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    So I purchased the MGX a week or two ago. Have used it four-to-five times and enjoyed it a lot. Haven't gotten far beyond the tenth or so milestone on the wiki list so I have a LONG way to go. Not discouraged at all (enjoy using it) but have a few questions which I think would help guide me. So if anyone would be kind enough to help it would be much appreciated.

    First off, I realize everyone is different and what works for one may not always work for another and that whatever feels best for me is the way to go. However I feel like I can't develop my own playbook without knowing what plays are out there to choose from (to force a metaphor). So with that in mind:

    1) I realize "No longer believing that ...this model doesn't fit me..." is a milestone a little further along that I am right now. It's not that I think this model doesn't fit me (because it feels good) it's just that I do have some curiosity if a different model would work better (especially due to my height being 6' 6" -- it's normal for me to think something doesn't fit me because lots of things do not). Plus there is the SGX for shorter people (which naturally raises the question if another model works better for taller people). So I was wondering if any other tall people find switching from MGX to another model (which one?) helped?

    2) Sometimes the best feelings I get are early (almost immediately) in a session. I know it's considered good to take 15-20 minutes to get comfortable however I seem to feel comfortable right away. Is the 15-20 minute wait universally accepted or does anyone else start earlier? I have held off on doing any contractions during this first period due to what I've read. Again, this is something I'll likely experiment with in due course, however I'm just curious if anyone else finds it makes no difference if they start immediately?

    3) So I've tried holding a "base contraction" and then mixing in other techniques. Again, I know everyone is different, but I'm curious what people do in terms of contractions and for how long. Do you just hold the contraction? Mix in pushing in and out (or both at the same time)? If so, how many reps (or for how long) do you try repeating the contractions? On the one hand I feel as if I have to do something; on the other I don't want to over do it (as softer seems to usually be better).

    FWIW I seem to have no trouble holding hard contractions for a long time. In fact I really overdid this the second or third time I used it and had some soreness (which went away relatively quickly).

    4) When things start to build I lose them almost immediately. Part of this is mental (focusing too much on trying to increase the feeling) and that's just something which will take time to develop. I accept that. However I'm curious what people do (or what people did during the early stages) when these feelings start to build. I think it would help the mental side if I knew I was doing the right thing physically at that point. Should I try some contractions (light?) when things start to build? Should I just not do anything? I think part of the mental block there is not knowing what I should be doing physically (help it along or not do anything?).

    That's more than enough for now. Thanks in advance for any help and I look forward to discussing this with everyone in the future. This is a great community and fantastic resource to have.

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    1. Your right as long as you are not using the SGX any of the other models will engage your prostate just fine. With that said I am glad I had plenty of experience before I tried the maximus or the progasm.

    2. As your rectum learns to receive prostate stimulation your ability to derive immediate pleasure will shorten with time. As a new user it is best to always start slow. Now after several years of use I can orgasm in just a couple of minutes.

    3. What helped me the most was learning to hold a base contraction very slight, 25% of full strength until I started have involuntary contractions that stimulate your prostate more without anyother movement.

    4. Here is the key for me it is very hard to learn to ride those involuntary waves. If you contract any harder you will lose what is feeling good at that time. This is part of the reprograming you read about and one of the most difficult things to learn. Most male logic is if a small contraction is good then a hard contraction must be great. Not true here. The most subtle contraction will yield the greatest prostate orgasm.


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      Hi RTGoose,

      Welcome to the Forum,

      Member ‘luvinaneros’ gave you some good advice and I’ll just add a little bit of my own for your consideration.

      I’m glad you have done some reading here and are aware of the “Milestones” but you might have missed this little section - that might shed some light in reference to your #1 question.
      Your #2 question, IMHO, the listed time periods are just suggested starting points for the learning process. I think it is more important to listen to what your own body tells you, let your intuition guide much of your experimentation.
      Question #3, again experimentation with various combinations is important in trying to find the combination that is effective for you, just be patient in this process as you try a technique be sure you give it a long enough time period to start working for you before you jump to another technique. It is not likely you will “over do it” other than get fatigued, but once things start becoming frustrating or you feel like you are trying to force matters, it is time to stop your session.
      Your question #4 is one that is frequently remarked about. I continue to find that the P-waves have a cyclic nature, they seem to come in groups, gradually building then seem to cease for a period of time (sometimes for several minutes). If I continue my slow gentle contractions they often return and start to build in intensity again, this cycle continues until orgasmic level intensities are reached. I really concur with ‘luvinaneros’ here when he said “This is part of the reprogramming you read about and one of the most difficult things to learn. Most male logic is if a small contraction is good then a hard contraction must be great. Not true here. The most subtle contraction will yield the greatest prostate orgasm.” I’ve often used the expression of “focusing on the feelings”, this may imply too much scrutiny, ‘Hlaser99’s signature “Relax – Breathe & Observe the Feelings . . .” is really quite apt. These feelings are very subtle in nature and easily overpowered by distracting thoughts or actions, I believe a nurturing attitude of passive attention is a good approach to letting these feelings develop into their full blissful glory.
      P.S. I sent you a PM with some other hints and tips.