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    Hello fellow seekers of experiences.

    The idea is something that I have to work and expand on.

    I already coverd in previous posts that I thought that the aneros toy is not completely sexual although it shares something.

    i'll try to give updates on it. But Im stumbing on a transformative practice that could be very interesting indeed. This inspiration is just a combination of other ideas that Im working out.

    Forgive the order in which ideas are presented but the writer is a bit high at the moment.

    The pracice that Ive done today was quite astonishing to me. I used to play with the aneros toys in bed.

    I propose doing a yoga routine (sorry for now its limited to the people who know yoga, but I will think of other ways to applying the idea). in each of the poses there is a different ismotetric contraction to hold in the body. The contraction is a place of tension that is held lightly, neither hard nor soft, just the right strength, p-waves can concentrate there subtly. In most postures, and Im talking classic Sivananda uncomplicated Hatha Yoga, all the core holds a light tension to stabilize itself and hold the respiratiory process. the body tension and the contraction help me expand the pleasure waves throught. In circulating between different postures to transmit the pleasure waves the sum effect is quite nice. breathing is followed in a relax maner.

    During the play with the aneros toy there is a great change with the different postures.
    - Gravity and how your are thrusting the toy inside change how the toy hits the spot, the qualities, there is a different feel to
    - how the contraction of one muscle or group of muscles involved in the posture makes you squeeze
    - it affects how the pleasure waves spread, and the focus of your attention

    My particualar session with the aneros toy, included weed as a kicker. And another kicker in the team was maca and cacao.

    i will possibly expand on the idea. Combing both is quite interesting. Playing with the aneros I dont have super-os that often but I do expereince an electric feeling to the subtle body inside that expands and gets energized by the pleasure waves. Breathing in the postures there is an emphasis on letting the energy circulate through the boyd and not for it to remain stagnant. If you have doubts on energy circulation breathing check out Mantak Chia. The integral life practice book has also goodies on explaining how to circulate breath. Knowledge of the microcosmic orbit is essential. During the sesion I as quite amused and taken over by the experience, because the enregetic phenomenon disconects a lot of my thinking patterns, "riding the pleasure waves" and payting attention to breath and posture is quite an effortly engaing experience.

    Another thing that I would like to add is that there is an interesting thing in learning about transmutation of sexual energy, love an desire towards the goals that one really wants to achieve. I am only setting forth or taking responsability that the things that are visualised through sexual transmutation should be done as a labour of love, they have to be non-egotistical quests. A lot of people dont have a good grip on how powerful these techniques are when a degree of maestry is obtained. In climaxing associate your desire to what you seek. Your seeking has to be part of your lifes purpose. In choosing healthy goals we could talk in length, and about finidng the purpose in life a ton more then that. But now I say that there is a path.

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    Welcome back esfenoides!!!

    So good to have you posting again and bringing extraordinarily valuable ideas and experiences! May I suggest that you consider joining the SOS Sojourners Group here too, where detailed discussions of these issues are just getting underway, as well as posting here in the open forum.

    Hope you are well and I look forward to conversations with you on your post above and its principles and practice elements.

    all the best aneros yoga potential and practice as part of your journey all



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      This is a fascinating idea! I recall someone writing a thread or creating a post several years ago where they questioned if anyone had integrated the Aneros into their Yoga sessions. I haven't seen anything on it in a while now however. I look forward to reading about your exploration in this area. It would be great to have something that might include Aneros users that are unfamiliar with yoga at this point as well. Keep us posted.


      BF Mayfield


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        I've actually used the aneros a few times while doing yoga but it's been awhile. At the time I only had the MGX model. I don't remember the results to be anything better than a "normal" aneros session. This threads got me wanting to explore this area more. Definitely going to be using the peridise model.


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          I've done yoga several times with the Aneros inserted. I practice Yin Yoga, a varient of hatha yoga. In Yin Yoga the poses are held for long times, 3-5 minutes. The aneros/yoga sessions are very profound and deeply satisfying. I have modified my MXG by removing the handle and putting a rubber cap over the P tab. I avoid sitting poses when using the aneros as it's uncomfortable.