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Big Submarine

I got the Maximus recently to round out my collection. The only one I don’t have now is the SGX which I don’t plan to buy. I was curious to know whether I would feel anything different with the slightly larger size as compared to the MGX. The Maximus is in the middle of the range size-wise between the Progasm and the other smaller models. I knew from the similar design of the MGX that it would dive in pretty deep and I wasn’t disappointed. I call it the Big Submarine while the MGX is the Little Submarine. Perhaps the SGX could be called the Tiny Submarine!

Since I have used the Progasm before, inserting the Maximus only required a little more patience and waiting for my muscles to relax than when inserting the smaller models. Once inserted though, it dives right in and really presses into the perineum. Unlike when I first bought my MGX though, I didn’t feel any pain from the pressure. It felt very comfortable and full but not as full as the Progasm. I also liked how the diameter of the stem where it meets the base is small like the MGX. This seems to provide more gripping power and less likely that it will be expelled.

I laid on my right side as usual and felt the twitching of my left pectoral muscles. This is usually a precursor to the pelvic contractions that I experience. When the contractions started, they were strong and fast and lasted about a half a minute before dying down. I didn’t feel as much post-contraction tingling as I have in the past but it was still there.

After a while I switched to other positions. Partially lying on my side and more so on my stomach with the lower leg straight and the upper one bent always causes the contractions to go at a frenzy. My buttocks were contracting like crazy.

When I switched to lying on my stomach that’s when it really got wild. My body was contracting so much that I was bouncing up and down off of the bed and getting in some air time! Mind you that I was still in the prone position. It felt like I was on a trampoline and my body was just contracting in perfect rhythm. After the contractions died down, I felt blissful tingling waves and I was just laughing at how powerful the contractions were. I had a similar experience when I first got my MGX, only with that I was laying on my back.

I haven’t used the Maximus much, but I like it so far!

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9 Month Update

I haven’t posted a blog entry in a while as nothing really significant has happened during my sessions over the last 9 months. I still use the different Aneros models that I own on a regular basis and I’m still enjoying the sensations that I experience. If anything, it seems that the full body / pelvic contractions that I used to get on a regular basis have diminished somewhat. I’m not sure if that’s due to my perineum becoming desensitized or if I’m just entering another stage in my journey. As I usually look forward to the full body tingling that I get after the contractions stop, this has been somewhat of a disappointment to me. Most people, it seems, don’t like the contractions, but I look forward to them for that reason.

I’m trying to incorporate the Aneros into my masturbation sessions more to see if I can increase the pleasure in those sessions. The Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) book that I have mentions using the Aneros as an effective means to massage the prostate and stimulate the perineum while trying to achieve ESO rather than having your partner use their fingers to do the same thing. As has been the case for me in the past, having the Aneros inserted causes me to have a slow start with getting an erection. Once I do get one though, I don’t seem to be able to last as long due to the increased stimulation and pressure on the prostrate. It’s odd that the use of the Aneros causes me to go from one extreme to the other. I hope that with continued use, my body will become more accustomed to the sensations.

I ended up cutting off the handle of my Helix. That’s the only model that I’ve done that to. At first, I only cut off the part where it started to form the loop and then later lopped off the rest. With a nice sanding job using a file, it looks and feels as if it was made that way. Cutting off the handle hasn’t affected my Aneros-only sessions but it has certainly made it easier for me to masturbate with it.

I’ve also started using nipple stimulation during my masturbation sessions. At first, I didn’t like it because it caused an uncomfortable tingling in my penis. However, I found that when I edged with my Fleshlight and used a twisting motion with short up and down strokes, I felt some tingling in my penis. Adding in nipple stimulation just increased that sensation even more but in a pleasurable way. When using nipple stimulation at the edge, I have to be very careful how much I do it as it can easily send me over the top. If I’m really close to the edge, I can only handle a few strokes before I have to pull my finger away. I usually use one or two lubed fingers and gently stroke the nipple back and forth. Using more pressure doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I’ve tried to use nipple stimulation during my Aneros sessions but so far it seems to be more distracting than anything else. Plus, when I start having pelvic contractions, I can’t stimulate my nipples at all as my body is moving around too much. I’ll probably keep trying though to see if it will take me anywhere.

