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Did lightning just strike?

Lube: Natural Jelly

I took double the recommended dose of a supermarket "herbal sleep aid" (hops, valerian and passion flower) -- there's no effect with the dose they recommend -- and waited an hour. Forum member imperium had suggested I try these, and I had good effects from them in the session on the evening of Saturday 10th.

Whilst I was waiting for that, I docked the handles of both my Aneros devices at the point where the circle of the handle started to curve away from the body. This was ideal for the Helix, but just a fraction too long for the Maximus.

Anyway, I lubed up the Helix, put a bit inside and on the rim, then inserted the it and relaxed.

It's been a while since I last used the Helix, so the feelings were a little less familiar. After about half an hour I'd got nicely flushed and then debated long with myself whether or not to switch to the bigger toy.

With the Helix still inside, I lubed up Maximus. As I was doing that, a p-wave hit, making me wonder again whether it was right to switch at this point.

Well, I switched. The Maximus felt cold after the Helix and took a couple of minutes to give sensations. When sensations came, I was certain I'd made the right move.

I tried a few contractions and different positions just to see what happened. Yes, there was a reaction. I did get the involuntary abdominal/hip thrusting, the shakes in various large muscle groups, facial twitching, etc. -- all effects I'd had several times before.

I tried a new position -- one that hadn't been possible before with the Helix's tail intact. I lay flat on my back with my legs flat on the bed, spread apart. At this point I had my hands across my belly.

I tried to relax further by using a simple mental mantra. Something along the lines of, "Relax. You're ready for this. It's going to be great. Just let it happen." over and over again.

I could feel something happening, but it was as if the conditions weren't quite right. All my body was starting to tingle except for one area: my arms and hands. They were across my belly still, so I moved them to my sides, a little away from my body.

There followed a few more minutes of the affirming mantra, and doing nothing else but breathing normally. There were various involuntary twitches happening at this point, and I think the anal sphincter was starting to twitch a little (it was very subtle). PC jumped a little too, maybe, but it was getting a little complicated down there with lots of different movements happening.

A rush was building at this point, much like I'd had several times before. I half expected a mini-O. Before peaking, it drained away (it literally felt as though someone had pulled the plug and it was dribbling out).

Now, I knew from what many others had said that a session may not be over even though it might feel like it has. There are many accounts of, "I thought I was finished, and then it hit me."

Well, I can confirm this one. A few seconds after the plughole had done its last gurgle, the feelings built again, slightly differently (I can't describe the difference). I kept up with the mantra.

I'm not absolutely sure of the sequence of events at this point, but it was unexpected. There was no feeling of ejaculation or involuntary pumping. I was aware of (for want of a better term) energy flowing from the prostate.

A feeling of bliss washed over me. I may even have had a brief sense of seeing stars. Most of my muscles were held in a state of tension, gently quivering. I was perfectly lucid and did not lose consciousness at any point.

For about five minutes I was in this state. I did not have any desire to move at all during this. I tried to will movement of my arms, but I felt a great reluctance to do so.

Eventually it subsided. At the end, I didn't realise my body had been slightly tense, and it relaxed down an inch onto the bed. Then I, shivering, went downstairs to catch the guys on chat.

Was that a super? I don't know. It might have been.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-09-19 12:40:11 by rumel

IMHO, it was a Super-O, remember Super-O's can come in multiple forms and intensities, congratulations on your crossover into realm of the Super-O.

Posted on 2011-09-22 23:45:59 by artform

AS I commented in the chat as you were expanding your write-up of the event twlltin, your description is of a first wonderful Calm Seas Super-O, essentially a Still Body Super-O, even though your body was still in tension. Floating bliss, glimpse of stars, quivering buzz, desire to be still, absolutely IT!!! Your first Super-O; and Calm Seas Super Orgasm. Congratulations man!

Posted on 2011-12-31 19:44:30 by RipTheJacker

Very much like the supers i experience - i do get the quivering and some jerking but nothing as violent as what i've seen in some vids ...

if i know i have privacy i may moan and groan - much as i do during partnered sex or dick wanking

... but if one of my kids is home or my wife's asleep nearby i manage to maintain some decorum.

the feeling of bliss is awesome ... and the key for me is always to give in and to just "sink in" to what's happening ...

without trying to direct it

... happy for ya brother twiltin

- rip