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  • My experience with the Aneros

    After a long while of experimentation, I finally had my first super O a few weeks ago using the SGX. I own both the SGX and MGX. Originally bought the MGX and it didn't work for me at the time and then bought the SGX. After a lot of experimenting with lubes and positions, I finally hit on the right combo. Thought I'd post here my thoughts and maybe, it would help some of you out who are still having trouble getting it.

    I can achieve the super O using either SGX and MGX. I start out lying on my back and lube up my anus, then apply lube to the ribbed "neck" of the Aneros only. Inserting the Aneros, I push out slightly as if taking a dump (sorry, no better way to explain that!) then after it is in all the way I relax. After a few minutes of relaxing, I begin the anal contractions.

    As the anal contractions progress, I can feel the head of the Aneros move inside the anal canal, tickling my prostate. After a few minutes, I start to become aroused and achieve an extremely firm erection. After I am fully aroused, I become more aware of the interior sensations of the Aneros as it moves with each anal contraction. Prostatic fluid is also flowing freely as well. Since the prostate swells a bit when aroused, it only helps with the good-feeling sensations I am feeling at this point. Just like a regular orgasm, I can feel tension building then as I am escalating, I feel involuntary contractions start to take over. Then I hit the super O! It's unlike any orgasm I've experienced. It seems as though my entire mid-section is pulsating and contracting. Breathing is very deep. It's as if the Aneros is propelling itself at this point and I am along for the ride. To stop, simply relax the anus. I can start up again at will just by making the series of anal contractions again.

    I've also experienced other sexual benefits of Aneros use as well. I am more sensitive to touch in the testicular area and in general, regular orgasms seem to have more "oomph" to them. I've been pysically intimate with women before, but the Aneros produces unique, gratifying sensations that you cannot achieve with a partner who has an aversion to anal play, or giving you anal stimulation. I highly recommend the Aneros and will be purchasing another more advanced model in the future. Not sure which one though. Kudos to the Aneros folks for a great product!