I haven’t used the Slightest Touch or Prostate Cradle that much in the past 9 months. The Slightest Touch doesn’t seem to increase my arousal and just seems to be an artificial way of generating anal contractions that are perfectly timed. Without the Slightest Touch, my anal contractions tend to vary in speed. Still it is fun to use on occasion as something different. With the Prostate Cradle, I no longer feel any discomfort when I use it on a hard surface. Again, I’m not sure if that is due to my perineum becoming desensitized or I’ve just increased the muscle strength in that area as the site contends. I did try masturbating with it while sitting on the toilet with the lid down. I was able to press down before the ejaculation started so as to keep the semen from being expelled but it felt strange and not really that pleasurable. And, once that happened, I entered the resolution phase just as if I had ejaculated normally. For me, once the ejaculatory contractions start, it doesn’t matter whether I’m blocking the flow of semen or not, I always enter the resolution phase. Rereading that section in the book though mentions that semen retention allows the pressure to remain which then allows another set of ejaculatory contractions to occur. However, when that happens, I usually don’t feel turned on anymore to resume stimulation. Perhaps I gave up on this technique too soon. I may try it some more. It certainly does feel strange. During each ejaculatory contraction, I feel the semen hit the tight muscles and then flow back before another contraction occurs. It’s not unpleasant, just different. I only wish I didn’t enter the resolution phase afterwards. Perhaps some experimentation as to when I resume stimulation will help with that.

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Rapid Eye Blinking

I hadn’t ejaculated in several days even though I had masturbated, with edging only, on most of them. As a result, I was pretty charged and ready for an intense session. After only a few anal contractions, my body was contracting like crazy. After a while when it stopped, I experienced my usual waves of full body tingling. However, this time my eyelids started blinking rapidly on their own. It was weird. That's the first time that's happened.

Buster had mentioned in an earlier post that this had happened to him (he said his eyes twitched). Very odd that the day I read about that, I experienced it myself.


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Minimizing Full Body Contractions

I've been experimenting with delaying or minimizing the full body contractions to see if I will experience something different. Some users have mentioned that they feel like it short circuits the ramp up in energy that they feel. For me, it's like I'm switching gears when driving. The energy level is analogous to engine rpms. The initial ramp up in energy is when I'm in first gear and accelerating. The rpms get faster and faster. Then I switch gears (the full body contractions start) and the rpms (the energy level) drop back somewhat. The contractions vary in strength and speed but at some point, there is always another build up of energy. When I reach the point to switch gears again, the contractions stop and I feel those blissful full body tingling waves. So, while this is very pleasurable, I wonder whether delaying the contractions will yield different and perhaps even more pleasurable feelings. If so, then this will give me additional choices when I have my sessions: Do I want to have a session with full body contractions, a more subtle one, or both?

What I basically do is stop the Aneros contractions before I get to the point where I know the full body contractions will kick in. I've had enough of those to know when they're about to start. This allows me to experiment with some of the other contractions since I typically use anal contractions exclusively. I've tried using PC and rectal contractions before but so far I've had limited success with them. With a smaller unit such as the Eupho, I'm getting better at feeling the effects of moving it around.

My experiment lasted for about an hour. My energy level (as felt in my groin) did not increase over time but it did linger around a while longer before subsiding. There were a few times when I had a full body contraction, but for the most part I was motionless throughout the session. Sometimes I resumed the anal contractions to build up the energy level. Other times I just laid there with no contractions whatsoever to see what would happen. Once, while doing that, I felt a tickling in my prostate and perineum. This was something different that I hadn't felt before. I had my eyes closed at the time and they opened right up as soon as I felt it. The feeling didn't last long but it was different and different is good. After about an hour of holding back the contractions, my body had had enough and the contractions fired up again. This time they were pretty strong and fast and never let up until I tipped over to that full body tingling state.

