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Adventures with the Progasm

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  • Adventures with the Progasm

    I'm happy to say I'm finally a proud new owner of a Progasm!

    So I thought I'd post some of my first impressions about this bold new design.

    1. Yes, indeed, it's a big one! The Progasm is *NOT* kidding around. If you are an Aneros newbie, or an anal play newbie in general, I would recommend starting out with a smaller model like the SGX, MGX or Helix.

    2. Extensive lubrication is an absolute MUST with this model. In the past, I have gotten away with simply applying some KY to the surface of my MGX or Helix and a little in and around my anus, and I was ready to go. But not so with the Progasm.

    During my first session, I found it very difficult to get any mobility from the Progasm at all. It felt great just having it inserted (the design is very aggressive), but I could barely get it to move.

    On my second session, I decided to use a lube applicator to inject 5ml of KY before insertion and this made a tremendous difference. Once inserted, it took off like a rocket! LOL. So my advice (at least for those using water-based lubes) would be to always inject some lube before insertion to ensure maximum mobility and stimulation.

    3. The Design - Well, for starters I LOVE the size, shape, and location of the new P and K-Tabs! They're significantly larger than either the "blade" shaped MGX tab or the Helix ball-point. They also exert more pressure over a much wider area, which adds far greater stimulation to my "sweet spot," than ever before.

    So far, I have been amazed at how responsive the tabs are to the slightest contractions. I guess it's a matter of leverage or perhaps the two tabs working in tandem, but they seem to exert at least twice as much pressure with about half of the muscular force required. The result has been a wonderful increase in the massaging of my "sweet spot" resulting in faster and more intense Super-O's.

    Also, with my previous models, I found it necessary to secure a piece of cloth over the tabs in order to prevent a "pinching" sensation in my perineum. With the Progasm, this hasn't been an issue.

    Of course, we all know from reading the forum that some of us always want more pressure/penetration from the P-Tabs and others (like me) are seeking ways to dull it down a bit. In my opinion, the Progasm tabs were designed for the folks who wanted a duller tab, and if you're like me, they should make you very happy!

    Now those who prefer more penetration may find themselves seeking out ways to reduce the surface area (I know one friend is considering sanding them down a bit), or perhaps adding a small point to the top (glue gun?) may help.

    As for the placement of the Progasm P-Tab, I haven't figured out the actual dimensions, but it feels to me as though it is placed slightly closer to the anus than the MGX or Helix. For me, this is simply awesome, it hits my sweet spot dead on. And once again, where in the past I found it necessary to modify the placement of the other models' P-Tabs in order to achieve what felt right for me, the Progasm seems perfect right where it is.

    4. The K-Tab - I'm sure lots of folks are dying to know what the K-Tab does and feels like (I know I was!). Well, after a total of four sessions, I'm still not sure how to describe it. All I can say for now is, it's subtle, it's comfortable, and it seems to help increase the pressure of the P-Tab while adding some interesting stimulation of it's own. Beyond that, I'm gonna need more sessions to form an opinion other than - "I like it."

    5. The Insertable Portion - the first thing I noticed is, it takes a little more finesse to insert. Since the first section is so distinct from the rest, I found that it's a two-phase process. Inserting first one section, followed by the remaining section. I believe B. Mayfield described it best as requiring a kind of "scooping" action.

    The design itself is wonderfully aggressive and stimulating (as long as enough lubricant is present). I find that the Super-O's come on hard and fast, and more powerfully than with the other models I've tried. It's simply the most direct and intense design I've experienced.

    6. The Stem - besides the K-Tab, I believe this is the most unique aspect of the Progasm design. Unlike every other model, the Progasm stem is quite thick, and especially for anal novices like myself, it's quite noticeable. And here lies my only problem with the Progasm.

    Personally, what I've always loved about the Aneros is it's incredibly thin stem. I'm not one for anal play, but I LOVE prostate stimulation. So for me, the Aneros is the best of both worlds. On the other models, aside from insertion/extraction, I can enjoy all the prostate stimulation I want and barely even feel anything in my anus. And that's just the way I like it. But with the Progasm, anal stimulation just comes with the territory. There's no avoiding it.

    Of course, I know that we have a wide variety of both anal newbs and experts here. And I'm sure the experts will be scoffing at the Progasm stem. But for me (and guys like me) it's a bit of an issue.

    Overall, I have found that with each new session, I am getting more used to it, and it certainly hasn't kept me from experiencing Super-O's. But the problem is that, because of the larger size of the stem, my sphincter has to work harder and harder with each contraction of every Super-O, until eventually, I reach a point of utter muscular fatigue and even a little soreness. At this point, I find that my prostate and perineum are still yearning for more stimulation and more Super-O's, but my sphincter simply cannot comply and I have to cut the session short (or at least it feels that way).

    In the past, my sessions with the other models averaged between 3-6 hours of nearly continuous Super-O activity. With the Progasm, I have yet to make it past 2 hours before my sphincter simply gives up.

    7. Conclusion (for now anyway) - The Progasm is an incredible design, and despite the challenge posed by the larger stem, it has already become my new favorite in only four (relatively) short sessions. The new tab design and the aggressive shape give me Super-O's faster and more powerfully than any other model has so far. In my ideal world, a thinner stem would make this model perfect. I must admit, I'm tempted by the idea of sanding it down a bit, but am reluctant to take any chances in damaging a model I've only had for a few days. My hope is that my sphincter muscles will adjust and adapt to the new stem over time. Or that perhaps HIH will consider producing an identical design with a thinner stem. Either way, all I know is, even with the stem issue, I haven't even looked at my Helix or MGX since I got my Progasm. And I expect it will probably be a looong time before I do...

    Pan ;-)

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    thats it, im getting one haha