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Waiting for my Helix

Well i ordered my Helix a few days ago and have been reading the forums ever since. There is soooo much great information on this site and so many friendly people willing to help others achieve more fulfilling experiences. I am hetro and not turned on by guys. My partner has questioned if i am bi or gay, but does not seem to understand that straight men can enjoy anal play too. Anyway i will continue with that challenge.
I have researched good lubes to buy and am looking at Shea butter as my first serious natural lube as it has such good reviews.
I am looking forward to my Helix and am not getting too excited as i know it will take some time and experimentation to work out what my body likes and does not like.
I also think it is fascinating that a product can have two very distinct consumers (pardon the pun) one for health and the other for sexual enjoyment. Id like to see Steve Jobs do that one!!!
Well i did use my SINFIVE Alterno Beads whilst i wait for the Helix and found (and allowed) myself in more of a mental state, enjoying the mental sensations and watching my leg shake and shudder from the bliss (i used to think the shaking was abnormal but now accept it as apart of the experience)
Anyway, ill keep posting in the future (Ive never written a blog before, so its new to me) of my experiences.
I am concerned that i will want to tell everyone about my adventures but at the same time also scared to tell anyone as well. I hope people understand what i mean by that.
So until my next post, keep having fun out there, and ill keep reading and researching.

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