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Recharge Ride

I’ve become mostly an aneroLESS rider, but every once in a while, need to re-charge my ass with a legitimate ride and Oh boy are they crazy!! Here’s one of my super great ones.

House to myself, I settled down to normal LESS routine of getting warmed up and lighting the internal pleasure pilot light. Some mild contractions and pre-cum leaking greeted my descent into LESS pleasure. Butt, a new feeling welled up from down below. My ass was hungry and synthetic sensation weren’t good enough this time. During some light auto-contractions I could feel my ass mouthing P-r-o-g-a-s-m. Who was I to deny it lust?

Out came my beautiful Progasm ICE. Admiring it sleek clear sexiness as shivers ran down my spine. My ass squeezed hard on its own in delight. I admired the ICE and stroked it a little, bringing whimpers from my bottom. Grabbed the lube and got ready.

To the bathroom for prep and insertion! Quick shower and good bottom scrub; maybe a little toying with some fingers too as I teased my ass and myself. Toweled off super-fast. The Progasm sat on the vanity calling out to me. My cock started thickening at the lewd thoughts running through my head.

I lubed up the Progasm really good, stroking it nice and slow to ensure a smooth sleek covering from top to bottom. My ass complained at the constant teasing! Lube up a finger, spread legs wide and crouching I reached between my legs.

I almost jumped out of my skin when my finger lightly brushed my sphincter. Round and round it went as moans escaped. It easily slid into my ass applying lube as it went. My cock jumped to attention, cockhead glistening with juice. It was time.

It’d been awhile since my last Progasm ride, so I had to force myself to slow down and take my time, first just rubbing Progasm’s bulb head along my taint teasing it, relaxing it. Ensuring Bulb was proper position for scoop technique I slowly pushed it forward. Taint complained, so eased off and started working it slowly on and off. Little by little more and more of the bulb starting slipping in, the pressure and pleasure kept building inside as my asshole stretched and stretched for the bulb.

Pop! Aaah…. Bulb hugged tightly inside as pleasure floods my senses. Push a little more, but still need to work asshole looser for Pro’s mid-length ridge. Back and forth sliding Pro in and out of my ass. OH! So good, keep this up!! More and more back and forth, now pulling until the bulge stretches my asshole so wide!! More!! MORE!! Knees weak, hanging on vanity.

Aaargh!!! Dry-O sweeps me ass Progasm goes full in and hits the magic spot! Both hands on vanity so I don’t fall. Oh god! As it subsides, realize only the bulb is holding the Progasm in! Also, look down and see 6inches of pre-cum hanging from stiff cock. Quickly scoop it up and delight in licking my fingers clean of one hand as the other pushes the Progasm back into place. When it strikes again, a strong contraction sends think creamy precum leaking out my dick as my whole body shook uncontrollably.

Once I could walk again, quickly to bed and on my back with butt pillow and legs wide. My ass was in-charge now and soon I was hopping all over the bed. Moaning and slapping sounds of my hardon bouncing off my abs filled the room. Quickly followed by super-strong contractions that had pre-cum spurting out and landing all over the bed and my chest/abs. Around this time I lost conscienousness of my surroundings. Ecstasy rocketing from Progasm ICE and my ass was all I knew as the K-tab directly connected my orgasming ass to my spine with electric jolts shocking every cell of my body with pleasure.

I was like for about 30min of so, on-again off again crazy Super-O’s. Until my body was spent. Spent the next 30min in euphoria as I caught my breath. The session left such a strong pleasurable feeling, I was super-charged for great LESS sessions for over a month!

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Chat Inspiration: Morning Coffee

Comment during chat session other day got me thinking:

"I love how we contain our bursting sexual mayhem when ordering coffee at Starbucks."

On the way to work. Standing in line at the Buck for morning cup ‘o 4-buck joe. Squirming in my business suit as my buried Progasm ICE is works me over. I’m trying not to show it, but I’m melting inside out. I’m next in line, just a little longer! The Progasm’s fullness and hard prostate pressure are so wonderful. Auto-contractions kick in .

I’m breaking down, can’t contain the fire within. It spreads to my whole body and a soft moan escapes my lips. Some in line look at me, but I don’t care. It’s all about my inner pleasure now. I nurture it and do my best to push the energy all over my body as I bear down hard on my Progasm. I’m visibly trembling now.

