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Aneros Blogs > Road back to DRY/SUPER-O's (by utubeplay)

Can't get over the EDGE to Dry-O due to STRESS I THINK

The STRESS of my life situation continues to KILL MY DRY/SUPER-O's! I just finished a VERY NICE two hour session and go right up to the EDGE of a DRY-O but could not seem to spill over into multiple DRY-O's like I had a few years back. I think I already know the answer(RELAX, DON'T think about Dry/Super-O's etc.) but I it is really HARD (PUN INTENDED) not to crave those wondrous Multiple DRY-O's. Any comments would be MUCH Appreciated!

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Tailless Helix

I decided to have a session this afternoon with my tailless Helix. I prepped as usual by cleaning Helix with soap and water, inserted a bit of KY in my ass using my finger, then lubed up Helix and inserted. This session seemed calmer than the last two. I started on my back just relaxing....I think I even fell asleep for a few minutes. I then turned on my side. Nothing earth shattering so I then moved to my new technique (Fist pressing on Boy spot while on stomach). This brought on mild Dry-O's!! I guess it was my mindset (I was not particularly HORNY at the time) cause Dry-O's were very tame in comparison to the other two sessions....I'm not complaining though cause they were STILL DRY-O's!! I was also concerned with causing a WET EJAC with this method and model so I backed off and ended the session.

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Eupho and "Boy Spot"

I am stealing Darwin’s term "Boy Spot" cause I think that is what best describes what I am stimulating. I inserted the Eupho and good prostate pulsing happening almost from the start. I laid on my back first, then switched to side with right leg bent. I felt wondrous feelings from prostate for about 40 minutes but no Orgasm of any sort. I figured I would try my new technique (see my post "Dry-O's return with Eupho" dated 1/29/2011). It only seems to work with Eupho, other Models give me a WET EJAC orgasm. Basically, I lay on my stomach with eupho inserted and press UP and IN on my "BOY SPOT" (LOVE this term, THANKS DARWIN) with my fist. If I find the RIGHT SPOT it INSTANTLY gives me DRY-O's!! They are almost continuous and can go on as long as I can! I timed them this session and I had DRY PULSING ORGASMS for 40 MINUTES! They only stopped because I moved my fist and hit a spot that caused a EJAC ORGASM. One of the MOST satisfying WET EJAC orgasms I have had in MONTHS

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I'm keeping a LOG to track my RETURN to success with Aneros. I just had a WONDERFUL session with modified Helix(tail cut off). I just kept REMINDING myself to LET the ORGASM CUM to you, and to NOT RUSH the session. Well, I sure was REWARDED. about two hours into a NICE session with a few mini-o's I SUDDENLY got a HUGE DRY-O!! they just kept CUMMIN one ON TOP of another. Then I got an ANAL ORGASM on top of all those DRY-O's! It was delicious!! I thnk the O's lasted about 20 minutes!!

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