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My first Super 'O'

Well if that wasn't it, then I don't really care what is. After about 6 months of trying I think I've managed it, because that was JUST brilliant.

I gave myself all day, had a shower, watched some porn: the usuals. The first couple of hours were pleasurable enough, but I wasn't breaking any new ground so I had a break.

I then re-lubed and set off again. Soon I felt it really moving inside me, and I forced myself to do something quite difficult - let go. I've often seen people on this forum mention this, and I think it's a little misleading, because to get to the point where you need to 'let go' requires some subtle control, as I've written about before. But once you feel you're in the zone, the 'subtle control' goes out the window. I forced myself to just go limp. It went bezerk. I could feel it thrusting of its own volition inside me, and this time, maybe because of the previous work I'd done, I found it hitting the spot every time - you know - THAT spot. I started breathing quickly, and groaning, and it would come in sort of spasms, rising and falling, grinding against my prostate. Every stroke was bliss. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then I let it subside and just lay there, feeling my prostate glowing. I'm still a little shivery from the feeling - I know what people mean when they say they feel 'energized' after it. I just feel so good!

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Some Progress

The Aneros is amazing. Every session gives sensations and experiences which are different from the last. This was a particularly long session for me, largely because after about two hours, something seriously important happened which made me want to go on for a lot longer.

My last session was frustrating, so I started this one slowly and with low expectations. My preferred position is becoming one in which I kneel on the bed with my head on the mattress and some pillows between my knees and my torso. The fact that this is comfortable for me is important, as I realized last night. This is because when you're starting out, you need to be able to think to yourself - "this is quite nice, I could carry on like this for hours". I don't think, therefore, that uncomfortable positions or tiring positions or exercizes are good ideas - you need to prepare yourself for potential longevity.

So, I spent quite a while just enjoying some gentle, delicate contractions. Then the usual experiements ensued - letting them get harder, deeper, trying to 'let go'. And, as usual, they didn't do much. So I redisciplined myself and went back to low level.

One of the technical things I've noticed recently is that when I contract my sphincter muscle, my PC muscles (the ones related to urination and ejaculation) followed. But this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. In fact, the feel of the contraction if both are in action at the same time is rather a clunky one, and yields little in the way of pleasurable sensation - no matter how hard or fast they're going. By contrast, if the PC muscles are held (just gently) then the anal contractions assume a more gentle, circular action. And, more imporantly, there is smore of a sliding sensation inside. My guess is (and this is just a guess) that if both sets of muscles are working in tandem, then the G-spot moves with the Aneros or isn't pushed close enough to have significant contact. But if you are in control of them individually, it's a different story. I found that if I held my PC muscles and just let the anal muscles do their stuff (gently still) that there was much better and more prolongued contact with the prostate. I could feel gliding instead of prodding which was REALLY good. I tried to cultivate this and for a minute or two things were great.

Then it subsided a bit. I went on for another couple of hours but didn't quite get it back, probably because I was tired something. This doesn't bother me too much as I think I've worked out why things happened, and that next time I'll know to recreate the feeling and go one more step.

I love this thing!

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Miscellaneous Points

Dear all,

I thought I'd write a few thoughts down, having had an enjoyable session last night which, nonetheless, did not produce the Super 'O'. I'd like to think I'm a kind of intermediate at this now. Things are happening and I'm gradually mastering control of some of them, but I still haven't reached that orgasm yet, and every session seems to yield a new sensation which I have to familiarize myself with and try and understand. I won't bore you with talk of positions or lube - I just have a few points which might encourage those of you who are really struggling, or yield some advice from those of you who are really gunning.

1. The Prostate

To put it bluntly, it's a tricky little blighter! Suddenly I find that the Aneros has got it right there, and I'm like "ooooooh that's so good", but then it feels as if the Aneros has gone past, beyond the spot, or the spot has moved away. Another thing that happens is that there can be a strong, random contraction from my penis (or something related to it) which dislodges things somehow. I'm guessing that managing to maintain this sort of contact is one of the keys. Would any of the guru's amongst you agree with that?

2. Contractions - which ones?

One of the recent revelations for me has been the number of different contractions there are, when previously I just thought it was one. Firstly, in terms of depth. Previously, it was all coming from 'low down' in my sphincter - the muscles that I'm more used to controlling. But now I find I'm starting to have a control (of sorts) over a 'higher up' contraction, which is good for moving the Aneros to the prostate. I'm not sure about this, but a good tactic seems to me to be hold the 'inner' contraction and let let the 'outer' one do the 'thrust' work. Does anybody else find this? Or find something else entirely?

3. Contractions - involuntary

It's very difficult to tell the extent to which contractions are 'involuntary'. There's a lot of advice on this forum saying "just relax". I'm sure that this has its place, but my experience in the performing arts has told me that it's not about 'just relaxing' - it's about relaxing some muscles and tensing others. If you completely relax in an Aneros session (unless in an advanced stage) nothing will happen. So there always has to be an element of control, right? Furthermore, what surprises me is that, even once you have 'invols', they can be quite bland and ineffective. You just keep slamming yourself, and unless you voluntarily do something about that (a small internal adjustment perhaps), then you don't really get anywhere. You can just let them keep happening but it doesn't 'get the spot'.

4. Strokes

Last night I had a wonderful, new experience almost straight away, which was the Aneros moving itself in and out of me much more slowly and firmly than I'm used to. It felt like, instead of just thrusting at me, the Aneros was making love to me, which was really arousing. Later, when I was on the ascent up that sacred hill (I don't think I quite reached the summit), I focussed on slightly deeper, slower strokes than usual which was very effective and a much more mentally pleasing experience. Would people say that it's better to have more measured stroking of the prostate in this way? THe other thing I've been able to achieve is a sort of shuddering hold in the prostate area, which is nice and tingly, but it needs some force and rhythm to take it further. If I get force and rhythm, however, I tend to lose the prostate again.

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