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Recipe for success

Won't go into details of the session so much. This is more of a reminder of combination of lubes lately leading up to exquisite sessions.

I recently purchased several lubes from cheaplubes: Probe, which I had been using, now in larger quantity; Maximus, heard this is highly recommended on this site; Stroke 29, for the non-aneros sessions (good stuff!).

I had initially tried a session with just Maximus, but it wasn't all that great. While I believe it was mostly due to stress and exhaustion prior, I do not believe that Maximus alone works well for me. It is very thick, and did not seem to break down into slipperiness like Probe does.

The last two sessions however, I think I stumbled onto a very prosperous combination for myself. I first freeze a small quantity of Coconut oil in the size of a marble; once solid I go ahead and insert fully into my anus. This melts and provides some internal lubrication. I then fill an old spice jar partially with Probe and immerse the Eupho in this. I can twirl it around and fully coat it without losing any of the lube. While that is being coated, I take a small dollop (size of index fingerprint) of Maximus and sort of push it just in the anal opening, one more small drop to coat the outer area as well. Then take out the Eupho, let excess Probe drain back into the spice jar, and insert.

The slippery shaft covered in Probe goes in easy, the Maximus at the entry adding some thick gripping power, and the coconut oil melted inside by now. I achieve incredible movement from the Eupho I hadn't experienced before almost immediately. I keep the sessions to around 1 hour to avoid to much drying. Tonight was fantastic with ecstatic waves of pleasure rocking my body; it was like the Eupho had unfettered access to dance to the whim of my prostate. And I couldn't be any happier at the results.

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Hands free addendum

As a follow up from last nights euphorific session. Slept full and strong and had some vivid dreams. Have always had the one about being flexible enough and right body shape to fellate myself (still don't think it'll ever happen in real life) and has some intense dreams of doing that to myself. Other dreams took over time and eventually consciousness brought me to awareness of lying in bed in the dark. I could tell it was close to time to arise by the hint of light on the horizon.

I was immediately aware of my horniness level as well as the morning wood stretching my penis to fullness. Lying on my back when waking usually initiates a hard-on especially with the advent of needing to urinate, I think it helps pressure from the bladder generate the right stimulation; if I lay on my side the feeling subsides as does the erection. I threw off the covers so as to not generate any incidental rubbing.

I was throbbing hard and I started nipple work and instantly had pulsing waves of pleasure radiate through my cock. I wonder if having a full-ish bladder helps with pressure/stimulation onto the prostate because I started twitching something fierce. My anus was quivering and pulsing along in time with my cock which was exceptionally engorged right now. Without any Aneros inside I could almost feel myself self massaging my prostate and getting incredibly turned on. I arched my back as I involuntarily clenched and squeezed my cock hard (just like an uncontrollable ejaculation squirt feeling), the first of several orgasms that just shook me. Very intense but floating pleasure. At some point I wasn't as hard as I started off, but still pulsing just as much. While focusing on the pleasure, I hadn't noticed my feet uncontrollably shaking and flexing about. I was putting zero mental thought into doing this, yet I knew I could stop it if needed. They eventually stopped on their own and with a couple of pre-cum squeezes I finally decided to settle down and stop.

I have often tried using the Aneros with a full bladder and had marginal success. I wonder if the prostate doesn't engorge more with full bladders and hence the ease of stimulation I felt this morning. There was no doubt some buzzing carried over from last nights intense session as well. A very good experiment to I look forward to re-investigating in the future. I hope these notes encourage others to experiment along these lines as well.

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Hands free ejaculation journey

Have been abstaining from full traditional ejaculation for over a week now. Had a good mixed model session on Sunday, but upon going to sleep last night, I had very erotic and mellow orgasms/increased desire wash over me...and this was with nothing inside nor any touching. This kept me focused on wanting something when I returned home today, so I cleaned up, shaved my pubic area (been keeping it hair free for a while now), warmed up the Eupho and ramped up the erotic feelings with some lesbian porn.