In another session with the Eupho, it was late and I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep, but I still wanted to feel the Aneros in me. Those things are so addictive! So, I put it in and thought I'd have one of those sessions where I didn't do any contractions at all. This was also another attempt to see if I could sleep with it in me. Several times during the night, I woke up and felt small waves of pleasure in my groin. This was new as well. I also felt that same tickling in the prostate and perineum. A few times the wave radiated down to my legs but it was barely noticeable. Then, I would drift back to sleep. As it turns out, I only had it in me for 2-1/2 hours. I started getting sore, so I took it out and went back to bed. On another night I was able to sleep with it in me for the whole night but I didn't experience those waves again. I'm not sure why I keep trying to sleep with it in me. I don't sleep well and when I turn from side to side I try to be careful not to exert any additional pressure on the handle. That usually involves me slightly lifting my hips while I turn. As I mentioned before, the feeling of it in me is addictive so perhaps that’s why.

I think I'll need several more sessions like this where I try to hold back the contractions. If they kick in during the session, then that's fine. I just enjoy them and look forward to the feelings I have when they stop!


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This is another one of those catch up posts.

I had an incredible session with the MGX not too long ago. I was lying on my stomach, flopping like a fish, and my head was lifting off of the bed. When that wasn't happening, my buttocks were contracting hard and fast. The MGX was moving in and out of me so much I ended up expelling it. That was a first for me in that position. While it was pounding into me I thought I felt the ribs a little bit, but I'm not sure. As before, the contractions stopped immediately as soon as it was expelled. My buttocks were a bit sore the next day!

I also fixed the issue with the MGX grabbing the hair on my perineum. I used a washcloth to clean the area and then I dried it. I then got my electric razor and used the hair trimmer to give myself a haircut down there. I've tried shaving down there once before, but I didn't like the itchiness afterwards. The perineum haircut worked so well that I also gave my pubic area a haircut. That helps when I masturbate with my hand and with the Fleshlights that I own. I'm of average size when erect, but I can get downright tiny when I'm flaccid. At times it seems that my pubic hair is longer than my penis! Now I can more easily keep the lube on my penis rather than on my pubic hair.


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First Super T

Well, after complaining about how I didn't like masturbating with the Aneros, I finally had myself a Super T and it was awesome!

I had had a couple of edging sessions the previous day without the Aneros and without ejaculating. Edging feels wonderful but it's hard to stop. I want to feel it just one more time!

Since I like edging, I thought I'd re-read B Mayfield's post on the Super T and once again, I was inspired! I lubed up and inserted the MGX since it dives right in and has less of a chance of being expelled. It also applies just the right amount of pressure on the prostate for masturbation - less than the Helix, but more than the Eupho. I was on the bed kneeling and alternating between that and a sitting position on the back of my legs. As soon as I got close to ejaculating, I'd stop and do a few contractions with the Aneros. I did this several times. I then started trying to shift into a position where I would be lying flat on my back, all the while keeping on the edge or just below it. That's part of my feeble attempt at trying to retrain my body so I can ejaculate while lying down. Usually when I do that, the feeling goes away so I have to go back to the kneeling position so I can get myself worked back up again. I finally got to the point when I was lying down that I knew I was about to ejaculate, so I stopped stroking and resumed contractions with the Aneros. The orgasm and ejaculation were intense. I had several strong spurts with lots of semen. I hadn't ejaculated like that in ages. But the fun wasn't over.

After basking in the glow for a little while, I got cleaned up and ready for bed. After I got into bed, lying on my back, I felt my pc muscles start contracting again like I was ejaculating. It also felt like all of my ejaculatory valves were open. That's what it seemed like anyway. I actually pulled open the covers to check my underwear to see if I was still dry, which I was. Those contractions went on for several minutes. They weren't as fast as when I ejaculate, but they were steady. I couldn't believe it. I had never felt that before after a masturbation session.

So, I've been trying to repeat the experience and I can get the same orgasm and ejaculation, but the contractions and wonderful feelings afterwards haven't returned. I'm sure they will in time.