OMG! Orgasm is here! My whole body tenses, a giant Tsunami wave builds higher and higher with my ecstasy. My whole body tenses. I audibly whimper my submission to pleasure.

Strange, I can feel my muscles not just tensing, but flexing and growing. They strain against the suit fabric. I hang on the edge; the anticipation is so delicious…

OH YES! OH YES!! OHHHH! I explode from inside out in extreme ecstasy. The orgasm is so violent and wonderful. As I let go, I cry out, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

It’s so powerful my body cannot contain the powerful energy. My muscles surge and burst through the suit fabric which is sent flying in tatters!!
Arched back with cock proudly jutting out in front, I shout my joy to the heavens as my naked body spasms. My whole body continues to swell with the pure orgasmic energy. Muscles spasming, rippling, growing. My cock extending, throbbing, extending, throbbing. OH MORE!! Precum bursts from my pulsating head in long clear steams coating the women in front of my, the cute barista, and the counter.

MORE! MORE! MORE! My grounded body greedily inhales mother earth’s energy as I feast on the sensations, the giant tsunami has past, but tidal waves of pleasure continue to pound me and fill every piece and parcel of my body with pure bliss. I’m a man in full! A totally chiseled naked orgasmic Aneros Hulk shouting, crying, shaking, and orgasming.

Finally, my body has had its fill and slowly I start to descend from heaven back to the real world. The sights and sounds of the buck start to fill my senses. Everyone is frozen staring at the Super O Monster… Me! No worries, lady Aneros, my entombed Progasm, continue to treat me well!

Somewhat back to a calm state, I look at my body and see I’m a total Aneros stud with a raging cock and feelings starting to develop deep inside again. Gingerly I walk up to the counter, “Uh, no coffee for me, but how about a big glass of water?”

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Opening Up

Examining my sexuality has been a slow journey of discovery and exploration. I’ve cum to the conclusion I’m Hetero Open. Just like my Avatar description – Shy guy who gets loud, bold and kinky when aroused! Discussing my journey helps explain.

Finally opening up and admitting to myself I really liked ass play, forced me to re-examine my sexuality and prejudices. Very quickly the typical American hetero male sexual prejudices came crashing down. The realization: “It's my body and I can enjoy and take pleasure however and I like and what feels good.” was so liberating. During sex my wife and I really starting exploring what we liked. Much more touching of my body and especially nipple play for me! It added another dimension to our married sex life and a continuing urge to explore each other more and more.

Realizing how great Anal Pleasure is immediately changed my attitude towards gays. I was never anti, but never understood—or tried for that matter—the attraction or pleasure. Watching and jerking to lesbians, always thought, can picture man in there or they’re doing what a man could do. Guy-Guy, I didn’t ‘get.’ Few mind-blowing orgasms later I got it! Pissed off at my myopic self for not being more open and understanding or having the courage to explore my known true desires for a long time. We’re full sexual beings and pleasure can come from anywhere or one. With this newfound openness, I set out to see what I really am.

I am definitely Heterosexual. I love women! The curves, breasts, booty, vaginas, legs…. WOW! My type is very curvy hourglass figure with nice plump rump and big doe eyes. Seeing beautiful women always tugs at my loins and gets my heart pounding. Without thinking I realized all my loner sessions always start with thinking of my wife’s great body and viewing women.

All that said, once I started riding Aneros, I found myself watching videos and looking at pictures for inspiration and tips, and… to get turned on more. Watching other men experience extraordinary pleasure is a definite turn-on. As I watched, I also found myself not shirking from seeing cocks, analyzing and comparing, and even thinking a few were beautiful. I also had the ‘duh’ moment hetero porn has as much cock in it as Gay porn! Had blinders on all these years to ‘ignore’ the cock)s( in the room. Duh is right!

As I really started scaling Prostate pleasure heights, urge to share the experience overwhelmed me; especially after my first Super-O! I had to scream this new found joy from the digital mountaintops! Soon I was chatting as I rode. As I’ve blogged before, for me it focuses the mind and you can feel the energy flow between the chatters heightening the experience. Pretty quickly during these shared experiences my descriptions, and the responses, got very descriptive of how our bodies were reacting and ways to heighten the sensations.

Progasm really brought out the beast in me. Ever since I started riding the Progasm had a certain allure. It’s size and aggressive shape attracted me as both new challenge and thoughts of extreme pleasure. When I saw the beautiful ICE model in Adult store I immediately snapped it up! Took me ten minutes to get just the head inserted as it’s the largest object ever in me. Once the head was in the rest slid naturally in place and I was a orgasm machine for the rest of the night!