Upon insertion it started pumping and stroking me on its own. Having already been very turned on, the Eupho pumped out a large dollop of pre-cum onto my legs as I was initially on my side. I fantasized with the pr0n for a little while and when sufficient into the process, lowered the lid on the laptop so I could listen to their moans but only focus on visual stimulation in my mind. I rolled onto my back and placed a memory foam pillow under my ass to keep everything lifted off the back and angled slightly up.

The mental visualizations were working wonders; focusing on the tickling sensations the Eupho was administering to my prostate really ramped up the arousal. I wasn't really dripping any pre-cum but that didn't matter. The feedback loop kicked in and before I knew it I was deliriously moaning as all manner of pleasure throbbed through my loins. I didn't realize how much time I spent with these dry-O's but they shaking me all over as my eyes rolled involuntarily upwards and back. The sensations spilled over into the uncontrollable spasms of what felt like normal cumming, with of course nothing emitted, and they just kept going.

I tried not to think about reaching a hands free ejaculation and consequently came real close to this happening. In the end I consciously forced one of sorts. Bearing down hard, like trying to force the Eupho out of me, pushed my prostate against it more. Then I forcefully clenched everything in tight, like stopping the flow of urine, and squeezed hard. A large gob of white cum just oozed out of me onto my stomach; I was erect but it wasn't a spasmed spurt, but it felt so good. My goal is for the arousal to be so high that this spasming happens with no conscious thought. I continued a few more good squeezes until my stomach was coated and slick with cum. If I were to have stroked off then I know for sure there'd be an explosive super-T, but I felt so content and mellow I didn't. Plus I'm planning on abstaining from that for at least another week to see where this goes. I went soft and relaxed for a few moments, but the Eupho was still dancing around and to my surprise stimulated me hard again and I rode more dry-O's for a while.

A fantastic night. I think a good testament to working hard and developing the discipline not to stroke yourself off while learning the mysteries of the Aneros device. The more you need to cum, yearn with all your body to cum, the better chances you'll have at having the Aneros take you to places you didn't know exist. I look forward to this weekend or early next week for the next journey.

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Reached a new level

Been doing the Peridise/Eupho combination for a few weeks now with really good success and pleasure. Last night however, I reached a new level.

Started as normal with the Peridise (largest model) for about 15 minutes or so. I've been noticing the Probe lube is drying up faster (might be due to being the end of the bottle), so I wanted to switch over sooner. Got the Eupho all lubed and switched it in. Didn't take too long for the tickling/dancing it loves to do on my prostate to kick in.

I had some great orgasms for a while when something built rather suddenly. I concentrated on convincing myself of the total, and complete sexuality of the moment. My mind telling my body the highly charged erotic nature of the moment and visualizing my prostate stimulation, imagining lips running up and down my cock.

It happened fast, intensely, and was over in about 1-2 rather caught me off guard (but that is ok). I could feel (in almost slow motion clarity too) the sexual energy coalesce into a bright and intense ball of energy. This seemed to be at the prostate itself. I had absolutely no control over the body for these 2 seconds; I normally lose some control and arch my back, but this time my hips just shot straight up. The energy shot through my cock, much like a traditional ejaculation feeling of propelling up and out. It wasn't a pain feeling, but rather all pleasurable sensations wound up tight. It was a large contraction, completely involuntary (I've had small involuntaries before). It acted like a shotgun blast shooting the energy out of me; I couldn't contain it.

That was ok. While it caught me off guard, I didn't feel scared or threatened by it. I didn't try to force it back, this came on totally by itself. I didn't really go searching for it again either; I stepped through my models to the Helix and finally the Progasm. Having reached such a high erotic level, those models worked on lower level orgasms and actually milked me hands free of low levels of thick cum. This has been happening more often now as I get more aroused with all my models. Sometimes it requires a little thought and work on my minds behalf to really form a tight squeeze down, while at same time "pulling" the aneros in tight with my muscles and clenching the muscles of my cock tight like really holding back a piss. I usually get a good tablespoon of thick cum now to be milked out, and it feels good.

