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  • Broken TAb

    I accidentally broke the perenium tab off of my mgx while trying to modifiy it. I tried super glue but it wont stick. Anyone got advice as to how to repair this? I am stuck using the helix until I can repair the mgx. Please help.

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    Gee, I LOVE my Helix! But if you want to repair your other one I suggest an epoxy. You can buy plastic epoxy at any good hardware store (like Orchard Supply). Get the kind that comes in two tubes and needs to be mixed. It is easy to do and it does a permanent repair as strong as the orginal. You'll need to mound the epoxy around the brake so it hardens like a sleeve around it as there is insufficient surface area to hold the repair on just the broken surfaces. You may want to build up two or three thin coats on the shaft at the break for a certain repair. After all, you wouldn't want it to fail at a critical Super O point!!



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      Ok I broke my tab arm too. My own stupid mistake... i keep it in a top drawer of an old chest of drawers. The Drawer is not that deep and since the unit is wood, it frequently swells with weather changes.. SO I didnt thnk much about it when it was a little tight opening this morning .. BUT when I heard that 'click' sound and then the drawer opened easily I knew somehting was wrong....... BUT I digress

      THE FIX : A nylon/hard plastic spacer/bearing
      5 Min epoxy
      3/16" drill bit (in a drill press in my case)
      10-20 mins in the shop

      A good hardware store will carry nylon/or hard plastic tubes. Not sure if they are intended as bushings, or bearings but they come in different sizes and I use them in other projects as spacers. I bought one which was 3/8 OD and drilled it out to increase the ID to 3/16 " . Used some 100 grit sand paper to round the broken arm ends so that they fit inside the tube. (Hold the sand paper on a small block of wood and rub thee plastic against it to round along the axis... basically making it from a square rod to a round rod).

      I then cut the nylon tube to the appropriate length. Long enough to allow the two ends to meet in the middle and provide support to either side of the joint. 5 Min Epoxy IS your friend. Mix and apply some to the inside of the ring. My break was near the body of the unit (about 1/2 from it) so I attached that side first. Push it in as hard as possible. Then I inserted the Tab side.

      NOTES: Make sure the first side is in as tight as possible OR when you insert the second part the air pressure will push it out.

      Insert the second side slowly but firmly to allow air to escape.

      Epoxy the inside of the tube and the ends of and sies of the rods. I recomend covereing them them wiping them off with a clean rag. Some of the glue will stay on the rod, but not enough to squish out the ends too badly.

      The Result. The arm is the same length. I used my heat gun again to rebend the tab arm (after the joint/splint. The arm is less flexible than before but otherwise as strong as before.

      Good luck,



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        Hi aaron14684!

        I broke mine in the same way, trying to extend the reach of the tab a long time back! I just went ahead and bobbed the tail as well and use it for my "sitting in the computer chair" Anerose...

        (I left a good length on it and bent it back away from my anus, so I wouldn't get stuck by it and would have "something" to grab, to pull it back out!)

        That was when I sent for the, then new, Helix to replace it???

        I have had several good "O"s with the tailless/tabless model, proving you don't absolutely have to have a tab to orgasm, after you're re-wired any way??? (better with tab tho, I guess???)

        Later, Hlaser99


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          Suffered my first broken Aneros in 9 years of play. Was inserting my Progasm 'Ivory' and felt the p-tab sort of get flexible and bend. Pulled it out and found a crack most of the way through the abutment arm where it joins the 'finned' area below the stem of the toy.

          Don't recall having dropped this toy. The near-white material hid the crack from my view. From now on I'll take a hard look at each of my toys as I pre-wash and lube them up. Will try the above two-part epoxy job and advise how it works out.


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            My Ivory broke too. Bought an Ice and haven't had any issues. Different material.