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    My first two sessions I used "Wet" brand lubricant, it's a thin water-based lubricant that has worked well with my toy collection. It is a bit tougher on insertion, but when I contract my muscles, it stays in place, and I can easily tell how contracted I am by it's position. I would imagine involuntary contractions would be better as it won't just slide around instead of moving with the muscles, but being inexperienced I am not sure.

    My third attempt I used KY Jelly, which was a lot easier for insertion, but seemed to slide around too much. When holding a contraction I could feel the Aneros slip out instead of staying in place. Unfortunatelly I was very distracted that session and ended early without being able to get any good information from the session.

    I have some house guests for a while, so my next chance to use the Aneros won't be for a few days, so I can't try the KY again soon. So I wanted to ask what everyone prefers? Or their thoughts?

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    Personally I preffer a jelly over the liquid as it stays on the aneros for lubrication and Ky hasn't really steered me wrong. You have to pay attention however as some have had problems with some of the contents.


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      Actually I was a bit curious which Aneros model that you are currently using. With the Aneros mobility is everything! Many users here have gone to more involved measures (sanding the Aneros with ultra fine 3000 grit sandpaper or utilizing double lubrication of oil and water) to achieve a higher level of mobility. So while this might seem like a problem at this point, it may not be later down the line.

      It is important to remember as well that effective use of the Aneros involves developing a certain amount of muscle tone/control. This occurs gradually over time and with repeated usage. I encourage you to continue to experiment with the KY and the liquid lubes knowing that you do have to work at it a little bit in order to get your chops together. See where it takes you.


      BF Mayfield


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        Originally posted by B Mayfield
        Actually I was a bit curious which Aneros model that you are currently using.
        I'm using the Helix right now, might consider different models as I progress though.

        Thanks for the input, mobility wasn't really something I had considered. I think my main problem with KY jelly is that with it sliding out during a contraction, I'm having trouble telling if I am slightly contracted or relaxed, where as with little mobility, I could tell this very easily.

        Hopefully my guests will be leaving tonight or tomorrow so I can experiment some more.