I ended the night with a technique not really recommended for the beginner in search of super-O's. I took a vibrating cock ring and bullet and wrapped it around the shaft about 1/2 to 1 inch below the head; I was decided to fully come with some stimulation to my cock. I've rather liked the hands free super-T's I've been doing with the shower head, but I thought I'd see if this would do it. Didn't take too long; just slowed down the breathing and focused enjoyment to the intense vibrations sending pleasure directly into my cock head. I soon grew rock hard and the Progasm danced on its own as it rammed me harder due to the contractions going. It wasn't a wall shooting ejaculation (I've shot pretty far before), but nice strong Progasm squeezes shooting a puddle of cum all over my chest. I don't recommend this to beginners because while the vibrations are nice, you do lose the subtle feelings you are trying to build upon being generated by the aneros. Fully drained for the evening I cleaned up and slept deeply.

I look forward to holding onto that explosive energy should I generate it again, it is quite the experience.

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So on Saturday I took a break for errands and things to do. Plus I didn't sleep long the previous night :-) and was pretty tired. However the prostate kept calling and lightly tingling all day. I went to sleep not knowing what was coming the next day.

Sunday awoke with a large erection and proceeded to get ready for things. I wanted a better video recording session and took some time figuring out a setup to get the camera closer to the action. I created a nice 'bed' on the floor and was able to get the camera fairly close without having to zoom in and out of the way so I wouldn't hit it randomly flailing. Extra lighting and materials in place, I made sure to hydrate and fuel up, took some extra vitamins and then another hot shower to stimulate the blood flow.

I looked to re-create Friday's session so again started with the Peridise. A part of me wanted to rush to the hands free ejaculation again; I fought it off and rode stimulating bliss waves for an hour or so. What was great was that I would get real hard at times and flaccid at others. I was intensely horny but wholly satisfied at the break. I got up and stretched for 5 minutes and settled down with the Eupho. I decided to go from small to large this time. For the second time out with the Eupho, holy cow...that little thing really bounces around in there. Using the lower pelvic muscles I get this fantastic tickling on my prostate that launched me into a flaccid-cock, screaming (I could care less about the neighbors...they can watch or join in if they want) mindgasm (hence the name). I was breathing, deep rapid prana was more like it...heck panting was more like it. The Eupho would vibrate in and out with each breath, so it felt like I was stimulating myself with breath alone. These intense waves would rise and fall over the next hour at which I took another break. I was a sweaty mess, and noticed how much I had been tensing my muscles of my legs when I stood up.

Onto the Helix. I got some frozen coconut oil for extra lube and slid that inside of me first. The fullness of the Helix was awesome, and the extra lubing seemed to make it move as much as the Eupho. But its primary difference was more prostate pressure. Again, in addition to the normal leakage of pre-cum, I managed to sort of ejaculate in an intense moment again. I think of more like full-on, deep prostate milking. I get ejaculation feelings but don't shoot full on like I would. Then the deep throbbing begins and I'm more milked by the device than anything. Even though it isn't much (I'm saving up for a full ejaculation after two weeks) it is satisfying and doesn't drop my horniness level at all. I guess it's like a wet super-O because I just keep dry-cumming afterwards in a five-minute ecstasy orgasm. I guess thats why I see it as a milking and not true ejaculation, no refractory period. I continue on with p-waves and some more orgasms for another 20 minutes. This time I'm seriously sweaty; I've literally been sweating out all of my pores. It's been about 3.5hrs since I started in the morning. I wipe down and feebly crawl onto bed and doze off for a little balls and whole anal area pulsing and tingling.

I awake and know what I need to do, been putting it off for too long...time to complete the collection. I run an errand and again stop by the sex store and pick up a Progasm. My whole inner sex area is craving the filling potential of this beast. I eat a quick dinner and rush home; everything is still set up. I lube up a bit extra and begin. Oh my god! This feels so good going in, no problems either. Once 80% in it sucks in the rest. That k-tab is very nice. Talk about instant prostate milking! I had never drooled pre-cum like this; as the Progasm sucked fully inside a full on stream of pre-cum leaked out of me. I thought it was urine for a moment. Oh wow, I was just rock hard and instantly the throbbing sensations rippled through my cock. Damn, I'm dripping another large drop of cum out. The Progasm just barely moves but when controlled right milks you like no tomorrow; nothing subtle here. I was full-on erect and orgasming for 20 minutes; I would peak and fall occasionally during this time, but the erection stayed on. Eventually I think everything became used to the beast and I became flaccid but experience exquisite prostate orgasms over the next hour or so.

