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I have tried the Helix six or seven times so far. With each practice session, I discover a few new sensations. Still, I'm not anywhere near achieving the involuntaries or the Super "O." I have, on a couple of occasions, experienced a very intense ejaculation without any penile stimulation. But alas, I know that this is not the object of my desire.

I have a few questions for any successful guys who might have the time to answer.

1. I seem to be most relaxed on my back with my knees bent or on my stomach lying flat. I can achieve movement of the Helix keeping my hips perfectly still, but there are times when I want to move my hips, which seems to contribute to the Helix's movement within me. Should I rely solely on the Helix's movement through contractions, or is this hip movement ok?

2. It appears there are four different kinds of contractions. The easiest for me to perform is the Kegel. However, I've seen recommendations to do a rectal contraction simulatenously or an anal contraction simultaneously with a rectal contraction. I can't seem to even figure out how to combine a Kegel with a rectal contraction or an anal contraction with a rectal contraction. Doing one (to me) seems to make it impossible to do the other simultaneously. Any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on the length of contractions and how contractions might interact with breathing would be appreciated.

3. Thus far, I never get an erection while using the Helix (even when I enjaculated -- which was achieved without penis stimulation). My assumption is that this is just fine. Am I right? Am I correct in thinking that I'm to focus more on what's happening around the anus, prostate, abdominal muscles than on what's happening with the penis?

4. People talk about breathing from the diaphragm. I guess I really don't understand what breathing from the diaphragm is. Can anyone explain? How important do those who have been succesful thinking breathing is as part of the overall experience. Any breathing tips would be appreciated.

I should wrap this up by saying I'm not anxious about any of this. I'm willing to practice as much as is required and take a rather laid-back approach. I think the concept of being able to create sheer sexual bliss for oneself is such a cool idea, it's what motivates me to keep going. I love the concept of exploring the inner reaches of my body and sexuality.

There are times I think I might benefit by actaully watching someone experience the super O using Aneros -- seeing what they do to reach the climax, etc., but my hunch is that most everything is internal, and I wouldn't learn that much from the visual. Do you guys tend to agree?

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