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Brain Sync, Slightest Touch, and the Progasm

I had been perusing through the forum and saw a thread or two that mentioned the Brain Sync cds, so I checked out the site and bought 3 of them. They currently have a special deal where you can get a discount if you buy 3.

I ordered the Ecstasy, Sound Sleep, and Total Relaxation cds.

I first listened to the samples several months ago and they did nothing for me - they all sounded very similar.

This time though, when I listened to the Ecstasy sample, I felt a tingling in my perineum and scrotum. After perusing through the website some more, I came back and listened to it again and started having these strong singular contractions just like I have with my KSMO sessions. This was unbelievable! And this was just with the sample! Seeing as I didn't want to get cranked up just then, I quickly switched over to the Total Relaxation sample, hoping that it would calm me down some. It did somewhat, but I still had a few more contractions and tingling. I was amazed that I reacted like that in such a short time.

When I listened to the Sound Sleep sample, I started getting drowsy with my eyes closing and my head starting to bob like I was about to fall asleep. As soon as I stopped the sample, I became alert again. I couldn't believe it, so I tried it again a little later and it had the same effect! This time, as I felt my eyes close and my head bob, I just had a smile on my face.

I'm assuming this is all part of the rewiring that's going on. I don't know how else to explain it.

Tomorrow, I intend to take the plunge and buy the Slightest Touch. At first I thought "There is no way I'm going to hook up electrodes to my body and give myself shock treatments!" I also recall a similar line of thinking about the Aneros: there was no way I was going to shell out that much money for what looked like a fancy butt plug, especially when other butt plugs and the like were selling for $12-$15. Now, I have three of them and wish I had found out about them long ago. As was the case with the Aneros, reading the info on the website and forum posts (in ours and theirs) helped bring my walls down.

Thanks guys!

That's it for now.

Comments are always welcome.


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New anal sensation

I had been reading a recent post in the forum and a response by B Mayfield on how to use the prelube applicator. Since I prelube every session, this piqued my interest. He had mentioned that the applicator should only be inserted about halfway inside the rectum. What I had been doing is fully inserting it and stopping at the flange. So, after rinsing, I tried this as part of my prep.

I had the usual body contractions and full body tingling when the contractions stopped, but this time the tingling seemed to radiate out from my anus to encompass my buttocks along with the rest of my body. Previously, the tingling seemed to be focused along my perineum, radiating out to the rest of my body from there. That doesn't sound too exciting or noteworthy, but it made the experience even more intense than usual and different.

I don't know if it was due to how I inserted the applicator or whether I was super clean or just more aroused than usual. On later sessions, I was unable to reproduce it.

I've been having problems with the plunger in the applicator getting stuck or being difficult to depress. This makes it difficult to control exactly how far it is inserted when you're trying to push on the plunger and it won't budge. When I finally get it depressed, I usually discover that it's inserted all the way. I made the mistake of trying to use a silicone based lube with it and then later an oil based lube. When the company says to use only water based lubes, be sure to use only water based lubes. An oil based or silicone based lube will ruin it. I have no idea why. I ended up buying a similar one that is used for dispensing medicine to babies. I couldn't find one at the pharmacy but the grocery store had some.


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Subsequent Sessions

This is Part 2 of my catch-up posts. I bought the Helix and Eupho package in early July of 2006 so I’ll discuss what I experienced after the first few months of use. Please see my earlier post about my initial sessions.

Bought the MGX
I bought the MGX in December of 2006. I was curious whether the ribs on it would provide additional stimulation to my anus. The Helix and Eupho don’t have those ribs so they only provide minimal stimulation. I had read some posts where some users liked the ribs initially but found them to be annoying later. However, I had to see for myself since each person’s likes and dislikes are different.