I can’t help but think as Progasm ICE rides me, what about something bigger, getting pegged by wife, or maybe even a cock to give me anal pleasure. As I chatted during early Progasm rides I found all my barriers had gone away. I was totally open to anything. I was—and still am!!—in extreme pleasure and wanted to share it with others. Not just prostate pleasure as I was with Helix rides, but total body pleasure. It wasn’t long until I was fully exploring my body and virtually others in chat! As I ride it feels totally natural to share, give, and receive from female or male. It’s such an experience it must be shared!

My chat fantasies always include my wife in them at least as observer and lots of times as participant helping two guys experience unimaginable pleasure. Also use the virtual power to imagine my chat partner and I fucking each other at the same time. Our cocks join together and we give both our bodies what they need. Maybe my wife’s pussy mingles with a male ass in enveloping my cock. Mmmm….

So there you have it! Hetero Open – Sexually attracted to women, but get bold, kinky, and loud when aroused and Open to anything!

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Coming Clean and liking it in the end

As I mentioned in my first blog, a huge step for me in this amazing journey was getting over the perceived ‘gay thing’ of liking my ass played with. Took me twenty years from first sexual experience )masturbating at age twelve( to come clean.

I knew from the first time I really masturbated, there was something about my ass. As cum erupted from my cock for the first time ever, I also vividly remember my ass spasming too with a pleasure radiating from deep within. During those first frantic days of wanting to cum and cum and cum, my ass took a back seat, but it wasn’t long before it beckoned to be explored.

“Is it gay?” questioning, obstructed my exploration initially. However, when truly deeply aroused during long sessions there was no denying my ass—no I—wanted something more. Soon an eraser pencil was scrubbed, Vaseline applied, and tentatively inserted. Ooh! Kind of interesting. Almost immediately I realized there a special spot on the front wall of my ass it feels REAL good to rub against. Of course my teenage cock wouldn’t be ignored and my focus shifted. The resulting orgasm was really intense. Afterwards, the doubts set in again. Dirtiness, “Is it gay?” nagged at me.

As I tried to go blind as a teenager expanding my masturbatory repertoire, I always found during edging sessions, there was no denying my carnal desire. Any small skinny round object I could find was cleaned, prepped, and in it went as I searched for that magic spot to drive me crazy as my cock erupted. In the shower one day, “Hey, why not a finger? I can clean-up real easy!” It was really awkward figuring out how to get any real insertion, but once figure out it was good. Afterwards, I would marvel at what a great addition it was to JO as I also loathed myself for liking it.

I continued like this for a VERY long time. I hid my true desire from girlfriends, my wife, and myself. I characterized it as Mr. Hyde emerging when I would get super horny and drive me unwittingly into playing with my ass—even as I reveled in the results!

Then one day when having a nice co-ed shower session, my wife got extra playful and gave me the shocker. To her surprise, I wasn’t shocked, but moaned deeply as my ass tried to suck her finger in deeper. I begged for more and she started jerking me as she fingered. I gave guidance on how to find my prostate and that’s all she wrote!!

That was my cumming out party and am so glad I came clean with myself and my true carnal desires!!

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Rule Breaker

The Aneros re-wiring process is a lot like learning to take quality photographs. Strictly follow a few simple rules and before you know it, you’re snapping photos that amaze your friends and family OR having mind-bending Super Orgasms!

For the longest time all my Aneros sessions followed the re-wiring playbook verbatim. Especially once I reached the promised-land! No way I was going to mess with such a good thing! The same routine every time: Good preparation; Get aroused; methodical insertion routine; focus all attention on sensations; some contractions to get going… and NEVER EVER touch my cock!!

This way I had consistent great sessions with numerous Super-Os. It all started to breakdown when I got my Progasm ICE. This monster took me to a level of ecstasy and desire beyond my imagination. At first, I resisted change, focusing on keeping steady routine for Supers, but my body wanted more!

Reading a photography blog one day, I saw a question asking how do you take your photography to the next level. A Pro answered, once you become well versed in all the rules, BREAK THEM ALL!

Now I’m a Rule Breaker! I freeform my Sessions now and it just keeps getting better and better! I can’t remember the last bad ride I had. Still make sure good preparation prior to starting, but once started it’s whatever enhances the ride!

