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Very Nice Session

This session occurred last night when I went to bed. After my pre-session douche and lube-up, I lay down on the bed and started with the Eupho. This was only my second extended session with the Eupho. It is less filling than the MGX and the Progasm, so I expected that the action would be different. It has more movement than the others, and as the session progressed, I edged closer and closer to that area, where the pleasure comes in waves. I have found that nipple stimulation really enhances my sessions, creating an almost electric effect in the groin area.

After about an hour with the Eupho, I switched over to the MGX. It is becoming my favorite, though I would like to try the Helix to compare the two. The MGX nestles inside me, giving me very pleasurable feelings just lying still. I got into my preferred position, on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I have found that this position gives the most control and the greatest pleasure.

To this point, I have not experienced what is referred to on this forum as the "Super O", but I think I have reached a point of "mini Os". The MGX soon had me "on the edge", with successive waves of intense pleasure following one another. I am learning to explore the various motions and modalities of the MGX. Sometimes it has a feathery, teasing quality that lures you ever higher, and sometimes it invites you to bear down and push for that "deeper", more intense feeling. It's like learning to dance with a skillful partner.

I finally ended the session, not because I could not keep going and enjoying, but because I needed the sleep. I drifted off with a warm glowing feeling of satisfaction. Looking forward to future explorations with this lovely device.

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I had two sessions this morning. Prior to the first session, I took some Avena Sativa, L-Theanine, and ate a small piece of dark chocolate, which one of the forum members recommended to increase the intensity of the experience. The first, shorter session, was so-so. It was pleasureable, but was only a portent of what was to come.

I gave it about an hour and a half rest and then started up again. This time, it built up to a high plateau. I used my favorite position - on my back. At first I just lay quietly and tweaked my nipples. That gave me a real tingly feeling in my crotch tha grew in intensity. The defining characteristic of this session was that I felt as though I was perched on top of the Aneros, that it was deliciously teasing me. I wanted to be deeply penetrated, but stayed with the teasing and it was as though the Aneros was dancing on my prostate.

I had a lot more twitching in my anus this time, as though it were sucking the Aneros in an out rapidly. At the peak, I was breathing in small sharp breaths and writhing in ecstasy. I guess maybe this qualified as multiple "mini Os", because it sure felt good. I finally ended the session, thinking I could go on like that all afternoon. But I'm sitting here in the warm afterglow of my session, looking forward to future trysts with Mistress Aneros.

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Morning Session

Spent a lovely hour and a half with mistress Aneros. I started out with the Progasm. It was easier to insert today and less painful. I started out with it to try to avoid any more tenderness the MGX might contribute. Again, my impression of the Progasm is that it really fills you up. It doesn't move much, but seems to work on the prostate more. I suspect that if it moved more (and perhaps it will as as I work with it more) it would really be a wild ride.

Switched over to old faithful MGX. I think I'm getting the hang of it's idiosyncrasies because each session is a bit more lively and lovely than the last. It's like a roller coaster, building up to a peak and sliding down before heading up another peak. If precum is any indication of good sessions, I am having them, because there is a lot with my sessions.

Ended up standing with the MGX. You seem to get a more solid contact on the prostate and can bear down a little to increase the sensations. Grinding your hips helps also and I've found that if I lean against a counter, I seem to have a little more control.

I find myself really getting into the sensation of penetration. This must be as close as a man can get to experiencing what a woman feels during vaginal intercourse. As the anus clenches, I move my body to meet the thrust of the Aneros, striving to pull it deeper into me. This creates a really interesting space in my head, a desire to be overwhelmed by the sensations, to invite the Aneros inside me, to open up more and more to it's probing. Realizing all the while that I have to submit to the process, that there is no forcing it, that I am along for the ride.

I have such a sense of gratitude for being able to have all of this. The sessions leave me feeling warm and tingly in my groin and walking around evokes a whisper of what I experienced during the session. Thoughts come to me that I never thought before and I am looking at some things differently than I did before. I think this really puts you in touch with your feminine side and it adds another dimension to your life.

And all this from a piece of molded plastic!

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Reports from an Asstronaut

A cautionary entry: don't push it too hard. This entry is for yesterday as I had not had an opportunity to update the blog before now. As I recounted in my last post, I had received the Progasm that day. As they say, "boys with their toys" -- I just had to try it, again.

Alas, my poor butthole protested . I did manage to get the Progasm in, but could only tolerate it for a short session. So we have our physical limitations. I suspect I'm going to need more work with the smaller models to get up to regular sessions with Progasm.

I am now an Aneros junkie, however. I decided I wanted to give the Eupho a try. Each of the Aneros has it's own characteristics and I'd like to experience what each has to offer. I think the Eupho is a good progression from the SGX, but we will see once I have it, so to speak, in hand.

Also, all of my sessions to date have been about an hour in length. I am looking forward to being able to schedule an open-ended session, taking as long as I can and taking the time to really relax into it. My sessions to date have been delicious, but I suspect I have only scratched the surface. I long to sink below the surface, to experience what lies there.

And I will.

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Reports from an Asstronaut

I am new to the Aneros, having used an MGX for three weeks and just having gotten a Progasm today. The MGX has been a lot of fun and has given me much pleasure, though I haven't achieved the legendary "Super O". I am, however in pursuit of it.

I do have a serious problem with the Aneros. It is so pleasurable that I have a hard time refraining from using it every chance that I get. For example, this morning I had a really nice session with the MGX. Then the Progasm got here and I just had to try it out.

The only problem I had was that my sphincter was pretty sore from the workout it had already gotten. But I lubed the Progasm up well and took my time and in a little bit had it in place. I have to say that the Progasm has a qualitatively different feel to it. I had gotten it because I wanted to experience having a bit more "up there". Nor was I disappointed.

As large as it is, the Progasm doesn't move as much as the MGX. But it definitely hits the prostate more solidly. I had a pretty nice session with the Progasm, discovering that on the back is my best position for it. By the time I finished, I had a nice buzz going on with my backdoor.

I went to the gym this afternoon and when I got back and before showering, I heard the MGX calling. I wanted to see what it would be like afer the Progasm. I tried it standing up for the first time (usually on the back is my best bet) and really got off on it. The MGX seemed to move around more and to be more responsive than in my previous session with it and I will definitedly do the stand up position more often.

Folks in the forum talk a lot about "rewiring" & I definitely understand what they are talking about. I feel like I am getting in touch with an internal sensual dimension that I didn't even know existed. I am gradually learning to go with the experience, to welcome whatever comes. It has a definite feminine feel to it, the experience of being penetrated and of surrendering to the Aneros instead of being in charge. I want to explore that more and see where it takes me.

In the spirit of others on the forum, I'll do my best to share my experiences and feelings with the rest of you. Reading what others have written here has encouraged me in my quest & I would like to give something in return.

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