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correct size for prostatitis

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  • correct size for prostatitis

    hello all,

    i am definitely considering getting 1 of these devices for managing my prostatitis and thought i may be able to get some advice from guys with experience of it. my main thoughts are on the correct size for me given im just over 5'7 and also whether it is useful for lateralised inlfalammation as my prostate is mainly inflammed in 1 lobe only. also how does it compare to the crystal wand?

    i hope with this device i may not have to live in fear of my damn prostate for the rest of my life!

    the other benefits seem like a real bonus!


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    dear ome-

    i'm not an expert, but here is an initial answer.

    in general the sgx is suggested for guys your size.

    i have pain issues in that area. i only have minor inflammation in my prostate (as revealed by a prostate biopsy for high PSA). i believe that my pain is from a different source, muscular tension in my pelvic floor muscles, as described in the "Headache in the Pelvis" book. i suggest you read it just in case it might apply to you.

    in my case, i have managed my pain almost completely with:
    - 25mg nortriptyline daily (low dose anit-depressant for neuropathic pain)
    - physical therapy of pelvic floor as described in that book
    - home administration of internal stretching and myofacial release using the crystal wand.
    - meditation (as described in the HiP book).

    the crystal wand (deluxe) is fantastic for giving yourself an internal muscle massage. i have also used it for sexual stim of my prostate.

    i have never used it for therapeutic massage of my prostate.

    the benefit of using the aneros for the prostate massage is that you use your PC muscles to power it and that brings blood into the whole area. and as such, it is a gentle massage w/o risk of over-doing it with manual pressure

    you should also consider having a Prostate Cradle in your arsenal. it is another way to self administer prostate massage and is a good compliment to the aneros.



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      cheers Darwin you're a star;

      i was getting all confused about size and i think i will most likely go with the sgx. the only things that concern me about it are the fact that the specs say its for the 5'6 and under and i've also read in various places on the forum that it doesnt engage the prostate as well as the mgx. nonetheless im a beginner to this so it may be a good bet.
      i am glad to hear about your pain improving with nortryptiline, isn't that an antidepressant???
      i note you mention headache in the pelvis and its a good book and gave me hope. since reading it though a bug was discovered in my prostate and really im looking to clear out the gunk in there as i cant keep having manual drainage forever. trigger point therapy is always an option though. thanks for clearing up the wand issue.
      btw what is a prostate cradle!!

      regards, Ome