When I first inserted it, I really felt it dig into my perineum and it started hurting just like when I first began with the Helix. I was surprised by this since the days of me having perineum pain with the Helix and Eupho were long gone. That being the case, I was glad that I didn’t purchase the MGX first. I can only imagine the pain that a newbie would feel having never used an Aneros before. After a while, this too subsided so it didn’t bother me anymore. Another thing I didn’t like about the MGX is that the larger tab caused it to grab the hairs on my perineum. I didn’t have that problem with the Helix and Eupho with their smaller tabs.

The ribs turned out to be a wash. They were too small to provide stimulation. Plus, reading subsequent posts by B Mayfield mentioned that the ribs help the anus grip the MGX. So, if the anus is gripping it, then the ribs can’t provide stimulation since there is no movement of the MGX in and out of the anus. The smoothness of the Helix and Eupho allow more slipping and sliding within the anus which makes sense to me now. The anus still grips them, but the smooth surface allows some slippage.

What I did like about the MGX was the fact that the additional perineum pressure caused my sessions to be more intense. By that I mean I had stronger and faster body contractions that seemed to last longer than with the Helix or Eupho. This thing really dives in deep! I can see now why it’s called "the submarine!"

Eupho Experience
I use the Helix for most of my sessions, but I have used the Eupho on occasion. Of all the ones I have, the Eupho fits the best with its long curved body. It’s awesome! However, it doesn’t provide as much stimulation as the other two, so I don’t use it as often. If I were to keep an Aneros in me during the day or overnight, this would be the one I would use. Most of the contractions I use to manipulate the Aneros are anal. I have tried to use PC contractions and rectal contractions, but I don’t have enough control over them to allow different combinations. Usually, I use one and then another, never two at the same time. Perhaps, when I can master these different types of contractions, I’ll be able to make it dance inside of me. I would think that that would help with all of the models I own.

Session Frequency
Most of my sessions now last about an hour and I still do them about 3-4 times a week in the evenings when I go to bed. On occasion I will try an overnighter, but I always regret it since I don’t sleep well with the Aneros in me. Still, I keep trying and experimenting.

I don’t use the anal rinse bulbs as often as I used to. When I plan on having an Aneros session, I try to make note of how well my bowel movement went during the day. Without getting too graphic here, I found that the more wiping I had to do to get myself clean, the more I needed to rinse before my session. If I barely had to wipe, then I knew I was good and clean inside and could skip the rinse.

The involuntaries that I have are still the same as I had early on which are basically one or two involuntary contractions that occur after holding an anal contraction for a few seconds. After a series of these, they can start to take on a life of their own and even move further inside to involve my pc muscles.

Body Contractions (Shaking)
My body still has contractions during every session. Most of the time now though, they are isolated to my pelvic region. However, they can spread down to my legs and sometimes just my ankles are contracting rapidly. This is usually a result of the contractions working their way down from my pelvic region, then to my legs, then to my ankles, and back up again. If I'm on my right side, I still occasionally notice my left chest muscle twitching before the contractions start, but that doesn’t seem to be happening as often. I’ve also started experiencing a new type of contraction. These are really strong singular pelvic contractions that seem to be timed with my breathing during an exhale. Since my breathing at this point is a slow pant, that’s how fast the contractions are. I first noticed them during my KSMO sessions so I guess they carried over into my Aneros sessions.

I’ve read that these contractions gradually go away, but I’m not so sure. Especially when I use the MGX, those contractions are strong, fast, and long lasting.

One interesting thing I found is that when there is a break between the contractions, I can lightly press on the perineum tab and cause my body to have a sharp contraction. It’s pretty neat and just goes to show how that feedback loop can get started with anal contractions pulling the Aneros in and out of you.

Post-Session Sensations
On the days that I didn’t have a session, I would get this incredible, and sometimes annoying, tingling sensation in my perineum. Others have likened it to the prostate wanting to be “scratched” with another Aneros session. Since I had read about this as well in the forum, I just tried to ignore it and do something else. I think they only lasted about 2 months before mostly going away. I do still feel them occasionally but they are on a much lower level now. They are pleasant and long lasting but not so strong as to be distracting or annoying.

