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Am really curious about the "movement" issue. none of my models actually 'Move" in the strictist sense of the word, rather they seem exert a very subtle caress of the prostate resulting in the very exciting sensations. I can introduce movement by various methods of contracting but find that that is defeating the more subtle sensations thus, I stop that and depend strictly on very minor contractions mostly created by breathing.
So, am I missing something here ??? by not experiencing more pronounced movement??

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Well, the eupho needed a little mod on the tab to make it hit the spot, also removed the curly end. It is a whole different feeling in a sense, takes a little more "work" and the intensity is less than my classic but the sensations are excellent and I'm sure as I get more in tune with its "harmony" excitement will follow. Nice to see all here and having fun...stay well and keep posting...

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