Fast insertion, Ohhhh so slow teasing insertion…. Back, Side, Stomach, Standing, Sitting… Focused meditative session, surf porn, watch Aneros rider’s vids’…. Alone, Wife, Aneros Chat, private chat….. Channel energy, just let it flow….

AND, I frequently touch and engage my cock and balls! They just won’t be ignored! I leak so much precum now, I have taste it and slowly rub it all over my engorged member and balls making it all glisten. A few sloppy sounding slippery strokes ensue, bringing deep anal contractions and moans.

At first I worried I would regress, but instead a more complete total body enjoyment emerged. My whole body is involved in rides now with my hands roaming all over, either channeling energy, tweaking erogenous zones, typing in chat, or stroking! To my surprise, even as I stroke, my body responds with Super-Os unless I directly focus on having an ejaculation.

The real key here is how I’ve come to truly know and love my body. Since I am now completely open with myself and following my true desires this all comes naturally and I cum and cum and cum!!

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The Examined Chat

What is it about sharing an Aneros Session that makes it so much better? Previous chatting I've done was fun, both mutual JO and V-sex, but never really pushed any of my buttons; good for help along the way, but nothing over the top. However, when I'm riding and chatting WHOLE OTHER STORY!

Aneros sharing is different. All men are wired for jerking, but Re-wiring , it’s a select club of brave explorers wandering off into new lands of sexual delight. Sharing the feeling of re-discovering your body sets Aneros chat apart. Chat tends to focus on the body’s response and feelings vice focusing on describing actions on the path to discovery.

When starting a private chat, the anticipation takes my arousal to a new higher level. Breathing and pulse quicken. Cock goes hard and juices really get going. Every time the guitar sounds, my cock jumps and ass clenches. This leads to more excitement!
The back and forth of two individuals on a super-orgasmic journey trying to put the indescribable into words... For me, this is a key item: engaging the brain to observe and translate the feelings makes me more aware and heightens my sensations. Gets hard to type as sessions go on, but neither participant seems to mind.

During these sessions, you can feel the energy being shared between the partners. Our words prod our bodies into action. Very quickly, Prostate is on fire with waves of ecstasy coursing through our bodies. Sessions seem to come in four flavors: coaching, exploring, shared ride, and just chatting. All are great fun.

The best sessions are the ones where you feel you’ve entered a shared pleasure zone with both chatters linked and resonating in unison. Your posts mirror each other’s, heightening the pleasure on your way to shared orgasmic bliss. The best summation comes from one of my chats:

H - “Pushing my cock through your prostate into your own cock, they become one”
V- “Your energy flowing into me, pushing me to new heights!”
H – “In tandem we can ride this better. Know that we have become one orgasmic being here, with a far greater capacity for pleasure”

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Tantric Tummy!

Unbelievable session in chat yesterday I have to share.

I've always considered myself a brute force anal guy. I'm a Progasm ICE slut--go big or go home! Work regularly on kegels to drive ICE home and go crazy.

Lately, I've been getting a little more sublime as my re-wiring journey led me to discover 'Aneroless' orgasms. All about mind and body acting in harmony. This awakened Energy inside me. I find myself doing yoga hand movements to channel energy throughout my body during sessions )with and without Aneros(.

Well, I was messing around internet yesterday and something trigger me and before I knew it I was off to the races on a 'less' O. This got me primed and ready for more. So off to Aneros Chat!

When I arrived was pleasantly surprised to find Tantric teaching session in progress. Of course I joined the fun!

We did some energy focus items--nice feeling good-- and then instructor hit us with unbelievable technique that had me climbing the walls!

Flattened my left palm and then let it hover right over my belly button for a couple of minutes while slowly breathing and enjoying 'less' sensations. During this I started to notice energy waves pulsing towards my abs. Also, my cock slowly rose to attention. Standing proud as it glistened...

Next, slowly start to move palm in circle over belly. Energy feelings start moving with it. Soon Cock was moving with it, like tied to a string. Could feel swirling sensation deep inside my ass, dancing around my prostate.

After a bit I started moving it up and down. Up the upswing, my cock snapped to rigid attention and my ass would clamp down and slam my imaginary Pro ICE into my prostate! Slowly go down and cock and P pressure eased. Up again--Wham! Down, ahhh. Up--Holy f%^&! Give it to me! Cock so hard it hurts. Ass being stretched and fucked by Pro as it pounds my prostate! [Remember nothing inserted, it's all in my mind!]