Some other sensations that I’ve felt involve echo involuntaries where my anus will start contracting as if I had the Aneros inside me. It felt good, but for the most part it didn’t lead to anything further. Early on when I had those I would also experience a shortened version of the body contractions. That was probably more short-lived than the anal contractions, which I still have even as I’m writing this.

I primarily stay on my right side. On occasion I’ll try some of the other positions. I can really feel the Aneros pounding into me when I’m laying flat on my stomach but I don’t stay in that position long since I have an acid reflux condition. I still don’t like being on my back with my knees bent, especially when the contractions start. My upper body moves so much that my head lifts off of the bed and then slams back into the pillow! On my side seems to be much safer (grin). Also, being on my back was the only time that I ever expelled the Aneros while I was having contractions. As soon as that happened, the contractions stopped instantly. The feedback loop had been broken.

I still use Maximus almost exclusively although sometimes I’ll add in some Vaseline if I want to try and have a longer session. I’m still pre-lubing since I’ve found that if I don’t, I get pretty sore halfway through an hour long session.

I’m starting to enjoy masturbation more with the Aneros. I like the feeling of pulling on my penis and feeling the aneros being pulled into my anus at the same time. That, along with thrusting movements when kneeling, can really feel good. I no longer have the numbness that I had early on which is also good.

However, I must say that I still prefer to separate the two. My body prefers positions where I'm sitting, such as on the toilet or on the bed where I can move from a kneeling position to a sitting one with thrusts in between. These positions tend to cause the Aneros to be expelled, certainly when sitting on the toilet. If not expelled, then it comes out enough so that the perineum tab is no longer in contact with the perineum. So, I end up concentrating on it to keep from expelling it. That concentration is a distraction which makes ejaculation difficult. Thrusting with the Aneros in me does feel good, but I'm always worried I'm going to expel it. I'm trying to re-train my body so that I can ejaculate while lying down or on my side, but it's slow going. Those positions would certainly be easier on my knees. I guess I could cut off the handle, which would allow me to sit on it and not expel it, but that section also provides additional pressure on the prostate when you are lying down on your back and gently forcing your hips down. Plus, once you cut it, there’s no going back and these things aren’t cheap.

My primary purpose now for using the Aneros is not to have a traditional orgasm, but a Super one. However, since I’m starting to enjoy masturbating with it more, I’ll keep on experimenting with it from time to time and see where it takes me. It certainly adds variety which is always a good thing where sex is concerned.

Anal Orgasms and Mini O’s
What I started noticing early on was that as soon as the body contractions stopped, I would feel my anus ever so gently contract rhythmically – an anal orgasm. It was not powerful, but it was there. In later sessions, I started experiencing these waves of full body tingling, but only after the contractions stopped. I never felt them while I was having the contractions. Each wave was brief and when combined they only lasted about 30 seconds. They were blissful and exquisite. I could actually keep them going, for a little while, by gently contracting my anus. I wouldn’t call these waves a Super O since they weren’t intense and they weren't long lasting. However, they were definitely gentle waves that I felt over my entire body. I haven’t read about anyone else experiencing this tingling after the contractions stop. I’m sure I’m not the first one though.

I still practice KSMO along with the Aneros, but on different days. I’m still having the same body contractions as I do with the Aneros, mostly in the pelvic region. However, I did experience a brief Super O while practicing KSMO. I was on my right side, as usual, and I was having contractions when suddenly I felt these intense waves rippling down from my pelvic area to my legs. They seemed to occur in sync with my body contractions but not at the same time as the contraction. However, they didn’t last long and didn’t radiate into the rest of my body. They were definitely intense and I knew that I had just experienced something very big. Unfortunately, that happened a couple of months ago and hasn’t happened since. I’m assuming that when/if I experience a Super O with the Aneros, it will feel this way. I certainly hope so.

Well, that’s about it for now. I think I’ve finally got caught up to where I’m at now in my journey. I have a few other shorter posts to make on some other experiences that I’ve had so I’ll do that later.

As before, any and all tips, comments, and suggestions are welcome.


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