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  • Super O not possible without this forum

    I really haven't updated my journey at all. I just posted when and how I reached the Super-O.

    "I've been a user of prostate massage devices for about a year. I've been using the "other" line of products and after a few months of it I really believed I achieved a Super-O. Boy was I wrong. I stumbled upon this site by just looking for some advice on how to further my journey. Such wonderful stories from everyone here. Just by using the advice here and buying my very first Aneros (Progasm Ice). I've had the most fantastic time experience. Let me begin by saying now know what the Super-O is. WOW!!!
    About a month ago my Aneros came in the mail, now since I have older kids, it's hard to find the time. I have managed to do so at night when "I'm tired and need early sleep". Anyway, I have a slight different technique. I got out the progasm and used Olive Oil (as noted by someone here). What a difference!! I was amazed how something so large eventually went it, the key being slow and gentle. Next I put a soft, silk like sleeping bag (rolled up) under the small of my back and then used the "do nothing" technique. In about 15 minutes I was getting crazy spasms in my legs, from just breathing!!! 15 more minutes in I tilted my hips up just a bit resting my weight on my feet. My mind was a about to blow!!! I pictured my sphincter muscles working and my perineum working to get them to "lock" my Progasm up. The spasms and contractions were working on their own. i was out of control and could not stop if I wanted too. I tilted my hips up in the air a bit more and gave a medium size contraction..........and there it was!! The most mind blowing thing on the planet. It was an orgasm x100. Now I know why it's the Super-O. Over the course of this I felt the pool of pre-cum, cum whatever it's called, dripping down my side. I was surprised as I've never had that much, sometimes nothing at all.
    I've heard of people having 2 even 3 Super-O's in a session. I was totally exhausted and could no loner manage another. A matter of fact I was so content I believe I never had a penile orgasm. I must thank all of you for the terrific advice and without your stories and help I would have never gotten here!!! I now believe, relax and let my body and mind take me there"

    That was a couple months ago. I thought then I achieved it and my journey has ended and will always be the same. Thanks to different techniques, lube, positions even the atmosphere I'm in. For all you here on the forums..........I thank you !! My journey just continues with waves of different pleasure anytime I choose to use my Progasm Ice. Sure I get a few "clunkers", but not many. My sessions usually last no more than an hour, I can hardly take anymore than that or I just try to make it happen. Patience and relaxation I've learned through my journey and I look forward to continue down this road!!

    Thank again! ( Does anyone know how to change your User Name, tired of being just a number LOL)

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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us all. Wonderful testimonial for the forum as well!

    In so far as changing your username, click the "support" tab or go here and they will do this for you!


    BF Mayfield


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      Well aneros_user44352!!!

      Welcome to this great community!! Thanks indeed for your Super-Os story and congratulations. It sound like you are having primarily or exclusively Active Body Super-Os?? Or otherwise too?? No pressure.
      The distinction, as per one person's experience, is set out here:

      You might also like to share your developmental story and vote here:

      Your comments about this Forum and it power in assisting men to find these astounding possibilities in their own bodies are right on, and thank you!

      all the very best deep relaxation and quiet listening results all



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        Thanks all!!


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          When you do get your new username, please be sure to identify yourself! That way we'll be able to reference some of your previous posts.

          BF Mayfield


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            I will, thanks Brian for your help and some truly inspirational and informative posts!


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              I still don't get the do-nothing technique. I'm using the aneros for over a year now and if I just lay there and do nothing, well, nothing will happen. I can feel some sporadic and low-level involuntaries but they won't build on their own. Is a correct breathing technique the key? I'm always trying to relax and focus on my feelings. It definitely feels good but it's a bit frustrating not making much progress after this long time. Do you concentrate on breathing deeply or with some sort of technique? If I do so it feels like making a step in the right direction but at the same time it is very distracting and exhausting.


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                As I recall, the Wiki says that some techniques work for some people and not others. Same story with positions and breathing. The fact that you get low level effects means the Aneros will probably work really well for you once you find the right combo. I've found that even the smallest changes can have large effects, like drinking two glasses of wine instead of one, or sleeping nude instead of in PJs.

                Remember Mr. Natural and "Keep on truckin'."




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                  Hello Grayfox,

                  Be patient with yourself. The do nothing approach also did absolutely nothing for me until just a few months ago in my over four year journey. And I honestly can't say why or how it suddenly did start producing pleasurable results besides just time and practice. Keep patiently practicing with no expectations, but allow your self to explore different techniques. You will get there eventually, and likely faster than I have.



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                    I couldn't agree more aneros_user44352. If it wasn't for this forum, I would have considered the whole experience a nice addition to masturbation and not a whole lot more. Once you get passed that stage, you start to see these very small (in my case) advancements that without this forum you would not even think twice about normally. Congratulations to those guys who have success right away, that was not the case with me, and I needed a lot of reassurance from these great folks on the forum.

                    I also applaud your getting a new user ID, I get you "aneros_user"'s confused with each other.


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                      Buster, I've been so frustrated over the years until I found Aneros and these forums. New to the techniques and this board. people such as yourself and Love_Is, ten_s_nut and others I've achieved the Super-O because I've been spoiled with such wonderful info when others years ago did not have much to go on. I'm truly lucky and thanks for the kind words.

                      Grayfox, what type of Aneros do you us?? Any distractions what so ever?? Just like the vets on this board say, it's truly an individual experience for us to get to the same goal. I hope you find yours like I did mine. Still waiting on a user name change.


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                        Hey, grayfox. Agreed some techniques will work for some and not for others. I went nowhere for months and then read about and tried tickling my nipples while maintaining gentle PC muscle group contractions looking for and amplifying the involuntary fluttering anal sensations that resulted. Within a few weeks I was experiencing my first prostate orgasms and now, being rewired for some months, they come consistently and basically whenever I want to have a session. It is a gradual process but well worth the effort.