kegel muscles for awhile as well.

Another thing that I like to do, when I am aroused, is gently squeeze the head of my penis between my thumb and the first knuckle of my pointer finger, waiting about 2 seconds between each squeeze. While doing this I feel three "spasms" in my penis and sphincter. The first spasm happens in my penis which is then quickly followed by my anus constricting and then my penis flexing again. These are not huge spasm, but enough to feel really good. I don't have to be hard, just slightly aroused, for this pleasure to take place.

Originally I ordered a MGX, but right after I ordered I logged in to the aneros forum and found a poll that indicated that men had better luck with the Helix, so I canceled my order for the MGX and ordered a Helix instead. I just checked the tracking, and it should be here on Monday or Tuesday. I will try it when I get it and report my results from that session here in my blog.

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