Needless to say, Orgasms a plenty followed with me thrashing in my chair, so much pleasure I cried out in ecstasy. My palm was going crazy and the energy seemed to swirl like a tornado inside until I lost all control and it just exploded, shooting out all my extremities, toes, fingers, mouth, cock...

Soon world started going black. I finally caught myself and breathed before I passed out. Took me 10 minutes to get control of myself. A few more jolts caught me off guard. During one I grabbed my cock and balls, only to find them completely saturated in precum. More jolts again....

Re-wiring never ceases to amaze! Now to cum like crazy as I explore more tantric and energy methods. Happy Riding!

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Perpetual Lube Machine

Still like a good old-fashioned jerk every once in awhile when not riding Aneros or having sex with my wife. For these sessions, I've found I no longer need any lube as I can turn my dick into a perpetual lube machine!

First I make sure I'm well hydrated and have a glass of water available during session. I'll cue of some nice porn and get arousal going. Some light stroking follows to get the blood going and hardening.

I then start focusing on feeling from deep inside my ass and use my vivid imagination to recall the powerful sensations of Aneros pleasure. Soon, I could swear either my Helix or Pro is inside doing it's dance on my prostate, but it's just mind over matter.

In no time, my cock starts leaking copious amounts of precum. I spread it ever so slowly all over my tingling cockhead, then tickle my banjo string. This of course gets more flowing. Easily enough to give my cock a nice glistening coat of 100% organic lube. Maybe even a little taste....

Full blown stroking ensues. If friction starts to build, I just slow and focus on my ass again. The pumps kick in again and soon sloppy stroking sounds fill the air. As long as I stay hydrated, can keep this going for hours with no friction burns and a nice sweet scent in the air.

Additionally, my jerking session is made even better as I bring my love of anal pleasure in. Asshole spasms and prostate rejoices. It all leads to great re-wired traditional climax I discussed in a previous entry. Anero's fringe benefits continue to amaze and pleasure me!

Happy riding!

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Cum Crazy!

I was full into prostate session. My Progasm ICE autof$#king my ass, and I cumming like crazy. Constantly throbbing cock with steady flow of precum flowing making my loins so wet. Suddenly I with the rest of my body shaking, my cock just froze and then started oozing big thick globs of creamy cum. I wasn't orgasming, just oozing cum. I watched entranced as they slowly slid down my cock and onto my lower abs.

After 30 seconds or so it stopped, a big thick puddle on me. My ass was still in the driver seat and I was off to the races again, no loss of arousal and definitely wanting more! I started rubbing the cum onto my head and shaft, but there was too much. Before I knew what I was doing, big scoop was in my mouth. I hungrily licked it all up and wanted more. A few more scoops went into my mouth and I was cumming again, Dry Prostate Super-Os that is!!

I continued my session for another hour before I was totally satiated. I blew another load towards the end--really blew this time, like a volcano!--but this time no urge or need to taste it, just got the kleenex.

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Less is more!!

I was sitting on the couch the other day watching football, when I got the Aneros shivers. You know, sudden pleasurable feeling and shaking as your body's muscle memory reminds you have good this is. The night before my Progasm had taken me to new heights of pleasure for a REAL long time. I felt the warming down below and closed my eyes...

My Progasm presses against my ass, I need it. My asshole stretches to take the big head in. Pop! Rock hard cock as the big head pops in. Slowly, oh so slowly, feed more and more into my ass until P-tab jolts my perenium awake and precum starts oozing from my cock.

Oh so full!! Squeeze. Ooooh.... full sized hard pressure on prostate. So nice. Squeeze some more. Drink it in and spread the energy around. Spine is tingling as K-tab goes to work.

Involuntaries kicking in. Cock jumping and so hard it hurts. Inside pressure--pleasure--is building. Body is tingling. Moaning.

Bear down hard, force that big head into my needy prostate! Suck the Pro all the way into my wanton ass! Oh, here it and I cum!

Frozen. Progasm dancing in my ass. Pleasure consuming every inch of my body. Sudden jolt from deep inside. Oh yeah! More! Give it to me!

Finally start to come down and calm down. Open my eye. Take a deep breath and reality starts to return. My ass cries out to me. Empty, so empty...

Wait a minute here--Oh yes! Mind over body and so good!

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