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Abstinence = Reduced Sensitivity?

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  • Abstinence = Reduced Sensitivity?

    So about a week and a half ago I was re-evaluating my sessions, to see what I could do differently to help with my stalled progression, when I decied to take an entire week off from using an Aneros or ejaculations to see what would happen. It was a hard week, but ultimately helped me regain some self-control. However once the week was up, I had a session with my Helix/Eupho/Progasm (swapping around) and I didn't feel the pleasure I had with my previous sessions; it felt like one of my initial Aneros sessions, it felt decent, but not great.

    Fast forward about half a week, I've had three sessions in the last three days (only the last one did I ejaculate) and the sensitivity and pleasure returned back to it's previous highs for my last session.

    This leaves me wondering, does long breaks from the Aneros reduce the effect it can have on you? Is this just because I'm going through the "re-wiring" stage? Does having frequent sessions increase the pleasure of the next sessions (assuming you don't ejaculate with each one)?

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi Ashlen!

    IMHO and others, there is a point of "diminishing return." In other words, I do once or twice a week at the most (depending on how horny and ramped I get)

    Any more gives me less sensitivity and therefore less good results and holding-off for a week or more seems to not help my sensitivity that much and doesn't really increase my super-O's.

    However, taking a week off is a good idea every so often, to "re-evaluate" as you say or to just let your re-wiring catch-up and soak in, so to speak.

    As I have said in the past, every time you have a block in your re-wiring progress, you will probably, as I always do, find that you are on a higher level afterwards, when it returns.

    I believe this is the time your body needs to assimilate the new feelings and store the "body knowledge" it has just encountered!

    And YES . . . you ARE going thru a re-wiring period and will continue to do so for some time...

    Hope this helps,

    Later, Laser


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      When I didn't use Aneros for more than several days, I felt I wasn't as sensitive as before. But even after the disappointing session, my prostate drives me to the heaven again if I try once more in a couple of days.

      In other words, session (or stimulation on my prostate) itself raises the sensitivity, but it lasts only for a few days.