Wow, I was finally worn out after going all day (I've never gone that long before, I normally have so much else to do). I cleaned up and fell asleep. I didn't once externally or manually stimulate my penis and yet despite being horny all day felt relaxed and released. Pleasant prostate squeezing presented nice flutterings as I drifted off to sleep. And awoke this morning around 3am hyper horny and could hear my prostate calling for the Progasm. I didn't want to lose the horny feeling so I whipped up a quick lube onto the Progasm and begin insertion. They should call this thing the Auto-milker because once again I leaked out my cowpers fluid before it wasn't even halfway in. Not focusing on my rock hard cock, I got the Progasm dancing around inside of me and shuddered and cried out over another orgasm. I only did this for about 30min this time but was satisfied and fell back into a deep sleep.

I awoke today feeling good and longing for more. I'm not sore, although I can feel my inner muscles have been a bit worked over. I'm going to charge up the anticipation for another day before going again. I don't know when I'll ever have time like this again, but wow, the whole day business is intense.

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Almost a whole weekend-gasm, still trying to wrap my head around things.

It all started Friday night when I got ready for well deserved session. I took extra fish oil, ate some chocolate, also took some bee pollen/royal jelly vitamins too. Got everything ready then took a hot shower. I read of some good techniques for penile relaxation and potential expansion that involve warm water immersion to help relax the blood vessels to allow for more blood flow. I use a hot shower with a head that reduces to a low flow trickle perfect for aiming the flow right where I want. About 10 minutes of shower its off to the room with the Peridise. I videotaped the sessions to get an actual length of time.

I went through two or three of the Peridise's over about 1.5hrs. Such a sweet and sublime warmup. They danced all around and ended up driving me crazy that I was arching into bridge positions (think yoga) and thrusting around. I find that I don't necessarily get as intense orgasm doing this compared to when I can relax, but I just had to move with the body. I calmed down and took a break, got some food to eat and hydrated up. Then it was time for the helix.

Wow, the warm up really had me ready for this. Session lasted another 1.3hrs but I managed to have my first hands free ejaculation. As best as I can recall the prostate buzzing was reaching an intense level. I arched up and released pressure on my abs and let the feeling build in my penis like I was going to pee. I didn't try to push urine out, I just let go like I wasn't going to stop it from happening...and it felt like I was going to. Meanwhile the lower muscle are twitching and squeezing the helix against the prostate inside. My cock starts pulsing and I ride a magnificent dry super-O as it feels like it is pouring out of me but nothings coming out. From the video this looks to last about 1 minute at which point I remember losing my control and squeezing the urine blocking muscles too hard. Oh god. I didn't spurt hard like my normal ejaculations, but rather oozed out a large glob of white cum and pre-cum. It was very stimulating to feel that and experience it with no external stimulation ever applied to my cock. I think I tried to hard to keep it coming so to speak and only managed one more long thick oozing rope that dribbled down my shaft onto my belly. I lost all control and I think fell back into dry-O's clenching real hard while alternatively the helix pistoned in and out of me. It popped out a few times and I found that using my finger lightly in the handle I could keep it aligned and inside me.

I was quite amazed at this when I finally calmed down and took a break. Unfortunately the video cam was positioned high above me on a ceiling lamp and you can't really see what is happening outside of my expressions. I was weak kneed and took a break with my whole anal area tingling. I was so completely horny I knew I was going to go again but I wanted to up the ante. I hopped out to the local sex shop and picked up a new model - the Eupho. Grabbed some late dinner and went back home. Thinner, but a bit longer with a more aggressive p-tab, the Eupho took right to moving and dancing around inside me. The advice is correct, you want good muscle control to send this model where you want to go inside of you. I had about another hour session of bliss and again this model managed to milk me of more than just pre-cum. I think I was squeezing and trying too hard as not as much came out. I was finally exhausted and cleaned up and collapsed in sleep around 3am.

Things were not done for me...

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