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Aurora Anerovis

Lube: natural jelly.

In the last few weeks, my body has been in a quiet phase. The sessions have been pleasant, but they've only barely reached the plateau. New, interesting sensations have cropped up, but no "O".

That all changed this evening.

Some background into the last few weeks first. I've been using the Helix for a few sessions and then the Maximus for a few sessions, then switching back. In between I've been having Anerosless sessions.

I found in one of the Helix sessions that if I contracted just a little, it moved the Helix's head over my prostate in a way that was very pleasurable and caused the release of the euphoria endorphins. It only happened once, but it gave me an idea. Could I get involuntary movement of the devices to happen?

Well, the worst thing I could have done at this point would have been to launch into a set of contraction exercises. I remembered that one of the guys in chat had said that he imagined the movement of the device without making any muscle movements and that it moved involuntarily. So, without trying to force anything, I tried that technique. After a few sessions I did start to feel an indistinct movement. At that point, I stopped trying, and just waited to see what would happen. A few more sessions on and that indistinct moving feeling started again, and it was starting to be cyclic -- moving the device in and out very slowly and gently. At this point, I still wasn't convinced that it was an involuntary movement, or that I was deluding myself, or that I might be doing it deliberately.

Yesterday, in a session with the Maximus, I was finally convinced it was a definite movement. Nothing came from it, but it was impossible to deny that my muscles were suckling on the device without any input from me. A few times it was drawn in as far as it would go.

Now we move to today. I was sitting in the office chair, not paying any attention to what was going on "downstairs" when I suddenly had a tingle from the prostate. When I focussed my attention to the area, I noticed that the PC muscle in the perineum area was slowly contracting and releasing, and in doing so was stimulating the prostate. Nice, but very distracting.

So we come to this evening. In preparing, I did something new. I lubed up internally by injecting some natural jelly (see previous blog entry). It was sufficiently warm to be able to be squirted in using a syringe. I think I used about 3ml. I waited a few minutes for the jelly inside to melt, then smeared the Helix with the jelly too, inserted it and lay down.

Contact with the prostate was immediately felt. That was a feeling I hadn't had for a good few weeks. The extra lube was helping. As usual, I did nothing, just diaphragm (belly) breathing.

A few minutes in (I've no idea of the timing) the automatic movement of the Helix started to become noticeable. Shortly after, the prostate started to send out pleasant tingles, and more tingles, and it built and built until I was having a full "calm seas" adventure.

I don't remember all of the sensations through the rest of the session. I know I did have leg muscles tensing, limbs shaking, pectoral muscles tightening, a single involuntary shaking of the abdominal muscles...

But the finale was unexpected. I had been getting vague washed-out blobs of colour as occasional brief visitors to previous sessions. This one was in Technicolor. The closest I can describe it is brightly coloured blobs covering the visual field, slowly moving about and merging like an aurora. My own personal light show.

Unfortunately, after a few minutes of that, something went beep elsewhere in the house and broke the mood.

All in all, I think I spent about 45 minutes with a flush on my face and very nice feelings inside.

"Worth waiting for." -- John Mills, Ice Cold in Alex