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  • Progasm

    Hi, I've seen some recent posts about the Progasm and how it sometimes wants to push itself out during orgasm. I have definitely noticed this. My recent sessions have involved starting out with the Helix for a warm up and then I swap it for the Progasm once I'm worked up. I did this today and I had a great Super O with the Progasm which lasted for about a minute with a short interval in between and then another great minute long Super O followed. I've noticed that the character of every Super O is a bit different. During both today, once the orgasm started, my whole body was tensed up as the Progasm seemed to dance around inside my ass tapping on some kind of magical pleasure button over and over again. Waves of pleasure seemed to go through me with each tap. At one point, it seemed that the Progasm was getting pushed out. I'm not sure it would have gotten completely expelled but I made sure to hold some anal contractions at that moment and I also reached back with my hand to put some pressure on it to keep it in. This did not seem to stop the excitement or halt the orgasm in any way.

    I find that laying on my left side with my knees up is the best position for me to experience Super O. I have seen many posts by people who prefer to be on their backs, with hips and knees raised a bit and legs spread somewhat. I find this pleasant but never get to the Super O this way. However, I do like to finish off a session with traditional masturbation and I will do this on my back in the above position with the aneros still in. I find this to be Super exciting and the traditional orgasm and ejaculation it produces is greatly enhanced.

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    Yep. Regarding the "finishing off." don't you find it to be a slower build during which it is much more intense. Then the moment of ejaculation is like WHOA - sometimes I need to yell out - not that intense in the normal way. The prograsm does some serious milking at that point too.


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      Oh my gosh. The build up is so much more intense with the aneros in and I shoot buckets and yell out loud. It's great.