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Yesterday's Super O's

Yesterday I had a wonderful session which I had planned for several days. I went four days without an orgasm and did a variety of pelvic exercises when I was driving, in the shop, etc. As I started my prep for my session I had considerable sensitivity in my genital region and my nipples were very sensitive.

I made sure that I would be undisturbed for a couple of hours and made my preliminary prep. I got my bed covered with towels, my tissues ready and my three lubricants preped including loading my syringe.

Next I retired to the living room and popped in my favorite xxx video. Since I am bisexual I enjoy all manner of xxx videos, but I chose a self made compilation of gay orgasms. I have over four hours of great looking guys just as they finish their sessions, so there was semen everywhere.

When I didn't think I could stand not having an orgasm any longer I went to the bathroom and did a Fleet enema, followed by a long, slow sensuous shower. I have a shower head on a flexible hose so I can direct the stream on my anus and scrotum. I then washed my Helix and warmed it up with the hot shower water. When it was nice and warm I coated it with petroleum jelly and spend considerable time inserting it. Hummmm. I then left it in place as I dried myself. As I was drying I had some great involuntary spasms and even started to shake with pleasure.

I next lay on the bed, removed the Helix and injected my Vagisil lube, added some petroleum jelly and gel lube to my Helix and thoroughly coated my anus and as high inside as I could reach. I inserted the Helix and lay on my right side relaxing. Almost immediately I felt a sharp muscle cramp with which I am very familiar. I have long suffered from muscle pain the my rectal area and, while it has diminished considerably since I've been using my Helix, it kicked in suddenly.

I thought my session was going to end in failure, but I removed the Helix and did a series of biofeedback exercises that I have used successfully in the past and in about 5 minutes the pain subsided to nothing, leaving my very sexually charged.

I then lay on my side and within minutes was in the throes of a Super O. Panting, knees pulling into my chest (involuntarily), my body bucking and shaking. I let that one pass and did another.

Since I have become a fan of I decided to take a few pictures with my digital so I could submit them for positing. I had some fun positioning myself and camera and finally got four photos that captured what I wanted to show (the Helix inserted and the fluid leakage on my penis).

By this point I was so sexually charged that I felt helpless to prevent a wet orgasm. I decided I would have one more Super O before I ended the session - which by then was over an hours. I was laying on my back with my feel aganist the wall, which permits the Helix to move about. I was in the grip of a Super O that lasted several minutes. It continued to increase in intensity and I was quite powerless over it. My abdominal muscles were tensed, I was barely able to pant with the smallest breaths, and my entire body was trembling. When I came out of it I was flushed, panting and weak - and smiling!

I didn't feel able to have another dry orgasm again so I reached for my lube and started to masturbate. Within 15 seconds an orgasm began building. With the Helix still in play I was having involuntary muscle contractions with brought the Helix up aganist my prostate. Before I even got an erection my ejaculation started and the force of it caused my legs to straighten out (remember I had my feet on the wall) and I pushed my self out flat on the bed.

I lay there wet, exhausted, and delighted. It took me over 15 minutes to get enough strength to get up and do my cleanup. The power of the session lasted well into the evening and my skin continued to tingle for several hours.

I am ceratinly one of the lucky ones in that my Super O's came pretty easy. For those of you still looking, keep up the good work.

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